Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction

Chapter 1132 - Chapter 1132: Battle Begins

Chapter 1132: Battle Begins

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Ye Yifan glanced around, observing Lu Dajiang, Huang Yuan, and the other five, all seasoned warriors whose strength surpassed his own. Liu Yan’s combat prowess was already extraordinary.

Among the remaining rookies, Allen Smith was undoubtedly stronger than him. Murong Xue, weaker than him in the past, had recently surpassed him in strength.

As for Luo Wei, the last remaining rookie, he had consistently been slightly weaker than Ye Yifan.

Sensing an opportunity, Ye Yifan quickly remarked, “Luo Wei is weaker than me, isn’t he? See, I told you I’m not the weakest.”

Hearing this, Luo Wei couldn’t help but hold back a smile and said, “Brother Ye, what’s your current combat star level?”


Proudly, Ye Yifan responded, “I was at the middle stage of 13-star combat strength before, but after the last territory battle, I’ve advanced to the early stage of 14-star combat strength! What about you? You were at the initial stage of 13 stars before, right?”

With a smug grin, Luo Wei replied, “I’m sorry, but I’ve already progressed to the middle stage of 14-star combat strength!”

‘What?” Ye Yifan was momentarily stunned and exclaimed, “No way! Why? You were weaker than me before. We both experienced the battle with the Lakon Territory and while I’ve grown, how did you grow even more and surpass me instantly?”

Luo Wei chuckled and said, “Well, who knows?”

Previously the weakest among the group, Luo Wei now felt much better after surpassing Ye Yifan in strength.

Ye Yifan stood there awkwardly, reflecting on his past as a shining genius. In contrast to Liu Yan and the others, he, the once dazzling figure, had become the weakest.

This sensation was entirely new for Ye Yifan, who had always stood out prominently among his peers, consistently ranking at the pinnacle in terms of strength.

Never did he imagine that he would one day be considered the weakest among them.

Patting Ye Yifan on the shoulder. Luo Wei consoled him. “Alright. don’t take it too hard. While you might be the weakest among the ten of us, you’re still strong within the entire Origin Territory. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be eligible to participate in this territory battle. Isn’t that right, Old Ten?”

Hearing the title “Old Ten”, Ye Yifan’s face darkened. Luo Wei was not consoling him. He was mocking him! Nevertheless, Ye Yifan couldn’t refute it. Despite his discontent, he couldn’t deny the reality.

Pushing Luo Wei away, Ye Yifan retorted, “Just you wait. When I grow stronger, you’ll still be the weakest.”

“I’ll be waiting,” Luo Wei replied with a smile.

At that moment, the Will of Tower announced the imminent commencement of the first small territorial battle, requiring both sides to dispatch their first team members.

Observing this, Ye Yifan said nothing more. Gripping his short sword, he stepped into the teleportation array and entered the battlefield.

On the battlefield, Ye Yifan faced a lion. Both were separated by a barrier, and the battle had yet to officially begin.

The lion roared at Ye Yifan, but it seemed incapable of speaking.

Ye Yifan ignored it and used his perception skill to gauge the lion’s strength.

After a thorough assessment, Ye Yifan realized that the lion’s strength was quite formidable, hovering around the middle stage of 14 stars, even surpassing his own.

Although the strength of the Lion Territory was average, it was still ranked in the 6,000 to 7,000. It was only slightly weaker than the original Origin Territory, but the strength of the Lion Territory was not bad.

Ye Yifan couldn’t help but feel speechless. It was fine if he was the weakest of the ten peak experts in the Origin Territory.

If they lost the first small territory battle, it would be too embarrassing.

However, the first expert sent by the Lion Territory was not weak. His strength was even slightly stronger than Ye Yifan’s.

Ye Yifan immediately cursed in his heart, “This Lion Clan is something. Why didn’t they send the weakest one out for the first small match? Isn’t this making things difficult for me?”

However, Ye Yifan couldn’t care so much at this time. He also understood that this wasn’t a reason for him to lose this battle.

No matter what, Ye Yifan had to win this battle. Otherwise, he felt that he would not be able to raise his head in front of the other top experts in the Origin Territory in the future.

Soon, the barrier disappeared, and the Will of Tower announced that the first small territorial battle had officially begun.

The lion on the opposite side roared. The sound waves came over, blowing Ye Yifan’s battle armor and shaking it a little. It was obvious that the other party’s strength was not ordinary.

The lion roared and charged towards Ye Yifan.

This lion was three to four meters tall, much larger than the ordinary lions on the Blue Planet.

As a human, Ye Yifan’s physique naturally could not be compared at all.

In front of this lion, Ye Yifan’s body even seemed a little small.

However, Ye Yifan was not afraid. Holding a short sword, he also rushed towards the lion.

A man and a lion soon collided.

Even though the difference in size was huge, Ye Yifan was not at a disadvantage in terms of combat strength. After the collision, he did not retreat at all. Instead, the lion was forced back half a step by Ye Yifan’s collision and was slightly at a disadvantage.

Even though Ye Yifan was slightly weaker than this lion with a combat star level of 14 stars combat strength in the middle stage.

However, in terms of actual combat strength, Ye Yifan was not at a

disadvantage at all. He had been suppressing this lion.

A man and a lion were fighting fiercely on the battlefield.

Compared to the intense battle on the battlefield, Liu Yan and the others below the stage appeared to be more relaxed.

After all, the Lion Territory’s strength was relatively average, and this territorial battle didn’t exert much pressure on the experts from the Origin Territory.

As for Ye Yifan’s small-scale battle, Liu Yan and the others weren’t overly concerned. Even if Ye Yifan lost this skirmish, the disparity in strength wasn’t significant, and there was no imminent danger to his life. Hence, there was nothing to worry about.

Losing a small-scale battle didn’t matter to the Origin Territory. Although they would miss out on some rewards, the opportunity to train a rookie was still valuable, and Liu Yan and the others could accept the outcome.

Several experts from the Origin Territory observed the battle casually, discussing the ongoing fight on the stage.

Lu Dajiang couldn’t help but commend, “Ye Yifan is doing well. The opponent’s combat star level should be higher, but he has been consistently suppressing them.”

Luo Wei chuckled, saying, “Exactly. Ye Yifan doesn’t want to lose. He already faced embarrassment earlier. If he loses again, he won’t have the face to return. Even if he has to grit his teeth, he must win this small battle.”

Murong Xue added, “He’s been maintaining the upper hand in the fight. The lion’s strength is inferior to Ye Yifan’s. It seems Ye Yifan will emerge victorious soon. ”

However, Huang Yuan shook his head slightly and remarked, “That might not be the case. Though it looks like Ye Yifan has been dominating, in reality, his advantage isn’t significant. On the contrary, he’s expending a considerable amount of energy and might expose some vulnerabilities, providing opportunities. It’s possible the lion on the other side could seize such a chance.”

Wei Feng also agreed. “That’s right. Ye Yifan has been suppressing his attacks. However, in reality, he hasn’t achieved much of an offensive effect. It’s not a good thing to not be able to take him down for a long time…”

When the rest of the people heard this, they also agreed. They all felt that Ye Yifan might lose this small battle..

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