God Emperor

Chapter 1522 - The Power of a Godly Spirits Weapon

Chapter 1522: The Power of a Godly Spirits Weapon

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It was already sunset on the battlefield, leaving crimson clouds in the sky as if there were flames burning.

 The saints from Sacred Central Empire had mostly recovered. They gathered around Zhang Ruochen as they wanted to fight side by side with him.

 “There’re six hours left before the Saints Merits Battle ends, yet it’s enough for the Luosha armies to kill all the saints from the Shatuo Seven Fields.”

 Zhang Ruochen looked at the ground that was reflecting the light of the clouds. He could feel the forces of those first marquises, and there were even a couple of saint kings rushing toward them.

 “Follow the order of her highness; capture Zhang Ruochen.”

 Lord Lingquan was rushing at the front, and he looked very ferocious.

 Obviously, he didn’t want to capture Zhang Ruochen alive. He wanted to seize the chance to kill Zhang Ruochen.

 Le, Han Qiu, Princess White Li, and the others operated Buddha sariras, and suddenly, thousands of Buddha shadows emerged, shining upon the area around them with golden light.

 “They’re coming for you, your highness. Please leave now, and we’ll ward them off,” Murong Yue said.

 Granny Baisu said, “Even if we can’t ward them off completely, we can at least stall them for a while.”

 Facing dozens of first marquises, everyone was already certain that they would die trying, but even so, they needed to make sure Zhang Ruochen survived this.

 Zhang Ruochen didn’t choose to leave. Instead, he looked to the front.

 There weren’t just dozens of first marquises, there was also a large number of second and third marquises. There were wings on their backs, and most of them were flying in the sky. Even the weakest of them were absolute saints.

 Even saints were terrified seeing a situation like this.

 Nine Heavenly Maiden also looked to where Zhang Ruochen was worriedly, but she couldn’t go help them because she was also encircled by a large group of Luosha great beings.

 “Zhang Ruochen’s in trouble!”

 Wu Hao had wanted to go help Zhang Ruochen leading the saints from Guanghan Field to protect the Merits Record Wall, yet he failed to do so even after losing hundreds of saints.

 All the saints from the Shatuo Seven Fields were being attacked by enemies with twice as many forces as them, and they themselves were already struggling to survive, so they had no energy at all to help Zhang Ruochen.

 The heir from Hell Blade Field, Fang Yi, looked smug. “Zhang Ruochen, please hold those Luosha great beings a bit longer for us, haha. Don’t get killed that easily.”


 A saint king from the Luosha race walked out. He had a horn on his head, and his wings were at least a hundred feet long, and his forces were even stronger than those of Blood Pluto Python.

 Sole Horn Saint King stared at Zhang Ruochen and said, “Are you really going to fight us, Zhang Ruochen?”

 “Or what? Wait and be captured by you?” Zhang Ruochen said.

 Sole Horn Saint King said, “Her highness thinks very highly of you. If you surrender now, perhaps you still have a chance to survive. Otherwise, you and all the saints behind you will die. Think twice.”

 “No need for that. Fight!”

 Zhang Ruochen took out a saint sword from his space ring and mobilized his saint Qi and infused his saint sword with it, brushing off the layer of sealing on the saint sword.

 The godly engravings emerged on the blade.

 Tumbling godly might gushed out of the saint sword.

 “It’s a godly spirits weapon!”

 All the first marquises were horrified. They immediately performed their best defense skills and retreated, rushing back into the evil sha Qi cloud.

 Some Luosha marquises also triggered the power of their ten-thousand-patterns saint weapons, trying to stop Zhang Ruochen with them.

 There were three ten-thousand-patterns saint weapons, a blood sword, an ancient bronze arrow, and a fiery palace. All of them had their complete power utilized and dashed toward Zhang Ruochen from three directions.

 The ancient bronze arrow got close to Zhang Ruochen first, and there were engravings like a cobweb at the tip of the arrow, piercing through the defense light of the Buddha sariras, about to hit Zhang Ruochen’s forehead.

 Zhang Ruochen wasn’t scared at all. The saint sword in his hand became brighter and brighter, and it knocked that ancient bronze arrow away by just shivering a little bit.

 “One Sword Slay Everything.”

 Zhang Ruochen raised the saint sword above his head.


 The sword trailed a trace of white light.

 The sword couldn’t handle the power of the God, and it crumbled as Zhang Ruochen wielded it, flying out with the forces of the God.

 The blood sword and the fiery palace were both knocked away, and the God’s power destroyed everything it touched.

 Bang Bang!

 The Luosha marquises flying in the sky exploded. Even the protecting runes couldn’t save them.

 The sword slashed a thick layer of the ground, and it even cut a saint mountain in the distance in half, causing the top half of the mountain to fall.

 Countless Luosha marquises were killed, including more than ten first marquises.

 Other first marquises survived simply because of a blue feather Princess Luosha used to protect them.

 The blue feather was glowing with godly light. Obviously, it was an unusual valuable.

 Ji Hua looked solemn standing in the demonic palace, and Princess Luosha was also in dismay.

 Who could blame them? Zhang Ruochen killed thirteen first marquises, more than fifty second marquises, and more than a hundred third marquise.

 There were countless more who were injured.

 A third marquis was as powerful as a human absolute saint, and in the Luosha race, he or she was definitely a great being with a solid background, like the master of a large sect.

 The Luosha race suffered a huge loss after that strike.

 The other six priests from the Shatuo Seven Fields combined didn’t cause that much damage to the Luosha race.

 Qiu Yu in white walked into the demonic palace. He still looked handsome, glowing with saint light. He bowed at Princess Luosha and Ji Hua.

 “Your highness, Lord Saint Master, no need to be angry. Zhang Ruochen has lost his trump card after using his godly spirits weapon. It’s very easy to capture him now.”

 Qiu Yu smiled, at ease.

 After obtaining the inheritance of a supreme saint from Sycamore Clan in the Phoenix Nest, Qiu Yu’s cultivation surged, which made him one of the top great beings under saint kings. He could even suppress some first-step saint kings.

 However, Qiu Yu couldn’t go back to Kunlun’s Field now, so he had to latch onto Princess Luosha and submit to the Luosha race completely.

 “Easy? I reckon not.” Princess Luosha said it on purpose because she knew Qiu Yu hated Zhang Ruochen’s guts.

 Qiu Yu said, “Zhang Ruochen has his weakness. You shouldn’t attack Zhang Ruochen directly. Instead, you should attack the saints behind him. They’re the weak spot of Zhang Ruochen. Besides, I’ve received the inheritance from Qiao Ancestor, which boosted my cultivation. I might be able to fight Zhang Ruochen myself.”

 Princess Luosha said, “Are you saying you want to fight him?”

 Qiu Yu bowed at Princess Luosha and said, “That’s right. Please give me a chance, your highness.”

 Qiu Yu certainly wanted to capture Zhang Ruochen himself as that would be a huge contribution, and with that, he would earn higher status in the Luosha race.

 Also, he could seize this chance to humiliate Zhang Ruochen to save face.

 Just by thinking of Zhang Ruochen becoming a prisoner and kneeling in front of him, Qiu Yu got so excited that his body was shivering, and his saint power flowed rapidly.

 “Sure! I’ll crown you as a king if you can capture him, and I’ll give you a planet as your feudal estate.” Princess Luosha smiled.

 Qiu Yu said, “I hope first marquises Qian Yu and Qian Shu can lead Luosha armies to help me.”

 Both Qian Yu and Qian Shu were exquisite-looking Luosha girls, and they practiced martial way.

 They both had complete body constitution, and they were Princess Luosha’s most powerful personal guards. They even had the authority to give orders in the name of Princes Luosha.

 Which meant Qian Yu and Qian Shu had much higher statuses than other first marquises.

 Both Qian Yu and Qian Shu were slender, wearing sexy armor. They had flat bellies and smooth legs, standing at the sides of the demonic palace.

 They stared at Qiu Yu, and they found that man to be dashing and handsome, which made him completely different from other Luosha males. Their eyes gleamed, as they were both attracted to Qiu Yu.

 1Qian Shu walked out and said, “Your highness, Zhang Ruochen is our mortal enemy. We must defeat him today. I’ll fight.”

 “I’ll also fight,” Qian Yu said.

 Princess Luosha looked down to the saint mountain, and she saw that Zhang Ruochen was already at the bottom of the mountain. It seemed that he was going to climb up the mountain.

 “What’s he doing? Is he going to attack my demonic palace?”

 Princess Luosha was a bit irritated as she found Zhang Ruochen to be more overbearing than her. It was time to teach him a lesson that he should show some respect to the royal princess.

 Princess Luosha waved her hand and said, “Zhang Ruochen’s already at the bottom of the saint mountain, and it seems that he’s about to trespass on the mountain. Go and capture him for me.”

 “How dare he!”

 Qiu Yu sneered and rushed out of the demonic place with the two Luosha females.


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