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Chapter 139 - Asking for Help

Chapter 139: Asking for Help

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Zhang Shaochu continued, “In the quarterly assessment recently, he had an edge over others and ranked the fifth in Western Campus.”

“What’s even more impressive is that he is also the No.1 Spiritual Power genius, the most powerful in all of the history of the School of the Martial Market. All the presbyters believe that if he practices his Spiritual Power, whole-heartedly, there is a 50% chance of him becoming a Spiritual Power Saint.”

Yunwu Commandery Prince knew some of the things he said, while others things were new to him.

The Yunwu Commandery Prince squinted his eyes in surprise. “I’ve heard that only warriors as powerful as the Warriors of the Division Profound can rank in the top five of the Western Campus. My son, are you as powerful as a Warrior of the Division Profound?” he asked.

Zhang Ruochen said, “No one knows. There is no guarantee without achieving ten winning streaks in the Coliseum of the Martial Market.”

Seeing Zhang Ruochen being so calm and mature, Yunwu Commandery Prince suddenly thought of something. So, he said, “Square Commandery is now fighting us with thousands of troops and millions of soldiers. Over 10 days, we have lost twelve cities. Right now, all of the warriors in Yunwu Commandery said that you are the one who killed Prince Huo Xing, and thus brought us this catastrophe. What do you say to that?”

“My dear king, if you want to hand me over to Square Commandery, to appease them, I will obey. Or, if you want me to fight on the battlefield with them, I will obey. I bear the responsibility since it is my fault,” Zhang Ruochen replied.

Zhang Ruochen knew it wouldn’t make any difference, so he didn’t explain why he killed Prince Huo Xing.

When Zhang Rouchen called him “Your Majesty”, Yunwu Commandery Prince’s countenance fell and he realized that Zhang Ruochen still bore grudges.

“My dear king” and “my dear father” were similar two-word phrases, but there was an unbridgeable gap between them.

Yunwu Commandery Prince replied, “Even if Yunwu Commandery is doomed, I will never hand over my own son to Square Commandery. I know that your martial cultivation is strong, but it’s not strong enough to change the current situation. So, I won’t let you fight on the battlefield, either.”

“However, since you are the one who brought trouble to Yunwu Commandery, there will be a consequence and you must do something for your Commandery. As for the details, I will tell you tomorrow. For now, go see your mother, she misses you dearly.”

Zhang Ruochen and Zhang Shaochu left, leaving only Yunwu Commandery Prince and Wan Chengzhong in the Palace.

While facing Wan Chengzhong, Yunwu Commandery Prince let out a long sigh, “Chengzhong, I plan to take my son to Qianshui Commandery and ask for help tomorrow. I will come back as soon as possible, but while I’m away, please take care of Yunwu Commandery for me!”

Wan Chengzhong said, “Don’t go Your Majesty! Only you can govern Yunwu Commandery! You have to stay and I will take the Ninth Prince to Qianshui Commandery.”

Yunwu Commandery Prince shook his head and said, “Qianshui Commandery is a superior class commandery, which is a hundred times stronger than us. In Qianshui Commandery Prince’s eyes, Yunwu Commandery is inferior. If I go there in person, there is a chance they will refuse to see me. If you go there is no chance they will hear you.”

The Yunwu Commandery Prince appeared to be a little upset as he continued, “The Square Commandery is incredibly powerful and we can not defend ourselves alone. The only way we will survive is by asking for help from the Qianshui Commandery.”

“I learned that the Thirteenth Commandery Princess of Qianshui Commandery is 16 years old now, and Qianshui Commandery Prince wants to pick a genius as her Prince Consort.”

“The news has spread to all of the 36 commanderies in the Omen Ridge. Every commandery wants to arrange a marriage with Qianshui Commandery in order to get its powerful support. This is our only chance and even if it is only a slim one, I will still try my best.”

Wan Chengzhong had a realization and he asked, “Your Majesty, are you taking the Ninth Prince on a blind date at Qianshui Commandery?”

Yunwu Commandery Prince nodded and said, “He should be the top warrior among the young generation in Qianshui Commandery. If the Thirteenth Commandery Princess takes a fancy to him, we will be relatives by marriage. The crisis we are facing now will be solved easily.”

“Actually, my seventh son would be the most ideal. If he would go with me, I think we would have higher chances. Perhaps… Well… Nevermind.”

Not long ago, Yunwu Commandery Prince sent a letter to the Seventh Prince, hoping that he would represent Yunwu Commandery and go on a blind date with the Thirteenth Commandery Princess.”

“Unfortunately, the Seventh Prince replied that it was his ninth brother that caused the problems for Yunwu Commandery and it was he who should bear the responsibility. Besides, he also refuses to return to Yunwu City.”

Although the Yunwu Commandery Prince had eight sons (the Eighth Prince passed away), only the Seventh Prince and the Ninth Prince were talented enough to be considered geniuses.

Other princes were not qualified to go on a blind date with a superior class commandery princess and they would likely embarrass themselves making the request.

After considering the situation, Yunwu Commandery Prince believed that Zhang Ruochen was the most suitable son. He was around the same age as the Thirteenth Commandery Princess, plus, he’s also a top genius. He would be worthy of her love.

Wan Chengzhong asked with doubt, “Your Majesty, why didn’t you tell the Ninth Prince just now?”

The Yunwu Commandery Prince smiled and replied, “I know him well enough to know that he won’t agree if asked directly to go on a blind date. He also is the reason for our troubles, so it is up to him to do something to remedy it.”

After spending time with his mother and staying one night, Zhang Ruochen followed Yunwu Commandery Prince to Qianshui Commandery that following day.

Zhang Ruochen still didn’t know the real reason for the trip to Qianshui Commandery, he just thought they were going to ask for reinforcement.

The Yunwu Commandery Prince rode a Golden-feathered Eagle, a Fourth-level Savage Beast.

The Golden-feathered Eagle was kept in the Golden Eagle Palace and it ate 20 savage beasts a day. It was over 160 feet long with each feather weighing over 220 pounds. Its body looked like it had been cast in gold and shone with a dazzling brilliance.

In those days, Yunwu Commandery Prince and Wan Chengchong worked together for half a year to subdue it.

The Golden-feathered Eagle’s top-speed almost reaches the speed of sound.

It flew at its average speed of 650 feet per second, to reduce the waste of its Genuine Qi, which was still extraordinarily fast. This was much faster than most of the warriors in the Completion of the Earth Realm.

There were 25 people going to Qianshui Commandery, including Yunwu Commandery Prince.

Other than Zhang Ruochen, there were four generals in the Earth Realm and 20 warriors in the Completion of the Black Realm.

The 20 warriors were all clad in the armor of the fourth-class Genuine Martial Arms and they were carrying 20 treasure boxes.

The boxes contained Spiritual Crystals, Genuine Martial Arms and some precious medicinal materials.

Everyone was sitting on the back of the Golden-feather Eagle, which flew in the void space hundreds of feet high, heading east.

After flying for a day and a night and crossing thousands of miles, they finally reached the Qianshui Commandery.

After flying for another half a day, they finally arrived at Qianshui City.

Qianshui City was very lofty, their walls were higher than most mountains and ancient buildings were scattered all over the city.

Yunwu city was just a remote little town, compared with Qianshui City.

After entering the city, Yunwu Commandery Prince took Zhang Ruochen straight to a manor that belonged to Yunwu Commandery. The manor had more than a dozen guards.

After setting down the treasures, Yunwu Commandery Prince took Zhang Ruochen to visit a high official of Qianshui Commandery and they intended to go through the back door.

The official was a powerful minister of Qianshui Commandery who enjoyed his significant influence.

Yunwu Commandery had sent a lot of silver coin and Spiritual Crystals over the years to procure their protection.

Zhang Ruochen was a little confused and asked, “Why don’t we send the gifts directly to Qianshui Commandery Prince and ask for his help?”

Yunwu Commandery Prince answered, “The Qianshui Commandery is superior to us. We are no better than a speck of dust in Qianshui Commandery Prince’s eyes. It’s impossible to meet with him without any pull. Do you even know who Minister Ning is?”

Zhang Ruochen shook his head.

“Minister Ning is one of the 10 most powerful officials in Qianshui Commandery. What’s more, he is also the leader of the Nings, a five-class family. Even the Nings are much more powerful than the Square Commandery, which is a medium level commandery,” Yunwu Commandery Prince answered.

“A family that was stronger than a medium level commandery! The Ning’s are indeed very powerful.”

“If the Ning’s wanted to destroy Yunwu Commandery, they wouldn’t even need to do it in person. All they would need to do is to give an order, and the inferior commanderies around us would work together to wipe us out and partition our land.”

Zhang Ruochen’s face stiffened as he asked, “So, this is why we send Minister Ning Spiritual Crystals and treasures every year?”

The Yunwu Commandery Prince laughed and said, “Not only us, but, all of the 36 commanderies from the Omen Ridge have their backers in the Qianshui Commandery. For example, the backer of the Square Commandery is the Right Prime Minister of the Qianshui Commandery. Without his acquiescence, the Square Commandery wouldn’t dare to attack us.”

It was never easy to keep a commandery stable and only with the help of a backer could it hope to achieve long-term peace.

Shortly after, Yunwu Commandery Prince and Zhang Ruochen arrived at an enormous manor.

An old butler, in an indigo gown, walked out of the gate and said with a smile, “Yunwu Commandery Prince, long time no see.”

The Yunwu Commandery Prince didn’t put on airs. He made a slight bow with hands and smiled, “Butler Ning, nice to see you.”

While they were talking, Yunwu Commandery Prince took out an exquisite golden box and handed it to the old butler.

The old butler took it and opened. After he took a closer look, his smile became warmer.

“Is Minister Ning at home now?” Yunwu Commandery Prince asked in a low voice.

“Minister Ning is meeting with Flame Dragon Commandery Prince now. You can wait in the wing-room and Minister Ning will see you in a minute.”

Hearing this, the Yunwu Commandery Prince squinted his eyes. He sighed inwardly. “It seems that every commandery wants to arrange a marriage with the Thirteenth Commandery Princess. The competition must be fierce. What should I do?”

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