God and Devil World

Chapter 379: Burning Niu Xinghe Alive!

Chapter 379 – Burning Niu Xinghe Alive!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

“The person to die today will be you!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, as he activated his [Gravity Manipulation].

In that instant, the gravity on Niu Xinghe seemed to double, and caused his movements to falter.

Yue Zhong evaded the axe swing, as he twisted his body, and slashed his blade at Niu Xinghe.

Niu Xinghe’s face fell, as he leapt back, but he still received a strike at his waist.

When Yue Zhong’s strike landed, he felt as if he had just struck a huge thick armor that absorbed the impact, and he had no way of penetrating it. He observed carefully, and discovered that the torn cloth at Niu Xinghe’s waist revealed a mild yellow scaly armor.

Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed as he slowly said: “Type 3 Mutant Beast Hide!”

Only a Type 3 Mutant Beast armor could withstand the blow from the Level 4 Treasure Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade without being damaged in the slightest.

Niu Xinghe laughed sardonically as he employed his strange footwork, rushing towards Yue Zhong in a fierce manner: “That’s right!! I’m covered entirely with a Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, and I’m invincible! Today, regardless of how you struggle, you will die at my hands!!”

Niu Xinghe was almost undefeatable in close combat, adding on the protection of his Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, his only weakness was his exposed head. This was the reason why he dared to be tyrannical. With the protection of the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, he was truly invincible, and was naturally brutal in his attacks.

“Seems like the Heaven Sect has some decent resources! However, you’ll be the one to die today!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed fiercely, and he activated his [Gravity Manipulation], distorting the gravity field around him, causing Niu Xinghe’s body to sink, and his movements became distorted as well.

“Pei! Just with the [Gravity Manipulation] ability? I have killed dozens of Gravity users who were stronger than you by 6 or 7 times, you shall die!” Niu Xinghe adjusted his movements in a split second, as the brutal look on his face intensified. He then swung his axe with a fearsome momentum towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, as he activated his Devil Flame, and reached out for Niu Xinghe. A terrifying fireball started forming in his right hand, as it exploded forth and enveloped Niu Xinghe.

“Ah!!! It hurts!!! It hurts!!! Ah!!!!” Niu Xinghe started screaming shrilly in agony when he was enveloped by that Devil Flame fireball, as his entire body started to burn up.

In just a second, Niu Xinghe’s head was incinerated into ash, while his entire body started to disintegrate under the burning of the Devil Flame, leaving behind the God and Devil system equipment and Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, as they fell to the floor.

Yue Zhong walked over, as he took a look at the system equipment that Niu Xinghe had.

Yue Zhong already had most of the equipment on Niu Xinghe’s body, with the exception of one special item.

“Level 4 Treasure: Necklace of Clarity! +8 Spirit upon equipping. With this item, in any 24-hour period, user will be able to defend against a Type 3 Spirit attack once, Type 2 Spirit attack 4 times, and normal spiritual attacks 16 times.”

It was precisely this Level 4 treasure Necklace of Clarity that had blocked Yue Zhong’s [Art of Fear] attack.

Yue Zhong pondered a moment, before he switched out the Level 3 Necklace of Hurricane on his neck, and equipped this Level 4 Treasure. Although his Spirit was already extremely strong, with this equipment, he would be invulnerable to basically any Spiritual attacks, and could maintain his clarity.

After he kept the rest of the equipment, he looked towards the distance, and saw Song Miaoyi entangling with the 2 Law Protectors from the Heaven Sect.

Song Miaoyi’s spear techniques were truly incredible, as she pounced about like a leopard, enveloping the 2 Law Protectors within the radius of her spear skills.

The Law Protector that was able to manipulate the 6 daggers found his skill being torn apart by the spear shadows, as his own body was pierced a few times, before being sent flying back about 2-3 metres.

The other Law Protector was proficient in the art of fighting, but found himself being pierced continuously by Song Miaoyi’s spear, and was forced back constantly.

However, both of them were wearing Type 3 Mutant Beast hides, and could defend against the sharp strikes of Song Miaoyi. This enabled them to save on their strength as they dragged the battle out. Without the Type 3 Mutant Beast hides, they would have long been punched full of holes.

Yue Zhong looked towards the rest of the battlefield, and saw that his own troops had already charged into the town, and were hunting the rest of the disciples from the Heaven Sect.

“This is the time to show our loyalty to Heaven Sect! Let us offer our fresh blood for the glory of the Heaven Sect! As long as we’re loyal, we will return to the kingdom of God after we die!! Everybody, charge with me!!” A fanatic roared out loudly as he charged towards Yue Zhong’s troops with a crazy glint in his eyes.

“The heavens are with us, we’re undefeatable!!”


20 other fanatics followed the lead of the first guy as they shouted out with fervor and charged towards Yue Zhong’s troops.

“Kill!” Zheng Minghe saw the 20-over zealots rushing over with blades in their hands, and he coldly gave the command.

The machine gun on the vehicle turned around, and spew out an intense volley of gunfire, and a dense barrage of bullets rained on the zealots, and they fell to the ground in their own blood. They did not die immediately, instead, they rolled around as they moaned in pain.

Zheng Minghe led the rest of the soldiers forwards, as they finished off the job by firing a single bullet in each disciple that was still alive, sending them on their way.

Watching this terrifying scene, the majority of the remaining disciples had ashen faces, as they tried to escape. Not everybody was a fanatic, and many had joined just to survive in this cruel world.

“Don’t kill me!! I surrender!!”

“I surrender!!”


More of the disciples began throwing their weapons down, as they knelt on the ground, trembling in fear while looking at the IFVs and machine gun-mounted vehicles. To ordinary people, such armored vehicles were invincible existences, and they had no way of retaliating.

Zheng Minghe brought his men and continued further in without so much of a resistance, only tying up the captives. Those fanatics who charged out would be executed instantly, and the troops managed to arrive at the heart of the battle in the centre of town casually.

“Damn it! Sun Shan! Let’s scram!!” The Law Protector controlling his 6 daggers saw the arriving IFV and troops, and his expression turned sour, before shouting to his comrade.

The Law Protector called Sun Shan had just been pierced by Song Miaoyi, as he turned to look at the distance.

“You will remain here!” Following the sound of Yue Zhong’s voice, a terrifying Spirit attack penetrated Sun Shan’s mind, and he was instantly engulfed in various illusions and hallucinations of torment.

“Ah!!!” Sun Shan screamed out miserably, before falling lifelessly to the ground.

“Kneel!” Yue Zhong came out and with a threatening aura, he gazed at the Law Protector with control over his 6 daggers and ordered.

The Law Protector took one look at Yue Zhong, as his face changed: “It’s you!! Elder Niu has already been killed by you?!”

Yue Zhong stared indifferently at the Law Protector: “Are you surrendering! Or will you join him in Hell?”

“NO! You can’t surrender! You’ll die at my hands!!” Song Miaoyi’s eyes flashed with fire, as she gritted her teeth and striked forwards with her spear, aiming at hsi face. She knew the only weak point was the head.

The Law Protector was a battle-hardened veteran after all, and with just a thought, 3 daggers shot forwards to block the spear strike, causing it to be deflected away.

The Law Protector immediately shouted out: “I surrender!! I surrender!! This leader! I surrender! Spare my life!!!”

Even the upper echelons of the Heaven Sect knew what the Sect was exactly about, and other than a rare few, many were not actually loyal to a fault. Only the ignorant lower levels thought that the Heaven Sect was incredible.

“Stay your hand!” When the Law Protector surrendered, Yue Zhong stepped forward, bringing his Crocodile Saw Tooth Blade to parry Song Miaoyi’s spear.

Song Miaoyi took a few steps back, as her beautiful eyes shone with a burning fury and she stared at Yue Zhong: “He’s my enemy! If you help him, are you going to be an enemy too?!”

Yue Zhong gazed back indifferently: “Is this how you treat your benefactor?”

Song Miaoyi maintained her gaze for awhile, before she collected herself, as she stood straight and said: “Many thanks for saving me earlier! I’m Song Miaoyi! What’s your name?”

Yue Zhong replied: “I’m Yue Zhong!”

Song Miaoyi looked at the man in front of her and assessed him quietly, and she could feel his strength. She said sincerely: “Yue Zhong! You saved me, and I’m very appreciative of that! From today onwards, you’re a friend to us from the Cang Tong Tribe. Whenever you have problems, feel free to look for me, our entire tribe will definitely aid you. However, this beast! He had brought men to capture over dozens of our tribesmen as well as from the surrounding areas! I cannot let him go! Give him to me, and this favour will be remembered for always!”

Hearing Song Miaoyi’s words, Yue Zhong contemplated silently.

The Law Protector suddenly smiled grimly, as he barked at Yue Zhong: “Don’t move!! Or I’ll be merciless!!”

2 of the blades that Song Miaoyi had knocked away had suddenly appeared at Yue Zhong’s heart and vertebra.

“Let me leave here! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!!” The Law Protector chuckled evilly.

“Trash! Just die!” Yue Zhong suddenly turned, the Stinger already in his hands as he directly fired at the head of the Law Protector.

Following the loud gunshot, the brains of the Law Protector were blasted apart, as his lifeless corpse slumped to the ground, and the daggers fell along with him.

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