God and Devil World

Chapter 390: Guilin City

Chapter 390 – Guilin City

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

While the intense screaming continued to ring out, Zhao Jia was feasted on as he died. As he breathed his dying gurgle, the S2 tore chunks of meat from his face, neck and everywhere else within easy reach. It was truly a gory scene.

The S2 then turned its attention towards the scent of the humans, charging towards the dozens of people as well as Scarface. Its speed brought it towards them in just a few breaths, but it was tripped by the trap made of ropes.

2 strong males brought out nooses, and with a fluid and practised motion, they managed to restrain its arms, before pulling on other side, causing the arms of the S2 to be spread.

“Die!!” The scar-faced man bellowed angrily, his Tang Replica Sword slashing at the S2, as his huge strength burst out, and he chopped the head of the S2 off easily.

Looking at the rolling head of the S2, the men present heaved a sigh of relief. If the S2 had gotten too close to them, they would have instantly been killed.

A yellow-skinned man with a thin stature stepped forwards as he congratulated Scar-face: “Congratulations Boss, for killing this S2 so smoothly. Like this, your level is going to rise again!! We can’t wait to see you hit Level 20!”

Scarface held the Tang Replica Sword gingerly, his face flashed with pain: “Enough of your bullshit!! Go make your preparations! Today, we had better cleared Xiama village. Otherwise, we won’t have enough resources to pay Boss Guo! Damn it! The rental of this Tang Replica Sword is truly expensive. One day’s usage actually requires a 100 jin of rice, it practically is robbery!!”

With the flow of time, the drops from the zombies and Mutant Beasts had declined steadily. At the beginning of the apocalypse, a single S2 could give several valuable items. A few Level 3 skill books wouldn’t have been a surprise. However, the killing of an S2 now would at most give a few Survivor Coins, and even a White Treasure Box drop would be considered rare.

The weak, yellow-skinned male with a wretched appearance touched the stake in the ground bitterly as he looked towards the village, when his expression suddenly turned to one of horror. His voice shook as he shouted: “3…3 S2s! 4 L2s!! A total of 7 evolved zombies!!”

They discovered that within the group of zombies making their way over, there were suddenly 3 S2s and 4 L2s charging over. The men present immediately turned pale. Many of them were just normal people, and could deal with a few ordinary zombies. The trap they had set was enough to deal with a single S2, but against the L2 with high defence, it was practically impossible.

“Disperse!” Scarface’s expression changed rapidly, and was the first to run back. While Xiama Village was sure to possess a huge amount of resources, which would allow him to live comfortably for a while, it required him to be alive to enjoy it! Even a Level 20 Enhancer would have to retreat when facing these 7 evolved zombies, needless to say himself, who had yet to reach Level 20.

When the 7 evolved zombies made their appearance, the men immediately abandoned their stations and ran for the cars behind them.

At this time, a somewhat frivolous-looking young man stepped in front of Scarface, blocking his way and tapped his shoulders as he asked loudly: “Are you from Guilin City?”

Scarface recoiled in shock, this young man was obviously incredibly fast, he had no way of reacting when the young man had tapped his shoulder. That ghost-like speed was impossible to defend against, if he had wanted Scarface’s life, it was going to be incredibly easy.

The young man was precisely Bai Xiaosheng, as an Agility-based Evolver, his speed was above even Yue Zhong. Scarface was just a measly Enhancer who had not reached Level 20, he was naturally unable to dodge.

“My name is Huang Weili!! I’m the team captain of a small squad from Guilin City to scavenge for resources.” Although Huang Weili had an explosive nature, when facing someone stronger than him, he did not dare provoke the other party, and was absolutely honest. In this world, if Bai Xiaosheng were to kill them, even the government of Guilin City could not do anything for them.

Huang Weili looked at the closing evolved zombies, and could not help but chipped in anxiously: “Young hero!! Those zombies are nearing! Let’s escape first!! Otherwise, we’ll be surrounded!!”

“Kill those zombies!!” Bai Xiaosheng glanced at those zombies, his expression one of boredom, as he ordered to the side. With his current level, if he wanted to kill those Type 2 zombies, he had to kill more than 600. As for ordinary zombies, he would have to hunt over ten thousand of them. Hence, unless it was absolutely necessary, Bai Xiaosheng was unwilling to act, and chose to get his subordinates to hunt them instead.

“Yes! Boss Bai!!” 7 soldiers stepped forwards from the grassy area, and charged at the 7 evolved zombies.

One of them had the [Enhance Weapon] ability, and as he held his Tang Replica Sword, it glowed with a green light, with a single slash, the head of a L2 was immediately chopped off.

Another soldier held a huge mace of over a hundred jins, as he swung savagely, crushing a S2 into a pulp.


Yet another soldier only held a handgun, but he fired a single shot, which penetrated one of the S2s, and it died on the spot.

Like weeds, those 7 evolved zombies were taken care of easily by the 7 soldiers without so much of a struggle, causing Huang Weili and his subordinates to stare wide-eyed with shock.

After killing the 7 evolved zombies, the 7 soldiers charged into Xiama Village. There were still over a few hundred ordinary zombies to be hunted.

Huang Weili looked at the small team led by Bai Xiaosheng and his eyes were filled with respect: “So strong!! These men are definitely high-level Enhancers! Who are they exactly?”

Bai Xiaosheng glanced to the side, as his gaze travelled to Huang Weili, as he spoke unceremoniously: “You must be the head!! Come with me to meet our boss!!”

Inside Xiama Village, there were only a few hundred ordinary zombies, as long as there were no accidents, the 7 Enhancers were more than enough to wipe them out.

“Yes!” Huang Weili replied respectfully, although his heart was unable to remain calm: “Above this freak, there’s still a boss? How strong must the boss be?!!”

“So young!” Huang Weili quickly came in front of Yue Zhong, as he looked at Yue Zhong carefully, and thought silently.

Yue Zhong eyed Huang Weili coldly and said: “Tell me everything you know about Guilin City. If I’m satisfied, this bag of rice will be yours. If you dare hide even a single thing, you will have to bear the consequences.”

“Yes!…..” Huang Weili only felt a huge sense of pressure on him, as he started to tell Yue Zhong everything while trembling ever so slightly.

Prior to the apocalypse, there was only a small field troop stationed at Guilin City, and during the apocalypse, many of these soldiers had also turned into zombies. However, the regiment commander Du Shanxiong managed to escape with his life. After regrouping and making use of firepower, the army managed to overcome the zombies then.

At the same time, the army relied on its modern weaponry to charge into Guilin City, wiping out a huge number of the zombies, saving many citizens and inhabitants within the city.

Guilin City had a population of about 1,200,000, with Du Shanxiong’s actions, they managed to save a total of 200,000 survivors.

At the same time, when Du Shanxiong received the distress call from Nanning City, he had led his subordinates as they brought tanks and heavy artillery to launch an assault on Nanning City.

In front of those modern weaponry, the ordinary zombies were decimated. A large number of survivors were rescued by Du Shanxiong, and he worked together with Nanning City’s government officials to save a total of 350,000 survivors.

With his ability and combat power of his troops, conquering Nanning City would not have been an issue then. However, when he was about to launch an assault, a scout he had deployed discovered that the numerous zombies within the surrounding villages around Nanning were converging on Nanning.

Nanning City had more than 7 million people before the apocalypse, and when it set in, over 5 million had become zombies overnight. When Du Shanxiong brought his troops to conquer Guilin City and Nanning City, he had expended a large amount of ammunition, and his soldiers were getting exhausted. Under the urgent pleas of the government officials, he had no choice but to break out of Nanning, bringing his troops and the 400,000 survivors (Of which, 50,000 were from the scattered villages) back towards Guilin City.

After that, Du Shanxiong had been continually fighting against the remaining 3 million zombies around Guilin City till now. Through the constant battles, Guilin City was already cleared of all zombies, and the surrounding areas were slowly being cleansed as well.

However, as the surrounding villages were numerous, there were some like Xiama Village that was not yet cleared.

Under his efforts, the total number of survivors within Guilin City walls numbered 850,000, close to its original number prior to the apocalypse.

“As expected! Starting from scratch is truly difficult!!” Yue Zhong heard Huang Weili’s words and could not help but sigh.

Yue Zhong had worked tirelessly and slaughtered all sorts of enemies up till now, and he could only boast of a few hundred thousand survivors. This Guilin City already possessed 850,000, and what’s more, they had a proper army. Be it the combat ability or the potential of growth, Guilin City surpassed his establishments.

Du Shanxiong was a regiment commander that had control over various modern weaponry, and he had no lack of experience. Achieving what he had came as no surprise.

At the intial stages of the apocalypse, the ordinary zombies had no way of defending against bullets. Even up till now, ordinary zombies would still fall when fired upon. Du Shanxiong had not managed to clear the millions of zombies purely because he had not enough ammunition. He was shackled by the collapse of humanity that he had to maintain some for deterrence, otherwise the problems of zombies would be solved.

Yue Zhong stared fixedly at Huang Weili and asked: “How many troops does Du Shanxiong have?”

This was the crucial question. In this apocalyptic world, he was used to viewing all other factions as enemies. To his enemies, his first concern would be to grasp the number of troops the enemies had.

Huang Weili had a difficult look: “I don’t know! Only the government officials would know such military intelligence.”

Bai Xiaosheng laughed in a perverted manner: “850,000 survivors! There must be how many beauties!! Hehe! Too great. Boss Yue, I love Guilin City!!”

Yue Zhong was speechless when he looked at Bai Xiaosheng.

Bai Xiaosheng was truly lustful, and in this new world, beauties also loved strong people like Bai Xiaosheng. Just in Long An County, he had already gained a few beauties who had belonged to Linghu Xiangru previously. He did not mind anybody who came, as long as they were good-looking, and those ladies were extremely satisfied that their new man was someone strong, hence, the relationships were formed very quickly.

Bai Xiaosheng eyed Huang Weili and did not care as he asked Yue Zhong casually: “What do we do with them? Shall we kill them?”

Bai Xiaosheng had long since grown used to killing, and was numb to it. Killing a few more innocents did not matter to him.

When Huang Weili heard that, his hairs stood on end, and he broke out in cold sweat. He immediately knelt in front of Yue Zhong and pleaded: “Boss Yue spare us! Boss Yue spare us please!! Leave me with my life so that I can serve you!!”

Yue Zhong threw a 100 jin bag of rice to Huang Weili and said indifferently: “Relax, I won’t kill you!! Take this and go!!”

“Thank you Boss Yue!! Thank you Boss Yue!!” Huang Weili immediately took the bag up and thanked Yue Zhong profusely, before he turned and ran without looking back.

Bai Xiaosheng looked at Yue Zhong and asked: “Leader! What now?”

Yue Zhong and his team had brought along an IFV, some machine gun-mounted vehicles, and even some anti-tank missiles. If such a troop was to arrive at Guilin City, they would immediately be searched. The controller of Guilin City would definitely not allow such a force to enter. At the same time, Yue Zhong and the rest might be forced to enter the army.

Yue Zhong replied indifferently: “Zheng Minghe, go bring some men to Sanshui Village and get things ready! Shang Lun, Bai Xiaosheng, Ying Kaishan and Ning Yuxin, you will enter the city with me! After entering, go immediately to Ming Sheng Garden District 23, Unit 4, Room No. 607 to look for me.”

“Yes!” Everyone responded, and set out to carry out Yue Zhong’s orders.

Yue Zhong and his small team then set forth in a hummer and arrived at Guilin City in half an hour.

As expected, the moment they arrived, they were searched, and after determining there were no suspicious items, and quarantined for an hour, they were released within the city.

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