God Emperor

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Dawn State

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Given his current physical quality and sufficient Genuine Qi in his body, Zhang Ruochen could easily open up the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth Meridians.

It only took him one day to open up five Meridians across the body, which formed five systemic circulation pathways.

However, he finally felt tired when he tried to open up the 11th Meridian.

It took Zhang Ruochen 12 hours to finally open up the 11 Meridians. He was exhausted, and his body was covered with sweat. It consumed 90% of his Genuine Qi.

When he managed to open up the 11th Meridian, his body wobbled slightly.

A thud came from inside his glabella.


He had reached the Dawn State of the Yellow Realm!

The capacity of his Qi Pool was immediately increased tenfold. Right now, the pool was around 25 square meters, which was almost as large as a real pond.

Genuine Qi traveled quickly inside the Qi Pool, forming a thin layer of mist.

“As expected, this body is too weak. I must enhance my physical quality, otherwise, the most I can achieve is to open up 11 Meridians in the Dawn State of the Yellow Realm.”

If other warriors knew what Zhang Ruochen was thinking, they would be depressed about their Martial Arts.

Above all, those who could open up six Meridians at the Dawn State of the Yellow Realm were considered geniuses.

Those who could open up eight Meridians were top geniuses.

If someone could open up 10 meridians, then for sure, that person was a heathen in others’ eyes, who would be admired by other warriors in the same realm.

The Seventh Prince was famous because he had opened up 10 Meridians in the Dawn State of the Yellow Realm. He was the strongest in his realm and was a big hero in the Yunwu Commandery, making other geniuses look normal.

The Seventh Prince had been the first and the only person in the Yunwu Commandery that could open up 10 Meridians in the Dawn State in hundreds of years.

Of course, right now Zhang Ruochen was the second!

“Anyway, I finally made it! But at what level is my power now?”

Zhang Ruochen cleansed his body thoroughly and found a blue robe to wear before walking out of his room.

He planned to find a place where no one was around in order to test his power.

The Manor of the Yunwu Commandery was built around three mountains, Jun Mountain, King Mountain, and Emperor Mountain. Apart from the palaces, which were built close to each other, there were some quiet parks and basins.

Zhang Ruochen and his mother, Concubine Lin, were living in the Ziyi Side Hall, which was equivalent to a cold palace. This palace was quite far from those main ones.

Outside the Ziyi Side Hall, there was a snow-covered jungle. Beyond the jungle, there sat one of the three largest mountains inside the manor, Jun Mountain.

After arriving at the foot of Jun Mountain, it was hard to find a single maidservant or eunuch, or even a royal security guard.

“Here it is!”

Zhang Ruochen stood there and began to test his power.

Zhang Ruochen bent both of his knees slightly and assumed a “Horse Stance”. In fact, he was much like a giant elephant standing loftily in the snow.

He changed the stances quickly, constantly unleashing his power through his handprint. He moved faster and faster.

“The first technique of the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm, Elephant Galloping!”

Zhang Ruochen stretched his legs, leaving the bones and muscles tightened, and unleashed all the power through his palm onto the stone wall.


Many breaches suddenly appeared on the stone wall, becoming increasingly wider and deeper.

All of a sudden, the five-meter-tall stone wall collapsed.

Zhang Ruochen changed his stances and quickly moved back to avoid being hit by the rocks from the wall.

“The power of this hit is equivalent to the Strength of Eight Bulls!” said Zhang Ruochen as he nodded his head gently.

For a normal warrior in the Dawn State of the Yellow Realm, the Strength of Four Bulls was already his maximum.

But he had unleashed the Strength of Eight Bulls immediately after reaching the Dawn State, so he was certainly worthy of praise. With the development of his skills, he could surely unleash stronger powers.

“Now let me try my sword techniques!”

Zhang Ruochen reached in and took out the Flash Shinning Sword from the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel. He held the blade and charged it with his Genuine Qi.


The first inscription, the Inscription of Power Series, was activated now. This led to the increase of the weight of the Flash Shinning Sword, which was 153 pounds now.

Then, the second inscription, the Inscription of Ice Series, was activated as well. A blast of icy air was released from the blade, making the air around it a bit colder.

With the current skill level of Zhang Ruochen, activating two inscriptions was already his limit.

Over the past half year, Zhang Ruochen had spent much time practicing the Sacred Sword Skill and the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm, rather than on improving his physique only.

Exercises, physique, and martial techniques—each of them was a must.

The Sacred Sword Skill, which was part of the Low-Class of Spiritual, consisted of 12 sword techniques.

Unlike those Human Stage sword techniques, each one move of that sword technique was subtle and ingenious, with great variations.

If warriors in the Yellow Realm would like to fully acquire the Sacred Sword Skill, a great deal of time had to be dedicated. It could take them several months of hard work before practicing even just one move of the sword technique.

Even for Zhang Ruochen, who had practiced the Sacred Sword Skill before, it took half a year to get three of the sword techniques.

Now the Flash Shinning Sword, which was 153 pounds, was held in Zhang Ruochen’s hand. However, the sword seemed to be weightless to Zhang Ruochen now. He was amazingly skilled and relaxed when using this sword, as if he was just naturally stretching his arms or legs.

He was so skilled at using his sword that it moved the moment he wanted to move his arm in his mind.

“Sacred Guiding Sword!”

Zhang Ruochen lifted his right arm and waved the sword.

Within a second, a loud sound along with that of the wind was heard by Zhang Ruochen. Meanwhile, he saw a blast of Sword Breath flying out.


A seven-meter-long, three-inch-deep icy cold sword mark was left on the ground. Grasses and rocks nearby were destroyed by the Sword Breath and the scar.

It was like a sword path!

“Sacred Breaking Plum Sword!”

Zhang Ruochen shook his arm and waved the sword!

The Flash Shinning Sword was turned into a blue light shuttle with seven phantoms. Those seven sounds were like seven swords flying out to stab the enemy.

The sound from the seven sword shadows touched the sword tip on the stone wall, causing some “Ding, Ding!” sounds.

Seven tiny holes, caused by sword tips, were left on the stone wall and displayed a plum blossom.

Sacred Breaking Plum Sword—Virtually, it was not about plums, but the glabella.

Once this technique was used, seven tiny holes would be left on the enemy’s glabella, which would look like a bloody plum blossom.

Only when one whose Sword Comprehension had practiced to the level of Sword Following the Heart could this person finally get the Sacred Breaking Plum Sword.

The Realm of Sword Comprehension could be divided into three levels: Sword Following the Heart, Heart Integrated into Sword, and Human Sword.

Zhang Ruochen was now in the realm of Sword Following the Heart, which was not far away from the Heart Integrated into Sword level.

Apart from the Sacred Guiding Sword and the Sacred Breaking Plum Sword, Zhang Ruochen also practiced one move defensive sword technique, the “Sacred Bell Sword”!

“Sacred Bell Sword!”

Zhang Ruochen continuously charged the Genuine Qi into the Flash Shining Sword. The Sword Breath was moving fast, so he used the sword to guide it to form an illusory image of a light blue bell. This illusory image was spinning quickly and parceled Zhang Ruochen, protecting him from the Bell Sword.

Once Zhang Ruochen used this one move, he could be protected from a big hit from the enemy, even if the enemy was a warrior in the Final State of the Yellow Realm. However, if the same enemy practiced the sword techniques at the level of the Spiritual Stage, he could defeat Zhang Ruochen as usual.

Sacred Guiding Sword!

Sacred Breaking Plum Sword!

Sacred Bell Sword!

Zhang Ruochen was continuously practicing these three sword techniques in order to reach the “Heart Integrated into Sword”. However, he knew it would be impossible to reach that level in a short period of time.

Zhang Ruochen went back to the Ziyi Side Hall after he had exhausted his Genuine Qi.

“In 13 days, we will have our Year-end Assessment. I must further cultivate my skills.”

Zhang Ruochen sat inside the Mystery of Time and Space with his legs crossed. He ate another Energy Pill before practicing again.

As the Year-end Assessment was approaching, all the princes and princesses of the Yunwu Commandery were busy practicing. Each one of them was eager to excel and be respected by all the people.

Only scions of the Royal Family or the noble families who were below 20 years old were eligible for the Year-end Assessment. The assessment was for enhancing youths’ motivation and making them more competent.

In previous years, Zhang Ruochen was banned from attending the Year-end Assessment, thus, he could only stand in the crowd. Of course, that was an embarrassing moment for both he and Concubine Lin.

This year, it could be different.

When Zhang Ruochen was making progress, others were also improving themselves.

The Jade Palace had belonged to Zhang Ruochen and Concubine Lin, but now it was for the Eighth Prince Zhang Ji and his mother, Concubine Xiao. Inside a luxurious room of the Jade Palace, Zhang Ji was laughing loudly. “Ahahaha! I finally reached the Dawn State of the Yellow Realm!”

A hint of satisfaction played on Concubine Xiao’s face, she said proudly, “Good job, Ji! With your current skill level, although you can’t beat the Fifth Prince or the Sixth Prince, your lord father will surely see your progress and reward your hard work.”

Zhang Ji nodded. He clearly knew he was far from good enough when compared to these two brothers.

The Sixth Prince had reached the Peak of the Dawn State at last year’s Year-end Assessment. He could have reached the Medium Stage by now.

As for the Fifth Prince, he was even better. It was said that he had reached the Final State.

The Eighth Prince smiled coldly and said, “Never mind, there is one who will be at the bottom of the list. He will only make me appear more excellent.”

“Are you talking about the Ninth Prince? He just obtained the Sacred Mark of Martial Arts, I assume he hasn’t even washed his marrow or broken out of the channels. He won’t be present at the Year-end Assessment,” Concubine Xiao said.

“Haha! Whether or not he will be present is not up to him.” A hint of a smile played on Zhang Ji’s face, but it was a cold and disdainful smile.

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