God and Devil World

Chapter 296: Cruel,Cruel Rain

Chapter 0296 – Cruel,Cruel Rain

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition,

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

“You stole my canned meat!! You stole my canned meat!!”

Just as Xu Yang was leading the troops in their distribution, there was a kid tugging on a middle-aged man who had just exchanged for a canned meat and was shouting loudly.

The middle-aged man eyes flashed fiercely, and he kicked out with viciousness, knocking the kid to the floor. “You little bastard! Who the fuck are you calling a thief!! Your daddy, I, used the ammo cartridge to exchange for this canned meat! Call out one more time, and I’ll cripple you!”

“Stop!!” Xu Yang frowned and walked over, asking: “What’s going on?”

The middle-aged man bowed and nodded his head towards Xu Yang and said: “Bro!! This little bastard is framing me for stealing his canned meat. I had exchanged this canned meat for the ammo cartridge. The worker over there can vouch for me!!”

Xu Yang looked towards the worker.

The worker swiftly nodded his head and said: It’s true! He did exchange an ammo cartridge for a canned meat.”

Xu Yang looked at the kid and said coldly: “Little brat! What do you have to say for yourself?”

The kid stood up, and had an enraged expression as he pointed at the man and said: “This man stole my ammo cartridge to exchange for the canned meat!! He still has one more cartridge within his clothes. Check him if you don’t believe me!”

Xu Yang commanded: “Grab him!”

2 soldiers stepped towards the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man’s face turned pale, as he took a few steps back, before calling out loudly: “The army is killing people!! The army is killing people!! Help me!! Help me!!”

This middle-aged man was the leader of a small band of thieves, during the post-apocalypse, he had also gathered a small group of brothers. With his shout, his comrades hidden within the survivors also started shouting: “The army is killing people!! The army is killing us!! Let’s escape!!”

After which, those thieves immediately made their escape towards different directions.

Humans are easily influenced in a crowd. When those words were shouted, a number of the survivors could not help but became fearful and followed the lead of the thieves.

Guo Quan who was standing further away saw the group of escaping people, and he gritted his teeth before shouting the order: “Open fire!!!”

In an instant, the soldiers that were on standby opened fire on those survivors, and a dense hail of bullets rained upon the survivors, turning them into sieves within a few moments.

In just 10 seconds, 200 people had fallen to the ground in huge pools of blood, many of them crying out in pain. Guo Quan was helpless and felt even more pained. They only had 300 people, to quell any sort of commotion, they had to resort to the harshest means, otherwise the entire group could overcome their small unit.

“Who dares to run! You will be executed immediately! Who dares shout nonsense, you will be shot as well!! Get down on the floor! No one moves! Whoever moves will die!” Xu Yang’s expression was steely by now, and used his gun to aim at the man who instigated the riot, before pulling the trigger.

With a peng, the middle-aged man who had had a smug look was shot dead, and his body slumped to the floor like a limp noodle.

During the frenzied firing, those survivors had screamed out in terror, and fell to the ground. Their bodies trembled non-stop, not daring to move.

Xu Yang had a steely expression, as he looked towards the direction of the other instigators: “Fucking bastards! Damn you, you bastards! We are giving you a lifeline out of goodwill, we gave you food and drinks! You spineless scum dare to give us trouble! Where are those assholes who shouted earlier?”

Silence, every single survivor was silent. Under the influence of the corrupted society, everyone minded their own business, no one daring to meddle too much. After all, those troublemakers were together, they did not want to invite trouble.

Xu Yang’s eyes flashed with rage and killing intent. With a gesture over 10 soldiers raised their .03 rifles and pointed them at the survivors, as Xu Yang shouted: “You don’t want to say right? Fine! You have backbone! Men! Prepare to execute the whole bunch of them!! Since there are people who dare to create trouble, and those who know but aren’t stepping forward to point them out, kill the whole lot of them!!”

Seeing those gleaming black guns, the survivors could not bear it and they started pointing fingers at the band of thieves as they shouted: “Don’t shoot!! It’s this guy!! They are the ones who shouted earlier!! It’s him!!!”

Those band of thieves saw that the situation was against their favour and they tried to frame others: “It was obviously you who said it, you dare to say it’s me!!”

Xu Yang directly got his subordinates to drag those survivors who were pointed out. He then chose one, whom after confirming the authenticity by checking with the majority, he beheaded in front of everybody.

Seeing the fresh blood spraying up into the air in front of them like some demented apocalyptic rain, the survivors all felt terrified.

Xu Yang directed his gaze at those he dragged out and coldly said: “Those who lied, the moment you are caught, you will be beheaded! Those who own up and point out the rest I can give you leave to go with your life. Those who tried to take advantage to malign others, if I find out, I’ll break your waist!”

Under Xu Yang’s cruel methods, the instigators of the riot were quickly identified. 2 males were beheaded immediately, while another had his waist broken. The poor bloke did not die instantly, instead he struggled on the floor in excruciating agony, for a long while before dying with a final painful whimper.

Seeing the brutal and bloody scene, all the remaining survivors were thoroughly shocked and did not dare make any strange moves.

One of the soldiers pointed to the 7 remaining troublemakers who owned up and asked Xu Yang: “Commander! What do we do with these assholes?”

Xu Yang waved his hands: “Send them to the scum battalion!”

The Scum Battalion was basically cannon fodder for Yue Zhong, and was always in need of manpower.

After the dust settled on the mini riot, Xu Yang walked to the front of the survivors, and he held a loudhailer as he shouted: “All you bastards listen up! If anyone dares stir up anymore trouble, you better point him out at the first chance you get. Otherwise, you will all be sent to the Scum Battalion to fight with the zombies ON THE FRONTLINE!! And, everyone only gets one canned meat. If you dare steal anyone else’s, I will send those thieves to the scum battalion as well!”

Facing the arduous journey to come, a can of Type 2 Mutant Beast meat was equivalent to a survivor’s life. Stealing a can that could replenish someone’s vitality was the same as stealing the chance for the person to live. Xu Yang had to reinforce this, and mete out heavy punishments for infractions. Only through this method could he control the survivors and keep them from getting out of hand.

The survivors saw that Xu Yang was like an enraged, vicious god, and their expressions were frozen in fear. No one dared to move or say anything.

Xu Yang took a can of Type 2 Mutant Beast meat and threw it to the kid and said: “Here, it’s yours! Dig in quickly!”

The boy immediately opened the can, and started devouring it. The moment the meat entered his body, he could feel the warmth spreading throughout his body, filling his little frame with a rush of energy.

Right at this time, raindrops started to fall from the sky.

“Damn you heavens!!!” Xu Yang looked to the skies, and under the sudden downpour, he could not help but curse.

With the heavy rain, the survivors gathered were instantly drenched. They looked at Xu Yang and the soldiers surrounding them, not daring to move.

“What do we do now? Commander!!” Xu Yang had been drenched to the toes as he ran to Guo Quan and asked.

“Immediately dispatch people to cross the bridge!!!” Guo Quan looked at the untimely downpour, and he gritted his teeth as he spat out.

Xu Yang’s face fell, “What? Now? Those bastards don’t have any raincoats, they will definitely be drenched!!!”

Guo Quan’s eyes flashed with a pained expression, before he gave the order resolutely: “We only have 7 hours left. The horde will then catch up with us!! The people who have crossed the bridge are not even in the ten thousands!! We still have over 130,000 people waiting behind!! Everyone needs to cross now!! This is an order!! Go carry it out, I’ll shoulder all responsibilities!!”

This command was extremely harsh!

With the current downpour, expecting the survivors to cross without any raincoats, coupled with the fact that their bodies are so weak, they were bound to fall sick. Even if they crossed the bridge and didn’t die on the spot, many of them would definitely fall ill and be too sick to move.

Although Yue Zhong had the Life-Saving Grass, but it had no effect to the common ailments such as flu and fever, that had no poison. SY County was also short on medical supplies. One could imagine the potential casualties of those who got caught in the rain.

Xu Yang had a grim look as he replied: “Yes! Commander! I’ll go carry out your orders! Whatever happens, I’ll shoulder them with you!”

After that, Xu Yang hurried left to convey the command, and quickly rushed the different groups into crossing the bridge.

The younger children were the future of humanity, while the females could bear more children. Although it was extremely cruel, the elderly, especially those without any special skills were the last to cross the bridge. They were holed up in a nearby building, only after the majority had crossed was it their turn. Unless they were doctors or scientists that had some value to the future of mankind, they did not receive any special treatment.

In the heavy rain, countless survivors were herded across the bridge, walking towards the other side. After they had crossed, they had to continue for another 500m before they came to a building to rest. Only by crossing the bridge, could they be considered safe.

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