God and Devil World

Chapter 382: Long An County

Chapter 382 – Long An County

Translated by: Kun

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[Book 3: The South]

“Yes, Elder Chen!!” The 4 disciples immediately replied in a respectful manner, before leaving towards the centre of town.

Chen Shenggang then led Yue Zhong and the rest towards the Green Garden district part of town to be deployed.

Ning Yi, a middle-aged man with a medium build, slightly yellow skin, and ordinary looks, brought 7 Altar Lords as they hurried towards the Green Garden district. He looked at Chen Shenggang and asked: “Elder Chen, didn’t you guys set off to help Zhen Yeyang? How come you’ve suddenly come back?”

Chen Shenggang looked at Ning Yi as his pupils shrank, and assumed a stern face: “Our Sect Leader has issued a sacred instruction, with tasks for you guys to do! Everyone kneel, and pay heed!!”

“Sect Leader is all-powerful, invincible, and long live Sect Leader!!”

Ning Yi’s gaze turned cold, as he followed the 7 Altar Lords and knelt, as they started proclaiming the usual chants in front of Chen Shenggang.

“The instruction for the Sect Leader, is…..for all of you to die!” Chen Shenggang’s expression turned grim, and immediately activated his [Ground Manipulation] skill. In an instant, 2 sharp earthen spikes shot out from the ground and pierced diagonally through the bodies of 2 Altar Lords.

“Chen…” Ning Yi saw the scene of the 2 Altar Lords dying miserably in front of him, and a strong fury and fear arose in his heart. He had just shouted out a word,when a blade flashed in front of him, and his head was removed suddenly and cleanly from his neck, fresh blood spraying up towards the skies.

Yue Zhong had activated his [Shadow Steps] and cleanly executed Ning Yi, before quite casually loping off the head of another Law Protector beside Ning Yi.

Bai Xiaosheng who had been standing at one side also activated his skill, as he flashed , and the green dagger in his hands danced about, slicing the throat of an Altar Lord, blood exploding out in a steaming crimson arc from the mortal wound.

Song Miaoyi had also struck out viciously with her spear, piercing the head of one of the Altar Lords who was still kneeling, like a stick pushed into the wet mud.

In just a few breaths, Ning Yi and the other 7 Altar Lords had all been gruesomely slaughtered without much of a resistance at all.

“Do it!” After killing the most powerful 8 combatants, Yue Zhong walked out of the room, and gave the order to Zheng Minghe.

The troops lying in ambush at various parts of the Green Garden immediately took aim and fired at those fanatics of the Heaven Sect that were lined up neatly!

In an instant, those Heaven Sect disciples were showered with a rain of bullets, their bodies battered and blood spilled, and their formation was the best target for the troops of Yue Zhong, not a single bullet wasted.

After firing rapidly, 50 of the zealots fell in their pools of blood, while Zheng Minghe brought some men as they walked throughout the square, coldly slashing the necks of anyone still breathing on the ground, with a cold and detached look on their face.

The upper echelons of Peaceful Heart town were thus easily taken care of by Yue Zhong and his troops. The remaining ordinary disciples were tricked into coming to the Green Garden District, and were all captured. The entire Peaceful Heart Town thus fell into Yue Zhong’s lap.

Yue Zhong tasted sweet victory, and continued: “Chen Shenggang, go report to the main central base! Say that the enemies had been wiped out, but Elder Niu and Elder Luo have fell in battle! Your troops have taken serious hits, and you hope that they can deploy some men over!”

“Yes! Leader!! I’ll do so right now!!” Chen Shenggang had also thoroughly sold himself, truly treating himself as Yue Zhong’s subordinate, as he made to report to the central base.

Yue Zhong pondered a while, before calling out: “Wait!! Make the report after 6pm!”

Yue Zhong’s forces had been battling for almost an entire day. Although they were Enhancers, they would still feel exhausted. The ordinary ex-disciples and Zhen Yeyang that had defected were in no better shape. They sorely needed the rest now.

After 6pm, the response from the main base would need some more time as well, and the forces they sent would only arrive the next day. This would buy an entire day’s worth of rest for Yue Zhong’s troops.

“Continue to station yourselves there and await orders!”

Chen Shenggang had relayed the fabricated story that Yue Zhong had told him to the main base of Heaven Sect, and only received this simple command. The Heaven Sect seemed to have no plans to send any troops.

Yue Zhong did not waste any time during the night, as he organized the tribesmen that he rescued out into a single troop, and handed command over to Shang Lun. He then moved on to the captured Heaven Sect’s disciples. There were a total of 600 or so of them, and he grouped them into 6 teams, handing command over to Chen Shenggang, Zhen Yeyang, Bai Xiaosheng, Lu Ningshui, Luo Chifeng and Ming Jiajia respectively.

Chen Shenggang and Zhen Yeyang had become traitors of the Heaven Sect, and their hands were dyed with the blood of their past comrades. Even if they betrayed Yue Zhong, they had nowhere else to, that was why Yue Zhong decided to make use of them.

Yue Zhong did not sleep the entire night, instead, he patrolled the entire town on his own. After all, Peaceful Heart Town was only about 20km away from the main base, and they were almost under the enemies’ noses. Furthermore, Chen Shenggang and Zhen Yeyang had just recently defected over, and Yue Zhong could not trust them fully, therefore, he had to take up the night watch, to prevent any incidents.

At the same time, Yue Zhong assigned a few trusted aides who were experts to be stationed at key points, in the event that something unforeseen cropped up.

The night passed quietly.

Early the next morning, the sun was just starting to rise, and Yue Zhong received the order relayed from the headquarters of the Heaven Sect.

“Immediately bring your men and weapons and make your way back to base! Kill any enemies you see!”

Chen Shenggang immediately turned to Yue Zhong and asked: “What do we do, Leader?”

Yue Zhong contemplated a while, before he enquired: “What’s the strength of the main base like?”

Chen Shenggang replied swiftly: “There are always 4 Elders, 40 Law Protectors, 60 Altar Lords stationed at base. They’re all high-level Enhancers. Other than that, there are over 5,000 disciples in the Heaven Sect, of which 1,000 belong to the White Shirt Army, or the fanatics. Amongst those 1,000, there are 50 experts wearing Type 3 Mutant Beast hides. They are the personal troops of Linghu Xiangru, the Sword Apostles.

Each and everyone of them have power equal to a Law Protector, and they practically worship Linghu Xiangru, to the point of being extremist. They have terrifying strength.”

The Type 3 Mutant Beast hides were considered precious treasures within the Heaven Sect. Even ordinary Law Protectors and Altar Lords might not get a piece. For every single one of the Sword Apostles to own a piece, it was a testament to their power and importance.

The moment Chen Shenggang spoke of Linghu Xiangru, his eyes had a hint of fear: “However, within the Heaven Sect, the scariest is still the Sect Leader Linghu Xiangru. He has a holy halo around him, and is impervious to all sorts of physical attacks, and every word he says seem to radiate power! Those who could force him to use all his power have died! When he came to recruit me initially, I knew I wasn’t his match, and hence I surrendered. What his abilities are, I’m not entirely sure. No one in the entire Heaven Sect actually knows as well, however based on my conjecture, he should be a powerful Evolver.”

Yue Zhong continued to think before replying: “Ok, I’ve got it! Let’s comply with their orders, and move out to take a look!”

With Yue Zhong’s orders, the 800-strong troop immediately set off from Peaceful Heart Town, making their advance towards Heaven Sect.

Yue Zhong rode with Ming Jiajia and Chen Shenggang in a Hummer and went forth ahead as vanguard.

With the ex-Elder leading the way, Yue Zhong and the rest quickly traversed and reached the vicinity of Heaven Sect.

When Yue Zhong and the rest came close to Heaven Sect, they heard the sounds of intense gunfire, as well as explosions.

“Seems like there really was a problem!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, as he thought to himself, and quickened his pace.

They climbed up a hilltop, and observed the situation at Long An County.

They discovered that in the distance, there was a group of gun-wielding militants that were dressed in assorted clothing, as they launched frenzied assaults on Long An County.

Those militants were equipped with decent weaponry, possessing rifles, submachine guns, heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, hand grenades, and even mortars. They were using these modern weaponry to suppress the Heaven Sect’s disciples so much so that they didn’t dare risk their lives.

Yue Zhong pulled out a binoculars to observe the current battle, and thought silently: “This troop is not weak! However, they can’t be compared to my expert battalion! They must be untrained, and seem to be learning from experience.”

“The heavens are with us, we’re undefeatable!! The heavens are with us, we’re undefeatable!!”

The disciples in Long An County were being suppressed, and just when the situation seemed bleak, out rushed 400 zealots in white clothes, their hands wielding huge blades, as they chanted with fervor and rushed at the militants outside the city in a kamikaze attack.

These zealots were different from the ones that Yue Zhong had to deal with, as although they were rushing without a care for their own lives, they were spaced out, and wanting to take them all down in a single strike would be nearly impossible.

Seeing the fanatics launching their counter attack, the militants began to target them with their heavy weaponry, spraying bullets at those unfortunate souls.

Blanketed by the rain of bullets, many of the zealots were punched full of holes. However, those militants were not expert marksmen, and many of their shots went wide, coupled with the fact that the fanatics had spread themselves out, the bullets only managed to kill a few of them. Some were even unfazed when they were struck by the bullets. Under those circumstances, many of the zealots managed to bravely push through the rain of bullets and waved their melee weapons at those militants.



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