God Emperor

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The Shock

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Now it was Zhang Ruochen’s turn to test his power in the Martial Arts arena.

“Be extremely careful, Ruochen. You know that there will be huge rocks everywhere,” warned the Eighth Prince with a sneer.

Outside the Royal Coliseum, a warrior laughed and said, “The Ninth Prince, oh my God, he is humiliating himself. How can it be possible for him to lift a stone tray? It’s over 100 kg. He can’t even wash the marrow or break out of the channels. Three months is too short!”

“The Young Commandery Princess Yulin lifted the stone tray and she is only six. But look at the Ninth Prince. He is 16 now, and he can’t even do that. That’s shameful!”

“Can he just go back and hide? He’s not supposed to be here to attend Year-end Assessment.”

Zhang Ruochen was obviously in his own world now. He ignored the malicious comments and walked toward the Martial Arts arena with a calm, steady gaze.

On his way, he met Lin Ningshan, who had just come back.

They stopped and stared at each other. There were only five steps between them.

Lin Ningshan stared at Zhang Ruochen with a close gaze. Shaking her head slightly, she said,”Cousin, you shouldn’t be here for the Year-end Assessment. Even if you are able to wash marrow and break out of the channels, it is impossible for you to lift the stone tray. Don’t you know that it is not just about you? It is also about your mother and the entire Royal Family. Why? Why are you here?”

Zhang Ruochen frowned. He looked at Lin Ningshan and said, “Cousin Ningshan, I admit that you are quite outstanding and talented, however, it doesn’t mean that you can denigrate others.”

Now Lin Ningshan’s eyes were filled with disappointment. “Can’t you just listen to me? Maybe living a normal life is the best for you. You don’t have to cultivate, it is just not suitable for you.”

She had planned to convince Zhang Ruochen to quit because they had played together many years ago. Their great times together had pushed her to help Zhang Ruochen now.

“He is so stubborn. Who the hell does he think he is?”

Lin Ningshan felt that there was nothing she could say to Zhang Ruochen, that stupid, stubborn boy.

“All right, take care, Ruochen.” With her head raised high, Lin Ningshan walked toward the exit of the Martial Arts arena.

They passed each other, going in opposite directions.

The moment that Lin Ningshan left the Coliseum, she was surrounded by many young warriors. These young men admired and praised her, treating her like a diamond.

That was because she was just 15 and was able to lift a stone tray weighing approximately 1,000 kg. In addition, she could toss that kind of stone tray to a maximum distance of 15 meters. Many warriors older than her could not do that at all.

Most importantly, she was elegant and gorgeous. As one of the top four most beautiful girls in the Yunwu Commandery, she was meant to be loved as god’s favored daughter.

“Congrats, Leader Lin, we just witnessed the birth of another genius, Ningshan! We won’t be able to find another one of the younger generation in Yunwu City as talented as her!” exclaimed a famous Martial Artist from Yunwu City.

The leader of the Wang Clan smiled and said, “I have heard that Ningshan and the Seventh Prince will get engaged. They are meant to be together!”

Others’ compliments made Lin Fengxian, the Head of the Lin family, feel very proud.

Of course, other eyes were on Zhang Ruochen in the Martial Arts arena. It was not difficult to see that they were waiting for this prince to disgrace himself.

Families that had close relationships with the Royal Family were all familiar with the name of this prince. He was famous for his poor health.

The Seventh Prince and the Ninth Prince had both inherited genes from the Commandery Prince. But they were so different. The Seventh Prince was a genius in people’s eyes, he was a hero of Yunwu City as well. However, Zhang Ruochen was an idiot in others’ minds, people did not expect anything from him.

Without any doubt, Zhang Ruochen’s presence today, attending the Year-end Assessment, was considered a joke.

However, there was one exception—Qin Ya, who was sitting outside the Royal Coliseum. When she saw Zhang Ruochen walking into the Martial Arts arena, she became very concentrated with her gorgeous eyes wide open.

“That’s exciting. Now surprise me, Ruochen!” A hint of a smile crossed her lips.

Everyone watched Zhang Ruochen walk toward the first stone tray.

All of a sudden, people from outside the Martial Arts arena burst into laughter.

“He is 16, but he can only choose the first and the lightest stone tray to test his power. Is there anything funnier than him?”

Apart from Zhang Ji, the Eighth Prince, who had a disdainful look, other princes and princesses were feeling very awkward now. In their mind, Zhang Ruochen disgraced the entire Royal Family, themselves included.

However, surprisingly, Zhang Ruochen did not stop at the first stone tray. He walked toward the second stone tray, then the third.

“What just happened?” Everyone was confused.

Zhang Ruochen did not stop until he finally arrived at the 10th stone tray.

“What? Is he going to try the 10th tray? That’s ridiculous. From what I can recall, he only obtained his Sacred Mark three months ago.”

With a scornful snort, Zhang Ji commented, “What an idiot. How can he lift a tray of more than 1,000 kilograms? Even if he practices for 30 years, he can’t make it!”

Lin Ningshan was staring at Zhang Ruochen as well. However, she shook her head slightly with a sigh.

Now all the people were looking at Zhang Ruochen.


Zhang Ruochen stamped a foot on the ground and injected his Genuine Qi into the ground through it. Qi Billow, caused by his Genuine Qi, was spreading outward from his foot.

Driven by Genuine Qi, the huge stone tray jumped to one meter high immediately.

Zhang Ruochen reached out a hand and caught the huge tray easily. He seemed to be like a floating cloud and flowing water. This stone tray had a diameter of three meters, however, he only used five fingers to support it, kind of like holding a plate. He lifted the stone tray over his head easily.

Seeing this, the entire Royal Coliseum became so quiet that not even a breath could be heard.

Zhang Ruochen stood still like a spear. Although he was lifting a monstrous stone tray, given the relaxed look on his face, it seemed that he was using no power at all.

“How can this be possible?” Zhang Ji looked pale and his lips quivered.

Not just Zhang Ji, but other princes and princesses, all of them were shocked. With blank minds, they had no clue how Zhang Ruochen had become so different.

Others’ minds were wandering, when Zhang Ruochen suddenly punched out the bottom of the stone tray.


The giant stone tray jumped to five meters high.

After that, it fell to the ground at a greater speed.

The shock wave along with the weight of the stone tray should have given the landing point a great impact, the force of more than 1,000 kg.

But Zhang Ruochen caught it again. Then, he slowly but steadily put the stone tray back to its original place with one hand.


No one could calm himself down. All the people in the Royal Coliseum were busy chatting now.

People could not believe their eyes. Without a doubt, the power demonstrated by Zhang Ruochen was much greater than that of Lin Ningshan.

He was only 16, and he had just obtained his Sacred Mark three months ago.

It was a mystery and so hard to believe. But it had just happened and everyone had seen it.

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