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Chapter 142 - The Competition Invitation

Chapter 142: The Competition Invitation

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The maidservant was shocked. She didn’t understand why Commandery Princess Yanchen laughed like it was some kind of joke. In her eyes, the Ninth Prince was just one of the many princes who wanted to arrange a marriage with the Thirteenth Commandery Princess.

Countless princes had come to Qianshui Commandery recently with only one intention. The maidservant no longer found it strange.

She had heard that Commandery Princess Yanchen was a superb woman, as cold as frost and looked down upon everyone. How could she be in such a good mood after seeing a prince from an inferior commandery?

She was confused and didn’t understand.

When Huang Yanchen arrived at the top of the tower, she saw that there were two maidservants whose Meridians had been blocked as well as the Thirteenth Commandery Princess Huang Yanran and the Tenth Prince Huang Jing.

The cultivation of Huang Yanran and Huang Jing were not good enough compared to Zhang Ruochen and thus they were not able to set the maidservants loose.

“Bang! bang!”

Huang Yanchen released two of her fingers quickly and tapped on the glabella of the two maidservants.

Two strands of Genuine Qi flowed out from her fingertip and shattered the sealed Meridians in the maidservants’ body. They awoke slowly and recovered.

When they opened their eyes, they kneeled down towards Huang Yanchen immediately and said, “Maidservants greet Commandery Princess Yanchen.”

Huang Yanchen nodded and walked towards Huang Yanran and Huang Jing with her sapphire hair fluttering. She looked at Huang Jing’s wounds and sneered. “Little brother, did you get into trouble again?”

Looking at Huang Yanchen, the Tenth Prince Huang Jing pounced on her as fast as he could. He fell to his knees and grabbed Huang Yanchen’s legs. “Big sister, you’re finally back! The Ninth Prince of Yunwu Commandery has bullied me. He doesn’t have any respect for Qianshui Commandery and looks down on everybody. Look at all the wounds on my body, it’s all because of him! My dear sister, you have to get revenge for me!”

Huang Yanchen understood Zhang Ruochen well enough to know that he would not beat Huang Jing without a valid reason.

At the same time, she also clearly knew the personality of her tenth brother. Although she didn’t exactly know what happened, she could briefly guess.

“I can’t believe my tenth brother has irritated Zhang Ruochen. He must have done something worse enough to trigger him.” Huang Yanchen had never seen Zhang Ruochen getting angry that she fairly admired her tenth brother deep in her heart.

However, Huang Yanchen put on a displeased look and sneered. “Why was the Ninth Prince of Yunwu Commandery being so disgraceful? Doesn’t he want to arrange a marriage with our sister?”

The Thirteenth Commandery Princess was annoyed. “Him?” she asked. “He knows nothing about being polite and how to follow the rules here. I would never marry a guy like him! I need to let our father know and imprison him and Yunwu Commandery Prince!”

Huang Yanchen nodded and smiled strangely. “You’re right. He was very impolite and deserves to be taught a lesson. Yet, it’ll be pointless locking him up. Since he wanted to marry you, why don’t you let him join the Sword Technique Conference the day after tomorrow? You can embarrass and humiliate him at the Conference. With your precious status, I’m sure other candidates will be more than happy to take care of him for you if you secretly release the information that he has annoyed you.”

“Okay, let’s do that, sister.” Since the Thirteenth Commandery Princess admired Huang Yanchen, she listened to her.

Something akin to happiness radiated from Huang Yanchen’s eyes. She realized that there was a scabbard on the table and asked, “Is that the gift from the Ninth Prince?”

The Thirteenth Commandery Princess responded with anger, “Cai Xia, throw it away, now! I feel so pissed off looking at it.”

Huang Yanchen removed the scabbard and looked at the ice jade sword.

She held the sword in her hand and transferred Genuine Qi to it so as to feel the inscriptions carved on the sword.

“A seventh-class Genuine Martial Arms! Zhang Ruochen is very generous to give out such a valuable gift on a blind date!” Huang Yanchen re-sheathed the jade sword. “It’s such a waste throwing it away! This sword works well with my physical quality. If you don’t mind, I’ll take it.”

When Zhang Ruochen left the manor, he let out a long sigh and smiled bitterly. “Well… I failed to ask for reinforcement for Qianshui Commandery.”

He had meant to make the acquaintance of the Thirteenth Commandery Princess but instead he had offended her as well as the Tenth Prince.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen didn’t regret doing it.

The Thirteenth Commandery Princess and the Tenth Prince were both too irrational. Zhang Ruochen accepted the fact that he had offended them.

“If I’m not mistaken, senior sister apprentice Huang is also one of the princesses of Qianshui Commandery. Perhaps I can ask her for help if things do not work out in the end.”

However, unless Zhang Ruochen had no other alternatives, he would never ask Huang Yanchen for help. From his point of view, Huang Yanchen was even more irrational than the Thirteenth Commandery Princess and the Tenth Prince. Her emotions fluctuated wildly.

At this moment, Zuo Longlin walked out from the manor and glanced coldly at Zhang Ruochen like he was looking at a dead man. He shook his head and sighed. “Such an idiot! You’ve once again caused trouble for Yunwu Commandery! The Thirteenth Commandery Princess and the Tenth Prince will not let you off easily! You’ll see!”

Zuo Longlin already knew what had happened in the manor, that Zhang Ruochen had offended both the Thirteenth Commandery Princess and the Tenth Prince.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t bother to acknowledge Zuo Longlin or to even glance at him.

Two servants of Minister’s Mansion, each driving an ancient roan antelope carriage, arrived outside of the manor. They stopped in front of Zuo Longlin and Zhang Ruochen accordingly.

“Yunwu Commandery Prince and Fire Dragon Commandery Prince are expecting both of you at Minister’s Mansion. May I ask both princes to get in the carriages, please?”

It took about an hour for Zhang Ruochen to arrive at Minister’s Mansion.

Both Zhang Ruochen and Zuo Longlin walked through the door at the same time and entered the main hall, led by the elderly butler.

Minister Ning sat at the top of the main hall while Fire Dragon Commandery Prince and Yunwu Commandery Prince sat on either side.

When Fire Dragon Commandery Prince saw Zuo Longlin walking into the hall, he quickly asked, “Liner, how did things go when you met the Thirteenth Commandery Princess today?”

Zuo Longlin laughed. “Father, the Thirteenth Commandery Princess is a startlingly beautiful woman who has a pure heart. I admire her very much! The Thirteenth Commandery Princess also looks well upon me and has agreed for me to join the Sword Technique Conference which takes place the day after tomorrow.”

Fire Dragon Commandery Prince was excited and asked, “Has the Thirteenth Commandery Princess given you the Competition Invitation?”

“Competition Invitation? What do you mean?” Zuo Longlin looked confused.

Fire Dragon Commandery Prince responded, “Once the Thirteenth Commandery Princess likes a prodigy, he will be given a Competition Invitation. You’ll need the Competition Invitation in order to join the Sword Technique Conference.”

“The Thirteenth Commandery Princess… didn’t give me any Competition Invitation…” Zuo Longlin said with disappointment.

Minister Ning laughed and said, “Perhaps the Thirteenth Commandery Princess forgot to hand you the invitation. She’ll probably send you one later.”

Zuo Longlin also assumed that the Princess forgot to give him one. He let out a gentle sigh of relief.

Only Zhang Ruochen knew that Zuo Longlin didn’t even get to meet the real Thirteenth Commandery Princess.

The reason he knew Zhang Ruochen had offended the Thirteenth Commandery Princess and the Tenth Prince was probably because he had been told by one of the maidservants.

However, Zhang Ruochen did not mention anything about what Zuo Longlin had been through back at the manor. If he did, he would embarrass him.

Then, Yunwu Commandery Prince looked at Zhang Ruochen and asked thoughtfully, “My ninth son, what does the Thirteenth Commandery Princess think about you?”

Zuo Longlin sneered before Zhang Ruochen even spoke. “Yunwu Commandery Prince, I suggest you take good care of the Ninth Prince. Not only did he kill Prince Huo Xing and bring Yunwu Commandery massive trouble, but he also offended the Thirteenth Commandery Princess and the Tenth Prince. Rumor has it he has beaten the Tenth Prince who is now seriously injured.”

“What are you talking about?”

Yunwu Commandery Prince was shocked. He could not imagine Zhang Ruochen had gotten into further trouble. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Even Minister Ning who always remained calm frowned his eyebrows. He stared sharply at Zuo Longlin and murmured, “Is everything you said real?”

Zuo Longlin bowed towards Minister Ning and saluted. He responded, “Longlin does not dare to lie in front of the Minister. Every word I said is true. I’ve heard that the Thirteenth Commandery Princess has demanded that the Ninth Prince and Yunwu Commandery Prince be locked in the Celestial Prison.”

Fire Dragon Commandery Prince who sat aside released a sarcastic laugh. He lifted up the teacup gently, took a sip and said, “Yunwu Commandery Prince, you indeed have an outstanding son! Haha! He has no one to blame but himself!”

Minister Ning stood up suddenly. His gaze was frustrated as he said coldly, “Yunwu Commandery Prince, you should accompany the Ninth Prince to the Thirteenth Commandery Princess and ask for her forgiveness! If she gets irritated, I can do nothing to help.”

Yunwu Commandery Prince stared at Zhang Ruochen and sighed. He clearly knew that Minister Ning had given up on them.

It was what it was.

Perhaps disaster was meant to happen to Yunwu Commandery and no one would be able to save them.

Yunwu Commandery Prince was looking down and felt very disappointed. Just as he stood up and was about to leave, a servant rushed into the hall with a silver invitation in his hand. “Minister, here is the Competition Invitation sent by the Thirteenth Commandery Princess.”

Zuo Longlin looked surprised and excited. He assumed that it was for him.

Yunwu Commandery Prince’s eyes gazed at the silver Competition Invitation in the servant’s hand. He was frustrated. If only the Competition Invitation was for… sigh…

“Let’s go, son.”

Yunwu Commandery Prince led Zhang Ruochen towards the main door.

They had just exited the main door when they heard the loud laugh of Minister Ning. “Yunwu Commandery Prince, come back quickly! This Competition Invitation is for the Ninth Prince. The Thirteenth Commandery Princess hopes that he can attend the Sword Technique Conference held the day after tomorrow.”

Both Yunwu Commandery Prince and Zhang Ruochen were completely shocked by the news.

When they returned to the hall, Minister Ning put a smile on his face and handed the Competition Invitation to Zhang Ruochen. He patted his shoulders and said joyfully, “Such a talented young man, no wonder you can win the love of the Thirteenth Commandery Princess. Of the inferior commanderies, you are the first prince to be given a Competition Invitation. I guess the Thirteenth Commandery Princess does look favorably upon you after all!”

“It’s impossible… impossible…”

Zuo Longlin stared unwaveringly at the Competition Invitation in Zhang Ruochen’s hand and said, “He offended the Thirteenth Commandery Princess, how can he still receive the Competition Invitation? The Thirteenth Commandery Princess must have mixed up our names, the invitation belongs to me!”

Saying this, Zuo Longlin walked quickly towards Zhang Ruochen, wanting to snatch the valuable Competition Invitation.

Minister Ning glared coldly at Zuo Longlin and spoke seriously, “That’s enough! How dare you grab the invitation in front of me? Who am I to you?”

Zuo Longlin’s face turned pale under Minister Ning’s stare. He retreated three steps back and spat out a mouthful of blood after a loud bang.

He was able to heavily injure a warrior at the Completion of the Black Realm with only a gaze.

If it was not for the sake of Fire Dragon Commandery Prince face, Minister Ning could have killed Zuo Longlin with such gaze.

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