God and Devil World

Chapter 366: Discussion of Plans

Chapter 366 – Discussion of Plans

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

*Jingxi Province – changed to Jingxi City (as pointed out by msomer3)

*Tianxin Province – changed to Tianxin District

When the subordinates of Shang Lun witnessed this scene, their hearts turned cold. They had followed Shang Lun through a number of battles, and they were clear on how fearsome his combat abilities could be.

Within a radius of 10m, Shang Lun could absolutely employ his close-combat skills. In the entire faction of Bei Mingyang, no one had the confidence of besting Shang Lun within 10m. Even the naturally awakened Agility-based Evolver Gan Luowang had been defeated by Shang Lun before. Such a strong person was actually defeated within a second by Yue Zhong, the subordinates of Shang Lun could not help but be bitter.

Yue Zhong suddenly looked towards a dark corner and spoke coldly: “Come out!! How long do you plan on spectating?”

Everyone threw their gaze to the corner, yet they did not discover anything.

“Since you’re unwilling to step out alive, you can die!” Yue Zhong’s gaze turned cold and he waved his hand, as he aimed his Stinger at the corner.

With a peng, there was a spurt of blood from the corner, and the space seemed to distort, as a person appeared out of thin air, at the same time moaning in agony.

White Bones pointed to the person, and a sharp bone spear shot out from its finger, piercing the head of the assailant, causing him to die instantly. White Bones then retracted its finger and pulled the corpse along with it, tossing the dead person in front of Shang Lun.

Yue Zhong commented indifferently: “You should know this guy right! Shang Lun!”

Shang Lun looked at the head of the dead person which had been pierced through, as he fought to fight down the fear threatening to overcome his heart and said slowly: “Yes! He’s called Zheng Zigang, and is one of the trusted aides under Bei Mingyang. He has the skill [Distort Perception]. He was originally someone who lacked presence, and coupled with the skill, as long as he didn’t move, no one could detect him at all.”

With such a top-tier skill, even someone as high-levelled as Shang Lun would not be able to detect the presence of Zheng Zigang if he got close to him. In all sense, he was an assassin, a master at sneaking and intel gathering.

Shang Lun did not think that such an expert would actually fall in Yue Zhong’s hands.

In fact, Yue Zhong had not discovered Zheng Zigang. It was when he was staring, and involuntarily emitted a killing intent that Yue Zhong could discover his position, and instantly took care of him. If Zheng Zigang had controlled his aura, Yue Zhong would not be able to detect him.

“Leader!!” Zheng Minghe had brought a company of soldiers as they arrived, and saluted him.

“He truly is the leader! He’s too fearsome!” Zheng Minghe looked at the 400 soldiers of Shang Lun surrounded by the Mutant Leopard Cats and the abandoned weapons, and shock filled his heart, a complicated gleam in his eyes.

Following the display and spread of power of Yue Zhong, the ex-Freemasons realised their influence was getting weaker. There were only Zheng Minghe and a few others from the previous upper echelons that were left. As for the Chinese survivors that Yue Zhong rescued from Vietnam, they practically worshipped Yue Zhong, and many of them had been conferred high ranks. This led to a sense of urgency within Zheng Minghe’s heart, if this continued, he would only become a normal soldier in the future, and would not belong to the upper echelons.

“Go back!” Yue Zhong patted Lightning’s head, and it turned around, bringing its little brothers into the forest.

Jingxi City was surrounded by mountains, and there were forests, streams as well as mountains everywhere. Lightning and its brothers could easily find food in such locations. Mutant Beasts were unlike humans after all, even if there were no prey within the forests, all they had to do was to enter the villages and enjoy themselves, after all the zombies were the best nutrients for these Mutant Beasts.

Zheng Minghe escorted Shang Lun and the rest back towards Jingxi City.

“In this battle! Our army had 29 casualties: 24 dead, 5 injured. We had killed a total of 282 enemies, and captured a total of 637 of them. We’ve obtained 400 firearms, as well as 40,000 ammunition. 20 vehicles, 20 tonnes rations….”

In the meeting hall within Jingxi City, Ming Jiajia was currently in a female military uniform, and in her hands, a thick stack of documents as she was reporting the details of the recent battle.

There were numerous subordinates of Yue Zhong gathered within the meeting hall at the moment.

A bespectacled man of about 36 years old cursed out loud: “Damn it!! This bastard Bei Mingyang actually dared to attack us!! Leader, let me take a few of our brothers to eradicate him!!”

Chen He was one of the Chinese that Yue Zhong rescued from Vietnam. After he was rescued, he trained extremely hard, and was valiant when it came to battling, and amongst those present, he was already the Company Officer of the 1st Company of the 1st Battalion. He had reached Level 18.

Chen He was not an Evolver, and did not possess any powerful skills, and without the equipment of the system that Yue Zhong provided, he would not be able the speed of levelling of Ming Jiajia.

Another male with a shaved head and black eyepatch as he was blind in one eye, shouted out aggressively: “Yeah!! Leader!! Let’s kill that bunch of assholes!! The 2nd Company is willing to be the vanguard!!!”

“The 2nd Company from the 1st Battalion is willing to lead the charge! Let’s go thrash those bastards!! We shall capture the daughter of that Bei Mingyang and make her serve our leader!!”


In the meeting hall, almost all the officers were like wolves as they erupted in calls for battle, and their battlelust reached an extreme high.

Shu Tianya who was sitting at a side, heard the various shouts from the leaders and a complicated feeling arose in her heart: “If the Chinese Association had such fighting spirit, how would we have been forced into a corner by Wuyan Hong?”

The Chinese Association was also an organization, with various factions within. When they faced Wuyan Hong, some of the warriors would fight to the death, just like Zheng Qiang, while others would conserve their strengths for self-preservation sake.

Even Shu Wenyan had to maintain some forces to deal with possible characters with unkind intentions within his organization, and since his hands and legs were bound, it was hard for him to expand.

Wei Ningguo hesitated awhile, before he chipped in: “Leader! Should we train up a batch of tank operators before we go and fight Bei Mingyang? After we train up an elite squad, he would not be a match for us at all!”

Yue Zhong had obtained the equipment from the Border Guards, and the soldiers were getting acquainted with the usage of these equipment, and in a short span of time, those cannons and tanks could not be utilized. When Shang Lun and the rest came to raid, Yue Zhong could only deploy 2 of the Howitzers to fend them off.

If they could raise a batch of reliable mortar hands, Yue Zhong could deploy 15 Howitzers to launch an intense volley of attacks on his enemies. That was more than enough to crush any enemy entirely.

Zheng Minghe also quipped in after awhile: “Yes! Leader, we should restrain ourselves first! In only a month’s time, we could easily wipe Bei Mingyang’s troops out! We have confidence in dealing with their troops in a battle in the wild, but assaulting their stronghold would be difficult now.”

Hearing the words of Wei Ningguo and Zheng Minghe, the heat of the atmosphere simmered a little. Assaulting and fighting were different tactics, and in a siege, even if the defensive side had lesser fighting spirit, with enough weapons, they could cause enough hurt to the attacking side.

All the gazes landed on Yue Zhong, awaiting his order. To attack or to wait, was entire dependant on his decision.

“The weather is getting colder! In another few days, winter would most likely fall upon us! We don’t have time to waste! I command the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Companies of the 2nd Battalion, as well as the Scum, Women and Captives battalion to launch an assault on Tianxin District. This battle, we can only achieve victory!” Yue Zhong’s flashed coldly, and then continued: “Wei Ningguo, I command you as well as the 4th Company of the 2nd Battalion to prepare the troops in defending Jingxi City.”



All the subordinates replied spiritedly.

Yue Zhong then turned his gaze towards Shu Tianya who was observing the proceedings: “Miss Shu Tianya, I would like to invite you to bring your people and attack Tianxin District with us. Is that ok?”

Shu Tianya smiled coyly at Yue Zhong: “It’s no problem of course! However, only my troops will go. If you want me to lend a hand personally, you will need to pay the right price!”

Shu Tianya was an intelligent woman, when she heard Yue Zhong’s order, she could tell that Yue Zhong wanted to conquer Tianxin District at all costs. Yue Zhong had sent even the Scum, Captives and Women Battalion to leave Jingxi City, which showed his worry that things might erupt if he was not around.

Shu Tianya was considered to be a secondary part of Yue Zhong’s forces as well, and since Yue Zhong was about to fight an intense battle, he would not leave her in his stronghold.

Yue Zhong smiled gently and said: “No problem!”

After the meeting concluded, the entire Jingxi City went into a bustle in preparation for the huge battle to come. Numerous small teams started to gather, and made their way towards Tianxin District.

In an office in Tianxin District.

Bei Mingyang stared at the soldiers who escaped back from the earlier battle, his eyes filled with disbelief as he gaped: “What? You said Gan Luowang, Lao Hui and Shang Lun had been overcome? Are you sure??”

The soldier had a look of fear as he replied: “Yes!! Boss Bei!! Gan Luowang and Lao Hui had been killed! Shang Lun and his subordinates had already surrendered to Yue Zhong! I have escaped with great difficulty. Yue Zhong can control Mutant Beasts! There was even a Type 2 Mutant Beast within his control!!”

“Control a Type 2 Mutant Beast?! How is that possible??” Bei Mingyang’s eyes flashed with disbelief. The might of a Type 2 Beast was incredible, wanting to kill it was almost impossible, needless to say controlling it. Bei Mingyang had never seen anybody who could control Mutant Beasts before!

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