God Emperor

Chapter 2499 - Heading towards the Oort Cloud Asteroid Belt

Chapter 2499: Heading towards the Oort Cloud Asteroid Belt

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Duan Lingfeng’s head condensed again, alerting Zhang Ruochen.

Although the physical quality of a spiritual power cultivator was weak, reaching the 69th level could produce all kinds of mysteries. Even if the physical body was destroyed, he would not die. His vitality was more potent than that of a Supreme Saint.

‘Although Duan Lingfeng’s spiritual power is severely exhausted, he’s still not something I can fight against. I have to leave immediately,’ Zhang Ruochen thought.

Zhang Ruochen did not care about the risk of exposing his identity. He mobilized the saint Qi in him and activated the Supreme Inscription of the Ugyen Cudgel to draw out the Supreme Power. Suddenly, the Ugyen Cudgel turned into a divine pillar in the sky. The surrounding space became dim, and countless bolts of lightning flashed.

The terrifying and peerless energy burst out and instantly deflected all Tian Mu’s saint arrows.

The saint light on the saint arrows dissipated, and many cracks appeared.

“Everyone, be careful! It’s a Supreme Artifact!” Tian Mu’s expression changed, and he shouted.

Zhang Ruochen activated the Ugyen Cudgel and swept out with full power. He sent the seven Supreme Saints, including Shang Yue, flying like scarecrows.

Two of the lower-level Supreme Saints couldn’t withstand the attack of the Supreme Artifact. Their Neverwither physique exploded, and even their bones were shattered into powder.

Other than Shang Yue, the other four Supreme Saints were seriously injured.

Shang Yue could withstand the Supreme Artifact because of her profound cultivation and the many protective treasures she had.

Even so, the appearance of the Supreme Artifact still shocked her.

Since she had the Supreme Artifact, the other party was prepared and had already seen through their plan.

Otherwise, only the high priest of the Fane of Destiny, the first judge, and the first Lord of Destiny could hold the Supreme Artifact under normal circumstances. A Supreme Artifact may be beyond the control of even the leaders of the ten dark forces.

In the three directions, Lord Yue Lin and Lord Ironclad were at the pinnacle of the Banshi Isshou Realm. Only Shang Yue’s cultivation was at the middle-stage of the Banshi Isshou Realm. Zhang Ruochen naturally chose to break out from her side.

“Take this.”

Zhang Ruochen roared. He held the Ugyen Cudgel with both hands and stirred in the universe. Then he hacked down.

Shang Yue had just stopped when she felt the space collapse and sink. Her body fell uncontrollably. She looked up and saw a black gold sky in the universe. A light pillar with boundless battle intent hacked down.

Her body was locked onto by a Supreme Artifact, and she couldn’t dodge.

Shang Yue’s saint robe and long dress unfolded like a beautiful flower petal under the wind. Her body burned with raging flames. The flower petal turned into a flaming rose, and a hell-like Precept Domain appeared.

At the same time, a Regal Artifact Saint Sword flew out of her body and let out an ear-splitting sword hum.

The sword shot forward like a white rainbow.


The Ugyen Cudgel crushed her Precept Domain layer by layer.

It clashed with the Saint Sword.

The Supreme Power shattered all the sword Qi, and a crack appeared on the Saint Sword. Then, it exploded and turned into countless sword pieces that flew back.

Some of the sword pieces hit Shang Yue’s body and left bloody holes.

Although she was an Innate Fire Spirit, she had also cultivated a body of flesh and blood.


Shang Yue spat out blood and fell down.

The injury caused by the sword pieces was secondary. What really hurt her was the Supreme Power of the Ugyen Cudgel. The Supreme Power not only hurt her body but also her Saint Soul.

Zhang Ruochen grabbed Shang Yue’s shoulder and wrapped her whole body with the sacred chain, throwing her out.

Shang Yue instinctively wanted to give up her body and revert into a fire spirit to break free from the sacred chain. However, as soon as she thought about it, white lines appeared on the sacred chain. It released a strange power and attacked her Saint Soul.

She couldn’t even give up her body, let alone break the sacred chain.


Shang Yue fell to the ground. Because her body was bound, she couldn’t keep her balance. She rolled on the ground twice before stopping.

She wasn’t on the ground but on the Ugyen Cudgel.

However, the Ugyen Cudgel was bigger than a mountain at this moment. It was like a ship flying at high speed. It flew so fast that even Shang Yue, a Supreme Saint in the Banshi Isshou Realm, couldn’t catch up.

Lord Ironclad, Lord Yue Lin, and the other Supreme Saints were far behind.

Zhang Ruochen stood on the Ugyen Cudgel. His expression was still serious and nervous. He didn’t relax at all.


The universe above exploded.

Invisible strands of Death Qi appeared. They were like clouds, fog, dragons, and snakes. They twined quickly and gave off dark red and purple-black light.

A thousand miles away.

Duan Lingfeng’s eyes were extremely vicious. He raised the Genbu Warstaff above his head and shouted through gritted teeth, “Death Typhoon.”

This was a spiritual power saint technique!

From the cloud of Death Qi came the sounds of metal horses, dragons, and tigers roaring. Then, the doomsday chariot, undead knights, bone dragons, and corpusian tigers rushed out of the cloud toward the Ugyen Cudgel.

Shang Yue fell to the ground and laughed at the scene. “You can’t escape. This is an attack launched by my Uncle Master’s spiritual power. It’s enough to kill you from a thousand miles away.”

“What are you laughing at? This attack can kill me, but it can also kill you. Your Uncle Master doesn’t seem to care about you at all,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Shang Yue’s pretty face turned cold. She didn’t speak anymore.

Zhang Ruochen took a stack of talismans from his Ring of Dimensions and threw them into the sky.

Boom Boom

The talismans exploded one by one. They turned into a light screen, a shield, or an ancient city. They collided with the chariots, knights, and tigers in the Death Typhoon.

Zhang Ruochen had taken some of these protective talismans from other cultivators. Some were gifts from the major forces when he and Luo Sha were engaged.

Although the quality of the talismans was not top-notch, they were many in quantity.

Shang Yue watched Zhang Ruochen throw out one talisman after another. Her eyelids were twitching, and she was bewildered. Each of these talismans was priceless. How could he take out so many of them?

Could he be the successor of the Talisman Grand Supreme Master?

Standing on Genbu’s shell, Duan Lingfeng was so angry that he went crazy. He could not hold on any longer. Blood spurted out of his mouth and nose as he fell to the ground and fainted.

Immediately, the Death Typhoon dissipated.

“Lord Ironclad and I will go after that person. Take care of Duan Lingfeng,” said Lord Yue Lin.

Lord Yue Lin and Lord Ironclad burst out with extreme speed. They turned into two beams of light and chased after the Ugyen Cudgel.

The two powerhouses initially used their artifacts to launch long-range attacks.

However, when their artifacts were taken away by the other party using unknown means, they did not dare to make a move anymore.

Of course, as time passed, the distance between them and the Ugyen Cudgel grew further and further. Even if they wanted to launch an attack, they were powerless. They only hoped that they could keep up and not lose them.

Six hours later.

The Ugyen Cudgel was 200,000 miles away from them.

Zhang Ruochen let out a sigh of relief. He said, “They’ve been chasing me for six hours. Their saint Qi should be almost used up. They won’t be able to catch up with me in a short time.”

Zhang Ruochen’s saint Qi consumption was ten times more than Lord Ironclad and Lord Yue Lin.

However, Zhang Ruochen had been absorbing the Godstone and taking the sacred medicine, so he could last longer.

Lord Ironclad and Lord Yue Lin were both at the pinnacle of the Banshi Isshou Realm. Zhang Ruochen believed he was no match for them if he didn’t expose his identity.

Besides, it was such a big deal to take the Divine Artifact. Zhang Ruochen didn’t believe that Bai Qing’er would give it to Duan Lingfeng.

The temptation of the Divine Artifact was too great. What if Duan Lingfeng took it for himself?

Zhang Ruochen guessed that either Bai Qing’er was on her way or sent another powerhouse.

Therefore, since he had the Divine Artifact, there was no need to continue fighting.

Zhang Ruochen swallowed a 100,000-year-old ancient sacred medicine. He felt that his saint Qi had recovered a lot. He completely got rid of Lord Yue Lin and Lord Ironclad before stopping to rest.

He grabbed the wrapped chain around Shang Yue and reached out to grab the void.

The Ugyen Cudgel turned into a rod and fell into his hand.

The next moment, he activated the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light and flew out at 10,000 times the speed of sound.

Every second, he flew close to 10,000 miles.

The Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light consumed a lot of saint Qi. Zhang Ruochen couldn’t continue flying for about 5 million miles. The saint Qi in his body was almost exhausted.

After stopping, Zhang Ruochen looked back. Even with the Eye of Truth, he couldn’t see Lord Ironclad or Lord Yue Lin.

He was completely free!

Zhang Ruochen found a mountain-sized cosmic rock and dug a cave. He took Shang Yue and hid in it.

These rocks were the most common in the universe. If he hid in them, he could at least avoid being seen by the Supreme Saint’s eyes from thousands of miles away.

Zhang Ruochen released a spiritual avatar of himself and controlled the rocks of the universe to fly toward the Oort Cloud Asteroid Belt in the south at a speed of 100 miles per second. Then, he prepared to absorb the Godstone to recover the severely exhausted saint Qi in his body.

Shang Yue sat not far away and snorted. “So the so-called Master Xunmu is you, Zhang Ruochen.”

“You recognized me?” Zhang Ruochen was a little surprised.

Of course, he knew that Shang Yue could not confirm it. She was just testing him. But it did not matter. Since Shang Yue had fallen into his hands, she couldn’t escape.

Shang Yue said, “You have such low cultivation, but you can have a Supreme Artifact. You can also spread talismans like paper and swallow a 100,000-year-old sacred medicine as if it were an everyday item. Who else can do this besides Zhang Ruochen?”

“Are you trying to say that I’m only borrowing external power, but I don’t have any real abilities?” Zhang Ruochen’s withered, shriveled, and old body returned to his young and handsome appearance.

Shang Yue was delighted, but her expression didn’t change. She said, “That’s right! In my opinion, Zhang Ruochen, the so-called Yuanhui-level genius, is nothing more than a person who relies on a pile of Supreme Artifacts and various external objects. If you let me go and fight me with your bare hands, you may not be able to defeat me in ten moves.”

Zhang Ruochen walked to her and squatted down. He looked at her carefully, as if he was hesitating.

Shang Yue was very nervous, afraid that Zhang Ruochen would not fall into her trap.

Zhang Ruochen asked, “Are you at the middle-stage of the Banshi Isshou Realm?”

“Yes, why? Are you afraid? A Yuanhui level genius can only be qualified to be at the Yuanhui-level if he can defeat his opponent by crossing two realms.” Shang Yue continued to provoke him.

Zhang Ruochen asked, “Are you an Innate Fire Spirit?”

“My original form is a Spiritus Agni. I have cultivated it for countless years. Later, my master enlightened me and taught me techniques. Finally, I cultivated my own physical body and had my own life. Zhang Ruochen, do you dare to fight me?” Shang Yue asked.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Oh, a Spiritus Agni. You can help me cultivate the Divine Purification Flame.”

Shang Yue’s face changed dramatically. She turned pale and said in fear, “You… What kind of Yuanhui-level genius are you? You don’t even dare to fight with me.”

“Why should I prove my cultivation and strength to you? You are just my captive. No, from now on, you are only the material for me to cultivate the Divine Purification Flame,” Zhang Ruochen said lightly.

Shang Yue’s body trembled slightly, and she could not calm down.

It was not easy for her to cultivate all her life. Every step was challenging, from the moment she attained spiritual intelligence to the development of the body and then to the cultivation of Banshi Isshou Realm. Now, she was not far from becoming a god. Naturally, she did not want to die.

Zhang Ruochen sighed, “Tsk tsk. My life is almost perfect, without any weaknesses. Unfortunately, there is only one flaw: I can not be ruthless to beautiful women.”

Hearing this, Shang Yue was desperate to escape.

She believed that her beauty was not inferior to those so-called fairies and saintesses.

Zhang Ruochen’s lust for beauty had long been known. Everyone in the Infernal Court knew about it, so Shang Yue naturally had no doubts.

Zhang Ruochen said, “I’ll ask you a few questions. You have to answer me truthfully. “I like obedient girls. No matter how beautiful they are, I can only destroy them if they aren’t obedient enough. In addition, your junior sister apprentice Shang Xia is also in my hands. After I ask you, I will seek confirmation from her. If you lie… I will be furious and do things with no bottom line!”

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