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Chapter 2582 - The Deity of the Angels

Chapter 2582: The Deity of the Angels

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Anyone with a discerning eye could see that the most valuable things on Hai Ke were his divine body, Sainthood Source, and the Catastrophic Ax. Seeing how the Seven-Armed Elder agreed readily, Master Ye You was somewhat hesitant.

The Seven-Armed Elder said, “Old man, could it be that you are insatiable and want more?”

Master Ye You could not figure out the reason. Still, he thought about how he could obtain a divine corpse, a Paramount Realm Supreme Saint’s Sainthood Source, and a top-tier Regal Artifact. He seemed to have made a lot of money, so he did not think much about it.

He snorted and looked around. “I’m just worried. Hai Ke’s background is incredible. With the Apeiron Sea supporting him if things were to be exposed, where would you and I have a place to stay in the Infernal Court?”

“Below the divinity, there are very few cultivators who can hide from our senses. The only cultivator hiding in the nearby Fane of Barasingha has already escaped. What do you have to worry about? “Are you afraid of Hai Ke and afraid to attack?” The Seven-Armed Elder asked.

Seeing that the two were about to argue, the power waves from Hai Ke’s body gradually stabilized. It was a sign that his cultivation had stabilized. Zhang Ruochen quickly said, “Hai Ke heard your conversation. He won’t let you off if you don’t attack today.”

Seven-Armed Elder and Master Ye You both looked at the chaotic divine cloud.

“I’ll set up an array to suppress his Precept Domain.”

Master Ye You took out a two-meter-long bone staff and stabbed it into the ground.


Dense Dimensional Inscriptions appeared on the staff and flew into the water, covering an area of dozens of miles.

Master Ye You then took out a bunch of black beans from a beast skin bag and threw them out.

The black beans floated in the water, turning into little people in black armor. The Dimensional Inscriptions gathered on the little people and interwoven into a huge Dimensional Array.

Zhang Ruochen walked around the edge of the array and observed it secretly. At the same time, he put the God-eater Bug back into the coffin.

Master Ye You, who cultivated the Path of Dimension, was quite capable. The Dimensional Array he set up suppressed the violent divine qi that fluctuated on Hai Ke’s body.


Hai Ke’s Paramount physique was successfully condensed. His physical strength rose to an unprecedented level. He roared, “I have broken through the realm. No one can stop me now.”

Hai Ke punched out. His fist shone brilliantly. Divine power surged out like a river.


The array Master Ye You had set up shook violently. A large part of the Dimensional Inscription shattered.

Then, Hai Ke performed a superior-level saint spell. Dense precepts gathered toward the Catastrophic Ax. The ax hadn’t been slashed out yet, and the power it released already made the sea water boil.

“He’d only just broken through and was already so powerful.” Zhang Ruochen retreated to a distance. He was initially very confident in Seven-Armed Elder Elder and Master Ye You, but now he began to worry.

“Old Man, can you do it or not?” Seven-Armed Elder asked anxiously.

Suppose Master Ye You couldn’t use the Power of Dimension to suppress Hai Ke’s Precept Domain. In that case, it won’t be easy to kill a demigod.

Master Ye You was calm and collected. He took a handful of beans from his bag and threw them out, turning them into more black minions. The minions surrounded the gigantic Hai Ke.

“Seven-tier Worldly Pagoda.”

Master Ye You grabbed the bone staff on the ground with one hand and poured all his level 69 spiritual power into it.


A bright pillar of light shot out from the top of the bone staff. Seven circles of array patterns appeared around the light pillar.

These seven circles of array patterns were connected to the Array of Dimension formed by small black figures. In the blink of an eye, a faintly discernible giant light tower enveloped Hai Ke.

Hai Ke’s ax struck the edge of the light tower.

The light of the tower shook violently, but it did not shatter.

On the contrary, Hai Ke suffered the rebound force and retreated dozens of steps. His eyes revealed a look of surprise.

“The Worldly Pagoda that I can set up only has seven floors. It won’t be able to suppress a demigod for long. Let’s attack together and end this quickly.”

Master Ye You grabbed the white bone staff and flew to the top of the Worldly Pagoda. He raised his right hand above his head and used his mighty spiritual power to catch hundreds of thousands of black lightning bolts. They entered the Worldly Pagoda and roared, “Refine them for me.”

A 69th-level spiritual-power Supreme Saint was equivalent to a Paramount Realm Supreme Saint.

‘This old sly has finally revealed his ferocious side,’ Zhang Ruochen thought.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t take this opportunity to leave. After all, Lord of Sword and Lord of Stone were still within Hai Ke. He had to save them.

Although the Lord of Sword’s body had been crushed, as long as its core swordwill wasn’t destroyed, he could reassemble his body.

Although Lord of Stone had been swallowed by Hai Ke, he had fused with the spiritual wills of the six gods. It was not easy for Hai Ke to refine him.

The Seven-Armed Elder revealed his true form and turned into a monster that was a thousand feet long.

The monster had a huge head the size of a palace and seven long furry flaming palms. From the palms of each of the Seven-Armed Elder, a scorching pillar of fire surged into the Worldly Pagoda and landed on Hai Ke’s body.

Lightning and flames filled the tower.

Hai Ke let out furious roars and attacked the Worldly Pagoda, causing the surrounding waters to tremble. The energy released could even injure a Neverwilt Realm Supreme Saint.

Although some cultivators could sense the ripples of the battle, none of them dared to approach and investigate.

“Seven-Armed Elder, Ye You, how dare you attack me? Aren’t you afraid of the retaliation of the Apeiron Sea?” Hai Ke’s divine body was charred black by the lightning and flames.

His physical injuries were secondary. What terrified Hai Ke was that the spiritual power of the Seven-Armed Elder and Master Ye You was too strong. They constantly attacked his Saint Soul with spiritual power.

His Saint Soul had already been heavily injured by Zhang Ruochen’s Heaven Sword Soul. It hadn’t fully recovered even after taking the Emperor Grade Sacred Pill. How could it withstand the attacks of two 69th-level spiritual power saints?

Master Ye You was the timidest. He was scared to death of the Apeiron Sea.

However, when he heard Hai Ke’s threatening words, the killing intent in his eyes became stronger, colder, and more determined.

Hai Ke’s spiritual power was at level 67. It could be considered quite strong, but his enemy’s spiritual power was more potent. Even Zhang Ruochen could suppress him to self-detonate his Sainthood Source, let alone Seven-Armed Elder and Master Ye You.

After struggling desperately in the Worldly Pagoda for about an hour, Hai Ke broke the six-tier Worldly Pagoda in a row. His divine body finally collapsed heavily when he was about to rush out.

His Saint Soul was destroyed entirely.

The spiritual power of the Seven-Armed Elder and Master Ye You was significantly consumed. With lingering fear, they flew to the side of Hai Ke’s giant divine corpse.

If Hai Ke had held on longer and escaped from the Seven-tier Worldly Pagoda, it would have been their turn to run for their lives. However, how could there be so many ifs in this world?

The truth was that the two of them had killed a demigod together. Even though this demigod had just broken through and his realm wasn’t stable enough, he still hadn’t fully grasped the power of a demigod.

Master Ye You was afraid that the seven-handed old man would go back on his words, so he immediately took the Catastrophic Ax and dug out the Sainthood Source in Hai Ke’s body.

“You can take the other treasures. Just leave the divine corpse to me,” Master Ye You said generously.

There weren’t any valuable treasures anyway. Only Hai Ke’s broken regal-grade armor could be sold for many Godstones.


An explosion sounded from the abdomen of the ten-thousand-meter-long divine corpse.

An AzureTerra Stone flew out.

Then, it transformed into a human figure. It was 13 meters tall and had six arms. It was Lord of Stone, whose breath was a little weak.

“This AzureTerra Stone…”

The Seven-Armed Elder was about to speak when Zhang Ruochen walked over and said, “I can’t give you this AzureTerra Stone.”

A cloud of light flew out from the divine corpse’s left sleeve and condensed into the figure of the Lord of Sword.

The Seven-Armed Elder released his spiritual power to check the surroundings and found that there were no other cultivators nearby. He looked at Master Ye You and expressed his intention to cooperate again.

This time, there was no Ji Fanxin by Zhang Ruochen’s side. Master Ye You didn’t have much fear in his heart.

Since Master Ye You had already killed Hai Ke, wouldn’t he be able to get more treasures if he killed Zhang Ruochen without anyone knowing?

Zhang Ruochen could read their minds. Just as they were about to take out the Shenlong Chaos Tower of Sun and Moon as a warning, a terrifying aura came from above.

Zhang Ruochen, the Seven-Armed Elder, Master Ye You, Lord of Stone, and Lord of Sword were suppressed by an invisible pressure. They almost knelt on the ground.

Even the Saint Soul seemed to be crushed into pieces.

A man in the red armor of the angels appeared above their heads. He had white hair and was extremely handsome. His eyes and lips were more delicate than a woman’s.

On his back, there were 14 flawless white wings. They were thin and almost overlapped. It was as if there was only one pair.

“The… deity of the angels…” The Seven-Armed Elder’s heart was filled with fear, and his whole body trembled.

In front of a deity, no one could stay calm and collected.

The deity’s power directly hit the cultivator’s soul.

Zhang Ruochen tried hard to resist the suppression of the deity’s power. He gritted his teeth and looked into the eyes emitting light energy. He had no intention of yielding.

“Lord Father!”

Master Ye You kneeled down habitually and kowtowed heavily to the ground. He was frank. He said with tears, “I didn’t expect to see the greatest deity of the angels in the universe in my lifetime. It’s just like the legend. No, it’s more majestic, beautiful, and sacred than the legend. I don’t know why, but I’m deeply convinced.”

“Lord deity, can you accept me as your foster son? I’m willing to be a spy for the Heavenly Realm in the Infernal Court. I’m only willing to contribute the rest of my life for the admiration in my heart.”

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