God Emperor

Chapter 2557 - Problem Solved

Chapter 2557: Problem Solved

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Zhang Ruochen went to the top shops, chambers of commerce, and even the House of Enchanteurs in the Royal City of Hundred Clans. He had some gains.

He bought half a bottle of Divine Sword-Lacquer to cleanse the Precepts of Swordsmanship, and three King Grade Sacred Pills, Pill of Nether-Soul, to improve the Saint Soul.

The Divine Sword-Lacquer was a liquid born from the inside of a divine weapon-level sword. It was extremely precious and could only be encountered by sword cultivators.

The Pill of Nether-Soul was a pill refined by the Nether Hall to improve a cultivator’s Saint Soul. It was expensive and rare.

It didn’t take long for Zhang Ruochen to refine the Divine Sword-Lacquer and the Pill of Nether-Soul. He had indeed refined the Precepts of Swordsmanship and improved his Saint Soul by ten to twenty percent. However, it was far from Zhang Ruochen’s goal.

Zhang Ruochen finally knew that some things couldn’t be bought with Godstones.

Just like the Pill of Nether-Soul, Zhang Ruochen wanted to buy more. However, people told him that the Nether Hall only released limited pills. There were only three in the entire Royal City of Hundred Clans. A Supreme Saint from the Nether Hall could buy up to ten Pills of Nether-Soul at a lower price.

If it was a descendant of a deity of the Nether Hall, he would get a bigger share.

As for the Divine Sword-Lacquer, Zhang Ruochen first thought of Lord Ming’s Stellar Sword. However, Lord Ming was probably already on his way to the Southern Sword Realm.

Moreover, the Stellar Sword was a divine sword of fire nature. It was unlikely to produce the Divine Sword-Lacquer.

And the more precious Stellar Soul of God was not sold at all.

One must know that the Royal City of Hundred Clans was an supercity. If an item could not be bought in the Royal City of Hundred Clans, the outcome would be the same when you tried to find it in a divine city.

Zhang Ruochen had his eyes set on the Intergold Tiger, but the tiger did not care about him.

Just when Zhang Ruochen was at a loss, his mind moved. He sensed the aura of Terra Demon Emperor. There was another important figure with him.

“It’s him. That’s great. I don’t have to worry anymore!”

Zhang Ruochen was overjoyed. He waved his sleeve, and the wind kicked up. The door opened, and he walked out quickly to welcome him.

The important figure who had come with Terra Demon Emperor was the Fortune Palace’s Black Robe High Priest.

Zhang Ruochen cupped his fists and said, “Greetings, Your Highness, Your Eminence.”

The High Priest was concerned about Zhang Ruochen’s safety. After hearing the news about Zhang Ruochen, he immediately rushed to the Royal City of Hundred Clans from Hoth.

After all, Zhang Ruochen was a new generation hero that Fukurokuju valued. He also had the background of the Xue Jue family and God’s Ancient Nidus. Nothing could go wrong.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen was fine, Fortune Palace’s High Priest was in a good mood. Then, he noticed the seven cultivators in the yard and recognized Que Shenzi and Tian Shuzi. His expression was both shocking and strange.

Fortune Palace’s High Priest spoke like Zhang Ruochen’s elder in his family, “Ruochen, it’s good for young people to be sharp,” he said earnestly. “But the Fane of Death is full of powerful people. They’re also fierce. It’s best not to offend them too harshly or hurt their faces.”

Que Shenzi and Tian Shuzi had long been disheartened. They did not have any hope for the Fane of Destiny. They knew that the Xue Jue family was a force of Fortune Palace’s High Priest. They would not place their hope on the High Priest. They would rather wish Buddha would show some miracle to let them break the curse and escape.

Zhang Ruochen said, “The high priest is right. I don’t want to become enemies with the Fane of Death. So, I think it’s effective to let the two Martial-Nephews use Buddhist dharma to resolve their resentment and killing intent.

“After the three White Reapers refined the Pill of Feelings and Desires, their buddhist hearts have grown. Their killing intent has almost disappeared.

“Que Shenzi and Tian Shuzi have also become calmer. They can now recite the Maitrī Sunyata Sutra.”

Sikong the Elder held his head high and puffed out his chest. “They can also recite the Shorter Sukhāvatīvyūha Sutra and the Lotus Sutra.”

Zhang Ruochen was pleasantly surprised. He nodded to Que Shenzi and Tian Shuzi with certainty.

Que Shenzi and Tian Shuzi were so ashamed that they wished they could find a hole to hide in.

‘These people have gone too far. They have humiliated us in front of Terra Demon Emperor and Fortune Palace’s High Priest. This is intolerable.

‘Sigh. Forget it. We’ll just endure it!’

Que Shenzi and Tian Shuzi gritted their teeth and chanted a Buddhist chant to suppress their anger. After they chanted the name of Buddha, they realized something was wrong. It was too late to regret it!

Fortune Palace’s High Priest and the Terra Demon Emperor were stunned. ‘The five Isshou Realm Supreme Saints from the Fane of Death are going to convert to Buddhism?

‘Anything is indeed possible!’

After Fortune Palace’s High Priest and Zhang Ruochen asked each other some questions, he planned to leave and return to Hoth. After all, the most important thing for the Fane of Destiny was to deal with Ji Fanxin, a Yuanhui-level genius, and to get the Tensho Compass back.

Her escape route through Hoth had to be sealed off.

“High Priest, please wait. I want to buy something,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Fortune Palace’s High Priest wasn’t surprised at all. Instead, he smiled and said, “Zhang Ruochen, how rich are you? You want to buy it through me. It seems that you want to buy something extraordinary.”

The Fortune Palace wasn’t famous for its combat power. Its combat power was far inferior to the Death Palace and the Ominous Palace.

However, the Fortune Palace was ranked first in the Fane of Destiny regarding wealth and cultivation resources.

This was because the Fortune Palace’s job wasn’t to fight but to manage most of the Fane of Destiny’s businesses. It was the biggest source of the fortune of the Fane of Destiny.

The Realm of Star Ocean was the biggest business empire in the Infernal Court. It was powerful and known as the Infernal Court’s eleventh clan. It controlled hundreds of millions of shops and had countless planets, primitive worlds, and secret universe realms under its banner.

And behind the Realm of Star Ocean was the Fortune Palace.

Of course, in a sense, the Fortune Palace was just the manager. The wealth and benefits produced by the Realm of Star Ocean actually belonged to the entire Fane of Destiny.

Zhang Ruochen told Fortune Palace’s High Priest that he wanted to condense the Grade Three Swordsmanship Saintwill and then told him what he wanted.

“Condense the Grade Three Swordsmanship Saintwill?” Even Terra Demon Emperor was shocked.

Que Shenzi and Tian Shuzi were shocked when they heard Zhang Ruochen’s story. But soon, they sneered and thought that Zhang Ruochen was delusional.

On the other hand, Fortune Palace’s High Priest was touched because Zhang Ruochen had told him the secret openly, which meant that he trusted him.

It was almost impossible to condense the Grade Three Swordsmanship Saintwill, but what if Zhang Ruochen succeeded?

Once he succeeded, it would be of great significance.

It would greatly impact the Infernal Court and the millions of cultivators in the Myriad Realms of Celestial Court.

It could even rewrite the entire history of cultivation in the universe.

Since it could be recorded in the history books and spread throughout the ages, even if Zhang Ruochen was delusional, he had to try his best to help.

Fortune Palace’s High Priest said, “The cultivation resources you need are of a very high level. Only the Realm of Star Ocean’s headquarter in the Divine Domain of Destiny has them. Moreover, you need a lot of them. It will be difficult to gather them in a short time. Are you in a hurry?”

Zhang Ruochen said, “Yes.”

Beside him, Terra Demon Emperor lowered his head and pondered. It was unknown what he was thinking. Suddenly, he said, “We do have some Stellar Souls of God.”

“Your Highness, can you sell them all to me at any price?”

Zhang Ruochen knew that Stellar Souls of God were expensive. He didn’t have many Godstones now, but he had a lot of treasures and resources. He could sell some of them.

To cultivate the Heaven Sword Soul and condense the Grade Three Swordsmanship Saintwill, Zhang Ruochen could bear any price.

Terra Demon Emperor smiled and said, “Supreme Saint Ruochen, you don’t know that the Stellar Soul of God is never for sale.”

“It’s not for sale. Why did you say that?” Sikong the Elder glared at the old man.

“It’s only for gifting,” Terra Demon Emperor added.

Zhang Ruochen understood the more profound meaning. He quickly thanked the emperor. “Thank you, Your Highness. I will definitely remember your kindness.”

Terra Demon Emperor grabbed Zhang Ruochen’s hand and patted it lightly. “You’re being too polite, Supreme Saint Ruochen. It’s just a bit of the Stellar Soul of God.”

“Just call me Ruochen,” Zhang Ruochen said.

In recent days, Yan Yu had taken the initiative to befriend Zhang Ruochen, and the new Scioness of Destiny had taken the initiative to visit him. Now, even Fortune Palace’s High Priest had come. All the forces were trying to curry favor with him. Terra Demon Emperor was an experienced person. How could he not see Zhang Ruochen’s potential in the future?

Now, Zhang Ruochen, the prodigy, lived in the sacred ground of the Terra Demons. He should try to win Zhang Ruochen over now. Or else, it would be too late to do so when Zhang Ruochen reached the level of the Wargod Bloodximius.

Terra Demon Emperor was waiting for the perfect opportunity to give him a helping hand today. Naturally, he had to grasp it firmly.

It would be best if Zhang Ruochen could condense the Grade Three Swordsmanship Saintwill. Even if he couldn’t, it would be good for him to give away some Stellar Souls of God and form a good relationship.

Giving away the Stellar Souls of God was just a small favor for Zhang Ruochen.

He should take this opportunity to tie the relationship more tightly.

The Terra Demon Emperor said with a smile, “Ruochen, what do you think of Qingying of our clan? I wonder if she is lucky enough to marry into the Xue Jue Family?”


Zhang Ruochen had just received a considerable favor from the Terra Demons, so he could not refuse directly. Otherwise, the Terra Demon royal family would lose face.

Que Shenzi and Tian Shuzi were already burning with jealousy. They gritted their teeth as they watched from the side. Their eyes were about to spit fire.

‘This emperor gave Zhang Ruochen the Stellar Soul of God to befriend the Xue Jue family.

‘Not to mention Xuan Qingying is one of the prettiest women at the edge of the Infernal Court. Her cultivation is also very strong. In the future, when she reaches the Paramount Realm, her name will most likely enter the Tome of the Divines. There are countless suitors for such a talented girl. She is a girl that even the gods will set their eyes on them.

‘Now, the emperor lowered his pride and asked Zhang Ruochen to accept the proposal, but this pretentious brat dares to show hesitance. This is unbearable.’

Terra Demon Emperor didn’t overthink. After all, Master Yan Yu wanted Zhang Ruochen to take the eldest young lady of Yanluo Clan as bride.

Although Xuan Qingying was outstanding, she was nothing compared to the eldest young lady of Yanluo Clan.

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