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Chapter 2587 - Divine Onmyoji

Chapter 2587: Divine Onmyoji

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The Ancestral Domain of the Yakshas was very close to the Triangular Starfield of Darkness, at least to the deities.

Bai Qing’er and the cultivators from the various major forces of the Infernal Court fought their way to the Southern Sword Realm, causing a huge commotion. They flew directly above the Ancestral Domain of the Yakshas.

At sunset, Han Ailian had finally woken up Jadea, the ancient deity of the Yakshas, who had fallen into a deep sleep. She told her in detail about what had happened recently.

Jadea had woken up from an ancient area of the sea. On the surface of the sea, she had condensed a body that seemed both real and unreal simultaneously.

She looked at the sky where the Triangular Starfield of Darkness was located and said, “Is the Fane of Origin about to come into being after such a long time?”

“Master, how can you be sure that the Fane of Origin is about to come into being?” Han Ailian asked in surprise.

Han Ailian had always thought that the so-called Fane of Origin was a myth. He thought it was just someone trying to use the Fane of Origin to stir up trouble and achieve an unknown goal.

Jadea said, “There are some things that you shouldn’t know yet. “Actually, that vast Triangular Starfield of Darkness used to have many brilliant stars. It had a mighty civilization, and the Yakshas had a deep relationship with it.”

“You better tell the clan emperor to activate the Realm Defense Array to deal with the dangers we might face later.”

Yu Lingshen turned into a streak of divine light and flew at an unparalleled speed toward the Triangular Starfield of Darkness.

Not long after, she stopped at the edge of the Triangular Starfield of Darkness and looked at an asteroid in front of her with a strange look.

There were two figures on the asteroid.

One of them was Asurendra Samay.

Asurendra Samay’s figure was covered by a ball of divine light and was quite blurry to the naked eye. However, his Asuran Divine Warsoul, the Eight-armed Asuran, was like a vast mountain standing on the asteroid.

The other figure was only the height of a normal human. He wore a long robe embroidered with a fiery sun wheel imprint. His face was handsome and divine, and he looked only about thirty years old.

“Where is Jadea going?” He asked with a smile.

Jadea knew that since this person had appeared here, she herself definitely wouldn’t have the chance to find the Fane of Origin. She could only fly onto the asteroid and said, “I heard that a large number of Infernal Court youngsters have entered the Triangular Starfield of Darkness, and was curious, so I decided to rush over and investigate. I didn’t expect that the Divine Master and Asurendra Samay would also come over.”

Asurendra Samay snorted, feeling uneasy. If it weren’t for Divine Onmyoji stopping him, he would have entered the Fane of Origin long ago.

Divine Onmyoji belonged to the Fane of Destiny. He was the second most influential figure in the Divination Division, one of the three divisions, and was second only to the Divination Reverend.

Divine Onmyoji smiled like a spring breeze. “Jadea, there’s no need to be curious. We’re all deities from the Infernal Court, so there’s nothing to hide. The Fane of Origin has been born, and it’s located in the Southern Sword Realm of the Triangular Starfield of Darkness.”

Jadea didn’t expect the other party to tell her the truth so directly, so she pretended to be surprised, saying, “Legend has it that the Fane of Origin, which has been gone for more than a hundred million years, is actually going to be born! Why are the two of you staying here and not going to the Southern Sword Realm?”

Divine Onmyoji smiled but didn’t say anything.

Asurendra Samay said in a gloomy voice, “The Ancestral Domain of the Yakshas is only a short distance away from the Triangular Starfield of Darkness. It’s impossible that you, Jadea, haven’t gone in to investigate, right?”

“I did investigate, but unfortunately, I didn’t find anything,” Jadea answered truthfully.

Asurendra Samay laughed loudly. “The Southern Sword Realm is only a few hundred million kilometers from the Triangular Starfield of Darkness border. Given your cultivation level, how could you have missed discovering it?”

Jadea’s face turned cold, saying, “The Triangular Starfield of Darkness has existed for countless years. Countless cultivators have gone in to investigate, but who could discover the Southern Sword Realm? What exactly is the meaning of this, Asurendra Samay?”

Asurendra Samay said, “Do you know why we stayed here and didn’t go to the Southern Sword Realm? Because the Divine Master suspects that someone had deliberately used the Fane of Origin as bait and set a trap to lure the deities of the Infernal Court to their deaths.”

Jadea was enraged. “Could it be that you all suspect that I am setting up a trap?”

“The Yakshas have always been ambitious. They want to become the eleventh clan of the Infernal Court and enjoy the same status and authority as the ten great clans. The deities of the Infernal Court have fallen, and the Yakshas have seized the opportunity to rise up. That is not impossible,” Asurendra Samay replied.

“Asurendra Samay, if you continue to spout nonsense and slander the Yakshas and me, don’t blame me for being impolite to you.”

Jadea released a mighty divine might, and a sea of divine Qi that spanned tens of thousands of miles appeared beneath her feet, causing even the stars in the sky to tremble.

All the living beings in the Ancestral Domain of the Yakshas could see a ball of divine clouds and light spots appearing in the distant starry sky.

Even though they were tens of billions of miles away, they could still sense a faint pressure.

However, Asurendra Samay wasn’t afraid of Jadea, and he continued, “Are you confident that you will be able to survive the fourth Yuanhui Tribulation? I remember that you barely managed to survive the third Yuanhui Tribulation. Even so, why didn’t you go to the Jadeite Realm to look for opportunities? Isn’t that suspicious?”

Jadea said, “I wanted to ask you the same question. Why didn’t you go to the Jadeite Realm? Could it be that you are confident that you can survive the next Yuanhui Tribulation?”

Asurendra Samay sneered and said, “It’s none of your business.”

“If that’s the case, then it’s none of your business if I didn’t go to the Jadeite Realm,” Jadea said.

Asurendra Samay didn’t go to the Jadeite Realm, of course, because he knew that his injuries were too severe. Even if he found something in the Jadeite Realm that could help him survive the Yuanhui Tribulation, it wouldn’t be helpful.

On the contrary, if he could take advantage of the absence of Wardeity Bloodximius to capture Zhang Ruochen, he would have a bright future.

Asurendra Samay said, “How do you explain the Light of Origin that appeared at the Yakshas’ sacred ground in the Royal City of Hundred Clans?”

“I’ve heard about that, but I haven’t had the chance to go to the Royal City of Hundred Clans to investigate,” Jadea replied.

Asurendra Samay replied, “I’m afraid this is a scheme of the Yakshas. They want to use this to startle the entire Infernal Court and attract all the major powers here.”

Jadea glanced at Divine Onmyoji. Seeing that he didn’t say anything, she was worried that the Fane of Destiny would think so too. Hence, she stretched out her divine hand and grabbed at Asurendra Samay.

“Asurendra Samay, the Yakshas have no enmity with you. But since you are slandering them like this, I must seek justice for the Yakshas.”

Jadea’s attack was extremely fast, but when it was about to land on Asurendra Samay, it became slower and slower.

The flow of time around Asurendra Samay’s body was almost at a standstill. No matter how Jadea’s attack could break the sky or shatter the ground, it still couldn’t hurt him, and was quickly neutralized by his power.

At this moment, although Asurendra Samay’s injuries were severe, he was in peak condition. He wasn’t like when he fought with Lord Ming, the Blood Empress, and Wardeity Bloodximius. At that time, he was restrained by Chi Kongyue’s weakening bindings and couldn’t use his divine force. His Saint Soul was also affected by Jade Swallow Pendant. As a result, he couldn’t even use one-tenth of his combat power. Thus, he suffered a great humiliation at that time.


Jadea turned serious, and her body emitted an extremely dazzling light, but the aura she emitted was extremely cold.

The small rock planet under her feet instantly turned into an ice planet.


Divine Onmyoji placed itself between the two deities. Without using any magical technique, a vast Yin Yang imprint appeared under his feet, separating Jadea and Asurendra Samay, who were both about to fight. He also moved them to two different directions.

Jadea and Asurendra Samay felt that their bodies were out of their control. The two deities were already several hundred miles apart when they regained their balance.

They looked at Divine Onmyoji at the same time and were both extremely shocked.

This junior, who had just survived the calamity of the two Yuanhui Tribulations, had already reached such a terrifying level of cultivation.

Divine Onmyoji smiled and said, “Both of you, please calm down. Jadea, you can not blame Asurendra Samay for being so suspicious. After all, the appearance of the Fane of Origin is indeed suspicious.”

“Firstly, the appearance of a supreme-grade Divine Crystal of Origin in the hands of a wild Saint-level cultivator is most suspicious.”

“Secondly, regarding the appearance of the Light of Origin in the Royal City of Hundred Clans, which is most definitely man-made.”

“Thirdly, the appearance of the Fane of Origin happened right after the opening of the Jadeite Realm. It was the time when the Infernal Court was at its most empty. Isn’t that too much of a coincidence?”

“Fourthly, the Divination Division’s Divine Artifact, the Tensho Compass, has gone missing. Even I can’t sense its location. It can only mean that the cultivator who suppressed it has higher cultivation and spiritual power than me. Now, who can that person be? With the Celestial and Infernal Court’s current empty state, We can count such exceptional figures on one hand.”

“These signs of human intervention scares me. I have to be more careful from now on.”

Jadea was silent for a moment before saying, “Hence, the Divine Master is worried that the Fane of Origin is a trap specially designed to kill the deities of the Infernal Court. Once you enter, you will never be able to return.”

Divine Onmyoji nodded.

“However, other than me, all the deities of the Yakshas have gone to the Jadeite Realm. It’s impossible for them, and they don’t have the strength to set up all of this.” Jadea said.

“The one who set up the trap must be from the Celestial Court, and the Yakshas could be involved,” Asurendra Samay said coldly.

Jadea glared at him angrily.

Divine Onmyoji immediately stopped Asurendra Samay; he smiled and said, “I naturally believe in the Yakshas and Jadea. However, please cooperate with the Fane of Destiny and don’t go to the Southern Sword Realm for the time being. Otherwise, the whole situation may go out of control.”

Jadea naturally understood the severity of the situation. She nodded and said, “Therefore, should we let those juniors seize the opportunities in the Fane of Origin?”

“This is the safest way!” Divine Onmyoji said.

Jadea said, “They are just a group of Saint-level juniors. Even if they were all killed in the Fane of Origin, a group of them could grow up again after a thousand years. The losses and risks can indeed be minimized through this way.”

“However, that deity from the Xue Jue Family had gone in. If it wasn’t a trap, wouldn’t all the benefits go to the Xue Jue Family?” Asurendra Samay said with extreme jealousy and hatred.

Divine Onmyoji smiled and said, “Both of you have underestimated the abilities of this group of Saint-level juniors. Once they find an opportunity to break through and achieve divinity in the Fane of Origin, they will be able to restrain that deity from the Xue Jue Family…”

Divine Onmyoji’s expression suddenly froze as he looked toward the Triangular Starfield of Darkness.

In the next moment, Asurendra Samay and Jadea also sensed something, and there was shock in their eyes.

Divine Onmyoji turned around and faced Asurendra Samay and Jadea with the other side of his body. However, it wasn’t his back that they expected, but a beautiful and dignified woman with a moon imprint embroidered on her front.

Her slender snow-white hands formed a lotus shape and said, “I’ve already calculated that it’s a dimensional fluctuation and a divine force fluctuation with a light aura.”

“However, the Triangular Starfield of Darkness is quite special. A mysterious force interferes with the calculation, so I can’t calculate which deity had released the fluctuation.”

Asurendra Samay’s spirit was immediately roused. He smiled and said, “The deities of the Celestial Court are stirring up a lot of trouble. Since they have come to the Infernal Court, how can we let them go back?”

Asurendra Samay was interested in Zhang Ruochen in the Fane of Origin and the Fane of Origin itself. However, he could not find an opportunity to go to the Southern Sword Realm for a long time. Now that the situation was gradually getting more evident and if he did not make a move now, when would he do it?

Divine Onmyoji thought about it and didn’t say anything. He still felt that there was something fishy about this.

Asurendra Samay said, “The deities of the Celestial Court have all taken the initiative to release their auras. They’re clearly provoking us.”

“Divine Master, this is the territory of the Infernal Court. Even if the Fane of Origin has a deity-killing trap, we just need to gather enough deities to flatten it,” Jadea said.

Divine Onmyoji decided and said, “Alright, let’s meet the Celestial Court deities first and see whether our old friends are there!”

He made this decision mainly because there were quite a few Saint-level juniors in the Infernal Court who had great potential among the youngsters who entered the Fane of Origin this time. If all of them died, the losses would be significant.

Secondly, it was very likely that the Tensho Compass was taken away by the deities of the Celestial Court.

The Divination Division’s Divine Artifact must not be lost.


Divine Onmyoji, Asurendra Samay, and Jadea broke through the air and flew away. They did not take long to arrive at the space outside the Southern Sword Realm.

They saw a bright dimensional teleportation array floating in the center of the eight array towers.

There were a total of nine figures in the array.

One of them was Sarathiel. As he had expended a lot of energy, he was sitting cross-legged and recovering the divine Qi in his body.

Jiatianxia was clad in scarlet divine armor. His aura was like an imposing mountain, and the eight blood wings on his back were emitting crimson light. He looked into the distance and smiled. “Asurendra Samay and Divine Onmyoji are here, as well as Jadea of the Yakshas.”

“Just the three of them? If the Fane of Origin is really a trap set up by the Infernal Court and wants to kill us, there should at least be a deity guarding it, right?” The Lord of the Soul Realm snorted.

Sarathiel said, “Uriel and I went in before to investigate, but there was no trace of anything being set up. On the contrary, a large number of saint-level cultivators from the Infernal Court had entered, including Yan Yu of the Yanluo clan, Yuan Qianmo of the Fane of Death, Xing Luo of the Fane of Destiny, and Zhang Ruochen of the Immortal Vampires. If it’s really a trap, the people of the Infernal Court would be too cruel to sacrifice them.”

Jiatianxia said, “Whether it was a trap or not, as long as one of these three before us is suppressed, the deities of the Infernal Court will not be able to sit still. Any trap by them has to be exposed.”

On the other side, Divine Onmyoji saw Jiatianxia, the Lord of the Soul Realm, and the others in the dimensional teleportation array. His expression changed, and he immediately projected this image with his eyes.

In the next instant, this image appeared in the mind of Divine Onmyoji’s avatar in the Fane of Destiny, which was billions of miles away.

“This is not good. The deities of the Celestial Court have appeared in the Southern Sword Realm on such a large scale. Something big is about to happen. We must immediately invite the Reverend to take charge of the situation.”

Divine Onmyoji’s avatar immediately rushed over to the Death Palace.

In the Fane of Destiny, only two Reverends did not went to the Jadeite Realm. One was Skywrath, who was in charge of the Battlefield of Merits, and the other was Death Reverend, who was in charge of the Divine Domain of Destiny.

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