God Emperor

Chapter 2394 - Rescuing Lord Xia Yu

Chapter 2394: Rescuing Lord Xia Yu

Ordinary gods wouldn’t dare to get involved in this matter.

However, Asurendra Barasingha was an incredible figure, one of the prominent figures of the Asuras. Four Yuanhui periods ago, he founded the Fane of Barasingha by himself. At that time, no one thought that the Fane of Barasingha would be able to stand for long.

The Asuras were always in bloodshed and war, so the creation and downfall of a fane were common to them.

However, the Fane of Barasingha did not collapse. Instead, it trampled on the ancient fanes and became the second-ranked fane among the Asuras.

Even Wargod Bloodximius did not dare to say that he could lead the Xue Jue Family to become the second-largest faction of the Immortal Vampires in just four Yuanhui periods.

Moreover, Asurendra Barasingha had started from scratch and did not have a family of his own.

In terms of cultivation, Wargod Bloodximius was confident that he could beat Asurendra Barasingha. However, he was far behind in terms of managing and expanding his forces.

Ghost Master claimed that the Supreme Saints whose name appeared in the Tome of the Divines would pay attention to them. In reality, he spent very little energy and didn’t pay much attention to them.

However, Asurendra Barasingha valued nurturing the talents of his juniors. He did many things by himself. He would pay close attention to every Supreme Saint who had the potential to become a god. If he could win them over, he would do everything he could to win them over. If they were enemies, he would assassinate them directly.

In addition to the Supreme Saints who had the potential to become gods, the Fane of Barasingha also set up divisions for the extremely talented half-saints, saints, and Saint Kings. They made specific plans to recruit them.

Since this Yuanhui period, the Fane of Barasingha had nurtured a new generation of powerhouses that were almost comparable to the Fane of Asura.

Lan Ying and Hong Futu were the younger generation geniuses that Asurendra Barasingha had personally subdued. In these thousand years, they were among the top powerhouses of the Asuras.

Asurendra Samay was the target that Asurendra Barasingha had spent countless efforts to rope in.

These were just the tip of the iceberg of what Asurendra Barasingha had done.

In the entire Infernal Court, Asurendra Barasingha was one of the few people that Wargod Bloodximius feared. It was not only because of his outstanding cultivation base but also because of his extraordinary means.

When Wargod Bloodximius and Asurendra Barasingha looked at each other, a voice sounded.

“Barasingha, do you think that Great Emperor Fengdu won’t be able to survive the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation? Or do you think that Xue Jue will make a joke out of Great Emperor Fengdu?”

Luo Yan’s mighty Divine Shadow appeared and his voice was majestic.

Asurendra Barasingha smiled, “Your Majesty, you are wrong. Of course, I believe in Wargod Bloodximius and even more so that Great Emperor Fengdu will be able to survive the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation. I’m just curious.”

“Every god has their secrets. Why are you asking so many questions? If Xue Jue’s words are false, Great Emperor Fengdu will have his plans. It’s not good for you to interfere, right? After all, we are all from the three lower clans!” Luo Yan said.

Barasingha’s eyes flashed. He cupped his hands and said, “Your Majesty is right.”

Barasingha retreated and his divine shadow disappeared.

The reason why Asurendra Barasingha stopped interrogating was Luo Yan’s last sentence, “we are all from the three lower clans.”.

There were many conflicts between the ten clans in the Infernal Court.

Specifically, the life-or-death battles between the three lower clans and the three middle clans.

That was why the three lower clans couldn’t fight among themselves first.

This was the biggest reason why Luo Yan would appear at this time.

The second reason was that Luo Yan admired Zhang Ruochen’s talent and looked forward to Zhang Ruochen’s future. If Luo Sha could marry Zhang Ruochen and become his wife, it would undoubtedly draw him into the Devala’s camp.

‘Since Amane said that she saw the destiny of Luo Sha and Zhang Ruochen, no matter if their future is a blessing or a curse, we have to help them now,’ Luo Yan thought.

Wargod Bloodximius retreated to the divinity world and fell into deep thought.

From the beginning, Wargod Bloodximius was confident that Zhang Ruochen would try to break through to the Grade One Saintwill. He longed for Zhang Ruochen to walk the path that he hadn’t been able to walk before.

However, the combination of the sixth Saintwill had triggered the phenomena on Mount Destiny, which was far beyond his expectations.

Because Fukurokuju and Luo Yan were in charge of Mount Destiny, Zhang Ruochen’s negative influence was temporarily suppressed. However, this was not the end of the story. Later, there would be a violent backlash.

Wargod Bloodximius thought, ‘After this, it’s hard for those gods not to pay attention to Zhang Ruochen. Especially the gods who had a grudge against Zhang Ruochen. In the past, they had many children. Even if Zhang Ruochen killed one or two of them, they would still feel fine. Their path of growth would not be smooth. But now… Their wills will probably become quite radical.

‘And those gods and Supreme Saints who believe in destiny will attack. They’d rather kill the wrong person than let it go.’

Wargod Bloodximius was indeed powerful, but he had only cultivated for more than 100,000 years.

Just like Huang Tian, he didn’t even have the power to resist the lord of Fane of Truth.

There were powerful figures like the lord of Fane of Truth in the Infernal court, such as Luo Yan.

Luo Yan was only at a disadvantage when he fought with Wargod Bian Zhuang, the number one wargod of the Celestial Court. It was obvious how powerful his cultivation was. Even Asurendra Barasingha was afraid of him.

The reason why Wargod Bloodximius wanted to establish an alliance with Luo Yan was to find shelter for Zhang Ruochen.

Wargod Bloodximius thought, ‘What Luo Yan cares about is his daughter. If things get out of control, he might not show up again. It seemed that he had to ask that old fart to show up. No, wait a little longer. I don’t want to alarm him for the time being. It won’t be too late to alarm Zhang Ruochen after he has crossed the threshold of the Thousand-Koan Realm and the Banshi Isshou Realm.’

Wargod Bloodximius was well aware that, while Zhang Ruochen had performed admirably, the likelihood of him becoming a god was too remote, and the enemy had little regard for him. The enemy’s priority was still Wargod Bloodximius.

Only when Zhang Ruochen was sure that he could become a god would a world-shaking storm come.

‘Since he has performed so well, there must be many forces who want to bet on him. Alliance… more alliances will work. As long as the net of interests is big enough, even the Fane of Destiny would not dare to touch him.’ Wargod Bloodximius thought.

The grim look on Wargod Bloodximius’s face disappeared. He smiled and thought of his past self.

With his unyielding character, the net of interests formed by marriage would be of great help to him if he could grow to the position of the clan chief.

Zhang Ruochen’s situation was worse than before. Naturally, he needed more marriages with other forces.

Wargod Bloodximius immediately sent a divine thought to Supreme Saint Qingsheng and ordered, “Make a list of all the unmarried Scionesses of Infernal Court or the direct disciples of the gods.”

Supreme Saint Qingsheng’s expression became very strange when he heard the divine thought, he thought to himself, ‘Father, what are you doing? Are you going to choose some young partners to show off your status after becoming a clan chief? Or are you going to arrange a marriage for Lord Ming?’

Supreme Saint Qingsheng did not think about Zhang Ruochen. After all, he had just received the divine thought of Wargod Bloodximius, asking him to prepare for the marriage between Zhang Ruochen and Princess Luo Sha. He claimed that this matter was already 70-80% complete.

The divine thought of Wargod Bloodximius came again. “Oh, right. Prepare a list of all unmarried Scionesses of Destiny within 100,000 years.”

“Including those who have become gods?” Supreme Saint Qingsheng asked.

Wargod Bloodximius said, “Yes.”

Supreme Saint Qingsheng was sure that his father was planning to arrange a marriage for his sixth brother, Lord Ming.

Wargod Bloodximius, on the other hand, believed that if Zhang Ruochen married a former Scioness of Destiny, it would be seen as him taking the initiative to express his goodwill to the Fane of Destiny. The Fane of Destiny would most likely accept such a gesture if they saw Zhang Ruochen’s talent and potential.

Aside from the head and the Sainthood Source, Lord Xia Yu’s body had almost turned into jade bones. Many of them were shattered, like strewn gems.

However, the broken body didn’t fly out.

Instead, it was wrapped in colorful lights. It floated down from the sky until it reached the root of the jade tree and landed in Zhang Ruochen’s hands.

Zhang Ruochen cut open his wrists. Blood dripped out and fell on Lord Xia Yu’s body.

The blood was red, but it also emitted a colorful mist.

The blood contained not only the Heart of the Divine Tree’s majestic lifeforce but also the Pale Blood Soil. It could resurrect even the dead.


Pieces of broken saint bones condensed again.

Blood, meridians, and saint veins grew out of the saint bones. Strands of life grew out of the bone marrow and merged with Zhang Ruochen’s blood.

Zhang Ruochen looked thousands of miles away and locked onto a Yanluo clan Supreme Saint in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm. He reached out with one hand. Before the Supreme Saint could react, a Spatial Wormhole Mirror appeared and pulled her in.

“Oh no…” said the Yanluo clan Supreme Saint.

She wanted to struggle, but she found herself in front of Zhang Ruochen.

“Lend me your blood,” Zhang Ruochen said.

That Supreme Saint was one of The Eight Sons of Life and Death.

She stared at Lord Xia Yu, who was floating in the air, and guessed what Zhang Ruochen was going to do. She put her hands together and summoned The Book of Death.


The Book of Death was shattered by Zhang Ruochen’s palm.

At the same time, a Dimensional Lockdown power came from all directions and pressed on her body, making her unable to move. She wanted to resist, but she couldn’t even use her power.

Zhang Ruochen cut the vein on her wrist, drew out her Supreme Saint blood, and injected it into Lord Xia Yu’s body.

Her flesh, blood, and skin immediately grew on her crystal-clear bones.

“How dare you!”

“Let’s kill Zhang Ruochen together and save Wu Fei.”

The other seven of The Eight Sons of Life and Death each held up the Book of Life or the Book of Death and attacked Zhang Ruochen at the same time.

The saint might of the seven masters at the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm shattered the colorful light between heaven and earth. Countless precepts of heaven and earth gathered toward them, forming seven huge precept vortexes.

The surviving cultivators of the Immortal Vampires were worried about Zhang Ruochen. They didn’t think that he could fight against the seven masters at the Great Perfection stage when he saved Lord Xia Yu.

Unfortunately, their cultivation was too low to help.

“Good timing. With all your blood, it should be enough!” said Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen left a spiritual power clone to support Lord Xia Yu’s body. He rushed to the first Supreme Saint in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm like a flash of light.

The first Supreme Saint in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm reacted quickly. He was the first to attack. Using The Book of Life, he created a Tree of Life and swept it across.


Zhang Ruochen’s palm was like a blade. It is cut down diagonally.

The tree of life was split into two. The first Supreme Saint in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm was also sent flying. A foot-long wound was left on his chest.

In the next moment, Zhang Ruochen appeared diagonally above the second Supreme Saint in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm. Yanshen’s leg kicked out and crushed his Neverwither Physique. Many of his bones were broken.

The third Supreme Saint in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm was hit in the back by Zhang Ruochen. A basin-sized hole appeared in his chest.

The seventh Supreme Saint in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm met Zhang Ruochen’s fist with full preparation.

As a result, the saint bones in his entire arm were turned into dust.

He struck out seven times in a row, severely injuring seven Supreme Saints in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm. The whole process only took a breath of time.

What was even more terrifying was that Zhang Ruochen had only used physical strength from the beginning to the end.

He wanted to test what level of his physical strength had reached.

After all, he had already broken through 68 shackles and the shackles of the Demigod-level physique had become even smaller. Moreover, his Five-element Chaotic Neverwither Physique had improved and absorbed a large amount of Pale Blood Soil.

“With my current physical strength, I should be able to defeat a Thousand-Koan Realm Supreme Saint, let alone a Supreme Saint in the Hundred-Shackle Realm’s Great Perfection stage.” Zhang Ruochen stated.

Zhang Ruochen released the Profound Spatial Dimension and enveloped the seven Supreme Saints in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm.

In the profound dimension, dense dimensional chains formed and bound them. They dragged them to the bottom of the jade tree.

“Fight! A Yanluo clan Supreme Saint would rather die in battle than live as a prisoner.”

One of the Supreme Saints in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm had just shouted this. Zhang Ruochen waved his sleeve, and the space immediately froze. The Supreme Saint couldn’t open his mouth and circulate the Yanluo Qi.

Next, the seven Supreme Saints in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm had their wrists cut open. They let out their blood and gathered toward Lord Xia Yu.

Lord Xia Yu’s flesh and blood grew quickly in the thick blood mist. Her skin was as white as jade and as soft as fat. Her body’s life aura gradually returned. She appeared to be even more stunning than before.

However, she did not wake up.

Zhang Ruochen could not sense Lord Xia Yu’s consciousness fluctuations. He could not help but frown.

What was going on?

Could it be that most of the Saint Souls and Spirits had been shattered, and only a small amount was preserved?

If that was the case, even if Lord Xia Yu were to come back to life, she would not be able to wake up.

Unless a spiritual-power Supreme Saint was willing to pay the price of his life to summon her soul. Moreover, it had to be a spiritual-power Supreme Saint whose spiritual power had exceeded the 65th level.

Zhang Ruochen had defeated eight Supreme Saints in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm in an instant, shocking all the cultivators present. However, that did not include Yan Huangtu.

Yan Huangtu lifted the Pleiades Lotus and shouted from afar, “Before Xia Yu died, she saved most of her Saint Soul and Spirits into the Pleiades Lotus.”

Zhang Ruochen raised his eyes and stared at him. Then he landed on the Pleiades Lotus and said, “How about a trade? The lives of the Eight Sons of Life and Death for the Pleiades Lotus.”

Yan Huangtu laughed. “The Eight Sons of Life and Death are much more important than Lord Xia Yu. Only a sentimental person like you would be willing to trade. How about I add one more condition?”

“Why are you talking so much? I’ll take it back myself then,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Yan Huangtu shook his head. “I guarantee that before you touch the Pleiades Lotus, Lord Xia Yu’s Saint Soul and spiritual power will all be destroyed.”

Zhang Ruochen narrowed his eyes and nodded. “That’s right. I’m a sentimental person. I’m very tender to women. Tell me, what other conditions do you have?”

“Where’s Xian ‘er?” Yan Huangtu asked.

Zhang Ruochen said, “You mean Yan Zhexian? She’s… fine. You don’t have to worry.”

“Where is she?” Yan Huangtu asked.

Zhang Ruochen said, “She’s in a very safe place. No one can hurt her.”

The more Zhang Ruochen said this, the more worried Yan Huangtu became.

Yan Huangtu had tens of thousands of cousins like Yan Wushen. Their bloodlines were very far apart. However, Yan Zhexian was his niece. She was his elder brother’s only daughter and the favored daughter of the ancestor.

Before the Battle of Celestial-Hunting, the ancestor had talked to him alone. Any cultivator of the Yanluo clan could be injured. Yan Zhexian must not be injured. Otherwise, he would be in trouble.

“Return Xian ‘er and The Eight Sons of Life and Death. I will immediately return Lord Xia Yu’s Saint Soul and Spirits to you,” Yan Huangtu said.

Zhang Ruochen frowned. He looked at Lord Xia Yu, who was still in a deep sleep. Finally, he took out the Violet Gourd and let Yan Zhexian out.

‘Yan Huangtu finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Yan Zhexian. ‘Zhang Ruochen has some grace. He didn’t do anything to Xian ‘er… this… that is…’ he thought to himself.

Yan Huangtu’s eyes fell on Yan Zhexian’s lower abdomen. His eyeballs almost popped out.


An extremely enraged roar erupted between heaven and earth.

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