God Emperor

Chapter 1983 - The Reappearance of the Beguiler Demon

Chapter 1983: The Reappearance of the Beguiler Demon

Many thoughts flashed in Zhang Ruochen’s mind as he smiled and said, “Tomorrow morning, everyone is to gather at that small island with the Saints of the Guanghan Realm. I have a surprise for all of you.”

As he spoke, Zhang Ruochen pointed at a small island in the middle of Lake Phoenix.

“What surprise?” Drunkard asked hurriedly.

Zhang Ruochen replied. “If I tell you now, what would the surprise be, then? Just do as I say.”

Seeing Zhang Ruochen deliberately trying to keep up the suspense, the Drunkard could not do anything and could only suppress his curiosity and wait for the reveal tomorrow morning.

Immediately, Mu Lingxi, the Shennü of Guanghan Realm came forward and passed on the message to the various saints of Guanghan Realm.

In the evening, Zhang Ruochen came to the small manor where Concubine Lin lived and accompanied her for dinner.

Zhang Ruochen put a piece of meat in Concubine Lin’s bowl and smiled gently. “Mother, I plan to go into seclusion for refining starting from tomorrow. It may take seven to eight days or even up to half a month. Once I come out of seclusion, I’ll accompany you again.”

“Chen’er, you are a grown-up now. Do whatever you want to do. Mother will always support you. There is no need to worry about me,” Concubine Lin said very tenderly.

Hearing this, Zhang Ruochen could not help but be slightly surprised. He did not expect Concubine Lin to be so supportive of him.

Concubine Lin continued, “I’m just a mortal, and I cannot provide you with any help. All I can do is support all of the decisions you make. Chen’er, remember, you are a man of the Zhang Clan. Stand tall and never fall.”

In response, Zhang Ruochen was even more surprised. He found that Concubine Lin was a little different now than in the past. Perhaps their separation over the past few years had caused a change in her?

However, he was happy to see such a change, he really did not want to see Concubine Lin in tears for him.

As his thoughts turned around, Zhang Ruochen grabbed Concubine Lin’s hand and said, “Mother, rest assured that I won’t bring shame to the Zhang Clan. I will never disappoint you!”

“Yes, now that’s my good son,” Concubine Lin said with a gratified smile.

Zhang Ruochen accompanied Concubine Lin for a long time, late into the night. Only after she slept did he leave the manor.

It was strange to say, but previously, whenever he chatted with Concubine Line, it would always be about home and the past. This time, however, Concubine Lin was concerned about the things that had happened to him in the world outside, and she loved listening to his experiences.

Perhaps, time really could change someone.

The next day, early in the morning.

Zhang Ruochen and Mu Lingxi appeared together on the small island they had agreed upon yesterday. The Saints of the Guanghan Realm had all gathered there and had been waiting for a long while.

Of course, there was one person who did not turn up, and it was Saint King Xin Yun.

After losing to Zhang Ruochen yesterday, and his pride broken, how could he have the face to appear in front of Zhang Ruochen again?

Even if Zhang Ruochen told him there was a great boon awaiting him, he would not show up regardless.

“Divine Envoy, is there anything important that you had us gathered today?” Su Qingling asked.

Zhang Ruochen swept his gaze across everyone present and said, “I will activate an artifact of time, and everyone can use it to cultivate for a period of time.”

“What’s the difference in the ratio of time?” Su Qingling immediately followed up with a question.

Zhang Ruochen answered, “A year passes with every day.”

“What? There’s such a miraculous artifact of time in this world.” Su Qingling’s eyes suddenly widened, with a look of shock in his eyes.

At this moment, all the saints of Guanghan Realm had a shocked look, even Saint King Tian Yue as well, feeling it to be too incredible.

However, they now vaguely understood why Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation would increase so quickly. It certainly had a lot to do with this artifact of time!

Drunkard laughed out loud. “Sure is a big surprise all right. This way, I can complete the brewing of the Heart-Burning Spirit as soon as possible!”

“I can refine more Heaven Reach Elixirs too!” Gu Songzi also smiled.

The refining of a Heaven-grade Elixer could be said to be time and labor-intensive. With the help of an artifact of time, much time could undoubtedly be saved.

Zhang Ruochen activated the Qiankun Realm and summoned many elites of the Divine Sword Manor and Ming Sect out.

The sundial’s power could cover a range of two hundred feet and accommodate many cultivators to train at any single time.

Every time he activated the sundial, Zhang Ruochen hoped to use it to its maximum potential.

The Godstones were just too precious. If he only turned on the Sundial for a few to cultivate, it was just too wasteful.

In fact, Zhang Ruochen originally planned to give the Mu clan some spots, but since the Mu clan was fully hostile to him, so be it then!

After letting everyone choosing their spots, Zhang Ruochen activated the Sundial.

Instantly, the Sundial’s power spread out and enveloped a radius of two hundred feet. Inside the enveloped radius, the flow of time changed drastically.

“Lingxi, you can take this opportunity to refine that beast-shaped holy medicine and the divine planets at the same time. In addition, this is a Heart of the Divine Tree, a treasure bred from the Divine Sky-connecting Tree. It has a powerful vital force in it with the ability to bring revive someone. Keep it well.”

Zhang Ruochen carefully placed one of the Hearts of the Divine Tree in Mu Lingxi’s hands.

The Heart of the Divine Tree was extremely precious. There were only seven left in the trunk, and he had given one to Ji Fanxin, so he was now left with six.

For Zhang Ruochen to take one out to gift it to Mu Lingxi, it was a testament to Mu Lingxi’s important position in his heart.

Mu Lingxi held the Heart of the Divine Tree tightly as a bright smile appeared on her face, and her heart was full of sweet happiness.

After explaining everything, Zhang Ruochen sat down beneath the Sundial with the Ancient Abyssal Blade and Moyin by his side. One was refining sacred artifacts while another was devouring the corpses of Infernal Court cultivators.

To Zhang Ruochen, both the Ancient Abyssal Blade and Moyin provided him with important support. They were part of his own strength, so he naturally hoped that they would become as strong as possible.

Without asking the Ancient Abyssal Blade or Moyin, Zhang Ruochen released his six Saint Souls and started to concentrate on his cultivation.

In his seclusion, his main goal was to improve his cultivation base and try his best to culminate his Precept Dominion.

Once it formed, his strength would surely increase by leaps and bounds.

In addition, he also wanted to understand the precepts of time and space that were integrated into the Secret Tome of Time and Space, and also comprehend the essence of Sword Ten.

After his Sword Soul had completed its evolution, comprehending the essence of Sword Ten was undoubtedly much easier and efficient.

As the enemies he faced were getting stronger and stronger, Zhang Ruochen had a strong sense of urgency, and he was eager to improve his strength.

With a flip of his hand, Zhang Ruochen also took out a Heart of the Divine Tree and held it in his hand as he quietly studied it.

He believed that the Heart of the Divine Tree’s extraordinary quality would certainly help him understand the Saint Path Precepts, especially those of the wood attribute.

While refining the Five-Elements Chaotic Body, it was natural to involve all five elements to make it become the most powerful.

As Zhang Ruochen expected, as he held the Heart of the Divine Tree in his hand and comprehended the saint path precepts, it was indeed far more effective, much more so than using imperial artifact for precept comprehension.

And through the Heart of the Divine Tree, one could comprehend the greater precepts and even the supreme precepts, like the Path of the Wood, and Path of the Life.

Not surprisingly, Zhang Ruochen was completely immersed in his cultivation.

He had used the Black Altar to envelop the entire island, and no one can break into it easily, and there was no worry about any disturbance.

In a blink of an eye, ten years had passed.

The Saint Path Precepts in Zhang Ruochen’s body had reached 15 million and met the conditions for culminating his Precept Dominion.

However, no matter how many times he tried, he failed to culminate it, seemingly missing something.

“It seems like I cannot rush the culmination of my Precept Dominion. Anyway, I’ve gained a lot during this seclusion. My sword precepts had also reached 750 thousand. Comprehending the Path of the Sword is indeed much easier after my Sword Soul evolved. My Sword Ten has also reached the second level, and I’ve finally caught up with Feiyu.”

“Also, my precept of time had reached 40 thousand, and my precept of space had reached 70 thousand, both greatly improved. Even if I failed to culminate my Precept Dominion, my strength should have increased by a lot.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded to himself and was quite satisfied with the success of his seclusion.

The increase in his precepts of time and space will undoubtedly be of great significance for him as the power of both his Swordsmanship of Time and his techniques of space and time will greatly increase.

Turning his gaze around, Zhang Ruochen looked at the Ancient Abyssal Blade and Moyin. The smile on his face automatically became brighter.

The Ancient Abyssal Blade was originally a sacred artifact of Ninth Radiance, but after absorbing the essence of many sacred artifacts, it had finally been promoted to a sacred artifact of Tenth Radiance.

After devouring the corpses of many Infernal Court cultivators, Moyin actually raised her cultivation level to Precept Dominion in one fell swoop.

That was right. Moyin had successfully culminated her Precept Dominion and was a step faster than Zhang Ruochen himself.

“The Saint-eater Flower sure is amazing.” Zhang Ruochen said in amazement to himself.

He had provided Moyin with many Infernal Court cultivator corpses, and some of them were corpses of elites who had reached the realm of Precept Dominion, Heaven’s Reach, and even Path’s Anterior.

After absorbing such a bountiful nutrient, it was not surprising that Moyin could culminate her Precept Dominion.

As long as he provided Moyin with sufficient nutrients, it would not be difficult for her to grow all the way to a Supreme Saint. One needed to know that the last Saint Devourer in the Kunlun Realm of eld almost became a god.

With a thought, Zhang Ruochen put both the Ancient Abyssal Blade and Moyin back into his body.

The next moment, Zhang Ruochen looked at Mu Lingxi who was seated not too far away.

At this moment, Mu Lingxi was still cultivating with many saint path precepts appearing all over her body, as she radiated an extremely powerful aura.

“Lingxi’s cultivation base had also reached the pinnacle of the Greater Precept-World-realm. She had in the end obtained half of the inheritance of the Frostfire Phoenix of Zuling Realm and many boons from Lake Phoenix. The speed of her cultivation sure is enviable.” Zhang Ruochen whispered with a smile.

The half of the inheritance from the Frostfire Phoenix was nothing trivial. After all, it was an inheritance left behind by a top Supreme Saint, enough to allow Mu Lingxi a much easier path to reach Supreme Sainthood than an ordinary person.

Thinking of Warrior Saint Canglan who had gotten the other half of the Frostfire Phoenix inheritance, his cultivation speed should not be slow either.

Zhang Ruochen did not disturb Mu Lingxi and quietly put away the Sundial and the Black Altar.

Suddenly Zhang Ruochen noticed a very faint and bizarre aura.

Immediately, he used the Dimensional Shift and appeared in the manor Concubine Lin had lived by the lake.

He saw a graceful figure standing on the stone wall of the manor. A pair of charming eyes looked down at Zhang Ruochen, her eyelashes trembled slightly as an enchanting smile appeared.

“Qiu Yichi, how did you come to Lake Phoenix?” Zhang Ruochen’s gaze sank, and with a wave of his hand, the Ancient Abyssal Blade appeared in his hand.

The woman on the stone wall was the wife of the Sect of the Blood God’s leader, Qiu Yichi. At the same time, she was also the great Beguiler of the Celestial Court. After the opening of the Kunlun Realm battlefield of merit, she had conquered over a dozen of Nine-step Saint Kings.

Concubine Lin was also in the manor, and she was standing under a sycamore tree. He was not sure if she was frightened or not, but her face was quite pale.

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