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Chapter 110 - Envy

Chapter 110: Envy

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When Zhang Ruochen arrived outside Divine Power Palace, he saw a line of six women and two men and thought to himself that the Western Campus was really flourishing in Yin while declining in Yang.

Many wore admiring and envious looks when they saw him approach.

They didn’t have any objections to the three female devils living in Dragon Martial Temple. After all, their cultivations spoke for themselves. Who would dare to be unhappy?

Yet everyone was all new students. Why was Zhang Ruochen the only one who was allowed to live in Yellow No.1 in Dragon Martial Temple, while the three female devils would chase away those of them who dared to enter?

The one who couldn’t accept this the most was Yuchi Tiancong because his circumstances were the most tragic.

Two years ago, he was the first ranked new student. He entered Dragon Martial Temple feeling brave and energetic, but Huang Yanchen broke both his legs and threw him out that night. He even had to surrender his newly awarded 3,000 merits to her.

In the beginning, he thought Zhang Ruochen’s fate would be worse than his. But a month had now passed and he was still living there as if the three female devils never gave him any trouble.

How was this possible?

Yuchi Tiancong couldn’t understand.

Duanmu Xingling discovered there was yet another change in Zhang Ruochen’s aura the minute she saw him. She took the initiative and asked, “Have you already refined that drop of Half-Saint’s Essence?”

Zhang Ruochen nodded and smiled. “I have.”

She was incredibly surprised and looked at him with disbelief. “You refined it completely in just one day?”

Even at her current realm, she would need two days to completely absorb one drop of Half-Saint’s Essence. How could Zhang Ruochen who in the Advanced Stage of the Black Realm, no matter how talented, refine it faster than her?

She didn’t know that he possessed a Time and Space Spinel. Only a little over a day had passed, but he had already practiced for four days inside the Time and Space Spinel.

Zhang Ruochen lauged lightly, saying, “Just a drop of Half-saint’s Essence. If it’s a drop of Sacred Liquid, it won’t be refined so easily.”

She stared at him as if he was a monster. This person had brought her too many surprises and shocks. How many other secrets did he harbor?

The nine people lined up in the order of the time they entered the Western Campus, putting Yuchi Tiancong next to Duanmu Xingling. He could clearly overhear her conversation with Zhang Ruochen.

Yuchi Tiancong laughed. “Brother Zhang, from what I know, you’ve only been here a month. It’s too early for you to be awarded a drop of Half-Saint’s Essence. How did you come across it?”

Xue Ling was also envious of Zhang Ruochen. After all, she had been chased out of Dragon Martial Temple by Huang Yanchen and Duanmu Xingling, yet he could stay there to practice. How could she not be envious?

A little smile appeared on her face as she said, “From what I know, there are only two ways for a student to get some Half-Saint’s Essence. First, you can naturally get a drop as is awarded each year to every student. Second, you can enter the Black Market, find someone you know, and purchase it at a high price. Do you know anyone from the Black Market?”

Standing between Yuchi Tianchong and Zhang Ruochen, Xue Ling looked about 16 and her lovely face continued to wear a smile. She was considered pretty but lacking compared to Duanmu Xingling and Huang Yanchen.

Her question hit on the heart of the matter. After all, everyone knew the Martial Market Bank and the black market were opponents.

If Zhang Ruochen had really purchased his Semi-Holy Water off the black market, it would make the school officials suspicious of him. Though they wouldn’t throw him out of the school without any proof, the assumption was enough to end any of his dreams to practice in Dragon Martial Temple in the future.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t reply. On the other hand, Duanmu Xingling appeared very unhappy as she stared at Yuchi Tiancong and Xue Ling. The smile on her face disappeared instantly and she said coldly, “What do you two mean? Are you implying that Brother Zhang is a spy for the black market?”

Xue Ling held a grudge against Duanmu Xingling ever since she chased her out of Dragon Martial Temple a year ago, saying her talent was too low and had no right to practice there.

Xue Ling smiled. “Sister Duanmu, you misunderstand me. I never said Zhang Ruochen is a spy from the black market. I’m just curious about the source of his Half-Saint’s Essence. After all, it’s such a precious item. If he can procure some from another source, I’d like to pay a high price and buy some from him.”

Clearly, she still suspected Zhang Ruochen.

Yuchi Tiancong said, “I’m also curious about your source. Can you sell me a few drops?”

Zhang Ruochen looked at the two people beside him and smiled. “Since you’re curious, I’ll tell you! Mine was a meeting gift from Sister Duanmu. If you want to buy some, you can ask her!”

They were both stunned and their gaze shifted to Duanmu Xingling, clearly not believing his words.

The Half-Saint’s Essencer was such a precious item that even Duanmu Xingling received only eight drops a year. How could she possibly gift it to a new junior fellow apprentice of the Western Campus?

The other students were also in disbelief and they all looked at Duanmu Xingling.

Duanmu Xingling smiled. “That’s true. His drop of Half-Saint’s Essence was from me.”

Yuchi Tiancong seemed to have finally understood something. No wonder Zhang Ruochen was able to stay in Dragon Martial Temple! He actually had Duanmu Xingling as his backer. If she could gift him a drop of the Half-Saint’s Essence, that meant their relationship couldn’t be ordinary.

Duanmu Xingling was incredibly talented and wickedly beautiful. How could she like Zhang Ruochen? Yuchi Tiancong became even more envious of him, wishing he could replace him.

Huang Yanchen pulled Duanmu Xingling to the side, eyes cold and sharp. She said in a low voice, “Xingling, don’t tell me you’ve really fallen for that pervert.”

Duanmu Xingling laughed aloud. “Not yet!”

Huang Yanchen was a little unhappy and said, “You even gave him Half-Saint’s Essence and you still dare deny it? That pervert has a bad character and plays around. You’ll cry your heart out if you give your heart to him.”

Duanmu Xingling’s smile was as radiant as a blooming flower. She raised her slim and pale wrist, showing Huang Yanchen the Space Jade bracelet. “This is the treasure he gave me.”

Huang Yanchen saw that Duanmu Xingling was beyond rescue. She pressed tapped her between her friend’s eyes. “You’re so happy with this cheap jade bracelet that you gifted him a drop of Half-Saint’s Essence in return? If he gives you something even more precious, aren’t you going to be tricked into his bed? Wake up! Don’t be tricked by that pervert!”

“What cheap jade bracelet?”

Duanmu Xingling shot her a look and handed her the Space Jade bracelet. “Immerse your Genuine Qi into the bracelet and tell me if you still think it’s a cheap jade bracelet.”

Huang Yanchen’s eyes carried disdain, not believing Zhang Ruochen would give her friend anything precious. It was probably just some low-class defense Genuine Martial Arms.

Despite what she thought, she still immersed her Genuine Qi into the jade bracelet.


A gentle light glowed on the surface of the jade bracelet.

Her expression gradually became solemn. She extended her pale hand towards the bracelet and her fingers went through the pale light, entered a large internal space.

“Space treasure!”

Huang Yanchen was absolutely shocked. If the bracelet wasn’t in her hands, she would definitely think that she was dreaming.

She didn’t think she would be able to see a true Space treasure with her own eyes in her lifetime.

“Did he really give you this Space jade bracelet?” Huang Yanchen asked enviously.

Duanmu Xingling smiled with crinkled eyes. “Sister Chen, first return the Space bracelet to me.”

Huang Yanchen held the bracelet tightly and couldn’t stop touching it. She liked it immensely and was reluctant to return it.

She actually felt a sourness in her heart. Looking at her good sister in front of her, she actually felt a shred of envy. “Don’t tell anyone you have this bracelet. If others begin coveting it, it’ll definitely bring you a lot of trouble.”

Being incredibly intelligent, Duanmu Xingling naturally knew what her friend was feeling. She smiled and said, “From what I know, Zhang Ruochen has more than one Space treasure.”

Huang Yanchen’s eyes brightened. “Really?”

“Did you think he’d so casually give me a Space bracelet otherwise?”

Huang Yanchen’s shred of envy dissolved and she said coldly, “I understand now. You showed me the Space bracelet on purpose. Aren’t you worried I’ll snatch it from you?”

“Why snatch mine? Go and snatch his! It shouldn’t be a problem to get a Space treasure considering your relationship with him.” Duanmu Xingling batted her eyelashes at Huang Yanchen before returning to the front of Divine Power Palace to wait for the opening.

Huang Yanchen’s eyes carried disdain, not believing Zhang Ruochen would give her friend anything precious. It was probably just some low-class defense Genuine Martial Arms.

Zhang Ruochen felt that the way that Huang Yanchen stared at him was very odd as if she wanted to eat him. He thought this was completely inexplicable. He didn’t provoke her at all.

Just then, another three students arrived at Divine Power Palace. They were Zi Qian, Prince Huo Xing, and Yao Qingtong.

“How can there be three more new students?” Xue Ling stared at these three new students, feeling incredibly unhappy.

Yuchi Tiancong furrowed his brow. “I thought only the first ranked new student each year can enter Divine Power Palace to practice? Why are they here?”

Zhang Ruochen seemed to have understood something and nodded gently.

Though Yuchi Tiancong and Xue Ling were the first ranked new students, they had only passed the third obstacle on the second level of the Wu Tower.

Zi Qian, Prince Huo Xing, and Yao Qingtong all passed the first obstacle on the third floor of the Wu Tower when they entered the school. Though the three of them were not ranked first, they were more talented than half of the first ranked students present. Naturally, they could break the rules and practice in Divine Power Palace.

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