God Emperor

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Breaking Through the Realm Once More

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Zhang Ruochen hunkered down underwater peacefully and calmly. He transferred the Genuine Qi in his body to the three Meridians.

The pain lessened with each cycle of the Genuine Qi.

He could not hold his breath to practice underwater too long due to his current level of martial cultivation, so he had to come up from the water to breathe every five minutes.

After two hours, the pain had almost disappeared. A flow of cool air came into his body to regenerate it. The feeling was so pleasant that it almost made him moan.


Zhang Ruochen stood up and wiped himself dry. He stood in front of a bronze mirror, stared at his own body, and nodded.

The 10-day practice and the alleviation from the medicated bath had strengthened his body to some extent. He used to look so ill.

Only four days had passed in reality of course, while over 10 days had passed in the Time and Space Spinel.

Four days ago, he was a loser driven away from the Jade Palace by the Eighth Prince and was laughed at mercilessly by everybody. Who could have even imagined, however, that only four days later he would have attained the cultivation of the Mid Stage of the Yellow State?

It was a miracle!

“That’s not enough! The Mid Stage of the Yellow Realm is only the beginning!” With a sharp look in his eyes, Zhang Ruochen clenched his fist.

After putting on his clothes, he took a Blood Pill and entered the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel to continue his practice.

The reason why he could attain the Mid Stage of the Yellow Realm in merely four days was not only because he had Martial Arts experience in his last life, but also because of the help of the Time and Space Spinel.

He could practice three times longer than the other warriors with the help of the Time and Space Spinel, which was his unique advantage.



“Galloping Elephant!”

Zhang Ruochen bent his legs, stepped out, and punched. Every punch gathered the power of each muscle and every bone.

After the medicated bath, one needed to use the fist technique in order to integrate the medicated effects into the body, thus transferring it into their own power.

Zhang Ruochen spent the next few days mainly practicing inside the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel and only came outside every three days.

Concubine Lin knew that Zhang Ruochen had just obtained his Sacred Mark and he needed to seclude himself for refining, open up his Qi Pool, wash his marrow, and break out of the channels. Therefore, she did not get involved with him, but simply asked Yun to take good care of him.

She still continued to sell her accessories and used the money to buy Blood Pills for Zhang Ruochen.

At that time, Zhang Ruochen asked Yun to secretly buy those accessories back at a higher price.

It was a feeling beyond description. Zhang Ruochen was greatly moved by selfless love.

Gradually, Zhang Ruochen was accepting his identity in this life and saw Concubine Lin as his real mother.

“Why don’t we tell Concubine Lin the truth? She would be overjoyed if she knew that you are a real warrior now,” said Yun.

“Not now. I want to surprise her at the Year-end Assessment. Apart from that, I don’t think I’m strong enough now. I need to be even stronger,” said Zhang Ruochen.

Yun now knew a lot of Zhang Ruochen’s secrets.

Except for the secret of his last life and the Time and Space Spinel, Zhang Ruochen had told her everything.

In Yun’s view, the Ninth Prince was an incredibly outstanding genius of Martial Arts. In only a few days’ time, he had reached the Mid Stage of the Yellow Realm, which no other prince could compare with.

Perhaps only the best-of-the-best, Prince Seventh, could be mentioned in the same breath as him.

After achieving the Mid Stage of the Yellow Realm, Zhang Ruochen kept practicing in the Time and Space Spinel for a month, taking an Energy Pill every six days and a medicated bath every 10 days.

His other time was spent on practicing the second movement of the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm, Dragon in the Sky, and understanding the “Scripture of Emperor Ming’s Empyrean” and “The Graph of Meridians”.

The Genuine Qi in the Qi Pool was completed but the second movement of the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm was not ready yet.

“Tonight, I’ll try to reach the advanced stage of the Yellow Realm!” said Zhang Ruochen.

After hearing this, Yun was so surprised and said, “Advanced stage of the Yellow Realm! But you’ve just reached the Mid Stage only 10 days ago! Are you going to go for the Advanced Stage already? It took the Eighth Prince four years to do that!”

Yun did not know about the existence of the Time and Space Spinel, so she thought that Zhang Ruochen had only practiced for 10 days. In fact, Zhang Ruochen had been practicing for a whole month.

Actually, it should not have even taken him that long. He spent a large amount of his time refining his body, otherwise, his practicing speed would have been even faster.

“It is really that fast? It has just all come when it has needed to.”

Zhang Ruochen never considered that his practice speed was very fast. He believed that if other geniuses had the good resources that he had, they would also be fast.

The Eighth Prince taking four years only proved that he was a man of terrible endowments.

Anyway, Yun was very excited now. She said, “I know that you are going to succeed. If you can reach the Advanced Stage of the Yellow Realm, we don’t need to be afraid of the Eighth Prince anymore!”

“Yes! Now please leave me alone. I don’t want anyone disturbing me tonight,” said Zhang Ruochen.

Yun nodded her head so hard that she looked like a pecking little chick. She said, “I’ll guard the door tonight. If anyone dares to disturb you, I’ll risk my life to stop him.”

He gazed at her with deep feeling and said softly, “Thank you.”

After Yun left, Zhang Ruochen entered the internal space of Time and Space Spinel right away.

“If I want to break through to the advanced stage of the Yellow Realm, I must open up three Meridians at once, and make these Meridians penetrate the five internal organs, arms, and feet.”

Zhang Ruochen took out three jade bottles at once and put them in a row. Inside every bottle, there was one portion of Marrow-washing Liquid.

After adjusting himself to the best state, Zhang Ruochen drank the first bottle. With the help of the medicating effect, he started to open up the fourth Meridian.

After half an hour, the fourth Meridian was opened up successfully.

The fourth Meridian flowed from the Qi Pool and came to his neck, chest, left arm, and right arm. It then flowed all the way from his back and rushed to his head. Finally, it came back to the Qi Pool between his eyebrows. A large circulation of vital energy was completed.

Without pausing, Zhang Ruochen drank the second bottle and started to open up the fifth Meridian immediately.

The fifth Meridian extended from the Qi Pool and went through his chest, stomach, left leg, and right leg, and finally returned to the Qi Pool.

This Meridian had a longer route, which took Zhang Ruochen six hours to open up successfully.

Half of the Genuine Qi had been used up. Zhang Ruochen was covered in sweat, so he had to take a Spiritual Crystal in his hand and quickly absorb the Spiritual Qi to transfer it into Genuine Qi. Then he stored it in the Qi Pool.

The Genuine Qi in the Qi Pool was once again full.

Zhang Ruochen immediately drank the third bottle and started to open up the sixth Meridian.

This Meridian flowed through the five internal organs, namely: spleen, lungs, kidney, liver, and heart. When the Genuine Qi flowed through them, it would strengthen them. The five internal organs, however, were extremely fragile. Therefore, Zhang Ruochen had to be much more careful.

Finally, 12 hours had passed and the Genuine Qi was almost again used up. But there was still one part left to be opened up.

If the Genuine Qi ran out, all of his previous efforts would have been in vain, and the five internal organs would even be hurt.

Furthermore, it would be 10 times more difficult to open up this Meridian in the future than it was at this time.

Zhang Ruochen made a bold decision. He put an Energy Pill in his mouth at a blistering speed.


The Pill Spirit of the Energy Pill exploded inside his body.

Zhang Ruochen multitasked immediately. On the one hand, he used the five Meridians that were already opened up to absorb the Pill Spirit, transferred it into Genuine Qi, and moved it to the Qi Pool.

On the other hand, he carefully controlled the Genuine Qi and continued to break through the sixth Meridian.

It was a great test of his Spiritual Power. Fortunately, Zhang Ruochen was a strong warrior of the Completion of the Realm of Heaven in his last life, whose Spiritual Power was strong enough to perform multitasking successfully.

The sixth Meridian was opened up successfully!

The Qi Pool between his eyebrows glowed white, and its capacity became 10 times greater than before.

The Qi Pool at the Mid Stage of the Yellow Realm had been only as big as a rice jar.

Now, Zhang Ruochen’s Qi Pool was about 10 rice jars in size, which was big enough to hold a large amount of Genuine Qi.

“I finally made it to the advanced stage of the Yellow Realm!”

Zhang Ruochen put a Spiritual Crystal in his hand, and then his Sacred Mark between his eyebrows appeared and started to absorb the Spiritual Qi from the Spiritual Crystal.

The absorbing speed was doubled when the six Meridians worked simultaneously.

Zhang Ruochen stopped practicing when the realm had become stable.

He opened his eyes. His pupils became incomparably bright, just like two stars in the sky.

Lots of impure substances excreted from his pores with the opening up of the three new Meridians. So the stench was unbearable.

Zhang Ruochen went out of the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel and took a bath in the prepared bucket. Then he put his clothes on and stepped outside.

It was already midnight.

The feathery snowflakes were dancing in the sky, and the whole courtyard was covered with a layer of silver frost.

Yun was sitting on the stairs outside Zhang Ruochen’s room. Her body was curled up and she rubbed her hands and breathed on them from time to time.


Hearing the door behind her open, Yun quickly stood up and looked at Zhang Ruochen, who had just walked outside. She asked with joy, “Did you succeed?”

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