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Chapter 130 - The Top Ten Masters from Western Campus

Chapter 130: The Top Ten Masters from Western Campus

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“Alright, show me how good you are!”

Jin Yueming’s eyes were solemn and her fingers were curled into claws. A soft golden light moved across the skin on her arms.

She was over two meters tall and even stronger than many of the men. Her arms, from which tendons protruded, were as thick as the opening of a bowl.


She struck out with her golden claws and grabbed Mo Qinglong around the neck.

Mo Qinglong moved much faster than Jin Yueming, even though he was far shorter than her. He threw himself sideways in order to escape the attack of her golden claw.

He slightly turned his left arm outward, aiming the point of his swords backward and struck out towards Jin Yueming’s waist.

Jin Yueming’s arms came down and caught the tip of his swords between her palms.

Her palms and the sword tips clashed together, producing a shower of sparks and creating a cacophonous boom.

Surprisingly, Jin Yueming had not been injured from blocking the swords with only her bare palms. Her palms were like made of iron.

“How dare you challenge me with such weak strength, Mo Qinglong? You are still too far!” Jin sneered at him coldly.

“Is that so? Then let me show you the power of my Successful martial technique, Double Swords Killing the Deer.” Mo pulled back his swords and adopted a strange pose, with his feet slightly apart and his hands holding the swords one behind another.

“You have practiced your Double Swords Killing the Deer to the Successful stage?” Jin could hardly believe it, staring at him wide-eyed.

How could the mid-class martial technique of the Spiritual Stage be so easily practiced to reach the level of Success like this?


Mo Qinglong held a sword in each hand and began to spin rapidly, the spinning swords made a whistling sound. It was as if he had turned into a rapidly spinning windmill.

The swords flashed, and sword shadows danced everywhere.

“Bang! Bang!”

Jin Yueming could only withstand three of his attacks before being thrown to the ground. It was fortunate for her that she had strong defensive powers and could avoid being seriously injured.

Mo Qinglong’s feet landed on the ground. With a swish, he pointed his swords at Jin’s head and said, “You have been defeated!”


The disciples standing off to the side of the stage all cheered for Mo Qinglong and called out his name loudly.

It was the male disciples who called out the loudest. After all, their status would be higher if there was one more male disciple added to the list of the top ten masters from the Western Campus.

“Unbelievable! Mo Qinglong has just defeated Jin Yueming!”

“Did you hear that Mo had practiced his Double Swords Killing the Deer to the Success level? It is a mid-class martial technique of the Spiritual Stage. Only five people have successfully practiced it in the Western Campus, and Mo Qinglong is the sixth one.”

Zhang Ruochen stood off the stage and nodded in appreciation, “Not bad. Mo Qinglong has practiced his sword comprehension to the Intermediate Stage of the Sword Following the Mind.”

Suddenly, Zhang sensed a delicate fragrance. Turning, he saw Duanmu Xingling, who, at some point, had silently come to his side. This had attracted jealous gazes from all around him.

Someone whispered secretly, “The relationship between senior sister apprentice Duanmu and Zhang Ruochen is, indeed, unusual. I heard that they have already lived together…”

“Zhang Ruochen has such an extraordinary talent. It’s understandable that senior sister apprentice Duanmu fell in love with him. Duanmu has been my goddess all the time. How wonderful it would be if I could live with her someday! I would like to sacrifice ten years of my life for just one day of living with her.”

Duanmu Xingling had a slim figure and she looked like she was only 13 or 14 years old. She had milk-white skin and long jet-black hair. Folding her arms in front of her chest, she stared at Mo Qinglong on the stage and said, “Mo Qinglong has even practiced the mid-class martial technique of the Spiritual Stage to the Success level. He can definitely enter into the top ten list, or even has the opportunity to compete to be one of the top five. Zhang Ruochen, you have practiced to the Medium State of the Black Realm, right?”

“I made the breakthrough the other day… ouch! Why did you pinch me?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Duanmu tightened her two slim fingers that were pinching Zhang’s waist and said, “Why didn’t you tell me last night the good news? You had me worried all night.”

“What are you worried about?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“It worries me that Western Campus won’t win the first position in the comprehensive ranking of new students. Did you think I worried about you?”

Duanmu loosened her grip and pulled back her hand, a sunny smile flickering across her lovely face, “Given your strength, you should be able to enter the top ten in the Western Campus, do you want to try?”

Imitating Duanmu Xingling, Zhang Ruochen crossed his arms over his chest and wore a faint smile, “I’m going to watch first and then decide who I will challenge.”

“You may be unfamiliar with the top ten masters from the Western Campus. I can tell you a bit.” Duanmu Xingling said, “The top five masters are Luo Shuihan, Huang Yanchen, Tuo Muzi, Ju Hailan, and I. Except for Ju, the rest of us are all Warriors of the Division Profound.”

“Seven years ago, Ju Hailan ranked first among the new students from the Western Campus. Actually, he had pretty much the same strength as those who ranked last on the Profound Board. But, he was unlucky, his failure in attaining ten consecutive wins in the Coliseum of the Martial Market made him unable to be a Warrior of the Division Profound.”

“Given your ability, you’re still some distance from the Warriors of the Division Profound. You won’t be able to defeat us five. The other five warriors you can challenge are Cai Chen, Sikong Shu, Xue Qingchuan, Liu Ning, and Mo Qinglong, who are ranked six to 10 respectively.”

“You just watched the fight between Mo Qinglong and Jin Yueming. He had practiced the mid-class martial technique of the Spiritual Stage, which makes his power as destructive as Ju Hailan’s. He will absolutely rank higher on the list.”

Slightly nodding, Zhang Ruochen stared at Mo Qinglong, who carried his swords on his back, and said, “I think his cultivation must be much better than what we saw. Just now when he fought with Jin Yueming, he seemed to partially hide his strength. He may be even stronger than what you imagine.”

“Really? Did you notice something?” Duanmu Xingling asked.

Zhang answered, “His Spiritual Power must have reached level 22. What’s more, he uses two swords. It’s much more difficult for him manipulate double swords to the Intermediate Stage of Sword Following the Mind than it is to manipulate a single one. So, his achievements in sword comprehension are on par with yours. He will soon obtain the Advanced Stage of Sword Following the Mind. If he also hid his real speed and power, then his real strength would also be comparable to yours.”

Hearing these words, Duanmu Xingling’s face turned serious. She said, “Has he always hidden his true strength? If he challenges me, I will certainly make him show his real strength.”

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, “There must be some reason for him to hide his power. It will push him into the eye of the storm if he challenges you. Thus, I guess that he will stay low-key instead of challenging you.”

“If he had chosen to be low-key, why did he challenge Jin Yueming?” Duanmu Xingling asked.

Zhang Ruochen answered, “Because, he wanted to enter the Middle-level Heritage.”

Suddenly Duanmu figured it out. “I see,” she said.

Duanmu firmly believed in Zhang Ruochen’s insights and began to be vigilant about Mo Qinglong, whom she now regarded as a potential rival.

Just then, a light flashed across Duanmu’s eyes. She looked at the challenging platform and smiled, “Your old sweetheart is on the platform now, Zhang Ruochen.”

Duanmu Xingling was talking about was Zi Qian.

Zi Qian stepped onto the challenging platform. She had a slender figure and a comely face.

All of a sudden it became silent around the platform, on which stood a beauty in white. All of the ones standing around stared at her, she was so gorgeous, it was as if she was a fairy from a painting.

Disciples from the other three campuses also talked about her, amazed voices lingered all around.

“I’ve only heard about the three beauties of the Western Campus, all of whom are Warriors of the Division Profound. Nobody could defeat them from the Western Campus. But, I didn’t know there was a new student as beautiful as the Three Beauties.”

“She ranks second among the new students from Western Campus. Don’t underestimate her strength. Who do you think she is going to challenge?”

“Maybe someone ranking among the top one hundred. Given her ability, she is able to defeat a warrior at the Completion of the Black Realm.”

Zhang Ruochen was also a little curious about whom Zi Qian would challenge.

Zi Qian stood calmly on the platform. She said, “I challenge senior sister apprentice Liu Ning, who ranks ninth.”

Everyone was surprised.

A new student dreamed to challenge one of the top ten masters?

Zhang Ruochen was slightly surprised as well. But, he knew that Zi Qian was by no means someone to be considered reckless. Now that she had challenged Liu Ning, she must be pretty confident about her own strength.

“How bold she is to challenge Liu Ning. Liu Ning ranked second among the new students five years ago. She was a new student in the same year as Huang Yanchen. Without Huang, she would have ranked first in that year.” Duanmu said to Zhang Ruochen, “Your old sweetheart will definitely lose.”

Zhang Ruochen asked, “What are Liu Ning’s disadvantages?”

Duanmu Xingling thought for a moment and said, “If you must talk about her disadvantages, she is like me, in that her speed is a bit lacking.”

In fact, Duanmu Xingling was already very fast. However, once compared with those warriors ranking among the top of the Profound Board, she had an obvious disadvantage in speed.

That’s why she ranked far lower than Huang Yanchen on the Profound Board.

After Practicing the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon, Duanmu Xingling’s disadvantages in speed were made up for. This had allowed her to march forward on the Profound Board and she now ranked 88.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Considering Liu Ning’s lack of speed, Zi Qian might have the opportunity to win.”

As Zhang Ruochen conversed with Duanmu Xingling, Liu Ning had begun her fight with Zi Qian.

Although Zi Qian was only in the Final State of the Black Realm, she boasted a rather high speed of 57 meters per second.

Although Liu Ning had practiced to the peak of the Completion of the Black Realm, she had a speed of merely 54 meters per second, much slower than Zi Qian.

Liu Ning’s advantage was the strength of her power. With only the first wave of her Genuine Qi, she forced Zi Qian to back up. It looked like Zi Qian would be defeated very quickly.

“If you think that you can beat me by being faster, then you’re wrong! I rank ninth in the Western Campus by my own strength!” Liu Ning sneered.

Steadying her steps, Zi Qian brushed her hands down over her robe and revealed 36 needles in her hands.

She pushed her Genuine Qi to her palms and outwards. The 36 needles hovered in the air between her palms.

Her arms moved forward. Pushed by her Genuine Qi, the needles all flew towards Liu Ning with a flash of silver light.

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