God Emperor

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Qin Ya

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There was also a Qingxuan Pavilion in the Weapon Market, which was the most magnificent landmark there.

Han Zi took out a palm-sized token from his pocket, showed it to the Qingxuan Pavilion’s guard, and then led Zhang Ruochen into the courtyard.

Inside the courtyard, a maid walked into a pavilion that was covered in a white curtain and bowed. She said, “Chief, a customer introduced by Mo Hanlin hopes that you can see him in person.”

A woman in a red, phoenix-embroidered gown was sitting in the center of the pavilion. Her hair was combed high with three golden hairpins. Her bright eyes, red lips, smooth skin, and plump breasts could be vaguely seen through the light veils.

She was about 27 or 28, with hints of attraction leaking out of every part of her body.

She was the hostess of Qingxuan Pavilion, Qin Ya.

Qin Ya rolled her eyes and smiled. She said, “A customer introduced by Mo Hanlin? I bet he’s another presbyter from some kind of suzerain, or another host from who-knows-what family. Forget it! I’m rather tired today.”

The maid shook her head and said, “No. He’s only a young man, about 16 or 17.”


Qin Ya was a little surprised, and she said, “Mo Hanlin has always been a reliable person. Why did he do such a stupid thing as introduce such a boy here!”

The maid said, “Mo Hanlin never does stupid things. The boy must be an extraordinary person.”

Qin Ya nodded and laughed. She said, “Interesting! All of a sudden I’m not tired anymore. Let’s go and take a look at that boy! Haha!”

Zhang Ruochen sat in the VIP room and waited patiently, holding a colored glaze teacup. He looked very calm.

Han Zi sat on a chair casually and swallowed the tea, he even drank the tea leaves. He kept praising the tea while drinking it.

A moment later, they heard footsteps.

Then, Qin Ya and two maids walked inside.

Han Zi put down his cup immediately and jumped up from his chair, just like a rat upon seeing a cat. He saluted Qin Ya with the utmost respect and said in a low voice, “It’s a great honor to see you, hostess.”

Qin Ya directly passed by Han Zi and stared at Zhang Ruochen. The young man sat there with a calmness that did not belong to a person of his age.

Meanwhile, Zhang Ruochen also looked at Qin Ya. He was somewhat astonished by her beauty as well. What a pretty and coquettish woman! If she tried to lure men, nine out of 10 might surrender.

Fortunately, Zhang Ruochen had a strong Spiritual Power, which helped him to resist the lure to a large extent. He said directly, “I’m here to buy a weapon. Please take me to your warehouse.”

Qin Ya walked over to Zhang Ruochen one step at a time. Her breasts shook with each step she took. The scene was too sexy to look at.

She smiled prettily and said, “Master Zhang, you need to tell me what kind of weapon that you desire, so I can prepare it for you, right?”

“A sword! It’d better be a sword of Genuine Martial Arms!” Zhang Ruochen smelled a dimly discernible fragrance, so light and so attractive. It was Qin Ya’s body scent.

The fragrance was very tempting and fantasy-arousing. It was, however, not vulgar at all.

“What an attractive siren!”

It was Qin Ya’s first time seeing a man stay calm in front of her. “He was only a teenager! Shouldn’t the teenagers have the weakest temperament and be the easiest to lure?”

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes were bright and clear, without any libidinous looks in them.

“That explains why Mo Hanlin wanted me to meet him in person. He’s extraordinary. Other boys’ Spiritual Power can never compare with his.”

Qin Ya nodded. Now Zhang Ruochen interested her even more. She said with a smile, “There are a lot of swords of the Genuine Martial Arms in my warehouse. Since you are the respected guest here, I’ll show you there myself.”

Standing behind Qin Ya, the heavy boy, Han Zi, shook his head fiercely at Zhang Ruochen. It seemed that he wanted to say: Hey man, never go to the warehouse alone with the hostess! She’ll eat you up!

Certainly, Zhang Ruochen noticed Han Zi’s expression. He thought for a while and said, “Okay. Thank you so much, hostess. Please lead the way!”

Qin Ya’s breasts were very plump, and her waist was as slim as a willow branch. When she was walking in front of Zhang Ruochen with her butt moving, her body outlined a beautiful curve. Her hair fell on her back like a black waterfall, flowing with her movement. Whenever she made a step, her beautiful plump butt would tilt up a little bit.

Merely a view of her backside would make it impossible for others to move their eyes away from her.

No wonder Han Zi was so afraid of her.

Men loved a woman like her if she was gentle. Yet, men were afraid of a woman like her if she was not.

But how could a woman like her, who had brought seven husbands to their deaths and held a huge amount of fortune in the Martial Market, be gentle?

Zhang Ruochen tried his best not to look at her.

“Good day, hostess!”

Outside the warehouse, two rows of guards immediately fell on one knee with their eyes gazing at the ground, not daring to even look at Qin Ya.

They were all in fear and trepidation, as if the woman in front of them was not a beauty, but a soul bringer.

Qin Ya and Zhang Ruochen entered the warehouse, while all the others were left outside.

Seeing Zhang Ruochen follow Qin Ya in, Han Zi shook his head and sighed, because he could already predict Zhang Ruochen’s fate.

Up to now, there had not been even one man that had left the warehouse with his body intact if he had followed the hostess inside alone.

Some had their hands chopped off, some were castrated, some had their eyes gouged out, and some even lost their heads!

The hostess never intended to hurt them. However, they just could not hold back their desires and had tried to rape her.

In fact, it was the hostess who was the victim in the very first place. She had to rise up and teach them a lesson.

Due to that, those who had gotten wounded did not dare to make it public.

For respected people like them, it would be a huge disgrace once such things were disclosed.

Qingxuan Pavilion’s weapons warehouse was very big and was divided into a sword room, blade room, spear room, mace room, axe room… Among them, the sword room was the biggest.

Because, in Yunwu Commandery, most warriors preferred swords as weapons.

The weapons were divided into normal weapons and Genuine Martial Arms.

The normal weapons were used by ordinary people.

The Genuine Martial Arms were the weapons for the warriors. Only a warrior could bring out the real power of a Genuine Martial Arm.

The Genuine Martial Arms could be divided into nine levels based on their materials and the inscription numbers.

The first-level Genuine Martial Arms were the lowest.

The ninth-level Genuine Martial Arms were the highest.

The moment that Zhang Ruochen entered the sword room, he felt a strange wave, which came from a broken sword in the corner.

The broken sword was about a hand’s width. Although the sword tip was broken, it still had a length of about four feet.

The sword looked plain and even had some rusty spots on it.

“Aby… ss…”

The moment Zhang Ruochen saw that sword, he was astonished. Then he quickly walked over to it.

Qin Ya smiled and said, “Master Zhang, what a good taste! That’s a sword with 1,000 years’ history. It’s extremely heavy but incredibly sharp. The material is also very special. No one can tell what it is made of.”

“It would be at least a seventh-level Genuine Martial Arm if it was not broken.”

“What a waste! A good sword like this… It was broken, along with the inscription inside. Now, except for its sharpness, it has no value. But if you are interested, I can give it to you at the first-level Genuine Martial Arm’s price.”

“How much?”

Zhang Ruochen slowly picked the extremely heavy sword up and held it in his hand. He gently wiped the rust on the handle off. Beneath the rust, the ancient characters “Abyss” appeared.

The Abyss Ancient Sword.

Qin Ya discovered that Zhang Ruochen liked that broken sword very much, and felt a little regret. A first-level Genuine Martial Arm could only be sold for 500 silver coins at most, which was even cheaper than a single Energy Pill.

“1,000 silver coins.”

She raised the price a lot.

“I’ll take it,” said Zhang Ruochen simply.

Even if it had cost 10,000,000 silver coins, Zhang Ruochen would have still bought it, let alone 1,000 silver coins.

Because this was his sword 800 years ago.

It was the sword that had been sent to him as a present from Princess Chi Yao, who was Empress Chi Yao now.

“When the warrior dies, the sword dies along with him. Now, since I have been reborn, it’s time for the sword to be reborn as well! Abyss, I’ll let your radiance return to this era!” Zhang Ruochen softly touched the Abyss Ancient Sword with his eyes blurred, so soft like he was touching his lover.

This was the predestined relationship between swords and men!

Qin Ya became speechless. “Is Zhang Ruochen really a man?” He was staying with a peerless beauty alone in a warehouse, yet he only wanted to hold that broken sword tightly.

Was that broken sword prettier than her?

Any other man would have pounced on her if they had been alone with her in this warehouse.

Although Qin Ya hated those men so much that she wounded them without a second thought, she still liked to see men going crazy and turning into a goat because of her.

She enjoyed seducing them first, and then wounded them mercilessly to wake them up and drown them in a tearless state.

But now, this Zhang Ruochen would not even look at her!

Any woman as beautiful as she would not be resigned to this!

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