God Emperor

Chapter 102 - Bully to the Extreme

Chapter 102: Bully to the Extreme

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Once again, Zhang Ruochen’s ability shocked Nie Xuan. He stayed stiff and didn’t dare to say a word.

A third-level Genuine Martial Arm was made of a rare metal with a high degree of toughness. Yet, Zhang Ruochen could easily break it with two fingers.

With such ability, there is no doubt that he could pinch off Nie Xuan’s neck.

Zhang Ruochen shifted his sight from Nie Xuan to the students of Square Commandery. He said, “Since everyone is here, let’s go together! I can’t wait to see how far all of you can go!”

Wang Lang, Xie Zhaowu and other students of Square Commandery were shocked by Zhang Ruochen’s overbearingness and stepped back slightly.

After a second…

“Zhang Ruochen, do you really think that we are not capable of catching you down?” After the shock, Nie Xuan remembered that Zhang Ruochen had only cultivated to the Mid Stage of the Black Realm, so he had no reason to fear him.

No words could explain his hatred towards Zhang Ruochen. He stepped forward and wanted to fight against Zhang Ruochen so as to seek revenge and show everyone how powerful he was.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Nie Xuan and said, “You’re way too weak to be my opponent. You will definitely lose if you fight with me!”

Nie Xuan sneered. “I was too careless last time and hence I lost. If I fight with you with my full power, I’ll be powerful enough to defeat you!”

Zhang Ruochen knew that the real powers that Nie Xuan mentioned were the “Animal Spirits Fixing Beasts” and the “Animal Spirits Fixing Arms”.

When reaching the Dawn State, the “Animal Spirits Fixing Beasts” could be utilized.

When reaching the Medium State, the “Animal Spirits Fixing Arms” could be used.

Zhang Ruochen responded lightly. “I can give you a chance to take revenge. What if you still lose?”

Nie Xuan exclaimed, “I swear to the Holy Queen of Majesty and Morality, if I lose in your hand again, I will stop troubling you and Zhang Shaochu. I’ll back off wherever you guys go.”

This oath still has a lot of weight.

He swore to the Holy Queen of Majesty and Morality and if he violated the swear, he would be seen as disrespectful to the Holy Queen. His family would be exterminated and his property would be confiscated.

Who was the Holy Queen of Majesty and Morality?

She was Empress Chi Yao, the head of the Kunlun’s Field.

Hearing Nie Xuan’s swear, Zhang Ruochen responded. “Keep your words. Come on, let’s fight!”

Nie Xuan wasn’t a fool. He wouldn’t do things without a purpose. The reason why he insisted to fight with Zhang Ruochen was that he wanted to test Zhang Ruochen’s ability to help Feng Zhilin so that when Feng Zhilin fought with him, he knew what he would expect.

If Zhang Ruochen appeared to be powerful, Feng Zhilin would have to stop underestimating him and use all his efforts in his fight tomorrow.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t think too much. Neither Nie Xuan nor Feng Zhilin were important to him. They weren’t worth spending too much time on.

“Animal Spirits Fixing Beasts!”

The Spiritual Blood surged out from the expanded pores of Nie Xuan’s body, an illusory image of a seven-meter-long python appearing behind his back. Although the illusory image was thin, the shape of the python was clearly visible.

A wisp of Spiritual Blood poured towards Zhang Ruochen like a savage beast.

Nie Xuan’s fingers turned golden. He gathered the power of his entire body and pointed at Zhang Ruochen’s glabella.

The students standing aside noticed that when Nie Xuan pointed out his finger, the illusory image of the python on his back had also dashed out at the same time. The two strands of power composited together.

Zhang Ruochen also stretched out a finger. He manifested the Pure Jade Genuine Qi to his fingertip and his finger became jade-white.

He pointed out the finger, where a strand of Sword Breath streaked out from it. It was as if a white sword-shadow had smacked on Nie Xuan’s fingertip.

The two forces from the fingertips smashed together like a pin against an awl.


The illusory image of the python was shattered and turned into strands of Spiritual Blood.

Nie Xuan quickly stepped back. His finger was wounded by the Sword Breath and was bleeding.

The skill Zhang Ruochen just displayed was not a martial technique, but a random point. After reaching the peak of the Sword Following the Mind, he was able to release a powerful sword wave with a random point.

“This is powerful!” Nie Xuan was shocked and whispered to himself.

Nie Xuan couldn’t believe that the cultivation of Zhang Ruochen had greatly increased compared to one month ago.

“Animal Spirits Fixing Arms!”

Nie Xuan decided to demonstrate his most powerful move. If he still couldn’t defeat Zhang Ruochen, he would give in.

The Spiritual Blood of his body kept converging on his head. It transformed into a three-meter-long Blood Sword. The sword tip was pointing downward and started spinning.


When he pointed out his finger, the illusory image of the Blood Sword broke out a crashing sound and unleashed towards Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen would not free him as he had humiliated Zhang Shaochu over and over again.

He took the initiative to attack Nie Xuan this time. He moved half a meter to his right and escaped the Blood Sword.

A burr of a human shadow flashed. Zhang Ruochen struck out a palm on Nie Xuan’s chest before he could respond.

“Bang!” Nie Xuan felt that Zhang Ruochen’s palm weighed a 10,000 pounds. His rib cage was almost broken, and his five internal organs seemed like they had exploded. He lost control of his own body and flew out.


Nie Xuan was sent flying in the air. He coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood.

His body bumped into the dormitory door where the hole was as big as a person. He fell from the second floor to the stone mound on the first floor.


He was seriously injured and fainted inside the stone mound.

Zhang Ruochen retreated his palms. He flipped his sleeves slightly and stared at the warriors of Square Commandery. “Who still wants to fight with me?”

Being a warrior who had cultivated till the Medium State of the Black Realm, Nie Xuan still lost the fight to Zhang Ruochen. How would the other students dare to fight against him?

Zhang Shaochu could not believe how powerful Zhang Ruochen was. He was not scared of the students of Square Commandery anymore. He walked towards Zhang Ruochen with his big tummy and said, “My ninth brother, you have to seek revenge for me! Wang Lang and Qing Haitian always bullied me before you came to Western Campus. Not only did they snatch all my cultivation resources, they also took off all my clothes to humiliate me in front of everyone in Western Campus!”

While Zhang Shaochu was complaining, he pointed at the two students and exclaimed angrily.

Before the appearance of Zhang Ruochen, he wouldn’t dare to speak out on how frustrated he felt. He didn’t even dare to tell the presbyter of the School.

However, it’s a completely different story now. Since his ninth brother was so powerful, no one would dare to bully or humiliate Zhang Shaochu anymore. He would be safe in Western Campus.

With the protection of Zhang Ruochen, Zhang Shaochu had the guts to speak out.

Zhang Ruochen gasped in his heart. It seems like his fourth brother had suffered a lot in Western Campus. Otherwise, how would such a superior prince become so timid?

Yes. He was timid. Zhang Ruochen could completely feel the fear and timidness in Zhang Shaochu’s heart.

He found a need to build up his fourth brother’s confidence.

Zhang Ruochen stared at Wang Lang and Qing Haitian and said, “Wang Lang, Qing Haitian, you two have forgotten we are the Royal Family of Yunwu Commandery, haven’t you? Do you think you can get away from my revenge after humiliating my fourth brother?”

Both Wang Lang and Qing Haitian were classified as Martial Arts masters who had reached the Medium State of the Black Realm.

Although Zhang Ruochen had just defeated Nie Xuan, they weren’t afraid at all.

Wang Lang’s had thick eyebrows and his eyes looked as sharp as a sword. He said coldly, “Zhang Ruochen, why are you so pleased with yourself? Do you think you can stay alive until tomorrow?”

No matter how powerful Zhang Ruochen was, no one believed that he could take down Feng Zhilin.

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, “Doesn’t matter what the result is tomorrow, at least I get to teach you both how to show respect to people!”

Wang Lang glanced at Qing Haitian and they both nodded at the same time.

“Animal Spirits Fixing Arms!”

Wang Lang and Qing Haitian both displayed their strongest techniques. They activated the power of their Spiritual Blood and condensed the illusory image of a Martial Art arm above their heads.

Fighting against Zhang Ruochen, they didn’t dare to underestimate him.

The illusory images that appeared above Wang Lang’s and Qing Haitian’s head were a machete and a short halberd respectively.

They attacked Zhang Ruochen from both sides at the same time.

Wang Lang activated his Genuine Qi and swayed the illusory image of the machete towards Zhang Ruochen’s head. Wisps of Spiritual Blood shuttled around the machete shadow, and let out the roaring sound of a wind.

Qing Haitian clapped his hand. The illusory image of the short halberd above his head turned into a bloody light beam and dashed towards Zhang Ruochen’s chest.

Then, Zhang Ruochen separated his body into two parts which dashed towards Wang Lang and Qing Haitian at the same time. Everyone was shocked.



Both the Blood Sword Phantom and the Blood Halberd Illusion were shattered at the same time.

Wang Lang and Qing Haitian were sent flying. They fell heavily from the second floor to the ground, with broken and bleeding heads.

There were a large number of students gathered outside the dormitory. They were just onlookers and most of them were female students.

The crowd wasn’t surprised when they saw Nie Xuan fall from the second floor. They knew that Nie Xuan had one arm broken and ability must have decreased. The fact that he was beaten by Zhang Ruochen was nothing to be surprised about.

Yet, when Zhang Ruochen sent Wang Lang and Qing Haitian flying, the crowd was absolutely shocked.

“Zhang Ruochen is just a freshman, how is he so powerful?” A 20-year-old woman who was wearing a white robe looked at the second floor, wondering how Zhang Ruochen looked like.

It was very rare for a freshman to obtain such powers to defeat two Martial Arts masters at the same time.

“Nie Xuan, Wang Lang, and Qing Haitian are all warriors at the Medium State of the Black Realm. Zhang Ruochen has indeed caught me by surprise by defeating them all. This is terrific!”

“If it is true that Zhang Ruochen is so powerful, it will definitely be a good matchup on the life and death platform tomorrow.”

“Come look! Zhang Ruochen is coming out from the dormitory!”

The female students screamed in order to welcome Zhang Ruochen. Their beautiful eyes had all focused on Zhang Ruochen who was standing on the second floor.

“Wow! He’s such a young warrior. I guess he’s not even 20!”

“The No.1 freshman surely has a different charisma. If he can defeat Feng Zhilin tomorrow, I’ll woo him. I mean it! It’ll be nice being the wife of a prince, haha!” A pretty female student, who had reached the Completion of the Black Realm, expressed her feeling towards Zhang Ruochen. She blinked her eyes and examined him from head to toe.

Zhang Ruochen jumped from the second floor to the ground as light as a leaf. He stared at Wang Lang and Qing Haitian who were lying on the ground with wounds and said furiously, “You guys took off all my fourth brother’s clothes and humiliated him on Western Campus. Now, take off all your clothes and run three laps around Western Campus. I’ll then consider to free you both!”

Wang Lang and Qing Haitian stared at Zhang Ruochen in fear. The level of Zhang Ruochen’s power and ability was completely out of their expectation. With his cultivation, he could probably be able to confront Feng Zhilin.

“Zhang Ruochen, you’ve already beaten us up, don’t go too far!” Wang Lang bit his teeth said brutally.

At the same time, Liu Chengfeng squeezed out from the crowd and kicked on Wang Lang’s chest, making him spit a mouthful of blood. He groaned. “Who went too far? How dare you criticize our Ninth Prince for bullying you? When you guys decided to bully the students of Yunwu Commandery, did you yourselves the same question?”


Liu Chengfeng had fully demonstrated the character of an evil juvenile. He slapped Qing Haitian’s face and half of his face was swollen. He continued, “Yes, I’m going to bully you today, only you! So what? Come over here, The Fourth Prince, Huo, and Situ. Beat these two jerks as hard as you can. They don’t know how to respect people without having some punches!”

Liu Chengfeng acted arrogantly and waved his hands towards some of the students of Yunwu Commandery among the crowd. He signaled them to come over and beat up Wang Lang and Qing Haitian.

Anyhow, he wasn’t afraid that they would fight back as long as Zhang Ruochen was backing him up.

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