God Emperor

Chapter 1263 - Arrive in the Abandoned Deep Sea

Chapter 1263: Arrive in the Abandoned Deep Sea

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Zhang Ruochen retracted his holy Qi. Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron landed on the deck again.


Zhang Ruochen felt that he had suddenly lost all his power. He couldn’t handle the pressure even with his sanctified body. His legs were shaking, and he had to sit down to absorb the dragon Qi from the ancient ghost boat to recover. After a while, he stood up.

“It consumed all my power after only triggering it for a little bit. What kind of weapon is Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron?”

Zhang Ruochen looked pleased and curious.

Blackie knew that Zhang Ruochen had condensed four saint sources, and his lower abdomen was much larger than that of other saints. It said, “Your cultivation is only enough to activate it for a little while?”

“Do you want to give it a try?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Blackie clenched its teeth. “It’s fine. Only you can activate that weird cauldron. Even if I had immense knowledge and cultivation, I wouldn’t be able to handle that.”

Everyone looked disdainful, as they thought Blackie was blabbering.

Huang Yanchen said, “Although Brother Chen can only trigger the cauldron for a short while, its power is enough to suppress great enemies.”

Qing Mo looked very excited. She said, “Blackie can help Mr. Zhang activate the cauldron, then Mr. Zhang will be able to make a stable strike.”

Ao Xinyan stood close and pouted. She didn’t say anything, but she was shocked by what she just saw.

“Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron is the sacrificial ancestral weapon from Sacred Central Empire of eight hundred years ago. How does my leader have it? And why can only my leader operate it? Is it true that my leader is the Sacred Crown Prince?”

Ao Xinyan knew that Zhang Ruochen said the name out loud because he trusted her, otherwise, she wouldn’t have known that it was Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron.

Ao Xinyan didn’t ask any further questions because she knew that Zhang Ruochen would tell her when he deemed it appropriate.

The power ripples from Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron were enormous. However, Zhang Ruochen could feel that he couldn’t operate Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron that smoothly as he could only activate the power on the surface.

Perhaps only the direct descendants of Zhang’s families could fully utilize Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron.

Zhang Ruochen put the cauldron into his space ring again, and he checked Carnivorous Holy Flower.

After being purified by Divine Fire Jingmie, the saintly way power inside Carnivorous Holy Flower’s body became much purer.

However, Carnivorous Holy Flower went into a slumber. It must have been trying to become an upper-class saint.

“If Carnivorous Holy Flower becomes an upper-class saint, it can rival a saint at Absolute Ground Realm.”

Zhang Ruochen was looking forward to it. There was still a huge gap between his cultivation and that of a saint at Absolute Ground Realm. He could only retreat if he came across one. If Carnivorous Holy Flower became an upper-class saint, the situation would be much better.

Zhang Ruochen then started to refine himself. He opened all his one hundred and forty-four apertures, which formed one hundred and forty-four whirlpools, absorbing the dragon Qi on the ancient ghost boat.

The dragon Qi was absorbed by Divine Fire Jingming or Sun Saint Figure Rune. Some of it was transformed into holy Qi and was stored in the lower abdomen.

Taishang Elder had given Zhang Ruochen the Sun Saint Figure Rune, and after it merged with his body, it had been absorbing his holy Qi. However, that Sun Saint Figure Rune was like an abyss, and it couldn’t be filled no matter how much holy Qi it absorbed.

Although Sun Saint Figure Rune had the power of a saint king, it still depressed Zhang Ruochen with how much holy Qi it required.

If the holy Qi was stored in the lower abdomen, Zhang Ruochen wouldn’t be so powerless after only using Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron for a short while.

Zhang Ruochen only hoped that Sun Saint Figure Rune could be filled so that he could have an impressive trump card.

After a long while, Zhang Ruochen heard a sword sound.


The Ancient Abyss Sword refined all the saint weapons, and it gave out a trace of black light. It flew toward Zhang Ruochen and encircled him, spinning around him, forming thousands of traces of sword Qi.

Every trace of sword Qi looked like a real saint weapon, giving off intimidating power.

Zhang Ruochen stopped absorbing dragon Qi. He grabbed forward and held the handle of Ancient Abyss Sword.

Suddenly, the sword Qi and the black light flew into the sword. There was only a black sword left. It looked simple and forceful.

Zhang Ruochen stroked the blade of the Ancient Abyss Sword and smiled. “Eight thousand, two hundred and thirty-six inscriptions. It’s at the same level as the Taotian Sword now.”

The Taotian Sword was ranked twenty-seventh on the Thousand-patterns Saint Weapon List, and there were eight thousand, nine hundred and eighty-nine inscriptions on it. The number of inscriptions wasn’t the only factor. The material and the quality of inscriptions were also two factors.

The material and the quality of the inscriptions of the Taotian Sword were at the supreme level, so the sword was ranked high on the list. Although it was only a thousand-patterns saint weapon, it had the power of a ten-thousand-patterns saint weapon.

The number of inscriptions on the Ancient Abyss Sword was close to that on the Taotian Sword, but the quality was slightly inferior.

However, the material used to make the Ancient Abyss Sword was fortune iron. The Taotian Sword couldn’t rival that.

The Ancient Abyss Sword was nearly as powerful as the Taotian Sword, and it could definitely be ranked top fifty on the ‘Thousand-patterns Saint Weapon List.’

The greatest power from the Taotian Sword wasn’t the sword itself, but the power from all the ancestral teachers from the Taotian Sword Line that could be concentrated on the same person.

Zhang Ruochen wasn’t upset that the Ancient Abyss Sword didn’t become a ten-thousand-patterns saint weapon because it already had considerable power.

Many sects in Kunlun’s Field wanted to get a ten-thousand-patterns saint weapon, however, only a few had them.

The Ancient Abyss Sword was almost at the same level as a ten-thousand-patterns saint weapon now, and it was craved by many large sects.

The ancient ghost boat sailed very fast. Zhang Ruochen couldn’t catch up with it even with his full speed.

After leaving Dragon Fire Island, the ancient ghost boat sailed on Yin and Yang Ocean for days before there was another change on the ocean.

The temperature of the ocean wasn’t that high anymore, and the weather got colder and colder.

Blackie was the most excited one. It climbed to the top of the silver ancient ghost boat and said, “We’ll arrive at the center of Yin and Yang Ocean, the Abandoned Deep Sea. Let’s get prepared because it’s going to be very dangerous.”

Ao Xinyan had become a saint, and she also had the heir stamp. She wasn’t that afraid of Yin and Yang Ocean anymore. She asked, “What do you mean? What should we prepare for?”

Blackie said, “The ancient ghost boat will stop after reaching the edge of the Abandoned Deep Sea. We have to use our own power to move forward. We need to be fully prepared as it’ll be very dangerous from now on. If anyone doesn’t dare adventure in the Abandoned Deep Sea, he or she can stay on the ancient ghost boat.”

“We’ve already come so far. I don’t care how dangerous it’s going to be, I’ll keep going.”

Huang Yanchen looked firm.

Ao Xinyan took a look at Huang Yanchen and said, “If even she has the guts to adventure in the Abandoned Deep Sea, I’ll have to go too.”

Huang Yanchen smiled. She didn’t want to confront Ao Xinyan, but she looked disdainful.

It became darker and darker, colder and colder.

It turned dark because they had entered a bizarre ocean. The entire ocean was trapped in darkness all the time, and there was no sunlight.

The entire sky and land turned dark in the end, and there were only a few stars hanging in the sky, giving out dim light.

Zhang Ruochen took a look at the sky from time to time and recorded where the stars were.

The ancient ghost boat turned slower before it was completely stopped.

The water here was frozen. Even saints would be numbed if they touched the ocean water, and the holy Qi in their body would flow much more slowly.

The wind was blowing, and it was as sharp as blades.

“Where are we supposed to go now?”

Ao Xinyan looked at Zhang Ruochen and asked for his opinions.

“Stay on the boat for now. I’ll try the strength of the wind in the sky.”

Zhang Ruochen activated Ten Saints Blood Armor, opened his golden dragon wings and surged.

However, after flying only ten miles, Zhang Ruochen turned back. He looked pale and stayed silent on the boat. He held his arms and mobilized holy Qi in his saint veins.

Zhang Ruochen was only able to suppress his injuries after a short while. He opened his eyes again, and before Huang Yanchen and Ao Xinyan asked, he said, “It’s Xuan Yin Wind. The higher you fly, the stronger the wind is. I flew two hundred feet high just now, and I was hit by a human-shaped wind. If I weren’t wearing Ten Saints Blood Armor, I might’ve been killed.”

“The human-shaped wind?”

Everyone on the boat was scared.

It was too dangerous in the sky above the Abandoned Deep Sea, and it was almost impossible to fly in.

Qing Mo stood at the edge of the ancient ghost boat. She yelled, pointing at the far-offocean, “Look, there’s an iceberg.”

Zhang Ruochen followed Qing Mo, and he saw an iceberg floating on the ocean.

“That is…”

Zhang Ruochen looked surprised. There was a human being inside the iceberg.

Someone was sealed in the iceberg?

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