God and Devil World

Chapter 399: Level 5 Skill Divine Speed!

Chapter 399 – Level 5 Skill Divine Speed!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

*Ulamog: please note that henceforth the Type 2 Skills will be Second Order Skills

If Yue Zhong was to just toss his precious Snake Birth Fruit Juice that could easily Evolve a person outside, it would cause a mayhem. Such an important resource was used up, and now, Yue Zhong was about to gain nothing from its expenditure, his anger naturally hit the roof.

Mu Xiangling cried out shrilly, as she ignored the incredibly sharp bone blade, while staring fixedly at Yue Zhong and pleaded: “No!! Don’t harm my mum!! Yue Zhong-gege! Don’t hurt my mum!! I didn’t renege on the promise!! I’m not going back on my word!! I will be your doll, just please!! Don’t hurt my mum!!”

Xin Jiarou looked at Yue Zhong with a clear expression, and she did not panic in the face of danger, instead, she spoke clearly: “Mr. Yue Zhong, I’m not saying that we will go back on our word. My meaning is, I’m willing to replace Xiangling to be your toy. Whatever your command, I will not disobey. It’s just that Xiangling is currently still too young, I implore you to be patient for a few more years, let her grow up, before becoming of service to you.”

Yue Zhong looked back at her, seeing that she was resolute and clear about her decision. He waved his hands, and White Bones retracted its sharp bone blades.

Yue Zhong then directly asked Xin Jiarou: “I had initially agreed to help her because she was intelligent, and filial. She would become a capable person in the future. Your worries are unfounded as I have no shortage of women. You should be an Evolver now, tell me your attributes and awakened abilities!”

Xin Jiarou heaved a sigh of relief inwardly, although she had portrayed a calm exterior, she was truly terrified in her heart. After Evolving, her senses had become more acute, and she could tell that Yue Zhong was genuinely about to kill them earlier. This man in front of her was obviously resolute and decisive, even ruthless, if he had to be.

“I’m an Agility-based Evolver! Strength: 8, Agility: 25, Vitality: 9, Stamina: 8, Spirit: 11, Endurance: 10. I have awoken the 2nd Order Level 5 Skill: Divine Speed!”

“2nd Order Level 5 Skill: Divine Speed! The Skill is a mutation of the 2nd Order Level 4 High Speed Movement Skill. Activation requires 20 Stamina, increasing Agility by 120 points. Upon activation, Stamina would decrease by 5 points every second. Enhancing this skill requires 3 skill points!”

When Yue Zhong heard this, his face couldn’t help but change, and a hint of excitement appeared in his eyes: “What! 2nd Order Level 5 Skill?!”

When most ordinary people administer the Snake Birth Fruit Juice, they would awaken an ability. Most of the time, it was a Level 3 or Level 2 Skill. Xin Jiarou was the only person Yue Zhong had encountered, who had actually awoken a 2nd Order Level 5 Skill.

“Why? Could it because of that illness?” Yue Zhong was wondering about the possibilities as he celebrated inwardly. This sort of miraculous mutation, it could either be Xin Jiarou was a true genius, or that the illness she was suffering from had a beneficial effect when interacting with the Snake Birth Fruit Juice.

Regardless of the truth, Xin Jiarou had become an abnormally strong expert. Once she had enough Stamina to use this overpowered ability, her speed would easily overtake Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong stared at Xin Jiarou and spoke solemnly: “Very good! Xin Jiarou, from now on, you’re my subordinate! From today, you will have to fight for me, with your life! Are you willing?”

Xin Jiarou immediately got down from the bed, as she got down on one knee, announcing her loyalty: “Master, from today onwards, Xin Jiarou is your slave! Whatever your orders, I will definitely carry them out without bargain or complain.”

Xin Jiarou wished to use her own loyalty and diligence to protect her precious daughter.

Mu Xiangling panicked, and hugged Xin Jiarou as she pleaded with Yue Zhong: “Mama!! Don’t be like this!! Yue Zhong-gege, on account of our previous transaction, my mum will only be your subordinate!! I’m your doll and toy. My mum is not your slave at all!!”

Xin Jiarou’s brows creased, as her face fell and she reprimanded: “Xiangling! Be obedient! Otherwise, I’ll get angry!”

When Mu Xiangling was lectured by Xin Jiarou like this, she became obedient. She had always been respectful, fearful yet loving of her mother. She had ignored all threats to herself and wasn’t afraid of someone as strong as Yue Zhong, but the moment Xin Jiarou’s temper switched, Mu Xiangling would become like a docile kitten.

Yue Zhong looked at Xin Jiarou and reassured her: “Xin Jiarou, there’s no need for this. Your ability and potential is high, so I hope to mould you into a powerful general under my command in the future!! As long as you work hard and stay loyal to me, I will not harm you nor Xiangling.”

Xin Jiarou’s latent potential was truly strong, and once she grew, her speed would become the best amongst the top warriors under Yue Zhong’s command. Yue Zhong also hoped for this strong Evolver to continue fighting for him with her heart, instead of being antagonistic.

Xin Jiarou was still gentle, yet firm: “Yes, Master!!”

Yue Zhong saw the Xin Jiarou was set on being like this, and decide not to press the issue, instead taking out a bunch of mostly basic Agility-based System equipment. Yue Zhong gifted them to her, saying: “These are all God & Devil equipment. You are to wear them and take them off as little as possible.”

Equipment was always of utmost import*1 to a warrior, and a good set of equipment could boost the combat ability of any otherwise mediocre warrior. If Yue Zhong was to remove everything he wore on his person, his combat abiltiy would decrease by more than half.

“Thank you Master for your gifts!” Xin Jiarou received the equipment graciously and immediately wore them. After equipping the gear she could feel herself becoming exponentially stronger than before.

Mu Xiangling saw her mother putting on those equipment, and ran up to Yue Zhong rather enviously. She used her huge eyes to look at Yue Zhong, while hugging one of his arms and pouting: “Biased!! Yue Zhong-gege you’re biased! How can you give only Mum the good stuff? Where’s mine?!”

Every single piece of equipment was traded in tonnes on the market. Mu Xiangling was like a scrooge whose eyes lit up at the sight of these equipment, and wanted them for herself as well.


Yue Zhong pinched her tiny nose and chuckled: “You’re also not going to be on the frontlines, what would you do with them?”

Mu Xiangling slapped his hands away, and crunched up her face: “Don’t pinch my nose! I’ll become ugly if you do that!!”

Mu Xiangling was intelligent, and could tell that after his anger had subsided, Yue Zhong was actually very easy-going and warm, and dared to tease and openly laugh together with him.

Xin Jiarou looked at her only daughter lovingly. Her daughter was her pride and joy, and was her sole raison d’être now.*3 She would do whatever it takes for Mu Xiangling.

Yue Zhong eyed the room and said: “This place is not suitable for living. Follow me.” Although this room was kept clean by the little girl, and was simple, Yue Zhong wanted to gather his subordinates together, in case they were ambushed by enemies. Xin Jiarou and her daughter had to leave here.

They were quick to catch on, and hurriedly packed up their simple belongings. Taking one last longing look at their home, they then followed Yue Zhong to leave.

Yue Zhong brought Xin Jiarou and Mu Xiangling , as he followed some markings towards a small road and finally came to an apartment.

“Boss!!” Within the room, the 30+ experts that Yue Zhong had brought from Tianxin District stood up and greeted him.

Yue Zhong had agreed that upon entry into Guilin City, they were to call him ‘Boss’.

“They’re all experts!!” Xin Jiarou looked at the 30 something total warriors, and could feel the intense aura and fighting intent emitting from them. After becoming an Evolver, Xin Jiarou had become much more perceptive. Mu Xiangling looked at the warrior and piped in sweetly: “Fellow big brothers!! Hi!! I’m Mu Xiangling!”

Bai Xiaosheng looked at the pretty Mu Xiangling with her ponytail and his eyes widened in shock: “Boss!! Where did you get such a high-quality loli! Don’t tell me you really are….”

Yue Zhong shot Bai Xiaosheng a withering look, and Bai Xiaosheng trembled, the word ‘lolicon’ dying in his throat.

He was not an idiot, and did not want to infuriate Yue Zhong over this little matter.

Ning Yuxin stood to one side, as she gazed at the mother-daughter pair quietly, her eyes gleaming with a complicated light.

The rest of the warriors looked at them curiously, before directing their gazes back to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong gathered everyone, before asking directly: “We’ve already entered Guilin City, as for the next step, I would like to hear everybody’s opinions.”

Ying Kaishan immediately piped up: “Boss, It’s not looking too good. There are too many people here, and Du Shanxiong’s forces are everywhere sadly. Setting our forces side by side, we pale too much in comparison.”

Guilin City was considered huge, and in terms of fighting experience and combat power, they were more than the forces of Bei Mingyang back in Tianxin District. Even the Heaven Sect would have been wiped out facing Du Shanxiong’s army. Yue Zhong had only brought 30-plus of them here, even if everyone of them were experts, they could not possibly swallow the entire Guilin City through their own efforts.

Shang Lun was quiet, before speaking slowly: “Although our experts are top fighters, there are almost 900,000 people in Guilin City, and there are countless experts hidden here! If we were to make any strange movements, we would be quelled immediately!”

Hearing Shang Lun’s words, everyone turned sombre. Guilin City was like a huge beast, and this little group of experts were at most ants to the experts of Guilin City.

Previously, the reason why Yue Zhong could take 30+ experts to swallow Heaven Sect was because he had waited for the opportunity when Heaven Sect and the other power had clashed. Otherwise, facing Heaven Sect by himself would also have been almost impossible. Guilin City possessed a force more than 10 times stronger than the Heaven Sect, wanting to easily take it over was simply out of the question.

Yue Zhong smiled lightly: “Don’t think too much! We’re not taking it over. We can conduct business with them, or work in tandem with them to fight the zombies and Mutant Beasts. In fact, there’s no real need to go against them, as long as we can come and go whenever.”

If Yue Zhong wanted to truly take over Guilin City, he would have to activate all his forces to attack, and it would be at the cost of countless lives. However, by taking a step back, even if he didn’t attack them, Yue Zhong would still be able to gain what he wanted by dealing in transactions.

The majority of the inhabitants in Guilin City was Chinese, and the governor wasn’t a racist like Wuyan Hong. Yue Zhong could not just use all sort of methods against his fellow Chinese military men like how he did against the Vietnamese.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, everyone relaxed. Of course, they didn’t have to take over Guilin City. Both sides could legitimately conduct transactions to the benefit of both parties. It was just that they were used to Yue Zhong having taken over any territory he came across. This caused them to assume that Yue Zhong wanted Guilin City as well.

Bai Xiaosheng then asked casually: “Boss, What do you intend to do?”

Bai Xiaosheng did not like racking his brains, and his mind was only filled with women. Hence, although he had high talent, and was strong, he could only become a fighter, and never a leader.

Yue Zhong replied solemnly: “We need to establish some kind of solid foothold here in Guilin City. I’m intending to set up the Green Stone Triad. You guys will be the forces of our Green Stone Triad. There are numerous survivors leading harsh lives at Carp Street. Shang Lun, go get 300 people from there, to join our triad. We will cover their meals, on top of that, issue them half a jin of food everyday as payment for members.

In Guilin City, Yue Zhong’s forces could only exist as a triad for now. If he were to rapaciously*4 absorb people like a military force, they would definitely face resistance quickly.

Ying Kaishan replied with a little anxiety: “Boss!! Recruiting 300 people is a little too much, isn’t it? Our rations may not be enough!”

In this post-apocalyptic world, recruiting people was easy, as long as one covered the meals, they could easily gain male survivors. However, to maintain the combat power and morale, it was a problem of consistent rations. If a faction ran out of rations, the survivors would then leave just like that.

Ying Kaishan and the rest did not have any storage rings, and everyone of them had just brought in a 100-jin of rations. If they wanted to sustain the feeding of 300 people, this amount was too little.

Yue Zhong threw 2 Tang Replica Swords to Zheng Minghe and said: “I’ll settle the issue of rations! Zheng Minghe, go sell these 2 Tang Replica Swords, they should fetch about a few dozen tonnes of food. Use that to hang on to the new members loyalty first, I’ll handle what comes after.”

“Yes, Boss!” Zhen Minghe caught the 2 Tang Replica Swords and nodded towards Yue Zhong.


*1 [Ulamog] .

the meaning or significance of something, especially when not directly stated.

“the import of her message is clear”

*2 [Kun]*Reminds me of Meng Hao from ISSTH*

*3 [Ulamog] the most important reason or purpose for someone or something’s existence.

“an institution whose raison d’être is public service broadcasting”

*4 [Ulamog] ra·pa·cious




aggressively greedy or grasping.

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