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Chapter 2406 - Yin Yang Five Elements: One Against Three

Chapter 2406: Yin Yang Five Elements: One Against Three


Lord Hornless let out a long roar. The sound waves spread across the vast world where the Albajade Tree was located. The thick branches of the divine tree trembled, and the word characters surrounding them were on the verge of collapsing.

Greenlight burst out from Lord Hornless. His body expanded, turning into a Hornless Dragon that was more than twenty miles long.

The beast had the form of a dragon but with no horns. The scales on its body were as green as jade, reflecting a metallic luster.

If not because the Albajade Tree had too many branches and the space was too small, it would have been difficult for it to be unleashed. The actual body of the Hornless Dragon should have been even bigger.

The divine chains still locked the two front claws of the Hornless Dragon. The Hornless Dragon charged forward and sent the word characters flying. It was not hurt at all.

Inside The Scroll of Truth and Deceit, Supreme Saint Yuan Fei was not shocked. Instead, he was delighted. “Lord Hornless has been forced to reveal his true form. It seems like the Saint Qi in his body is almost depleted. Now, it’s time to kill him.”

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei laughed. He was in high spirits. All the meridian points in him released a powerful Death Qi. The Qi surged into The Scroll of Truth and Deceit, and he shouted, “Seal of Hollow.”


The countless word characters surrounding the Hornless Dragon suddenly flew away.

They collided and formed a word character that was even bigger than the Hornless Dragon’s body —”Hollow.”

The “Hollow” character emitted a strange light. Not only was it dazzling, but everything touched by the light gradually became illusory. In the end, it turned into oblivion.

Only the Supreme Saints standing on The Scroll of Truth and Deceit were unaffected.

Of course, the Albajade Tree was not devoured by the power of Oblivion since it was the body of Madre Bloody Shadow.

The word “Hollow” pressed down on the Hornless Dragon’s body. The power of Oblivion wrapped around it, and its hard scales gradually became transparent. Despite his attainment of Banshi Isshou Realm, it was clear that it would not be able to hold on for long.

The Hornless Dragon spat out Pentastone Sword from its mouth and continuously slashed toward the word character “Hollow”.

The sword light slashed down and easily cut through the word character. However, as if passing through a layer of water, it failed to destroy the word character.

Pan Ruo could see that Lord Hornless had already used all his strength. Unfortunately, the power of The Scroll of Truth and Deceit was too unpredictable. Lord Hornless couldn’t escape at all. His death was approaching.

‘Lord Hornless entered the Celestial-Hunting battlefield with a death wish. Hence, him dying at the hands of Deathkin might not be a bad thing. Although these thirty million points will go to Deathkin, Deathkin won’t be able to surpass the Immortal Vampires,’ Pan Ruo thought to herself.

She looked at Lord Hornless with deep respect.

‘Sacrifice ourselves to save more people.’ Those Celestial Court cultivators who entered Infernal Court were mentally prepared for the worst at all times. Death was also their final destination.

Today was Lord Hornless, and tomorrow might be her.

Que had never been interested in weapons. He only believed in his absolute strength. However, after seeing the power of The Scroll of Truth and Deceit, his originally firm mind wavered a little.

‘If I can control The Scroll of Truth and Deceit, will my battle strength be able to rise to a higher level?’

However, this thought only appeared for an instant as he had shrugged it off immediately.

His mind, which had been steadfast for hundreds of years, could not be shaken. Otherwise, he would have to spend countless amounts of time in the future strengthening his mind. His cultivation leveling progress would be delayed, and it might even affect his potential to attain Godhood.

‘I am who I am. With a single word, I can kill all the enemies in the world. Using other battle weapons will only restrict me.’

Que opened his eyes once more. His pupils shot out a dazzling light. He no longer hid his aura. Like a divine sword being unsheathed, the light pierced through the sun like a white rainbow. His aura soared into the sky.

At the moment that Que held onto his mind, his mind became crystal clear. He vaguely found a way to perfect his incomplete Grade Two Saintwill.

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei sensed that terrifying aura. He looked at Que in surprise, and their eyes met.

“Lord Hornless can only die under my sword!”

Dense Sword Qi was condensed around Que. It formed into a ring-shaped rain of swords flying in all directions.


“Arghhh! Wh-Who the hell attacked us?

“How could the attack get into The Scroll of Truth and Deceit?”

Before many of those Deathkin Supreme Saints could react, they were pierced by the Sword Qi, and blood flowed continuously.

The Sword Qi, with the power of Oblivion, had invaded their bodies.

Flesh and blood on their wounds started to turn into nothingness.

The word “Hollow” pressing on the Hornless Dragon started to waver and fade.


Green Flames erupted from the Hornless Dragon’s body and shattered the word character “Hollow”. It escaped through the gaps in the branches.

“You can’t escape from me!”

Que moved at speed of light. He appeared in the sky above the Hornless Dragon and slashed out with his sword, Kagemaru.

A black sword light that was more than ten miles long appeared. It was like a long snake in the void. It shuttled between reality and the virtual realm, changing constantly. It was very magical.

The Hornless Dragon gave a deep snort and spat out Pentastone Sword, slashing out a five-colored sword light.


The two sword radiances clashed and broke in the middle before dissipating quickly.

Que furrowed his brows and muttered, “As expected of a Banshi Isshou Supreme Saint. He is already at the end of his rope, yet he can still block my attack.”

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei’s expression was cold as he stood in The Scroll of Truth and Deceit. He was very unhappy.

He placed all his chips on Lord Hornless. He was about to succeed, but Que destroyed his plan. If he could not kill Lord Hornless, the Deathkin’s ranking would become unsightly.

“If any of you are not dead yet, come with me and reactivate The Scroll of Truth and Deceit. If we fail to kill Lord Hornless, we will end up being sinners of the Deathkin,” said Supreme Saint Yuan Fei coldly.

The streaks of Sword Qi Que had unleashed were in the tens of thousands. The power of Oblivion contained in each of them was very thin. Hence, some of the Hundred-Shackle Supreme Saints had already absorbed the power of Oblivion and recovered.


The Scroll of Truth and Deceit once again released a bright light and formed a huge word character, “Hollow.” At the same time, it suppressed Que and Lord Hornless.

Que felt the dense energy contained in the word character “Hollow.” He raised his head and looked at it. “Using the power of Oblivion before a Master of Oblivion. What a joke!”

He ignored the “Hollow” character and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already standing on the back of the Hornless Dragon. He held Kagemaru tightly with both hands and suddenly stabbed downwards.

The four-foot-two-inch-long sword body emitted a dazzling light and pierced through the scales on the back of the Hornless Dragon. The Sword Qi pierced through its body. A large amount of blood gushed out from the scales and turned into a fountain of blood.


The Hornless Dragon roared miserably, full of sorrow.

It flew at high speed, trying to break free.

However, Que clung to it like shit to a shovel. He pressed down on the sword and stabbed it even deeper.

Boom! Boom!

Pentastone Sword kept slashing at Que, but Mirror of Oblivion dispelled all the attack power under Que’s feet. Mirror of Oblivion was like an impenetrable sphere. Even a Supreme Artifact couldn’t pierce through it.

Pan Ruo’s expression was calm. She did not dare to reveal her emotion. However, all her fingernails had already pierced her palm.

‘I must restrain myself. I must hide all my emotions.

‘Is this the strength of a top Hundred-Shackle cultivator in the ranking?! Que is too terrifying. He is unrivaled.

‘Although Lord Hornless’ spiritual power is sealed and his Saint Qi is almost exhausted, he is still a Banshi Isshou Supreme Saint. How could he fail to break free from Que’s sword?’

The Scroll of Truth and Deceit flew behind and chased after the Hornless Dragon.

The Deathkin Supreme Saints were shocked by Que’s bravery. If they were in his shoes, they would not dare to kill Lord Hornless alone. That was no different from courting death.

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei’s expression was icy cold. He gritted his teeth and controlled the word character “Hollow” without saying a word.


Suddenly, a meandering golden light flew out from between the branches.

The golden light charged towards Que, who was on the back of the Hornless Dragon. Someone threw a punch. Mirror of Oblivion under Que’s feet reflected the true identity of the golden light. It was Yan Wushen, who was in Golden Giant Mode.

Yan Wushen emitted the light of Origin to resist the corrosion of the Mirror of Oblivion. His golden fist was getting closer and closer to Que.

In front of his fist, an arc of light formed.

Que squinted, pulled out his Kagemaru, and slashed at Yan Wushen.


The sound of metal colliding came as Yan Wushen was thrown backward and hit a branch. However, after he was sent flying, he quickly chased after the Hornless Dragon as if he wasn’t injured.

Yan Wushen laughed as he chased, “Que, killing Lord Hornless is useless to you. Why don’t you leave him to me?”

“Lord Hornless’ life is mine. Whoever dares to fight for it must be mentally prepared to die under my sword.”

Que’s posture was straight as he stood on the back of the Hornless Dragon. He held Kagemaru as thin as a cicada’s wing and stared at Yan Wushen, who was chasing after him. Que was actually a little surprised. After taking Que’s sword head-on, Yan Wushen did not seem to be injured at all.

Yan Wushen’s golden body became even stronger!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Que, Lord Hornless, Yan Wushen, Supreme Saint Yuan Fei, and the rest of the Deathkin Supreme Saints controlling the word character “Hollow” continued to attack each other, setting off waves of energy one after another.

From the beginning to the end, Que stood on the back of the Hornless Dragon and did not move. He only defensively blocked the attacks of Pentastone Sword, Yan Wushen’s attack, and the word character “Hollow.” Every casual swing of his sword neutralized their killing moves.

It was not that Que did not want to end the battle as soon as possible, but because he sensed a strong aura lurking in the dark. In other words, there was someone who had yet to make a move.

The aura was intimidating to him.

Therefore, Que did not dare to use his full strength. He reserved some strength to deal with the attack from the person in the dark.

Zhang Ruochen had already expelled all the Curse power in his body and stayed hidden in a dimension. He followed Que and the rest closely to find the right time to attack.

“It seems that Lord Hornless won’t live no matter what. In that case, I’ll send him off myself.”


When Que swung his Kagemaru again and sent Yan Wushen flying, Zhang Ruochen spread out his ten golden wings and flew out of the dimension. Holding a Pleiades Lotus, he aimed at Lord Hornless’ head.

All the cultivators saw Zhang Ruochen at this moment.

Supreme Saint Yuanfei’s eyes were bloodshot. He roared, “Stop him!”

Que’s reaction was very fast. He formed a sword tactic with both hands.


Kagemaru flew out. The tip of the sword stabbed straight at the Pleiades Lotus and struck the center of the lotus.

Energy ripples emerged in all directions.

In the next moment, Que’s figure flashed. He appeared in front of the Pleiades Lotus and grabbed the hilt. The power in his body erupted like a mountain flood, tsunami, and collapsing sky.

Zhang Ruochen was different from before. He wasn’t pushed back by Que. Instead, he punched the Pleiades Lotus and instantly exploded with nine layers of tremor force.

Fist Saintwill, Nine-tremor Saintwill.

Nine layers of tremor force spread toward Que and forced him back nine steps.

Que’s expression changed again and again. ‘Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation had improved so much in just a few dozen days? He broke 68 Shackles and cultivated close to ten billion Precepts.’

Of course, even if Zhang Ruochen was so powerful, Que was still confident that he could defeat Zhang Ruochen.

Que quickly stabilized his posture and activated more power. Thousands of sword shadows appeared on the body of Kagemaru. They crashed into the supreme light protective barrier the Pleiades Lotus formed like raindrops.

As long as the light barrier was broken, the rain of swords would fall on Zhang Ruochen.

Lord Hornless had returned to his human form. He wielded Pentastone Sword and slashed at Zhang Ruochen and Que simultaneously. The Sword Qi enveloped them.

Forced into a corner, Zhang Ruochen and Que retreated immediately. They used different methods to block the penta-colored sword light.

“Haha, this is great. This battle is getting more and more interesting!” Yan Wushen rode a golden light and flew over. He laughed and shot out a Communication Talisman.

Obviously, he was trying to call the Yanluo Clan Supreme Saints to come quickly.

Lord Hornless suddenly stopped running. He waved his sword and attacked Zhang Ruochen.

Pentastone Sword burst out with five-colored supreme power. It condensed into a cloud. Illusory images of golden spears, battle horses, long rivers, majestic mountains, dragon-shaped flames, and green trees appeared and evolved in the cloud.

Que thought for a moment and swung his sword at Zhang Ruochen.

Lord Hornless’ goal was to die at Zhang Ruochen’s hands.

Que’s goal, on the other hand, was to kill Zhang Ruochen first and take back the Emperor Grade Saintwill Pill. If possible, it would be best to take away the Supreme Artifacts and the Quasi-Emperor Grade Saintwill Pill from Zhang Ruochen.

After all, it was easy to kill Lord Hornless, who was at the end of robe, but there was very little chance to kill Zhang Ruochen.

Even more unexpected was that Yan Wushen had condensed a Pagoda of Origin andsuppressed Zhang Ruochen. In his opinion, no matter who killed Lord Hornless, the person could not be Zhang Ruochen.

In this case, Que had to kill Zhang Ruochen first.

At least he had to force Zhang Ruochen to withdraw from the battlefield.

Que had been the target of public criticism last time. Even if Zhang Ruochen, Lan Ying, and Yan Wushen joined hands, both sides could only fight in an internecine state.

This time, for various reasons, Zhang Ruochen was targeted.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t retreat. If he did, he would lose the chance to kill Lord Hornless forever.

Looking at Lord Hornless’ performance, Zhang Ruochen guessed that Pan Ruo must have used some method to pass the message to him. That was why Lord Hornless didn’t choose to run away when he was at the end of his rope. Instead, he attacked Zhang Ruochen.

He wanted to die in Zhang Ruochen’s hands!

“Yan Wushen, don’t you want to see my Saintwill? As you wish!”

“Yin Yang Five Elements, Heaven and Earth Rotation.”

Zhang Ruochen wasn’t afraid of the combined attack of the three powerful forces. Instead, his fighting spirit was boiling. His body was covered in flames, and his long hair stood. He raised his hands and released his Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill.

Suddenly, a five-colored light of Primordia burst out from Zhang Ruochen’s body and illuminated the Albajade Tree, that was more than 10,000 meters tall.

A Taiji mark appeared around Zhang Ruochen’s body to block Pentastone Sword that Lord Hornless swung at him.

Pentastone Sword contained the power of the five elements. The power was absorbed and transformed by the Taiji mark.


Que’s Kagemaru hacked down, releasing boundless power of Oblivion and Sword Qi.

However, these powers did not break the Taiji mark. They only made the Taiji mark shake violently. Then, the Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill absorbed the power of Oblivion and Sword Qi, transforming them into the power of the five elements and the power of Yin-Yang.


The Pagoda of Origin condensed by Yan Wushen hit somewhere above Zhang Ruochen’s head, but it still could not break the Taiji mark formed by the Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill. Its power was also absorbed.

Zhang Ruochen stood at the center of the Taiji Mark. His body spun rapidly, constantly absorbing their attack power. He transformed it into the five elemental power and Yin-Yang power to attack them in reverse.

He had single-handedly blocked three powerful figures.

All kinds of power shuttled between the four people. Any one of them could kill a Supreme Saint.

“How is this possible? Zhang Ruochen…How can he be so powerful?” Supreme Saint Yuanfei trembled. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Pan Ruo gritted her teeth. Her face was stiff.

In the Fane of Destiny, the deities all looked at the battlefield where the four of them were.

This was Zhang Ruochen’s first time using the newly fused Saintwill!

They all wanted to see how powerful the Saintwill was after fusing six types of Saintwill. Was it the legendary first-class Saintwill?


Even the deities’ mouths were agape when they saw Zhang Ruochen fighting against the three masters alone.

They didn’t think that Zhang Ruochen was stronger than Lord Hornless or that he could defeat Que.

However, it was still shocking that Zhang Ruochen could absorb and transform their attack power with the Saintwill and block the three forces by borrowing their strength.

The deities could see the true nature, but the ordinary cultivators who watched the projection of the Mystic Eye of Myriad Realms didn’t.

The cultivators only saw that Zhang Ruochen had fought against Lord Hornless, Que, and Yan Wushen to a draw. Moreover, he hadn’t been defeated in a short time. This had completely overturned their understanding of strength.

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