God and Devil World

Chapter 356: xcx

Chapter 356 – xcx

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition,Kun, Vaticious

[Book 3: The South] Chapter 356: Finishing Chen Liang!

The huge Devil Flame Sword came swinging down viciously onto the halo of the Bronze Spiritual Bell, and that intense fiery energy that could even incinerate the protective scales of a Type 2 Mutant Beast came down, exploding on the halo.

Under Yue Zhong’s control, the Devil Flame exhibited an unparalleled might, and the green halo started to crack.

The level of damage from the Devil Flame was dependent on Yue Zhong’s combined attributes as well as the level of the Skill. As a Spirit and Endurance dual-Attribute Evolver, his overall strength was definitely a cut above most other Evolvers. The Devil Flame was likewise many times more fearsome, and could easily pierce through even the toughest of scales of a Type 2 Mutant Beast.

Just when the Devil Flame Sword was about to slice Chen Liang’s neck, the Bronze Spiritual Bell atop his head flashed, and a huge green halo spread out in all directions. The terrifying flames from the Devil Flame Sword were dissipated as a result,

At the same time, the Bronze Spiritual Bell dimmed a lot, and fell on the ground, the green halo also disappeared as a result. Although it was a Level 5 Treasure, it had its limits as well, and defending against that one fearsome strike from Yue Zhong took all of its energy.

When the Bronze Spiritual Bell broke, Chen Liang’s face instantly fell. There was nothing so far that had managed to break his defence ever since he obtained that treasure. He had even experienced countless rockets in his face fired by normal people, and he was always unscathed. This was why he dared to be a tyrant and oppress everyone else.

When Wu Yin and Zheng Minghe saw the Bronze Spiritual Bell land on the floor, their mind trembled, and immediately lifted their guns and fired wildly at Chen Liang. Without the protection of the bell, Chen Liang wasn’t an invincible foe anymore.

“Bunch of bastards! I’ll remember this!!!” Chen Liang roared in anger, as he activated his Level 2 [Air Manipulation] ability, and a barrier made entirely of air appeared around him.

The countless bullets hit the barrier, and ricocheted off.

Chen Liang waved his hand, as he sent out a wave of energy, and collected the Bronze Spiritual Bell into his hand.

“Go die!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with coldness, as he reached out with his fingers, and 10 small orbs of Devil Flame shot towards Chen Liang.

Chen Liang’s face turned pale, as he quickly activated his skill, and the air barrier appeared once more.

The 10 Devil Flame blasts exploded on contact, causing the air barrier to be blasted apart, and from the point of impact the resulting explosion expanded outwards. However, Chen Liang concentrated, and a current of air caused the flames to be blown away. The intense flames landed on the surrounding buildings, causing them to start burning.

Chen Liang was just an ordinary Enhancer, and his Spirit was naturally incomparable to Yue Zhong who was a Spirit and Endurance-based Evolver. However, he possessed a Level 2 skill, and just based on the might of the skill, he managed to totally suppress Yue Zhong. If he only had the Level 1 version, then he would have long been incinerated by Yue Zhong.

Chen Liang had just defended against the assault from Yue Zhong, when an incredibly sharp ice spear shot from his blind spot, aiming for his head. At the same time, Wu Yin, Chen Jianguang, Zheng Minghe and a few other soldiers were all firing at him.

Facing their overwhelming attacks, Chen Liang roared in anger once again, as his Level 2 [Air Manipulation] ability was casted once again, defending him from the front.

The bullets landed on the air barrier and ricocheted off, while the ice spear hit the barrier and shattered, causing large chunks of ice to scatter all over the ground. Every single attack had smashed into the barrier, and was thoroughly defended against.

Having activated the skill multiple times in succession, Chen Liang’s face was pale, and he quickly turned around, as he sprinted towards the distance in an attempt to escape. He had expended a huge amount of energy casting his skill in succession, and while the Level 2 ability was shocking, the consumption was likewise dangerous, if he couldn’t take out the enemy quickly, he would lose his combat stamina rapidly.

“Thinking of escape?! I’ll make sure to execute you today!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed, as he waved his hands to hide his access of the storage ring, and his PF98 appeared in his grips. He took one quick aim at Chen Liang and immediately fired off.

With his current state and activation of [Shadow Steps], Yue Zhong’s speed was quicker than normal people by an absurd number of times, and that entire movement only took 1 second. He had already seen through Chen Liang’s usage of the [Air Manipulation] activity to send himself charging at an extreme speed. With this attack, he was confident of hitting his target.

“I can’t escape!!” Chen Liang also possessed the [Danger Perception] skill, and he felt the sense of crisis approaching from his back. He gritted his teeth, and swiftly activated his Level 2 skill once more, as the air barrier appeared again.

With a flash, the rocket landed within that barrier of air, however, the resulting explosion did not happen and instead, the rocket was trapped and suspended there..

“Here, I’ll return it to you!!” Chen Liang bellowed in rage, and his eyes flashed, while he concentrated on his ability, and used the air currents to turn the rocket around and shoot it towards Yue Zhong this time.

Yue Zhong was prepared however, as a bone spike shot out from his right arm and pierced into a nearby house, supporting him as it shot him into the sky. He leapt high up, and intended to dodge the incoming rocket.

“Naive!!” Chen Liang laughed grimly, and he pushed his skill, and the rocket seemed to gain a life of its own as it chased after Yue Zhong. By now, Chen Liang had already hidden within a small alley, and was evading the line of sight of everyone else, as he focused on controlling the rocket to hit Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong looked at the rocket surrounded by the air pocket heading for him, and his face changed. His left hand shot a bone spike towards the rocket within the air pocket, intending to slice it in two.

“It’s too late!!” Chen Liang laughed out madly, and the rocket swiftly shot towards Yue Zhong under his control, and immediately detonated. The fearsome thing about the Level 2 [Air Manipulation] ability was that with his intense focus, he could do anything with it.

The resulting explosion swallowed Yue Zhong up.

“Hahaha!! I’m the strongest!! Haha!!” Chen Liang laughed out madly, he could feel that amongst the enemies present, the one posing the greatest threat to him was Yue Zhong. As for the rest, once he recovered, he could slaughter them all.

As he was still gloating, from amidst his shadows, a Shadow Wolf pounced over noiselessly, and bit towards his neck.

All of Chen Liang’s attention had been on Yue Zhong, and only when the razor-sharp teeth were touching his neck, did Chen Liang react, and sent out an explosive fist towards the Shadow Wolf.

Following that strike, the Shadow Wolf dissipated into nothing.

At the same time, Chen Liang also let out a moan in agony. The Shadow Wolf had bitten off a huge chunk of meat from his neck, causing fresh blood to flow.

“Damn it!! Damn it!!” The sharp pain caused Chen Liang to lose focus and grow light-headed, as he continued to moan in agonizing pain, like a wild beast.

Peng! A Stinger bullet lodged itself between Chen Liang’s brows, and blasted his head apart into pieces, as his headless corpse slumped to the floor.

Chen Liang’s combat ability was truly shocking, however his experiences with life and death were simply too little. The reason he could become a Level 53 Enhancer was attributed to the fact that he was lucky enough to kill 2 tired out Type 3 Mutant Beasts. Without the protection of the Bronze Spiritual Bell, he was simply a tough opponent, instead of an invincible one.

At a nearby rooftop, with his Bone Encompassing Armor broken in many places, and his body riddled in injuries, as well as a huge hole in his right abdomen, Yue Zhong looked on at the headless corpse, his right eye swollen shut, as he heaved a sigh of relief. That fearsome opponent had finally died.

Chen Liang was lacking in management skills, and his lackeys were a bunch of mobs, running the moment they were defeated. However, if they were Mobs, he was definitely the Mob Boss. His personal combat ability was the strongest out of the enemies Yue Zhong had faced so far. His level was even higher than Yue Zhong, possessing a Level 5 treasure, and possessed a Level 2 Skill, his abilities were truly not simple. However, in the end, he was still killed by Yue Zhong!

Yue Zhong waved his hand, and shot out a bone spike like a crutch, as it supported him for walking towards Chen Liang’s corpse.

When he landed on the ground, the pain was so immense, he immediately tumbled down to the ground, and panted in ragged breaths. The injury from his right abdomen was causing him excruciating pain, such that his brows were furrowed and he almost went mad with the pulsing waves of agony.

Yue Zhong swiftly pulled out a Life Saving Grass and crudely applied it to the wound, and at the same time, retrieved the blood essence of the recent Type 2 Giant Crocodile and gobbled it up.

The moment the blood essence entered Yue Zhong’s stomach, it transformed into a hot wave of nourishment, as it boosted his body. At the same time, the Level 4 [Regeneration] skill and his powerful Vitality kicked in, allowing the huge wound to recover at a visible rate.

Yue Zhong looked at his regenerating abdomen and thought to himself: “This kind of recovery is truly too scary! If it was before the apocalypse, I would definitely be treated as a freak!”

With the nourishment of the blood essence, Yue Zhong could slowly make his way to the corpse, and started to loot the System equipment from Chen Liang.

“Level 5 Treasure: Bronze Spiritual Bell! As long as one has it, can gain +4 Endurance and +4 Spirit. It possesses the automatic ability: Halo Protection! Description: Can release a green halo to protect the owner of the treasure. Maintains for about 60 minutes. Cooldown 24 hours.”

“Level 3 Treasure: Spirit Consolidating Ring. Upon equipping, Spirit +8.”

“Level 3 Treasure: Clear Spirit Ring. Upon equipping, Spirit +8.”

“Level 3 Treasure: Agility Ring. Upon equipping, Agility +6.”

Yue Zhong gained a variety of System equipment from the body of Chen Liang, there was even a Level 2 Defense Armor. However, out of all those equipment, he only lacked the previous 4 treasures. He had the rest of the items already. Even still, all these equipment could raise his battle ability and his subordinate teams stood to gain immensely.

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