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Chapter 1250 - Prince Black Li

Chapter 1250: Prince Black Li

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The various Saints below the altar all felt the powerful Holy Qi ripples and looked up.

Sizzle, sizzle.

Dozens of Saint Beasts rushed out of the lava. When they reached the bottom of the altar, the people finally saw clearly that it was a group of cats. There were more than 30 of them, each one a Saint.

Some cats were the size of fists, like small fuzzy balls. Others were several hundred feet tall. They were covered in dragon scales and had Divine Dragon-like heads.

Qing Mo pointed at a black cat and exclaimed softly, “It’s Blackie.”

“It’s not Blackie. How can it be so thin?” Zhang Ruochen shook his head.

There was indeed a black cat within the crowd. Compared to Blackie, it was thin and lean. It had a cloud of black smoke around it. Its eyes were sharp and it walked slowly, like the god of death strolling through Hell.

The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon grinned at the cats. “Nine Li Palace, you’ve come just in time. How about we work together and destroy the human Saints?”

Prince Black Li scoffed. “Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon, you want to use us to defeat the humans. Are you dreaming? We’re not that close.”

Darkness flashed past the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon’s eyes, but he didn’t lose his temper.

Right now, Ancient Dragon Mountain and Nine Li Palace had an ambiguous relationship. They weren’t at war, but they weren’t friendly either. Both sides wanted this to continue. At least, they could have a final war after the other savage beast races were cleared out.

A dozen more blue sparks flew out of the ancient well atop the altar. Some flew around the altar while others dove into the lava.

There were very few beings here who collected the Nanling Dragon Fire. There were less than 20 people even when all the forces were combined.

Qing Mo and Huang Yanchen rushed into the lava. They each took one Nanling Dragon Fire spark.

Suddenly, a deep dragon roar rumbled in the ancient well. The underground space trembled and the temperature doubled in an instant.

Some of the weaker Saints suffered from the invisible power and retreated without stop.

The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon, Chi Wansui, Crown Prince Qitian, and Prince Black Li didn’t retreat. Instead, they looked excited and stepped forward. They knew that the mature Nanling Dragon Fire was about to appear.

Even young Divine Dragons may die when trying to take mature Nanling Dragon Fire, but they weren’t afraid. They were confident that they were stronger than Divine Dragon youths.

“I must take a mature Nanling Dragon Fire spark and make my physical body undefeatable.” The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon widened his eyes. His hands turned into dragon claws. His aura grew stronger and stronger.

“There’s a limited amount of Nanling Dragon Fire. The first one must be mine.” Other than in taking the World Spirit of the Blue Dragon Void World, Crown Prince Qitian had never failed in anything else in his life. He was very confident.

If he wanted to become the second Pluto of the Immortal Vampires, he had to take a Nanling Dragon Fire spark to strengthen himself.

Chi Wansui also wanted a mature Nanling Dragon Fire spark. He could use it against Monk Lidi’s golden body and Xue Wuye’s swordsmanship to become the top human Saint of the younger generation.

Competition for the first mature Nanling Dragon Fire spark would definitely be the most intense. Zhang Ruochen wasn’t impatient, so he just crossed his arms and watched. “I wonder how much they’ve improved,” he murmured to himself.

The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon, Chi Wansui, and Crown Prince Qitian were all rare once-in-a-millennium geniuses. They all had great fates. If it wasn’t for the fact that a huge era was coming, they couldn’t have been born in the same period.

In ancient times, the young Divine Dragons might have really been weaker than them.


The underground space shook. A 30-foot-long blue fire dragon flew out of the ancient well. It wasn’t big, but its power was hundreds of times more terrifying than the Nanling Dragon Fire sparks.

Whoosh, whoosh!

The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon, Chi Wansui, Crown Prince Qitian and Prince Black Li all used their fastest techniques to rush up. They began fighting before they even approached the blue fire dragon.

While fighting, Chi Wansui yelled, “Are you sure you want to fight? If you accidentally lure out some unknown danger from the bottom of the sea, we’ll all die here.”

“No one knows how many mature Nanling Dragon Fires there are. What if there’s only this one? It must be mine!”

The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon was filled with aggressive Qi. He practically didn’t care about his life anymore. He attacked with full force, wildly as if he wanted to drill through the sea.

“A madman who doesn’t care for his life.”

In the end, Chi Wansui and Prince Black Li retreated, not continuing to fight. They wouldn’t be afraid anywhere else, but there were many concerns here. They couldn’t be as crazy as the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon.

“All Saints of the imperial court,” Chi Wansui said, “leave immediately and return to ground level.”

“Nine Li Palace, listen,” Prince Black Li yelled. “Don’t stay here. Return to the ground and be ready to meet me at any moment.”

The Saints of the various forces knew that they couldn’t stay underground anymore. They all rushed into the lava and hurried to the ground.

The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon and Crown Prince Qitian continued fighting. The lava rolled and rumbled. The underground space was about to be ripped apart.

The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon had the Ancient Dragon Scale. Crown Prince Qitian had the God-killing Cross Shield. They were both excellent divine weapons, even stronger and more miraculous than a Thousand-pattern Saint Weapon. They could unleash earth-shaking power.

Such powerful weapons, Zhang Ruochen thought. They must be in the top three weapons of the Ancient Dragon Mountain and Qitian Tribe.

The Ancient Dragon Scale was a scale from an ancestor of the ancient dragon race. It contained chaotic Qi. When unleashed at full force, it could suppress all beings in the world.

The Death God Cross had once killed a god. The divine blood on it still hadn’t dried.

With these two powerful weapons, the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon and Crown Prince Qitian’s combat abilities reached a terrifying level. Saints of the same realm would be killed instantly if they approached the area.

After reaching the Saint Realm, they could finally use a shred of the two weapons’ true powers.

“Such powerful weapons,” Huang Yanchen said. “With the Heir Stamp’s current power, it might not be able to fend them off.”

The Heir Stamp could grow continually. It would only strengthen if more Rules of Saintly Way were added to it.

Zhang Ruochen’s expression was grave. “I will go compete too. You and Qing Mo go back now!”

This time, Huang Yanchen didn’t insist on staying. She rushed up with Qing Mo.

As soon as they left, a huge change occurred. The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon didn’t control his strength well. When he attacked with the Ancient Dragon Scale, he was a bit off. It hit the square altar.


The altar trembled.

Dozens of deafening dragon roars sounded within the ancient well. Then dozens of blue fire dragons flew out.

At the same time, the underground space collapsed. Lava fell down, drowning the altar and ancient well.

“Oh no.” Zhang Ruochen’s expression faltered.

Dozens of mature Nanling Dragon Fires were born. This was no longer an opportunity but a catastrophe. If he was touched by the fire, he would be turned to ashes.

The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon and Crown Prince Qitian were both shocked. They stopped fighting and dodged the attacks of the dozen mature Nanling Dragon Fires.

They didn’t retreat. They still wanted to take one of the fire dragons.

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes were on the largest blue fire dragon. It was 50 feet long and had clear dragon scales, whiskers, and horns. Its fire Qi was also the strongest.

Zhang Ruochen rushed over. Thousands upon thousands of Rules of Saintly Way were released from his forehead. They wrapped around the dragon like chains.

The blue fire dragon was very intelligent and obviously wasn’t willing to be taken. It roared angrily and shook its body, shattering all the Rules of Saintly Way.

The dragon’s roar shocked the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon, Crown Prince Qitian, Chi Wansui, and Prince Black Li. They all looked toward Zhang Ruochen. He wore the Ten Saints Blood Armor, so no one could see his body and features clearly.

However, the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon, Crown Prince Qitian, and Chi Wansui were all wise geniuses. They recognized him at a glance.

“Zhang Ruochen, you’ve finally appeared!”

The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon hated Zhang Ruochen’s guts. Fire practically spewed from his eyes. He circulated his Holy Qi, sending it streaming into the Ancient Dragon Scale.


A beam of black dragon light flew from the Ancient Dragon Scale, attacking Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen knew how powerful the Ancient Dragon Scale was, so he obviously wouldn’t go up against it. He hurriedly used the Spatial Move to dodge it.

The black light had extreme penetrative abilities. It kept going up, flying out of the volcano and shooting into the clouds above Yin Yang Sea.

Zhang Ruochen was still composed. Smiling, he said, “You don’t have to be so furious at seeing me, right? How about we fight after getting the Nanling Dragon Fire?”

“I can get the Nanling Dragon Fire after killing you first.”

The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon was determined to kill Zhang Ruochen. Great Demonic Qi surged within him. His arm transformed into a huge dragon claw and he slammed down on Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen was still composed. He formed a palm force and hit it forward to the center of the dragon claw.


The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon flew back several hundred feet. The huge dragon claw transformed back into an arm. Immense pain seized half of his body. Feeling shocked inside, he thought, He’s only a human, but his physical strength is actually stronger than me.

“Zhang Ruochen must have turned his body into a Saint. His physical strength is even stronger than other physical Saints too.”

Crown Prince Qitian narrowed his eyes. Murderous Qi rolled off of him as he slowly approached Zhang Ruochen.

“This isn’t the place to take the Nanling Dragon Fire. I’ll take my leave.”

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Crown Prince Qitian and smiled. He extended his arms and pushed up a huge spatial territory. He dragged the 50-foot-long blue fire dragon into the spatial territory and then used the Spatial Move.


Zhang Ruochen and the blue fire dragon both vanished from the underground.

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