God Emperor

Chapter 1330 - God-swallowing Bug

Chapter 1330: God-swallowing Bug

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“We’re all Sword Keepers of the Pluto Sword Tomb,” Martial Saint Canglan said. “You should know why I took Zhu Qingyi away. I lost the Fentian Sword, so it’s my duty to take it back.”

“You wanting to take the Fentian Sword is your own matter,” Zhang Ruochen said. “But Zhu Qingyi is my prisoner. Of course, she’s in your hands now, so you have the right not to return her to me.”


The Abyss Ancient Sword flew out, hovering before Zhang Ruochen. The densely packed sword-shaped Qi stood in organized rows, pointing at Martial Saint Canglan.

The two had faced enemies together before, so Zhang Ruochen gave her a chance to compromise. However, now they stood against each other. There was no need to be as polite as before.

The six Saintesses grew nervous too. To be honest, they didn’t want Zhang Ruochen to become an enemy, let alone be in a kill or be killed situation.

Martial Saint Canglan’s eyes flashed. Hesitation filled her eyes. “Zhang Ruochen, we’re not enemies. Why are you doing this?”

“You’re the one who attacked first,” Zhang Ruochen said.

“Okay, I can return Zhu Qingyi to you, but you must promise me that you’ll take me with you when going against Situ Fengcheng.”

Martial Saint Canglan guessed Zhang Ruochen’s true motive, so she decided to negotiate with him early on.

“You should at least show your sincerity if you want to work with me.”

“I already agreed to return the person,” Martial Saint Canglan said. “Isn’t that sincere enough.”

“Apologize,” Zhang Ruochen said coldly.

Martial Saint Canglan worked to suppress her anger. “Your request is too much!”

“Is it too much? We’ve fought together against enemies. If you were anyone else, I wouldn’t waste so much time talking. I wouldn’t give them another chance to work together either.”

Martial Saint Canglan stared at Zhang Ruochen with her almond eyes, acting like she would eat him. She just wouldn’t lower herself and apologize.

Qing Mo had been forced back by Martial Saint Canglan, but she wasn’t hurt. She went back to Zhang Ruochen’s side and sent him a message.

“Lord, she’s the head of the Nine Heavenly Maidens. She has high authority and spirit. Who can make her bow her head, other than the Empress?”

“You think my request is too much as well?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Qing Mo nodded firmly. “It’s impossible to make her apologize,” she said telepathically. “We have many enemies right now. We shouldn’t create more.”

In the distance, Martial Saint Canglan took a deep breath. Clenching her white teeth, she said, “Zhang Ruochen, you win. I will give in this time, but I won’t repay you any other favors. Don’t try to ask me for help if you’re arrested by the imperial court.”

Then Martial Saint Canglan walked to Zhang Ruochen. Eyes burning with fire, she threw Zhu Qingyi onto the ground. Turning her beautiful face, she stared at the wall on the right.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have attacked you secretly and taken your prisoner.”

Qing Mo and the six Saintesses were all dumbfounded. They never would’ve guessed that Martial Saint Canglan would give in and apologize to Zhang Ruochen.

No one would believe this if news spread.

“I don’t see your sincerity,” Zhang Ruochen said. “I don’t accept your apology.”

“Don’t push me. We’re so close right now. Do you think I can’t capture you now and turn you into a prisoner too?”

Martial Saint Canglan clenched her fists and bit her teeth. Her body seemed to burn like a furnace.

Right now, she was only three steps away from Zhang Ruochen. This was no distance for a Saint. If she really tried, she was confident in capturing Zhang Ruochen.

“You might not be able to capture me, no matter how close.”

Zhang Ruochen was even more confident. Showing no fear, he instead took three steps forward.

The two were even closer now. They were only a fist away. The curves on Martial Saint Canglan’s chest were almost pressed against Zhang Ruochen.

Neither of them stepped back. They both had sharp personalities.

Qing Mo and the six Saintesses held their breath, staring closely at the two. They had a feeling that a huge battle was imminent.

The two were at a stalemate for a long while. Martial Saint Canglan’s eyes hardened. She seemed to be considering something.

In the end, she didn’t take the risk. Collecting the flames outside her body, she said, “The human race has problems both inside and out. It’s not the time for more internal conflicts. We should work together and face out. I’m sorry. I indeed acted wrongly this time. After all, we once faced mutual enemies. I shouldn’t have attacked secretly no matter what. Even if we fight, we should do it face-to-face.”

Zhang Ruochen turned around and walked toward the formation shield. “If this happens again, I won’t forgive you.”

From childhood to now, Martial Saint Canglan had always crushed everyone around her with her powerful abilities. She never submitted to anyone, including her brother, who was first on the Five Heroes List.

Today, because of various reasons, she was suppressed for the first time. For the first time ever, she was forced to lower herself. She obviously wasn’t happy about this.

“Zhang Ruochen, you bastard. When I get the Fentian Sword back, I’ll definitely defeat you in front of everyone, so you’ll know how powerful the head of the Nine Heavenly Maidens is.”

Martial Saint Canglan felt wronged and a bit regretful. She felt that her behavior earlier had been too embarrassing. She should’ve acted decisively and fought thousands of rounds with him, punching his arrogant face into a swollen pulp.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t feel any pride, but Martial Saint Canglan thought he did. She grew angry at the very thought.

The six Saintesses felt the Martial Saint’s anger. Right now, she was like a furious dragon. Everyone stayed away from her, not daring to speak to her.

Zhang Ruochen used spatial power to create a spatial crack and cut down at the formation shield.


A three-foot-wide hole opened up in the formation. After the spatial crack closed, the formation’s hole was also closing quickly. Everyone hurriedly used their fastest techniques to dart in.

After entering the formation, the Spiritual Qi in the air multiplied. Lightning flashed in the sky. Spiritual Qi condensed into liquid and fell down like light rain.

“Spiritual Qi turning into rain? This is too dramatic!” a Saintess cried out. “Even the Spiritual Qi in the Central Emperor City isn’t so heavy.”

“I can have a breakthrough quickly if I cultivate here.”

After entering the formation, the Universe Spiritual Map in Zhang Ruochen’s Sea of Qi started getting antsy. There was a string of cracks. A dozen cracks opened up on the scroll.


Chaotic Qi poured out with even more menacing force. The Universe Spiritual Map was close to crumbling.

How did these changes occur to the Universe Spiritual Map? Zhang Ruochen was shocked inwardly.

“Be careful underfoot.”

Martial Saint Canglan grabbed her saintly sword and stabbed down, hitting the side of a Saintess’ right foot.


A blue firebug crawled out of the dirt and was gnawing on her foot. After getting hit, it sank back underground.

Martial Saint Canglan collected her sword. Looking at the tip, her expression grew solemn. “It didn’t die. What kind of insect is this?”


Another blue firebug flew out from another direction and bit a Saintess’ left hand. With a spark, the Saintess’ entire arm was ignited with blue fire. The flames spread toward her shoulder and head.


Zhang Ruochen waved his sword and cut off her arm. The Saintess cried out in a low voice as blood flowed out of her shoulder. She stumbled back and hid behind Martial Saint Canglan.

“What are you doing?” Martial Saint Canglan demanded.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t reply. He just stared at the broken arm on the ground. It had already been burned to ashes.

Martial Saint Canglan finally understood what was happening. Gasping, her expression grew more uncomfortable.

The Saintess that Zhang Ruochen had cut the arm off of was extremely pale. She realized that she’d just been saved from death.

“Is it the legendary God-swallowing Bug?” Zhang Ruochen’s facial muscles were pulled taut to the extreme. “This isn’t a place they should stay,” he said. “Send them out immediately.”

Martial Saint Canglan didn’t know what God-swallowing Bugs were, but she understood that it was too dangerous for the six Saintesses. They could die from a slight misstep.

“Qing Mo, you’re not careful enough,” Zhang Ruochen said seriously. “Go out with them.”

Qing Mo’s knees were already weak from fear. She felt saved when she heard Zhang Ruochen’s words. “Lord, how about we all go out? It’s too dangerous here.”

If the Universe Spiritual Map hadn’t changed dramatically, Zhang Ruochen would have retreated as well. But now, he had to find the answer. Perhaps, the Universe World could be born here.

After sending them out, only Zhang Ruochen and Martial Saint Canglan remained to go deeper inside the palace. There was a ball of blue light that covered the entire palace. Not only did it radiate with Spiritual Qi, it seemed that Spiritual Qi poured out of it too.

While being cautious of the ground, Martial Saint Canglan asked, “What exactly are God-swallowing Bugs?”

She couldn’t stab through that blue firebug even with her full power. Martial Saint Canglan felt unconfident and unsure.

“In legends,” Zhang Ruochen said, “the God-swallowing Bugs are from the Divine Sky-connecting Tree. It’s born with the tree and lives inside the trunk. Because it eats the wood of the Divine Sky-connecting Tree, it’s known as the God-swallowing Bug. It’s not because it can actually devour gods.”

“Isn’t the Divine Sky-connecting Tree a god?” Martial Saint Canglan asked. “If the God-swallowing Bug can live inside a divine tree and gnaw on it, then it’s really scary, alright?”

“If you’re afraid, it’s not too late for you to back out.”

Who wouldn’t be afraid of something like the God-swallowing Bug? Martial Saint Canglan really wanted to back out, but hearing Zhang Ruochen’s words, she felt unsatisfied. “You’re not afraid, so why would I be afraid?”

She sped up and actually went ahead of Zhang Ruochen.

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