God Emperor

Chapter 2579 - Denouncement from All Sides

Chapter 2579: Denouncement from All Sides

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Sikong the Elder and Sikong the Younger narrated the situation as they hurried on.

It wasn’t too different from what Zhang Ruochen had guessed. Bai Qing’er led the cultivators of the major forces to Fane of Origin. Sikong the Elder and Sikong the Younger had taken many sacred medicines. How could the cultivators not be jealous?

In a moment of desperation, they had to run away separately.

There were still some sacred medicines left in the area that was once full of sacred medicines. They were all growing in a powerful formation. A large number of powerful cultivators had gathered here, trying to find a way to break the formation.

Numerous Terra Demon cultivators had occupied a ruin.

In the ruin, there was an ancient saint tree growing. On the tree, more than ten saint fruits were flowing with lightning. The Emperor of Terra Demon, Xuan Zehai, and the Array Master of Yanluo Clan broke the formation around the ancient Saint Tree.

Yan Zhexian and Xuan Qingying were standing in the outer area, on guard against the sneak attacks of the cultivators from other forces.

Not many cultivators dared to provoke Yanluo Clan, but this was Fane of Origin. For the sake of treasures, there’s nothing those bold cultivators wouldn’t do.

Xuan Qingying said, “Fane of Origin has come into being. The deities from the major forces in Infernal Court should have arrived by now, right?”

“The gods care more about Fane of Origin than we do. I guess some of them have already arrived in Southern Sword Realm. They might even have entered the Fane,” Yan Zhexian said.

Xuan Qingying rolled her eyes. Suddenly, she said, “Zhang Ruochen is standing at the storm’s peak again. He has fooled all the forces. Many leaders of the forces have already said they will teach him a lesson.”

Yan Zhexian’s eyes were cold. “Don’t mention him. I’ll teach him a lesson myself if I meet him. I have to show him how terrifying Yanluo Clan’s eldest daughter’s anger is.”

Yan Zhexian’s anger burned thinking about how Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qing’er had used her name to sneak into Fane of Origin in advance. She wanted to be like the other cultivators and call them adulterous couples.

There was a commotion in the distance. Many cultivators flew over.

A cultivator from Terra Demon rushed over. He said anxiously, “Reporting to the two Supreme Saints, Zhang Ruochen has appeared!”


Yan Zhexian waved her long sleeve and turned into a streak of light. She trails along the water.

Xuan Qingying followed closely.

Zhang Ruochen came to this area with five cultivators. He didn’t panic when he saw the cultivators from all the forces rushing over, “Most of the sacred medicines in this area have been picked. Why are there still so many cultivators here? Everyone, there must be treasures in other areas of Fane of Origin as well.”

A group of people from Fane of Asura walked out with murderous intent.

The leader was a three-tailed Supreme Saint who had reached Paramount Realm. “Zhang Ruochen, did you kill Supreme Saint Xing Qian of Fane of Asuran?”

His name was Shan Haijun, and he had been cultivating for over 10,000 years.

With Pan Ruo as the leader, a group of Supreme Saints rushed out of Fane of Destiny and surrounded Zhang Ruochen.

Pan Ruo asked, “Supreme Saint Ruochen, can you explain where Ji Fanxin got the supreme-grade Divine Crystal of Origin from?”

“Zhang Ruochen, did you kill Supreme Saint Fei’er Tianding of The Paarth Family?”

“Five supreme-quality Divine Crystal of Origins were stolen from the House of Enchanteurs of Divine Domain of Destiny. By self-detonating his Sainthood Source, Tan Fei almost killed all the cultivators of the major forces. Did you plan this?”

The cultivators of the various forces were holding back their anger. Some had resentments, and some had grudges. They all wanted to punish Zhang Ruochen.

Yan Zhexian was extremely angry and thought Zhang Ruochen was hateful. However, seeing Zhang Ruochen in such a dangerous situation, she held back from rushing out. She didn’t want to kick a man when he was down.

She even started to worry.

What if that guy angered everyone, was surrounded and killed?

“Do I need to explain how I killed a few saints in Infernal Court? Even if you attack now, and I kill all of you. I don’t need to explain to anyone.”

Zhang Ruochen scanned the surroundings. Powerful Qi surged out of his body. He held Ancient Abyssal Blade in his hand and shouted, “Get out of the way!”

“You’re too arrogant. What realm are you in? How can you be so arrogant?” The Supreme Saint of Fane of Asuran, Shan Haijun, roared.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Arrogant? You’re obviously making accusations. You want to kill me and split the treasures on me. How can I reason with you? Is there any logic?”

The cultivators of the major forces couldn’t take it anymore. They all took out their weapons and prepared to kill Zhang Ruochen together.


Pan Ruo walked out from the cultivators of Fane of Destiny and came to Zhang Ruochen. She said, “You can settle other matters in private. However, Supreme Saint Ruochen better explain the source of the supreme-grade Divine Crystal of Origin in Ji Fanxin’s hands now.”

Zhang Ruochen could see that Pan Ruo had come up to him because she wanted him to capture her as a hostage and escape.

Zhang Ruochen was unmoved. “Of course, she stole the supreme-grade Divine Crystal of Origin from me. Does Scioness think I’m colluding with the cultivators of Celestial Court?”

Suddenly, a child’s voice sounded from the crowd. “Zhang Ruochen is right. There’s no such thing as logic in the world. There’s no need to talk so much to kill someone.”

A child with nine-colored divine light walked out from the crowd of cultivators.


He flew up, and the six swords on his back flew out.

Two of them released Supreme Power. They were two Supreme Artifacts. The six swords flew together and turned the water upside down.

Apart from some Paramount Realm Supreme Saints, the other Supreme Saints couldn’t stand properly. They were almost swept away by the Supreme Power.

This child was naturally Lan Ying.

Lan Ying laughed coldly, “I heard that you defeated Que. This time, I will go all out.”

“Heaven Sword Soul.”

Precepts of Swordsmanship in the sea flew towards him. Above his head, a shadow of a soul appeared. In an instant, the power of Lan Ying’s sword increased significantly.

“Asura Heaven’s Kill”

The six swords lined up and turned into a sword light, slashing down.

Zhang Ruochen’s body turned golden, and a shadow of a soul appeared above his head. He rushed up and slashed out with his sword, Sword Eleven.

The two powerful forces of Swordsmanship collided, shooting out tens of thousands of Sword Qi.

The Sword Qi contained the power of the sword soul. Some cultivators were hit, and their saint souls were severely injured. They let out shrill screams.

“Heaven Sword Soul… Zhang Ruochen has also cultivated Heaven Sword Soul…”

“It is indeed Heaven Sword Soul. Zhang Ruochen has cultivated Heaven Sword Soul in Hundred-Shackle Realm. How can his attainments in Swordsmanship be so high?”

Amidst the exclamations of the crowd, Lan Ying and Zhang Ruochen had already exchanged dozens of sword strikes.

Suddenly, Lan Ying fell from above and fell heavily into the mud and rocks, making a large area of water extremely muddy. Six battle swords also fell from the sky and stabbed into the bottom of the sea.

A long sword cut was cut through Lan Ying’s abdomen, and it could not be healed for a long time.

Lan Ying somersaulted from the ground, his face ferocious. He shouted, “Zhang Ruochen, don’t go. Let’s fight again.”

It was then that everyone realized that Zhang Ruochen had long disappeared. Even the five cultivators had been taken away by him.

The elders of Paramount Realm looked at each other in shock. Had Zhang Ruochen grown to such an extent?

So many cultivators had gathered to denounce him, but he had escaped easily.

Pan Ruo looked in the direction where Zhang Ruochen had escaped. An unnoticeable smile appeared in her eyes.

Soon after, there was news that Zhang Ruochen had defeated Nan Sheng.

Everyone was shocked again. Some cultivators who had denounced Zhang Ruochen earlier felt fear and regret. They were afraid that Zhang Ruochen would take revenge in secret. This trip to Fane of Origin seemed to be even more dangerous!

Xuan Qingying looked at Lan Ying, surrounded by a group of cultivators from Fane of Barasingha. She was still a little absent-minded. She muttered to herself, “No one can stop Zhang Ruochen’s rise. The secular world of Infernal Court will soon belong to him.”

Fane of Origin was full of dangers. Other than cultivators from Fane of Barasingha, no other forces continued to pursue Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen had returned to this place because he wanted to find the aura left behind by Saint Devourer.

Compared to Ji Fanxin, who had no way to find her, Zhang Ruochen thought that he should find Saint Devourer, Lord of Stone, Lord of Sword, and Xue Tu first. There was a subtle connection between him and Saint Devourer. He could sense where she was going.

Not long after, Zhang Ruochen found a vine of Saint Devourer in a shabby stone hall.

Picking up the vine, Zhang Ruochen sensed it and said, “The aura of Hai Ke. This is great. It’s a good opportunity to kill him in Fane of Origin.”

When he first met Hai Ke in the Royal City of Hundred Clans, Zhang Ruochen’s Heart of Truth sensed that Hai Ke had Canon of Truth. Thus, Zhang Ruochen put him on the must-kill list.

As for why Hai Ke, a Supreme Saint of Infernal Court, had Canon of Truth, Zhang Ruochen had some guesses. It was most likely because he killed a Celestial Court cultivator who had Canon of Truth and taken it.

Zhang Ruochen burst out with an even faster speed to catch up. He soon sensed a familiar power fluctuation coming from the water.


The water in front of him was very muddy. There were ripples of Death Qi and deafening sounds of battle.

Although Hai Ke was a member of Deathkin, his body was a god’s corpse.

At this moment, Hai Ke’s divine body was more than 3000 meters tall. He grabbed Lord of Stone and held him in his palm. He smiled. “An AzureTerra Stone can be cultivated to such a high realm. This is a precious material to refine a Supreme Artifact.”

“Azure Terra sacred spear!”

Lord of Stone roared. A long spear covered in dragon scales flew out from his body toward Hai Ke’s glabella.


Hai Ke ignored it. The Azure Terra sacred spear hit his glabella. A layer of divine light automatically appeared on his skin and sent Supreme Artifact flying.

“Haha! My body is stronger than Zhang Ruochen’s Demigod physique. How can you hurt me?”

Hai Ke stuffed Lord of Stone into his mouth and swallowed him. He planned to use the divine fire in his body to refine and tame Lord of Stone’s spirit and will.

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