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Chapter 146 - The Broken Sword

Chapter 146: The Broken Sword

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With the Mountain Toppling Sword in hand, Tuoba Linsu displayed no lack of vigour, as if turning into an inaccessible mountain.

No flaw could be found on him.

Zhang Ruochen felt the change in Tuoba Linsu, and a will to fight rose in his heart. His blood started boiling.

Finally, a true sword master!

Zhang Ruochen said, “My name is Zhang Ruochen. What is yours?”

“Tuoba Linsu.” Tuoba Linsu understood that Zhang Ruochen had agreed to compete with him.

They stood only five steps apart, pressing their hands to their hilts and gearing up for the fight.

Neither of them made the first move. They observed each other quietly, trying to find flaws.

The young prodigies beside the battle stage all started to discuss amongst themselves.

“Prince Tuoba is the top master among the young generation in Longchuan Commandery. It is said that none of the young warriors in the whole Longchuan Commandery can block even one of his attacks. He really gives a face to that little daredevil from Yunwu Commandery by fighting him in person,” said one teenage prodigy.

“But that daredevil is indeed powerful. He has defeated both Zhu Yi and Huo Ming. Otherwise, he would not be qualified to compete against Prince Tuoba.”

“Did you hear what Prince Tuoba just said? He promised to defeat him with less than 10 moves!”

“I think he can do it in three.”

“Tuoba Linsu’s sword techniques are extremely powerful. It’s hard to block any of his moves.”

“You are indeed a great master; you show no flaws at all. Very well, then. I’ll force you to show your flaws!”

All of a sudden, two dazzling lights burst out of Tuoba Linsu’s eyes.

His bones and muscles moved quickly and made a loud crackling sound.

Instead of using any fancy steps, Tuoba Linsu simply strode towards Zhang Ruochen. It looked like he was in slow motion, but in just a second, he was right in front of Zhang Ruochen.


120 kgs of Mountain Toppling Sword slashed towards Zhang Ruochen like a door.

Tuoba Linsu did not use Genuine Qi, but sparks of fire appeared on the sword edge, turning his weapon into a sword of flame.

This was not a complicated movement, but Zhang Ruochen found it impossible to escape.

Zhang Ruochen stood firmly and tried to use skill to overcome power. With a twitch of his arm, the Flash Shining Sword met the huge black sword like a dexterous snake, angling its power in another direction.

The light in Tuoba Linsu’s eyes shifted. He laughed and said, “Good!”


Tuoba Linsu’s reaction speed was very fast. He immediately slashed again. He swung his sword with large movements, but each strike was controlled and precise.


They clashed directly. Zhang Ruochen’s arm went numb from the contact, and he fell backwards to the edge of the battle stage.

Warriors were not allowed to use their Genuine Qi in the Sword Technique Conference, because it was a contest of sword skill.

But the warriors with a higher cultivation often had stronger physical power, and they were also faster than the warriors in other inferior Realms. Naturally, they dominated the other warriors.

Zhang Ruochen looked at his Flash Shining Sword and found a little crack on it.

Tuoba Linsu’s Mountain Toppling Sword was a seventh level Genuine Martial Arm. The Flash Shining Sword, which was a fourth level Genuine Martial Arm, could not compete with it in either materials or sharpness.

Tuoba Linsu realized the unfairness. “I’ll change my sword!”

“There’s no need!”

With Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon pace, Zhang Ruochen dashed to Tuoba Linsu in no time. “Now, take this!”

It was so fast!

Tuoba Linsu was dazzled. Just then, a sword shadow came over his head. He felt the sword wind and a sense of stabbing pain on his head.


Tuoba Linsu leaned his head back, held his sword with both hands, and stabbed into the air.

Zhang Ruochen twisted his body to avoid the sword tip. He landed behind Tuoba Linsu and cried, “Sacred Guiding Sword!”

The Flash Shining Sword chopped down in a vertical line, directly towards Tuoba Linsu’s back.

Tuoba Linsu did not turn around. Instead, he stabbed back with his sword, like an iron shield blocking Zhang Ruochen’s attack.


The two swords clashed together. Sparks shot into the air.

“Army Breaking Strike!”

Tuoba Linsu suddenly turned around, planted his legs, and slashed horizontally.

It was a movement in the mid-class of the Spiritual Stage. Tuoba Linsu had refined it through dozens of campaigns and thousands of killings.

One blow had enough power to sweep aside thousands of enemies.

Now, because of their close proximity, the powerful attack forced Zhang Ruochen to block.

This was why Tuoba Linsu was a master. He knew that Zhang Ruochen’s advantage was his speed, so he gave Zhang Ruochen no chance to escape, forcing Zhang Ruochen to face him directly.


The two swords clashed with an ear-piercing “CRACK!”

The Flash Shining Sword broke, and the tip spun away.

The one meter sword had shrunk to a half meter.

But Zhang Ruochen did not panic. Instead, he stayed calm. He kicked against the ground and pushed himself backwards just in time to escape from Tuoba Linsu’s next strike.

“Good! Prince Tuoba is indeed the top master among the young generation in Longchuan Commandery! He broke the daredevil’s sword in only eight movements!”

“How dare he call himself the Greatest Warrior in the World? To Prince Tuoba, he’s barely worth battling.”

Tuoba Linsu’s eyes went cold. He cast a stern glance at the two men and said, “He didn’t lose. His sword broke only because it is of lower grade. Zhang Ruochen, I can lend you another sword to finish our battle.”

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, “Who told you I can’t fight with a broken sword? Prince Tuoba, we are not done yet. I think I found the flaw in your swordplay.”

“Your sword technique is very virile, but also very hard to link together. You don’t have a complement after each movement.

“While it seems like your sword technique is unstoppable, when I counter-attack in between your techniques, you will definitely lose.”

Tuoba Linsu stayed calm and said, “So, do you mean that you can defeat me within two sword strokes?”

Zhang Ruochen replied, “Pretty much!”

The Thirteenth Commandery Princess pouted.”Hmph! That’s a big boast for someone with a broken sword!” she said.

Tuoba Linsu became more serious than ever before. He held his sword with both hands and cried, “Mountains and Rivers Breaking Sword!”


The sparks of fire on the blade turned into a wave of fire aimed squarely at Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen leapt from the ground and stepped on Tuoba Linsu’s sword, pushing it towards the ground a little bit.

At the same time, Zhang Ruochen threw his broken sword at Tuoba Linsu.


Tuoba Linsu quickly redirected his slash to hit the broken sword away.

As he brought up his sword to attack Zhang Ruochen, a strong wind blew from his side.

Zhang Ruochen used the edge of his hand like a sword and struck Tuoba Linsu’s neck. Tuoba Linsu fell to the ground with a heavy sound.


Tuoba Linsu’s huge body collapsed on the ground. His neck would have been broken if Zhang Ruochen had not shown mercy.

Zhang Ruochen appeared unruffled. He picked up his broken sword and said, “A sword in the heart is more powerful than a sword in hand.”

“You… are… so powerful…”

Tuoba Linsu rubbed his neck. Although he still felt dazed, he managed to stand up. He handed his Mountain Toppling Sword to Zhang Ruochen and said, “I lost! I’ll keep my promise and give this sword to you.”

Zhang Ruochen smiled. He replied, “A gentleman does not take what other people love.”

Although Tuoba Linsu loved the Mountain Toppling Sword very much, he could not lose his honor. He insisted. “If you don’t take my sword today, everyone will see me as a cheater who goes back on his word.”

His personality was just as straightforward as his sword technique.

“Okay! I’ll take it!”

After a moment’s thought, Zhang Ruochen took the Mountain Toppling Sword. Then, he handed it back to Tuoba Linsu and said, “Now, I give this sword to you.”

Tuoba Linsu was astonished. He smiled and took the sword. “Zhang Ruochen, thank you for your sword. I will send you another sword. I give you my word.”

Tuoba Linsun walked around the battle stage. Many aristocratic daughters began throwing their Golden Jade Leaves onto the battle stage from the second floor of Jinfeng Court.

There were over 10 Golden Jade Leaves!

“Zhuo Yanwu from Right Prime Minister’s Mansion.”

“Sikong Yaner from General’s Mansion.”

“Zhao Xuan from Grand Tutor’s Mansion.”

Seeing the Golden Jade Leaves falling down like rain, other young genius went mad with jealousy.

They should have let Zhang Ruochen go when he wanted to leave. Now, he has defeated three masters in a row, including Tuoba Linsu. Many aristocratic daughters favored him.

All he needed to do was pick up a Golden Jade Leaf randomly, and he would have strong backer from now on. It was the chance of a lifetime!

“Damn it! He was pretty powerful!” The Thirteenth Commandery Princess was a little upset, feeling a sense of miscalculation. “What if he really gets first place? Am I really going to have to marry him?”

Standing beside the Thirteenth Commandery Princess, Liu Xin noticed her discontentment with Zhang Ruochen. He smiled and said, “Your Highness, I can defeat him. I was just wondering if you have any other requests. For example, breaking his legs or eliminating his cultivation.”

Liu Xin was a student of Right Prime Minister. He had been ordered by Right Prime Minister to place first in the Sword Technique Conference and marry the Thirteenth Commandery Princess.

The Thirteenth Commandery Princess glanced at Liu Xin, and said happily, “That’s too much. All you need to do is greatly humiliate that asshole. I’ll offer you ample reward.”

“I will never let you down.”

Liu Xin stared at Zhang Ruochen on the battle stage and narrowed his eyes.

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