God and Devil World

Chapter 284: Deployment

Chapter 0284 – Deployment

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, Johnyxn [Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

Upon seeing the equipment and strength of Yue Zhong’s troops, everyone in SY County celebrated the fact that they had not gone head to head with Yue Zhong. Based on his weapons and machinery, if it had really come to a clash? Even if they won against Yue Zhong, they would have suffered greatly.

While equipment was not the deciding factor of the success of a battle, it was one of the strongest factors. If 2 armies of similar size were to clash and one side was using rifles against the other with tanks, it was next to impossible.

“Commander Yue, according to our agreement, please send your troops to assist with the clearing of zombies.” When Yue Zhong arrived, the army had sent out an envoy to remind Yue Zhong.

“I know! Go tell Commander Shen that I’m about to set off!!” Yue Zhong directly replied.

After the fierce battle between Su Dongming and Yue Zhong, the tanks and assault helicopters that were destroyed by Yue Zhong, as well as the numerous elite soldiers that were annihilated, Su Dongming’s once tyrannical military strength was greatly diminished. It had fell to the lowest position of the 5 major heads, and was now only the Vice Division Commander. The Division Commander post went to the strongest now which was Shen Hongyang.

Of course, the other 3 powers only had their smaller corps, but were conferred the vice Division Commander Posts as well.

After sending the envoy on his way, Yue Zhong went to find Guo Quan: “Guo Quan!! This place here is our path of retreat. If this place comes under attack, the brothers of the 4 battalions will all be in peril. This time, I’m bringing the troops to clean up the horde, you have to protect this place! Are there any questions?”

[TN: Guo Quan is the leader of the small recon group that had be on watch when Ning Guang County tried to attack Yue Zhong previously. He also gained alot of merit for holding the fort when Shen Xue attacked.]

This time, Yue Zhong only intended to bring 4 battalions to fight at the front line, the best of Ning Guang County was kept at SY County, to prevent any potential trouble.

After all, in this post-apocalyptic world, anything could happen. Yue Zhong did not wish to see while he was fighting in the frontline, his path of retreat would be suddenly cut off by his “allies”.

Guo Quan stared at Yue Zhong, and his face displayed a resolute expression as he replied: “No problem!! Commander Yue, even if I have to risk my life, I will definitely defend this place!”

Guo Quan had went through countless battles, and grown from a normal survivor to become the Vice-Commander of the First Battalion of Ning Guang County. He was an exceptional military personnel. War was the best form of tempering, and it had caused Guo Quan to grow into a good commander in just the short span of 2 months.

Yue Zhong left Guo Quan, while bringing Ning Guang County’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th Battalion, SY’s 8th Battalion, and his Special Forces. He left with a total of 5 battalions and joined the military as they made their way towards the zombie horde that was coming.

SY County’s military had also mobilized a total of 5,000 people, marching towards the direction of SY County.

Due to the preciousness of fuel, other than the self-propelled rocket launchers, and the infantry fighting vehicles, as well as the various armored vehicles, the rest of the fighters had to use their feet to march on.

SY’s army had been attacking their way towards SY County, and a large number of the zombies along the way had been killed by them. Yue Zhong’s forces thus had a relatively relaxed time.

After 2 days, Yue Zhong’s forces had come to a clearing that was about 10 kilometresa away from SY County.

The entire 8,000-strong army was segregated into 6 parts, the mutual trust between each party was not strong. Especially since the relationship between Yue Zhong and Su Dongming was like water and fire. The 8,000 strong army split into 6 different paths as they went on to clash with the zombies.

While both Yue Zhong and the military of SY were on guard against one another, they were also using one another. The zombies were the enemies of humanity, not only were they SY’s problem, they were Yue Zhong’s problem as well. The moment SY County fell to these zombies, they would target Yue Zhong next.

Yue Zhong led his troops and they came to a stop at Tiger’s Mouth Gorge.

Tiger’s Mouth Gorge was a channel that led to SY County, it had 2 hills that were a few tens of metres high on either side. The space of the valley in between only allowed for a maximum of 2 huge tracks to pass through. It was easy to defend and tough to attack, and was the perfect place to set up defence.

The moment they arrived at Tiger’s Mouth Gorge, Yue Zhong commanded the 1st and 2nd Battalion to commence work on some construction. A few steel barbed wires were laid out, while some steel strips, wooden fences, barricades and a huge pit soon appeared in the gorge itself.

The 2 small hills on either side were then occupied by some of Yue Zhong’s troops, in case the zombies made use of them to break past this line of defence.

After bringing the troops to Tiger’s Mouth Den, he handed over command to Xu Zhengang. Xu Zhengang was an outstanding officer, and had experienced many battles against both zombies and Mutant Beasts. Commanding a battle of defence was not an issue.

Yue Zhong himself went to the command centre, the 5 heads of the military were currently within giving commands as well.

There were many drones activated in the skies, with positions as the commanders of the military, the heads only had to give out orders from within the safe confinements of the command centre, while the battle would be fought by the subordinates.

Yue Zhong also obtained a few command vehicles and drones, however, he did not have the technical know-how to train up UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) personnel, therefore, he could only watch as the equipment collected dust within the armory.

Su Dongming saw Yue Zhong walking over, as he coldly snorted, before turning his head and not looking in his direction.

Yue Zhong possessed a military might that was way stronger than Su Dongming, and thus he could only resort to such petty means to display his unhappiness. As for picking a fight with Yue Zhong, Su Dongming was not that stupid.

Shen Hongyang saw Yue Zhong entering and laughed: “Yue Zhong, you’re here! Are your preparations done?”

This time, Yue Zhong had deployed more men than Shen Hongyang had expected, and thus he had a more favourable impression of him.

Yue Zhong laughed, “My side’s done! I can deploy them anytime!”

Shen Hongyang casted a meaningful look to Yue Zhong, “Let’s set off then!”

“Begin the assault!”

The 6 heads gave the command within the command centre, and their subordinates set off and began their ferocious assault on the zombie horde.

Various self-propelled rocket launchers spat out fire in a frenzy, as the rockets landed in the densely packed horde of zombies, blasting several patches of zombies into smithereens.

Regardless of the strong L1, or L2 which had high defence, or even the speedy S2s, any zombie that got caught in the blast zone of the rocket, would immediately be rendered into pieces.

After a round of fearsome blasting, the soldiers of the military proceeded forward with the armored vehicles as cover, and started their assault. With the barrage of the bullets covering the battlefield, huge patches of zombies would fall like wheat that was reaped.

The zombies that had been caught by surprised seemed to awaken from their stupor, as they quickly reacted, and under the command of the Z-Type, the zombies made for the soldiers like a huge wave.

The moment the horde moved, it was unstoppable, and the soldiers from the military experienced for themselves firsthand the true fear of being charged by zombies. Initially when they had launched their assault, the zombies were not organized, and were easily disposed of, but this time, it was very different. One can imagine how the waves of assault that came from an organized charge of over a million zombies was unstoppable.

Behind the army, the numerous self-propelled rocket launchers and Type 40 rocket launchers fired their missiles in a frenzy into the horde, blasting more patches of zombies to oblivion.

Under the barrage of heavy fire, the densely packed zombie horde had lost over 30,000 of their numbers. If it was a human army that had lost 30,000 of their comrades, the morale would have been lost. However, these zombies knew no fear nor death, and continued their relentless assault towards the soldiers and the weaponry.

The pockets of dead flattened zombies were quickly filled up by other zombies.

The soldiers continued their relentless firing, and the fearsome attack rained down on the zombies, killing many of them.

Those zombies which were rushing towards them in a frenzy would find themselves dead before they even managed to get too close.

However, the waves making up a million zombies were more terrifying than facing a thousand or even ten thousand zombies. It was as though there was no end to the nightmare.

[Dedition: No shit…]

The relentless barrage of bullets did not seem to stop, and under those firing conditions, many of the heavy and light machine guns, as well as rifles had heated up by the continuous firing.

The military soldiers immediately swapped out their guns and barrels, and during the switch, the firepower was reduced by a lot.

Just as the soldiers from the army paused in their attacks, the horde suddenly split open, and over a hundred H1s suddenly appear, as they opened their mouths and shot numerous fireballs at the armored vehicles.

Many of the vehicles were instantly destroyed at the first moment of that fireball attack, as they exploded, it engulfed and killed the nearby soldiers.

The moment the first attack was successful, the countless S2s hiding within the horde immediately shot outwards with speeds like howling winds towards the soldiers.

The speed of the S2s were incredibly fast, crossing a distance of over a 100m in only 7 seconds. Although many of the soldiers had finished reloading, quite a number of S2s had already reached the soldiers, and used their claws to slash at the soldiers, killing lots of them.

Facing the sudden attack of the S2s, the soldiers of the military immediately lost their fighting spirit, and started to escape towards the back.

“Covering fire!! Covering fire!!”

Under the orders of the command centre, the self-propelled rocket launchers, mortars, multi-barreled missiles all fired at will into the horde of zombies. Large patches of the horde were instantly pulverized and swallowed in flames, burnt into crisps.

Those huge H1s numbering in the hundreds were also turned into ash.

The various Enhancers within the army also made their moves and started slaughtering the S2s. Everyone must fight if they want to survive.

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