God and Devil World

Chapter 288: Capturing the Bridge!

Chapter 0288 – Capturing the Bridge!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

The riverbank bridge was an important channel of transportation towards the north in SY County. It was also the only channel that led to Ning Guang County. If it wasn’t for this bridge, if one wanted to go to Ning Guang County from SY County, it would be over 80km, and one had to travel the outskirts of SY County to find the other channels. Accordingly, the riverbank bridge was like a lifeline for SY County.

Therefore, on the bridge, there were 20 policemen who were guarding both ends of the bridge.

Zhang Cheng was a policeman of SY County, he was also the vice director, who had been stationed at the bridge long-term. He was extremely satisfied with his current position, not only did he get to eat his fill everyday, his wages were 30 jin of rice in a month. 30 jin in the current post-apocalyptic world was a sizable sum, and allowed him to pay to toy with a few women.

“Boss!! Want to go for a round?” One of the younger policemen called out to Zhang Cheng. Inside the room, 6 of the policemen were currently playing “Fighting the Landlord” and “Win the Chicken”, and had bet their wages as stakes.

[TN: Gambling games of sorts I guess]

“You guys go ahead!!” Zhang Cheng laughed.

Right at this moment, the door was kicked wide open, and a number of soldiers rushed in with their .03 rifles, aiming the guns at the policemen as they coldly shouted out: “Nobody move! Put your hands up!”

Zhang Cheng and his team were all shocked, and immediately raised their hands. The current world was not like in the past, the moment there was a bit of resistance, their lives might be gone in the next instant.

“I say, this brother! Is there some misunderstanding?? I don’t think we have offended you guys in any way right?” Zhang Cheng looked towards the military-dressed soldiers and worked up his courage to ask.

The leader of the soldiers shouted out coldly, while waving his hands and a few other soldiers stepped up to tie up the 7 policemen, as he said, “Shut up, keep your mouth shut the whole lot of you!”

This police station was thus won easily by Guo Quan.

Although there were over 20 policemen standing guard near the bridge, they were not wary enough, and their fighting capabilities were weak. Before they even knew what had happened, the bridge was easily subdued and conquered by Guo Quan and his men.

Obtaining control of the bridge was easy, but defending it was going to be tough.

Guo Quan had ordered for a few streets near the bridge to be closed off within the first chance he got, and the survivors were all chased out.

At the same time, Guo Quan had assigned a platoon of soldiers to launch an attack on the policemen on the other side of the bridge.

As they were caught unprepared, the policemen on the other side were also easily subdued, and all the policemen were brought together and locked up.

The first group of soldiers also started constructing some defence under Guo Quan’s orders. As long as they did not face the attacks of any artillery, the defence fortifications would be of extreme use.

“Guo Quan, what is the meaning of this?” Guo Quan’s actions were picked up by the 2 heads of the government, and Wen Baoguo had personally come into Guo Quan’s zone, asking with a steely expression.

Guo Quan replied curtly, “I’m doing this on Commander Yue’s orders!!”

Wen Baoguo continued, “Leave here immediately! I’m telling you to leave here, otherwise I’ll be forced to announce that you guys are not welcome here anymore.”

Guo Quan replied icily, “Before Commander Yue comes back, we’re not going anywhere.”

Wen Baoguo stared fixedly at Guo Quan, and thought deeply before asking suddenly, “Is there something wrong with the frontlines?”

Guo Quan hesitated a while, before revealing to Wen Baoguo: “Luo Tianyi and Su Dongming had abandoned their posts first and made a run for it. The entire defence line had collapsed!! This time, we’re defeated!! The huge horde of zombies are currently making their way towards us!!”

It was as though Wen Baoguo was struck by a lightning bolt out of nowhere, as he stammered to confirm the news with Guo Quan: “Is this true?”

If it was as Guo Quan said, things had gotten to a seriously bad point. When the army had left to deal with the horde, everyone had seemed so full of themselves and confident. Who would have expected that the army which possessed modern weaponry and high-tech equipment to have lost to a horde of mindless creatures.

It must be clear that initially, the army had easily taken care of the 700,000 zombies within SY County itself, after expending huge amounts of ammunition and suffering little casualties. This time, most of the survivors thought that dealing with the horde was only a matter of ammunition, and never did they imagine that the army was actually defeated.

Guo Quan coldly replied, “This is what Commander Yue transmitted to us. If you don’t believe it, you can ask Shen Hongyang personally.”

Wen Baoguo did not seem to notice Guo Quan’s indifference, he immediately rushed back to the government, assigning a subordinate to confirm the news with Shen Hongyang.

“What do we do?” Wen Baoguo’s first course of action was to seek Peng Mingde to discuss.

Peng Mingde pondered a while, before speaking: “There are 2 paths we can take now! The first is to activate the survivors, to construct fortifications and defence mechanisms, giving them weapons, to join the army in defending SY County. The other, is to forgo SY County, and to evacuate the survivors!”

Wen Baoguo shook his head, “The zombie horde could overcome even the army, what hope will we have with our citizens? The first path you speak of is not possible.”

SY County had over 100,000 survivors, their numbers exceeding the soldiers of the military, however, most of them had been starved to the point of emaciation, their bodies extremely weak. It was too much to ask of them, seeing that throwing a punch would drain them, not mentioning taking up arms against a huge horde of zombies as well as evolved ones.

Peng Mingde frowned as he softly replied: “Then we can only abandon SY County and shift. However, where can we go with 100,000 survivors?”

Yue Zhong’s Ning Guang County and Qing Yuan County were naturally the safest places to be, however, Peng Mingde was not willing to take the survivors to Yue Zhong’s strongholds. The moment the survivors ended up in Yue Zhong’s hands, his position as Secretary General Peng would not last long.

Wen Baoguo thought for a while, and said resolutely, “Let’s move to Yue Zhong’s Ning Guang County! The place is big enough, accommodating an additional 100,000 people shouldn’t be an issue.”

Wen Baoguo had his desires to remain as a government officer, and loved his authority. However, he knew what his bottom line was. He would definitely not risk the lives of a 100,000 people for the sake of his own power.

Peng Mingde hesitated a while, before shaking his head: “Let’s slow down!! Maybe things aren’t as bad as we thought!!”

Power was an amazing thing. To give up the power and authority a person has, required a huge deal of courage and determination. Peng Mingde could not see the end picture, and was thus unwilling to give up his own power.

Peng Mingde did not agree with Wen Baoguo’s suggestion to evacuate the survivors, however he started to activate them to begin fortifications at the borders.

Guo Quan was currently organizing the survivors calmly, preparing for them to leave towards Ning Guang County.

At the frontlines, Yue Zhong had been engaged in battle against the horde with his Special Forces, and a huge group of zombies had just routed behind them from the other positions and were starting an attack on them.

The Special Combat Forces unit had already done their preparations beforehand, every one of them tied a rope to themselves which were tied to Greenie’s legs.

With a flap of its wings, Greenie rose towards the skies, bringing the Special Combat Forces with it. The soldiers, carried by Greenie, enjoyed the aerial flight that was hard to come by.

Yue Zhong, Zhuo Yatong, Ji Qingwu and Tong Xiaoyun were seated on Greenie’s back.

Tong Xiaoyun was hugging Yue Zhong tightly, her expression comfortable.

Yue Zhong was also hugging Zhuo Yatong tightly, taking in her fragrance, a look of satisfaction on his face.

[TN: And Ji Qingwu was hugging Greenie tightly, wondering why she was not included, like Zhuo Yatong could have been hugging HER, and smelling HER fragrance.]

When Greenie was in mid-air, as the winds were too harsh, no one spoke, they all huddled tightly together, enjoying the rare moment of peace.

After flying for a while, Yue Zhong patted Greenie’s back and said, “Fly a little lower, Greenie!”

Upon hearing the command, Greenie started its descent, flying at a low altitude.

Yue Zhong laid on Greenie’s back, and looked below.

Greenie’s flight speed was extremely fast, not long after, it had chased up to Xu Zhengang’s unit that had left an hour earlier.

At the same time, there were over a hundred S2s chasing Xu Zhengang and his men from behind.

However, Yue Zhong’s troops were experienced when dealing with these S2s with high speed.

5 IFVs tied with wire charged towards the S2s.

As the speed of the S2s were extremely fast, when they made contact with the thin wires, their own speed coupled with the frontal charge of the IFVs caused their own head to be sliced through by the combined force.

Other than the 5 IFVs charging forwards, a few steel wire nets were already taken out, forming an entire piece. While these steel wire nets were of no use against the L2s which had incredible strength and defence, they were extremely efficient against the S-Type zombies. Many of the S2s charged into the nets, before being brought down by them. The soldiers then stepped forwards to execute them.

Some of the warriors decked in Mutant Water Snake hides and wielding their Tang Replica Swords even dared to come up and hack off the heads of the S2s.

Bright flashes of gunfire illuminated the skies, causing this entire area to be lit up like a normal day. Yue Zhong’s troops were engaged in an intense battle with these S2s. While Yue Zhong’s troops had the upper hand, the S2s were simply too fast, from time to time, there would be some soldiers who had their Mutant Boar hides slashed through, and being injured as a result.

Right as the battle was going on, Greenie had flapped its wings and arrived.

Yue Zhong leapt down from Greenie’s back, activating his Shadow Steps and rushed into the midst of the zombies. He attacked, waving his 2m-long Black-tooth Blade as he killed the zombies effortlessly.

The rest of the Special Combat Forces also undid their ropes, and joined in the fray.

The moment the Special Combat Forces joined in, the remaining more than a 100 S2s were decimated. The performance of the little loli Yao Yao was especially eye-catching. Her speed had long surpassed the S2s of course. As long as she was moving about, the S2s found their heads decapitated, and her speed of executing the S2s was even faster than Ji Qingwu and Yue Zhong as a result.

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