God Emperor

Chapter 1812 - Qi Xiaotian Versus Fairy of a Hundred Flowers

Chapter 1812: Qi Xiaotian Versus Fairy of a Hundred Flowers

The Heavenly Lady at the lakeside was Luo Ji, the Fairy of Tianchu Civilization.

She stared at the few people under Mount Wanwu from 250 miles away, her eyes flowing with changing colors. “That cripple has cultivated the Path of Dimension?”

“That’s right. Your Highness, Heavenly Lady, you know who he is?”

Butcher had a good impression of Cripple, his face telling it all.

After a few moments of silence, the Fairy of Tianchu shook her head. “His mental power is extremely strong, which is rare considering he is not a Supreme Saint. I have only seen three cultivators with such robust mental power.”

Butcher and Fool knew that the Heavenly Lady could see how potent the mental power of a cultivator was.

So they were surprised when they heard the Fairy of Tianchu had such a high regard for the cripple.

“So the cripple isn’t an ordinary human for sure. Could it be that he is a disciple of some deity?” said Butcher.

A thought came to mind, reminding the Fairy of Tianchu the man whom she had met at the Divinity Bestowment Altar. He was also a cultivator of the Dimensions, having the same level of mental power as the cripple.

That heartless guy disappeared after giving the Divine Spring to her, though. He never appeared again since then. No matter how hard she tried, she could not find him.

It was as if he had disappeared from this world.

Perhaps, he thought after giving the Divine Spring to her, they would owe each other nothing, and that there was no need to see each other again.

After a long while, the Fairy of Tianchu came out of her thoughts. “The helper of the cripple is no slouch, too. Her mental power is just as strong as the cripple’s.”

Fool was stunned. “Really? It is extremely rare to have two such a figure appear at the same time. Who is that helper? Is she an elite on the Saint King Merit List?”

“She changed her appearance. I can’t know her true form. But someone like her must be a renowned, powerful figure. I will find out when I test her.”

“With these two figures here, Qi Xiaotian is in trouble for sure.” Butcher chuckled.

Zhang Ruochen performed a Dimensional Shift and dodged several ice hills. He then lunged up in the air above Mount Wanwu, his spiritual Qi surging in him. He followed by gathering the Precepts of Dimension in his arms.

“Get rid of it!”

At that moment, a dimensional fissure appeared. At several miles long, it struck at the Eight Stratum Attack Array.


As powerful as the Eight Stratum Array was, it could not withstand the power of dimensions. Many array inscriptions were severed by the dimensional fissure.

The array was broken and could no longer stop Zhang Ruochen.

Back on the ground and carrying his Ancient Abyssal Blade, Zhang Ruochen ran as fast as he could toward the top of the mountain.

“Let’s stop him!”

“He must not be allowed to trespass Mount Wanwu!”

Led by Qi Zeng, the Immortal Vampires launched a saturated attack to stop Zhang Ruochen.

There were so many Immortal Vampires that they looked like the locusts as they flew above Zhang Ruochen, blocking the sun and the sky. Some of them used sacred bolts, some sacred artifacts, and some blood palms.

But Zhang Ruochen feared none of them. Saintly might burst out of him, his fighting spirit high.

He would show no mercy at those Immortal Vampires.

“Thousand Dragon-Elephant Hands!”

He carried the bloody Ancient Abyssal Blade in one hand and struck with his left toward the sky. Instantly, thousands of palms appeared and struck the Immortal Vampires.

Bang, bang, bang!

The Immortal Vampires dropped like flies, their bodies mutilated. There was a high casualty.

Zhang Ruochen faded into a shadow. Lunging up to a Saint King Immortal Vampire, he thrust his sword. The sword pierced through the vampire’s forehead. He then pressed the sword in a downward motion, cutting the vampire in half.

“How dare you!”

Qi Zeng roared as he lunged down from the mountain. His body turned into a river of blood Qi, came behind Zhang Ruochen in the blink of an eye, and struck out with a punch.

He was draped in sacred blood armor and summoning his sacred power. This punch was so powerful that it could shake heaven and earth.

Those Immortal Vampires knew how badass Qi Zeng was. They quickly stepped back lest the shock wave of his punch would hit them.

Zhang Ruochen struck out his sword to meet Qi Zeng’s punch.


Blood Qi and sword Qi burst out in all directions, the resulting shock wave causing a large part of the mountain to crumble.

Qi Zeng was blown away, his arm in tearing pain and he was beyond shock.

He had summoned all his strength to perform that move, yet his opponent had parried it with a sword.

Zhang Ruochen summoned the will of Eighth Sword, then the Ancient Abyssal Blade flew out of his hand, turning into a stream of black light toward Qi Zeng.

The sword was covered in a layer of sword Qi.

Qi Zeng used a Power of a Hundred Saints again. The shadows of a hundred Saints stood around him with all the power gathered in his hands, ready to meet the Ancient Abyssal Blade.


The blood armors on his arms shattered as the sword Qi mutilated his arms and almost cut them off.

Qi Zeng was shocked at seeing the Ancient Abyssal Blade turning back in the air. His body turned into blood mist as he fled toward the top of the mountain.

“Help me, son of the emperor!”

A stream of black light was following behind the blood mist. It was getting closer and closer and was about to hit Qi Zeng.

In that life and death moment, a blood-red cauldron flew out of the mountain. The cauldron hit the Ancient Abyssal Blade and sent it flying back out, finally hitting the other mountain on the other side.

The blood mist condensed and Qi Zeng reappeared. He was panting heavily.

When he saw the cauldron suspended in the air, he breathed a sigh of relief.

That cauldron belonged to Qi Xiaotian, called the Sacred Cauldron of Blood Sacrifice. It was not only a Supreme Saint ancient artifact but also an Eighth Radiance Thousand-Inscription sacred artifact.

Once activated, it would shoot out a light beam and blow that cripple into pieces.

The appearance of the Sacred Cauldron of Blood Sacrifice caused the sky to turn red. Powerful energy covering the earth, making breathing difficult for Zhang Ruochen.

Those cultivators of the Immortal Vampire went down on their knees and kowtowed. “Son of Emperor, we, the Saints of Kunlun, are at your service.”

“Son of Emperor, we are at your service!”

“Does Qi Xiaotian really think he is invincible?” Zhang Ruochen pulled back his Ancient Abyssal Blade. At the same time, he took out the Yi Huang Bone Scepter and held it in his hand.

Qi Xiaotian emerged and stood at the highest point of Mount Wanwu with many Precepts flowing on his body.

He looked like a matchless demonic god.

An old man, stooped and wearing a bagua robe, was holding a metal staff beside Qi Xiaotian. On the tip of the sacred staff was a golden three-headed bat.

That three-headed bat was giving out a powerful aura, its body flowing with three different energies.

That old man was Zhu Xia, his spiritual power at the peak of 58th order.

What was even more terrifying was that his attainment in Path of Array was higher than many masters.

Qi Xiaotian’s eyes locked on Zhang Ruochen. “How dare you come looking for trouble, Cripple? I can see that you have a respectable level of strength. Let me give you two choices: one, be my blood slave, or two, I will turn you into sacred blood and consume you.”

Qi Xiaotian was arrogant. Zhang Ruochen was feeling the pressure.

With his current level of cultivation base, he would surely lose to Qi Xiaotian.

But if he could flee using his Power of Dimensions, Qi Xiaotian could have done nothing about it.

So Zhang Ruochen was not afraid of him. He laughed. “Qi Xiaotian, according to The Maleficent Records of the Infernal Court’s Ten Clans, your danger index is only five. More people are more dangerous than you are. What makes you think you can behave so arrogantly?”

Qi Xiaotian was really upset about The Maleficent Records of the Infernal Court’s Ten Clans. He was an elite of the Greater Precept World, at least. How the hell he had only a danger index of five? He felt it was an insult.

Many other cultivators of the same level already had a danger index of six.

Qi Xiaotian was furious and issued his last warning. “Bow to me, or die.”

The word “die” exuded a powerful sound wave, causing many Immortal Vampires under the mountain to bleed through their mouths, ears, and nostrils.

Zhang Ruochen was also forced to retreat five steps backward. Only after thrusting the Yi Huang Bone Scepter to the ground that he could stop the backward momentum. That was how potent someone of Greater Precept World; even a sound wave could inflict such terrifying damage.

Zhang Ruochen suddenly smelled a faint floral scent. He looked back over his shoulder and saw the beautiful body of Ji Fanxin.

“Qi Xiaotian’s life could be exchanged for quite an amount of merits.”

With an elegant motion, she took down a golden hairpin from her hand and held it in her hand. Her black long hair instantly cascaded down like waterfalls on both sides of her face.

Layers of sacred-power light appeared on the golden hairpin with the full strength of the Fourth Radiance, then Fifth Radiance and Sixth Radiance bursting out.

When the full strength of the Seventh Radiance exploded out of the golden hairpin, the air around Mount Wanwu became thousands of times heavier as if it had solidified.

Cultivators of Saint Kinghood and below were all immobilized.

Qi Xiaotian’s expression changed. He knew that a cultivator who could use the full strength of the Seventh Radiance was no amateur.

He raised his hands and two blood columns flew out of his palms into the Sacred Cauldron of Blood Sacrifice.

However, Ji Fanxin did not allow Qi Xiaotian the chance to activate the Sacred Cauldron of Blood Sacrifice. She shot out the golden hairpin from her hand.

The golden hairpin looked like a phoenix on fire. As it traveled through the air, it produced a loud sonic boom that could be heard from a few hundred miles away. It sounded as if it was going to rip the sky apart.

At the lakeside 250 miles away, the Fairy of Tianchu’s eyes lit up. “It is her. Why did a figure like her come to Luoshui?”

As the power of the Sacred Cauldron of Blood Sacrifice had yet been activated, no way Qi Xiaotian could withstand the explosive power of the full strength of the Seventh Radiance.

With a sorry expression on his face, Qi Xiaotian shot out a talisman.


The talisman exploded and turned into a thirty-foot-tall black cauldron before colliding with the golden hairpin.

It was now apparent that the talisman was a precious defense device. It blocked the attack from Ji Fanxin, saving Qi Xiaotian from a disaster.

Taking this opportunity, Qi Xiaotian took control of the Sacred Cauldron of Blood Sacrifice and yanked it down to the spot where Ji Fanxin and Zhang Ruochen stood.

“Get a taste of this Sacred Cauldron of Blood Sacrifice!”

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