God and Devil World

Chapter 263: Kneel or Die!

Chapter 0263 – Kneel or Die!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies] Chapter 263: Kneel, or die!

“This should be enough!” Cheng Yu stepped forward, and threw a bag in front of Niu Dahui.

Niu Dahui pulled open the bag, only to discover that the bag was filled with white rice, and even had about 10 jin worth! His eyes revealed a hint of greed, he had just lent out 3 jin of cornmeal and managed to obtain 10 jin of superior white rice. This time he had really struck it rich! It must be made clear that white rice was much more valuable than cornmeal.

The survivors looked at the white rice inside the bag, and their eyes all lit up. 10 jin of white rice, was enough for these starved survivors to kill for.

Niu Dahui’s eyes shook, as he spoke out fiercely, “No way! I lent you cornmeal! I want back cornmeal! If you don’t take out 6 jin of cornmeal right now, hand me your sister!!”

The 4 burly men behind Niu Dahui stood up to pressurize Zhang He.

If it was any other situation, with the 400% of interest, Niu Dahui would have stopped there. It’s just this time, if he could obtain Zhang Yulan, he would gain more than 10 times the interest. This was why he couldn’t care less, and wanted to get his hands on Zhang Yulan so he could earn a whole lot more.

Zhang He shook with fury as he shouted out loudly, “It’s obvious that white rice is much more valuable. I only borrowed 3 jin of cornmeal from you, and returned you 10 jin of white rice, what more do you want?”

Niu Dahui harshly criticized: “You say white rice is more valuable than cornmeal? In my eyes, a jin of cornmeal is worth 10 jin of white rice!! You can either pay me 6 jin of cornmeal or 60 jin of white rice, then we can call it even! Otherwise, bring your sister here!”

The 4 burly bodyguards encircled Zhang He and Cheng Yu to try and oppress them.

Zhang He was thoroughly infuriated by Niu Dahui’s shamelessness, and he shook uncontrollably while looking at Cheng Yu.

“A bunch of trash!” Cheng Yu’s eyes flashed coldly, as his body seemed to disappear. In one move he kicked out, visciously sweeping his leg in a circle and caused the 4 burly men to fly back and hit the shop wall.

With another kick aimed at Niu Dahui’s stomach, he kicked again. Cheng Yu’s attack caused him to double over and his knees gave out, causing him to faceplant the ground into a rather fresh pile of green dog shit.

Dedition: Wouldn’t the dogs have been eaten? This is a poor area, there wouldn’t be no dogs for dog shit? Unless somehow….

Ulamog: Martian dogs equipped with personal teleportation matrixes… It’s 100% then truth.

“This white rice is for you! From today on, the debt between you and Zhang He is cancelled. If you still want to find trouble, you will lose your dog life!” Cheng Yu pulled Niu Dahui by his hair viciously, as he spoke with enormous killing intent, while pouring the white rice on top of his head.

Niu Dahui had a look of horror as he pleaded loudly, “No more! Master! I dare not! Please take mercy and spare my lowly life!!”

Someone who was capable of dealing with 4 strong men was obviously a powerful Enhancer. He was an existence that Niu Dahui could not afford to offend.

Zhang He looked at Cheng Yu enviously and imagined himself possessing the same strength one day, as to let others fear him. “How powerful and domineering!! I must be as capable as him in the future!!”

“My fellow elder brothers and uncles, I am Zhang He! I am now under Boss Yue! Yue Zhong ordered me to gather workers! As long as you work for Boss Yue, everyone gets to eat their fill!” Zhang He stepped onto Niu Dahui’s stall, and called out to the surrounding survivors.

“Take me!! Zhang He!!”

“I can do anything! Will I really get to eat my fill?”

The moment Zhang He finished talking, all the survivors surrounded Zhang He and Cheng Yu, then started pleading profusely. To be able to eat one’s fill was an incredibly tempting offer. In SY County, there were nobody who didn’t want to join the various powers, there were only powers who weren’t willing to accept survivors. It was mainly because these powers did not have any more rations, the moment they exceeded their capacity, they would run out of food as well.

Yue Zhong currently did not bring too much weight in rations, so gathering 200 subordinates was the maximum that he could allow. When the ration trucks arrived, he could then engage in a wide scale employment.

And then of course, Yue Zhong couldn’t just take in too many. Otherwise, the government of SY County would not be able to relax.

Zhang He had gotten along in this part of town for a long time, and somewhat knew the various survivors pretty well. Under his selection, a few of the honest and hardworking ones who were not afraid to slog were chosen. Those hoodlums, thieves and liars, or those who liked to slack or fool around were immediately rejected.

Niu Dahui at this time had already crawled up, his eyes filled with a venomous look as he stared at Zhang He and said through gritted teeth, “Zhang He! Just you wait, I won’t let you off this easily!!”

After that, Niu Dahui hastily left the place.

Zhang He brought the 200 people he gathered in front of Yue Zhong and said: “Boss Yue, as per your instructions, 200 people have been assembled!!”

Yue Zhong sat in the middle of the courtyard. On his left stood Wen Peishan who had a look of curiosity. Located on his right, Tong Xiaoyun and Zhang Yulan stood together. The rest of the Special Combat soldiers were on different duties and missions, infiltrating SY County, and observing any strange movements from the different power factions.

Right at this time, a group of knife and axe-wielding men rushed in, while an arrogant young man with blond hair and ear piercings sauntered over and glanced at Yue Zhong. His eyes quickly landed on Wen Peishan, Tong Xiaoyun and Zhang Yulan, and he couldn’t betray the look of lust in his expression.

A tanned man wearing a shirt with no buttons, revealing his tattoos, immediately walked forward towards Yue Zhong, fiercely swinging a huge knife, before cursing, “Fuck your mother! Yue Zhong you bastard, you come to our Black Tiger Gang’s territory to gather people? Have you asked for our permission?! Damn it! You didn’t go through us and dare to take people in? You must have a death wish right!?!”

Seeing the Black Tiger Gang members appearing out of the blue, the 200 people who had been gathered immediately hid to one side, their faces full of fear as they watched on. The Black Tiger Gang was, after all, the tyrant around these areas, and operated gambling dens and brothels. They loaned out resources at huge interest rates and engaged in various other shady business. At the same time, they possessed a decent fighting force, and had over a 100 members in their gang who could fight, therefore no one dared to provoke them.

The blond young man with pierced ears, and an incredibly arrogant face was the son of the gang leader Yun Qiang, Yun Fei! Yun Fei was also a ruthless youth, and had caused the deaths of a few people. The tanned burly man wielding the knife was called Cheng Yunshu, and was one of the top 5 fighters in Black Tiger Gang. Even prior to the apocalypse, he was a fighter for a gang, and his knife skills were brutal and ruthless. Of course he had taken numerous lives as well.

“Go and die!” Yue Zhong frowned, and immediately fired a shot at that Cheng Yunshu.

Bang! A bullet hole appeared in Cheng Yunshu’s head, and his entire person slumped lifelessly backwards. His eyes were filled with disbelief and shock. He didn’t expect that Yue Zhong had not spoken more than a sentence, and instead had just decided to kill him instantly.

Those members of the Black Tiger Gang who had walked in with strong killing intent watched Cheng Yunshu slump to the floor in disbelief as well. That was one of the prized top fighters in their gang. In the battles for territory and control, he was someone who could take on 6 different people, and such a bull had actually died at Yue Zhong’s hands.

“The whole lot of you kneel or die!” Yue Zhong coldly eyed those 20 gang members who had rushed over and spoke. He didn’t even stand, and had still remained sitting on the chair.

4 Special Combat soldiers walked out with their .05 submachine guns aimed at the gang members.

Outside of the courtyard’s gates, Cheng Yu wordlessly aimed a .05 submachine gun at the 20 members of the Black Tiger Gang.

As long as Yue Zhong gave the order, the 5 of them could instantly decimate the over 20 members from the Black Tiger Gang.

Yun Fei saw the scene in front of him, and his back broke out in cold sweat, and right now, he absolutely hated Niu Dahui who had goaded him into this. The man in front of him was obviously extremely decisive and vicious, he would kill without engaging in idle banter. With a single word from him, he forced people to kneel. This was the tyrant of tyrants, devil of devils!

Yun Fei had wanted to say something, but once he saw Yue Zhong’s eyes which were filled with killing intent, his heart went limp. He immediately kneeled down and said loudly, “It’s a misunderstanding!! It’s all a misunderstanding!!”

The members of the Black Tiger Gang immediately kneeled one by one. There were, however, some who seemed to be hesitating. They had their pride, and they were actually being forced to kneel in front of a young man, and that made them indignant.

Bang bang!

(TN: all over you~~~)

The sounds of gunfire resounded from the .05 light machine gun. Those Black Tiger Gang members who had not thrown their weapons down in time, were immediately shot full of bullet holes, their entire body bleeding, as they slumped to the floor, fresh blood flowing out of their wounds.

The 11 members had just died like that without the chance to resist, and the cruel scene let Yun Fei truly feel frightened at the ruthless slaughter of this youth in front of him. He had always been tough on his enemies while treating his people well, and was afraid that Yue Zhong could just execute them all on the spot.

Those who were gathered by Zhang He on Yue Zhong’s orders witnessed the cruel scene, as their hearts went cold, and they all kneeled subconsciously.

Seeing everyone kneeling down, Zhang Yulan’s eyes flashed with a hint of passion, as she looked towards Yue Zhong with reverence.

Yue Zhong eyed Yun Fei kneeling on the ground icily and asked “Who are you?”

The deaths of the 12 members of the Black Tiger Group was of no importance to Yue Zhong. In SY County, as long as Yue Zhong did not publicly execute any government officials, the murder of a few gang members weren’t worth shit. In fact, because of the struggle for dominance, the gangs would be engaged in fighting every few days, with a few deaths as a result. The government would not bother with them too much.

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