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Chapter 2566 - The Great Triangular Starfield of Darkness

Chapter 2566: The Great Triangular Starfield of Darkness

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 The dimensional teleportation array in the Yakshas’ Ancestral Domain was of very high quality. He could not set it up even with Zhang Ruochen’s current dimensional attainments.


A powerful spatial fluctuation appeared in the dark and boundless universe. Zhang Ruochen and Yan Zhexian appeared at the center of the spatial fluctuation.

Zhang Ruochen looked around and found the spot of light representing the Yakshas’ Ancestral Domain in the starry sky. He had a rough idea of the distance.

He said, “This is the limit of the dimensional teleportation array. Is the location correct?”

Ji Fanxin, who looked like Yan Zhexian, turned into Bai Qing’er. She nodded slightly and pointed in the opposite direction of the Yakshas’ Ancestral Domain. She said, “Look over there.”

Zhang Ruochen looked over.

The direction Ji Fanxin was pointing at was pitch-black. It was empty and eerie. No stars could be seen. But in other directions, starlight shone.

In this comparison, the scene before Zhang Ruochen was bizarre.

Zhang Ruochen said, “That’s right. This is the legendary Triangular Starfield of Darkness, the most terrifying forbidden zone at the edge of the Infernal Court.”

According to Seven-Armed Elder’s description, the Qiankun Realm was located in the Triangular Starfield of Darkness.

The north of the Triangular Starfield of Darkness was close to the Yakshas’ Ancestral Domain. According to the star map at the edge of the Infernal Court, the starfield with the Royal City of Hundred Clans as its center was north of the Triangular Starfield of Darkness.

To the southwest of the Triangular Starfield of Darkness was the Ashuran Planet.

Of course, the Ashuran Planet was not close to it. Instead, it was a few light years away, hundreds of billions of miles away.

To the southeast of the Triangular Starfield of Darkness was the star field where the Tianchu Civilization, the Thousand-Star Civilization, and dozens of other ancient civilizations were located. The distance between them was also very far.

No one knew how vast the Triangular Starfield of Darkness was. However, there was an extremely curious Supreme Saint who flew along one of the boundary lines for more than a thousand years. However, he could not reach the end of the boundary line. Eventually, he encountered a wormhole and returned to the Infernal Court.

Perhaps only some powerful gods knew about the situation in the Great Triangle of darkness.

The reason why the Great Triangle of darkness was called a forbidden zone was not that there was any danger in this galaxy. In fact, all the cultivators who entered claimed that it was extremely safe.

However, only one or two of the 100 cultivators who had entered could return.

The other cultivators were all lost in it.

If a mortal drove a ship into the sea, he could at least tell the sun’s and stars’ locations. However, once a cultivator entered the Triangular Starfield of Darkness, he would completely lose his sense of direction.

Even a Supreme Saint could get lost in it if he went too deep.

“When the Death Palace of the Fane of Destiny went to the Southern Sword Realm, did they set up a dimensional teleportation array at the edge of the Triangular Starfield of Darkness?” Zhang Ruochen asked Seven-Armed Elder.

The Seven-Armed Elder replied, “As far as I know, no. After they found the Southern Sword Realm, they decided it was a barren Macroworld. Its value was minimal, so there was no need to build a large-scale dimensional teleportation array.”

Zhang Ruochen summoned Xue Tu out of the Qiankun Realm to ask about his gathered information.

Before Zhang Ruochen went to Hoth, he had sent Xue Tu to the Southern Sword Realm. Because he did not have much hope for him, he had not asked about it.

Xue Tu said proudly, “I followed your instructions, and I have been to the Southern Sword Realm once.”

“Have you been to the Southern Sword Realm?” Zhang Ruochen was quite surprised.

Xue Tu laughed. “I’m alone. Naturally, I don’t dare to break into the Triangular Starfield of Darkness. I followed the cultivators of the Corpusians secretly. You must believe that I can go there. Otherwise, why would the Blood Empress take me as her disciple?”

Zhang Ruochen knew that the Southern Sword Realm had been sold by the Death Palace to the Ghost’s Dishatan, the Bone Clan’s Roopkund Sea, and the Corpusians’ Hall of Permanence.

Xue Tu said, “The Southern Sword Realm is only at the edge of the Triangular Starfield of Darkness. It’s only 300 million to 400 million miles away from the outside world. If you take a fast sacred ship, you can reach it in three or four days.

“Of course, if you don’t know the exact location of the Southern Sword Realm, a cultivator wouldn’t be able to find it even if he traveled in the Triangular Starfield of Darkness for 10,000 years.”

Suddenly, Xue Tu thought of something. He said seriously, “Dishastan, Roopkund Sea, and the Hall of Permanence are building a dimensional teleportation array connecting the Southern Sword Realm to the outside world. I’m afraid they’re treating that place as a farm for the Ghosts.”

Zhang Ruochen was deep in thought. He asked, “How many masters do these three forces have in the Triangular Starfield of Darkness and the Southern Sword Realm? Do they have a sacred army?”

Xue Tu shook his head and said, “How can they send a sacred army to manage a barren world? Usually, they only send three or five Supreme Saints to manage the Ghosts’ farm.

“However, because of you, the three forces have focused on the Southern Sword Realm. On the surface, there are dozens of Supreme Saints. However, there must be other masters hiding in the dark, but I can’t detect them with my cultivation.

“According to my analysis, even if the three forces send masters to the Southern Sword Realm, they won’t be that powerful. After all, your cultivation wasn’t as amazing as it was now when the House of Enchanteurs said that they would seize the Southern Sword Realm by force.”

Zhang Ruochen stared at Xue Tu with a new look in his eyes.

‘With his cultivation at the Neverwilt Realm, he could do such a difficult thing well. It showed his extraordinary ability. No wonder Wargod Bloodximius had sent him to the Sword Vault to rescue Lord Ming.’ Zhang Ruochen thought.

Xue Tu hesitated and said, “Senior brother, I have a question, but I’m not sure if I should tell you about it.”

“Speak out!”

Xue Tu was puzzled and said, “Many cultivators know that the Fane of Origin will most likely appear in the Royal City of Hundred Clans. Why are we sacrificing the big to take the small, such as the Southern Sword Realm, at such an important time?”

In Xue Tu’s eyes, the Fane of Origin was much more important than the Southern Sword Realm. Even if he could only follow behind and pick up the crumbs, it was still better than a barren Macroworld.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t answer his question. He said, “How far is this place from where the Dishastan, Roopkund Sea, and the Hall of Permanence are stationed?”

Xue Tu was very anxious. He felt that Zhang Ruochen didn’t know what was essential and what wasn’t. He wanted to persuade him again, but when he saw Zhang Ruochen’s cold eyes, he held back.

Xue Tu observed the arrangement of the stars in all directions. After predicting silently for a while, he pointed in a direction and said, “This direction. It’s about three billion kilometers.”

“That far?” Zhang Ruochen frowned.

Xue Tu said, “Senior brother, compared to the entire Triangular Starfield of Darkness, this is very close!”

Zhang Ruochen looked at Ji Fanxin.

Ji Fanxin nodded and said, “The direction is right.”

“It seems that the Seven-Armed Elder is telling the truth. The Fane of Origin might really be in the Southern Sword Realm,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Xue Tu’s ears perked up. His eyes rolled around. “Senior brother, what did you say?”

“Don’t ask questions you shouldn’t ask. Do you know what kind of people die the fastest?” Zhang Ruochen said.

“I understand. I won’t ask anymore. From now on, I’ll follow you and Ji Fanxin to the Fane of Origin. If you find any treasures, take them first. Leave me some crumbs will do.”

Xue Tu’s face was red. He was so excited that his heart was about to explode.

He had clearly heard Zhang Ruochen say, “The Fane of Origin is in the Southern Sword Realm.”.

‘Oh my goodness! If that was true, even if I followed Zhang Ruochen and picked up the crumbs, he could make the Supreme Realm and demigods envious to death.’

As for why the Fane of Origin was in the Southern Sword Realm, Xue Tu didn’t want to think about it. After all, Zhang Ruochen was a Yuanhui-level genius and had great luck. What Zhang Ruochen said couldn’t be false.

‘What was the use of having a deity as a father?

‘It was better to have a Yuanhui-level genius senior brother.

‘I could soar into the sky just by following his luck.’

Xue Tu thought of his father. His father’s talent wasn’t exceptional when he was young, but he couldn’t help it. He was good friends with the young Wargod Bloodximius.

Now, not only had his father reached divinity, but he had also survived the first Yuanhui Tribulation and become the overlord of the Bloodysky Clan.

Xue Tu couldn’t wait. He wanted to grow a few more pairs of blood wings and fly to the Southern Sword Realm immediately.

Zhang Ruochen strategized silently. With his current attainments in cultivation, even if he used the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light and traveled at full speed, it would still take nearly 20 days to reach the three forces’ encampment.

“I have a demigod-level ship. It can fly three billion miles in a day. It’s a failed product that my master once refined.”

Ji Fanxin took a palm-sized flower boat from her sleeve and threw it out.

Driven by Saint Qi, the flower boat expanded rapidly and turned into a 300-meter-long ship. The ship was made of wood. The deck was planted with all kinds of strange flowers and plants. They were colorful and beautiful.

Xue Tu was stunned for a moment. “This… was a demigod-level ship?”

Zhang Ruochen closed his eyes and observed carefully. He was perplexed. The ship before him looked ordinary and small compared to some saint ships refined by Supreme Saints. How could it be called a demigod-level ship?

The key was the wood structure.

Could it be made of divine wood?

“The bigger the ship, the stronger it is.”

Ji Fanxin was floating. Like a fairy, she flew onto the ship.

Zhang Ruochen and Xue Tu flew up one after another. They climbed onto the deck and walked among the colorful flowers. Only then did they truly feel the extraordinariness of this place.

The surrounding Saint Qi of the wood element was highly dense. The aura of life was boundless. In some areas, the Saint Qi of the wood element even spread out from the soil.

“There are at least three Immortal Cacti that have grown.”

“Wow, could this be the legendary Immortal Flower? Even a drop of dew on its petals could extend the life of an old and soon-to-die Supreme Saint for a hundred years. This can be considered half a divine herb. In the future, it might even be a chance to become a true divine herb.”

Xue Tu stood in the center of the ship. He could not help but extend his finger under a giant crimson flower more than 20 meters tall.


Xue Tu’s action triggered the restriction.

Xue Tu flew out like a rubber ball. His body was charred black, and he passed out in the flowers.

The ship was activated, and it flew out at an unparalleled speed.

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