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Chapter 132 - Strength of Warrior of Division Profound

Chapter 132: Strength of Warrior of Division Profound

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Zhang Ruochen felt a large amount of pressure from Sikong Shu. He smiled at the irony. He had wanted to challenge a weaker warrior and stayed low-profile. Yet, he had once again set himself a trap. If he didn’t display his full power, he would lose the challenge.

He never expected that he had picked a top master who was even more powerful than Ju Hailan.

Undoubtfully, once warriors entered the Coliseum, they had to fight with all their effort no matter how strong the opponents were.

“My brother, let’s see if you can tolerate one stick from me!”

Sikong Shu roared as loud as he could as if his voice was a massive bell lighting up the entire Coliseum. He turned into a strong wind and dashed towards Zhang Ruochen. He thrust against the ground with the speed of a massive ape and stood in front of Zhang Ruochen within a second.

He lifted up the stick and swung towards Zhang Ruochen.

Icing air was blowing towards Zhang Ruochen. He lifted his head and saw a huge stick shadow compressing down like an ice mountain.

It should be noted, the stick weighed 804 kilograms. It could shatter a 10 thousand kilogram stone into powder.

Zhang Ruochen decided not to fight with him by force. He bent his legs slightly, shortened his body, and displayed the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon. He looked like he was walking in the air as he reached the rear of the Sikong Shu.

He took the initiative to attack and swung his sword behind Sikong Shu’s back.


Sikong Shu laughed when it hit nothing but air. He quickly moved his muscular waist, aimed at his back and swung the stick backward.

He was not only tall and muscular but also had massive horrible power. His reaction speed was fast and he didn’t allow any chances for Zhang Ruochen to attack.

If Zi Qian had dared to challenge Sikong Shu, she would never have had a chance to win. It was likely that she would have been seriously injured in one strike.

As the Dark Star Cold Iron Stick was approaching, Zhang Ruochen didn’t have enough space to retreat, he could only fight back. He held his sword tightly with both hands, activated all the Genuine Qi in his body and unleashed the sword.


The power of the Dark Star Cold Iron Stick was surprisingly extensive. When his sword bumped into the stick, he could feel that there was a power rushing from the sword as it struck towards him.

Fortunately, he had cultivated the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon. When he was about to fall down, his legs thrust hard. His body fell on the ground steadily and stood at the edge of the platform.

“Such powerful force!” Zhang Ruochen’s fingers were in great pain. He felt as if his arms were about to be cut off.

He activated the Pure Jade Genuine Qi to circulate through his body in an effort to ease the pain in his arms.

When he saw that Zhang Ruochen had taken his stick force, Sikong Shu exposed an excitement in his eyes. He laughed and said, “You’re really outstanding, my brother. You’ve earned my respect. If you practiced for another year and a half, I would lose poorly. But, with your current cultivation, you have no chance of defeating me.”

After experiencing Sikong Shu’s power, Zhang Ruochen stopped fighting him with force. He exposed the Time and Space Domain gradually and covered up the entire Coliseum.

“Eighteen Sticks of Sky-breaking!”

Sikong Shu wanted to gather all his power and defeat Zhang Ruochen in one strike. Therefore, he displayed a stick technique classified as a low-class Spiritual move.

He held the stick with his hands and swung it towards Zhang Ruochen as if he was destroying the entire troop of an army.

Sikong Shu had mastered the stick technique to the Intermediate Stage of Following the Heart. He carried an 804-kilogram stick as if he was holding a tree branch.

18 moves of stick technique, wave after wave, followed by even stronger power. It completely blocked Zhang Ruochen’s space from all directions.

The strong wind let out a thunderous booming. Bang! Bang!

The students underneath were all nervous for Zhang Ruochen. If he was hit by the 1,608 kilogram metallic stick, all his bones would probably be shattered into powder.

“Zhang Ruochen has no way to go. He will definitely lose within 10 moves.” Yuchi Tiancong sneered.

“Even if he loses, he is still an outstanding warrior. I’m guessing other students who ranked top 10 like Xue Qingchuan and Cai Chen couldn’t even withstand this many moves from Sikong Shu. Zhang Ruochen definitely has the ability to strive into the top 10 of the Western Campus.”

Just as everyone thought that Zhang Ruochen was about to lose the fight, the students surrounding the Coliseum suddenly shouted in excitement.

The crowd looked towards the Coliseum. Zhang Ruochen had jumped up three-meters high easily and escaped from Sikong Shu’s attack.

“Ruochen, you can’t escape from me!”

Sikong Shu laughed out loud. His body thrust up seven-meters and he reached Zhang Ruochen’s head. He swung the stick hard with both hands.

Every warrior knew that if one jumped up in the air, he would have nowhere to leverage. Once he was attacked, there was nowhere to go.


Zhang Ruochen’s body had stopped at three meters above the ground. Surprisingly, he made his second step. He flew up three more meters and was six meters above the ground.

His body kept going upward. He was now nine meters above the ground.

He had achieved three jumps in mere seconds. It completely shocked the students in the Coliseum.

“This… What is this kind of martial technique?”

“Without leveraging any power, he managed to jump up in the air twice!”

An elder said, “He has made use of leveraged power — wind power. Yet, he hasn’t cultivated the martial technique enough to succeed. Otherwise, he would be able to reach the cloud with the help of the wind power.”

The elder was right. Zhang Ruochen had only cultivated the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon to Small Success and could only jump up twice in the air.

If he had cultivated the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon to Succeed, he would be able to jump nine times in the air and reach the cloud.

Zhang Ruochen was standing at nine meters above the ground, two meters higher than Sikong Shu.

He held his sword, displayed a cheeky smile, and said, “Elder brother, it’s your turn to take my sword.”

“Sacred Wave Sword!”

There was a sound like water waving in the air. Like layers of waves, the Sword Breath was rushing down toward Sikong Shu.

The reason Zhang Ruochen decided to use “Sacred Wave Sword” rather than other sword techniques was to take the occasion to borrow.

Borrow from what?

Siking Shu was seven-meters away from the ground and about to fall down. Since he had obtained a high cultivation, he wouldn’t get injured if he fell down seven meters.

However, Zhang Ruochen had displayed the martial arts technique “Sacred Wave Sword”. It caused Sikong Shu to fall down at a much higher speed.


Sikong Shu’s legs touched the ground with such a powerful force that it made him bend his legs slightly. He almost fell and could barely sit on the ground from such force.

Crack! Crack!

The bones in Sikong Shu’s body were crackling. Fortunately, his reaction had been fast enough to retreat all the Genuine Qi back from the Dark Star Cold Iron Stick. This lightened his stick back to 108 kilograms.

Otherwise, he would have been unable to withstand such powerful plummet force.

“Sacred Plenilune Sword!”

Zhang Ruochen seized the chance. He swung his sword out towards Sikong Shu’s neck before reaching the ground.

Sikong Shu retreated a step back, pivoted the Dark Star Cold Iron Stick and blocked his attack instantly.

Without activating its inscription, a Dark Star Cold Iron Stick was useless in defending against Zhang Ruochen.


The Dark Star Cold Iron Stick fell from Sikong Shu’s hand to the Coliseum.

Since Zhang Ruochen had created a great opportunity for himself, he kept attacking and didn’t spare any chances for Sikong Shu to fight back.

Sikong Shu couldn’t help but keep retreating back. There were more than ten sword scratches on his robe. In the end, he had reached the edge of the Coliseum.

“Blood Qi Condensing Soul!”

Sikong Shu’s body displayed rich Spiritual Blood. A blood formation with a five-meter diameter condensed under his legs. The illusory image of a massive lion beast and a blood arms stick shadow appeared on his back.

Only warriors who had reached the Completion of the Black Realm were able to connect the Blood Beast, Blood Soldier, and Blood Wave together and form a Spiritual Blood scene. It was called the “Blood Qi Condensing Soul”.

By exposing the power of the blood Meridians, Sikong Shu’s fighting strength increased greatly. He waved his arm and struck out a fist.

The illusory image attacked towards Zhang Ruochen following Sikong Shu’s fist.

“Animal Spirits Fixing Beasts!”

Zhang Ruochen also activated the power of the Blood Meridian and condensed a dragon and elephant shadow on his back.

He drove the sword out followed by the dragon and elephant shadow towards Sikong Shu.

This was a shocking scene. The dragon and elephant shadows shattered Sikonh Shu’s Spiritual Blood vision. It pushed him back and he rolled off the Coliseum.

“The Animal Spirits Fixing Beasts at the Dawn State of the Black Realm destroys the Blood Qi Condensing Soul at the Completion of the Black Realm. How is Zhang Ruochen’s Blood Meridian so powerful?”

The three Deputy Headmasters and the Lord of the Western Campus watching from afar were absolutely shocked.

The Lord of the Western Campus even yelled and said, “Dragon and Elephant Meridians… He activated the Dragon and Elephant Meridians!”

“It is indeed the Dragon and Elephant Meridians. Sikong Shu has lost with dignity after such a high-standard fight,” said The Lord of the Southern Campus.

The Deputy Headmaster of the Northern Campus laughed and said, “Congratulations, Lord of Western Campus. There’s another Warrior of Division Profound in the Western Campus. This little kid has the potential to challenge the top 10 of the Profound Board.”

Other students didn’t understand the meaning of the Dragon and Elephant Meridians. Yet, they had clearly seen Zhang Ruochen condense the blood dragon and blood elephant. It was just the power of Martial Arts in their eyes.

The elder who stationed at the Coliseum was shocked. He announced, “Zhang Ruochen wins and rises to No.7 of the Western Campus.”

Although he ranked No.7, everyone could clearly tell that if Zhang Ruochen displayed his real power, he could make it into the top five.

Zhang Ruochen walked towards the Coliseum again as one of the students wanted to challenge him.

Students who ranked seventh onwards of the Western Campus wanted to challenge him. Yet, all failed to do so. Gradually, his ability was recognized and fewer and fewer students dared to challenge him.

It was getting dark.

12 fireballs had been lit in the drill ground of Western Campus in the dark night.

The brutal fights at the 10 Coliseum were still ongoing. Some won the challenges; others lost.

After he defeated eight warriors in a row, no one dared to challenge Zhang Ruochen.

“Zhang Ruochen!”

Duanmu Xingling stood at the edge of the drill ground of the Western Campus and waved at him mysteriously.

Zhang Ruochen walked towards her and asked, “Senior sister apprentice Duanmu, what’s the matter?”

“Shhhh! Lower your voice. Don’t let other people know!”

Duanmu Xingling put her finger to her lips and put on a silence hand gesture.

“Don’t make any noise. Follow me.”

Duanmu Xingling looked cautious as if she was a thief. She kept looking around and checking to see if anyone was following her before leading Zhang Ruochen to walk in the dark.

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