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Chapter 282: Intel on the Horde of 1,000,000 Zombies!

Chapter 0282 – Intel on the Horde of 1,000,000 Zombies!

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[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

Even Ji Qingwu and Zhuo Yatong, who were considered experts, were assigned to help cut up the hard shells of the Mutant Beasts. Yue Zhong even lent his Black-tooth Blade to Ji Qingwu to use.

The Level 4 Treasure Black-tooth Blade was incredibly sharp under the Blade Strengthening Skill of Ji Qingwu. Even the tough scales of the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish that had withstood Yue Zhong’s PF98 anti-tank rounds, were cleanly cut apart by Ji Qingwu, revealing the fresh fish flesh underneath.

Ulamog: say that 5 times fast. Fresh Fish Flesh…

The Type 2 Mutant Crayfish and Type 2 Mutant Crab had shells that were slightly tougher though. Even Ji Qingwu found it hard to cut apart their scales regardless of the combination of her skill and the Black-tooth Blade.

Zhuo Yatong however, had an idea. she wielded her mace that was over a hundred jin, lifting and swinging it downwards to shatter the shell into pieces. Doing this, she slowly broke them apart.

Under the joint efforts of over 18,000 people and by the time evening fell, the countless Mutant Beasts’ carcasses near the river had been cleaned up. Only a huge mountain of bones from the Type 2 Mutant Black Fishes were left.

If it was just Yue Zhong alone, he would definitely have no way of settling the issue with the meat of the dead Mutant Beasts. However, what he could not accomplish on his own, 18,000 could easily accomplish it.

In the evening, the survivors under Yue Zhong’s banner started cooking the seafood, every survivor of age received a jin of Mutant Black Fish meat, while the kids received half a jin of Mutant Black Fish meat.

The Black Fish meat was absolutely fresh, and even tastier than the meat of the Black Fish prior to the apocalypse. The survivors sat together and enjoyed the fish soup while eating the fish meat, and everyone had satiated expressions on their faces.

They were extremely satisfied with their lives currently. As long as they did their work honestly, not only were they able to eat their fill, they could enjoy meat as well. At the same time, the territory under Yue Zhong was the best governed amongst the rest of the county.

If there was something they had to say they were unhappy about, it would be that there were too many rules. The slightest infringement of a law could result in whipping, but the main point was that after being whipped, the person would be chased out of the camp. Seeing those survivors who fell back into hard times the moment they were forced out, all the survivors under Yue Zhong’s care were secretly alert, and constantly reminded themselves never to flout any rule.

White Bones walked to the huge pile of bones, and activated its Bone Manipulation Ability to absorb the bones into its body.

“Your Special Summon: White Bones, has gained an enhancement of 15 points to Endurance.”

Yue Zhong was sitting in his own quarters and when he heard the sweet sound of a system notification, he was not distracted in the slightest. Instead he popped the 6 blood essences from the Type 2 Mutant Beasts into his mouth and swallowed.

The moment the 6 blood essences entered Yue Zhong’s abdomen, they transformed into a warmth that surged throughout him, nourishing and enhancing his body continuously.

With the help of blood essences, every pore of Yue Zhong’s body started oozing out black dirty blood, and soon he was covered entirely in dark grime.

Ulamog: XianXia elements anyone?

After some time has passed, the effects of the 6 blood essences wore off, and Yue Zhong heard the familiar notification of his own enhancement: “Congratulations on gaining 40 Points in Vitality, and 10 Points in Endurance.”

Due to his increased immunity to the essences, even after swallowing 6 blood essences he only gained 40 points in Vitality and 10 points in Endurance. The effects could not compare to the first time he consumed the first blood essence from the Type 2 Mutant Black-Scaled Boar.

Additionally, Yue Zhong had been consuming so many blood essence that even the Type 2 Blood Essences were starting to lose their potency.

Yue Zhong opened his eyes and could feel the tremendous vitality surging within himself. He knew he had grown stronger yet again.

“What a stench!” Yue Zhong sniffed the pungent grime on him and frowned in disgust. He immediately got up and went to take a cold shower, cleaning himself up.

After his bath, Yue Zhong came to the dining hall.Right now, the dining hall was filled with many beautiful ladies.

Along the long dinner table, on the left, sat Wen Peishan, Tai Yiyan, Cheng Peipei, Zhou Yanxue, while Ji Qingwu, Zhuo Yatong, Yao Yao and Tong Xiaoyun sat on the right.

“What absolute beauties!!” Both parties were evaluating the other, and their eyes could not help but widened in shock. The women on both sides were thoroughly awed by each other.

[TN: I laughed out loud at this.]

Only Yao Yao that loli was still dressed in her military garb, and was glancing around with impatience. She sat restlessly in her seat like a little monkey. No one dared to look at her.

In today’s battle, the numerous Mutant Black Fishes that were felled by Yao Yao were above her in Enhancement Levels. Most importantly was that she was the top Agility expert within Yue Zhong’s forces. In just terms of Agility, even Yue Zhong could not match Yao Yao. After all, he was a Spirit and Endurance Dual-attribute Evolver.

When Yue Zhong came to the main seat, he smiled at the ladies: “There’s no need to wait for me. Go ahead and eat, don’t stand on ceremony.”

“I want to eat the claws of the crayfish!!!” Yao Yao immediately reached for the claws of one of the crayfish without reserve, and used her strength to crush the external shell, *CRUNCH* before digging into the sumptuous meat ravenously.

Yao Yao’s somewhat child-like behaviour broke the awkward atmosphere and the ladies all started to help themselves to the food.

The dining table was truly ladened with delicacies. There was Mutant Crayfish and Mutant Crab as well as huge slices of Type 2 Mutant Black Fish meat. Also there was Type 2 Mutant Crayfish claw meat as well as Type 2 Mutant Crab claw meat. It was incredibly tasty and luxurious in this age. The women could not stop once they started, and enjoyed the food tremendously.

“Congratulations on gaining 1 point in Strength!”

Tai Yiyan was enjoying a few mouthfuls of the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish meat, when the notification sound rang out in her mind, and her expression was full of joy, and she immediately disregarded her etiquettes and continued to consume her meal in huge bites. She was after all a normal person and not an Enhancer. Therefore the meat of the Type 2 Mutant Black Fish was extremely beneficial to her, allowing her to gain a point in Strength.

“Boss Yue!! Someone is requesting an audience!”

Right as the people in the dining hall were enjoying themselves, Zhang He walked in and reported to Yue Zhong. He had already become a member of Yue Zhong’s Youth Corps, and was extremely loyal to Yue Zhong. Loyal even to the point of idolization. He was in charge of relaying messages to and from Yue Zhong, including his orders.

“Who?” Yue Zhong frowned, and asked in a low voice.

Zhang He replied: “She said she’s called Shen Xue!!”

Yue Zhong immediately recalled the extremely beautiful and elegant, yet cold to the point of indifferent lady.

“Let her in!” Yue Zhong thought for awhile, before replying softly. He did not have a favourable impression towards Shen Xue and it was likely the same for her. However, he guessed that she must have something to discuss with him.

Under Zhang He’s guidance, Shen Xue walked in with a proud gait.

Shen Xue eyed the 8 absolute beauties in the dining hall, and her gaze towards Yue Zhong increased in contempt and disgust: “I have something important to discuss with you, here’s not the place.”

Yue Zhong brought Shen Xue into a meeting room and immediately said, “What do you need! Just say it!”

Shen Xue directly replied: “I heard that you have taken care of a few Type 2 Mutant Beasts. I want to use 1 tonne of gold to purchase 30 tonnes of Type 2 Mutant Beast meat.”

In SY County, they had also hunted down a Type 2 Mutant Beast before, but it was at the expense of 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, a tank, 3 Evolvers, 13 Enhancers. The top expert of SY County had also perished after being eaten by the Type 2 Mutant Beast.

However, the nourishing and beneficial properties of the meat from a Type 2 Mutant Beast were discovered by the top brass of SY County and it became their privilege alone. Only a few top officials could enjoy it.

This time, upon hearing that Yue Zhong had killed a few of these Type 2 Mutant Beasts, Shen Xue had rushed over at the first minute.

Yue Zhong coldly gazed at Shen Xue: “No way! On account of Commander Shen, I can gift you with 20 jin of Type 2 Mutant Beast meat. As for the gold, keep it for your own use!”

Gold could move people’s heart, even in SY County, gold was still used as a form of currency, to exchange for food. However, to Yue Zhong, gold was basically trash, it could not be eaten, nor used, and is useless, unless it was given free to him, otherwise he would not even want it. Initially he had agreed to exchange the food for gold was a form of expediency and convenience, now that he had the sufficient power, he naturally would not lower himself.

Shen Xue glared at him coldly: “I knew you wouldn’t be willing! Why not we do it like this, I have an important piece of intel to exchange. A top-secret one.”

Yue Zhong continued without batting an eyelid: “What intel?”

Shen Xue responded in an extremely serious manner:

“There is a horde of zombies that number around 1,000,000 that seems to be aiming for SY County and are currently moving here. Based on their sustained movement speed, within 20 days they would be here to attack!”

“Is this for real?!” Yue Zhong had a huge change in expression, as he bolted up and asked.

Initially at Qing Yuan County, the horde of 100,000 had already given Yue Zhong a headache, and he had suffered major losses.

Now that he was well prepared and had an army as well as the firepower to boot, he was not as apprehensive. He really wasn’t, but the figure this time was actually a million! That was a different story. It was 10 times larger than the previous time, if they really charged, it would be like an unstoppable ocean wave.

Shen Xue replied indifferently, “Definitely true, this was the result of drones that were sent out to collect info. Furthermore, we lost a total of 10 drones because of this.”

Amongst the skies, while there were no zombies, there were Mutant Birds, and the drones that were sent out by the SY County’s Army would definitely come across some Mutant Birds, and a number of them were destroyed.

Shen Xue looked at Yue Zhong and asked, “Is this piece of information worth 30 tonnes of Mutant Beast Meat?”

Yue Zhong replied heavily, “Yes!”

With this, Yue Zhong could go about preparing and preempting disaster. This way he didn’t have to wait till the last moment and panic.

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Chapter 282: did i trick you??? not a fake title xD

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