Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 42 - Unexpected Gains, The Principal’s Personal Visit  

Chapter 42: Unexpected Gains, The Principal’s Personal Visit

Ye Feng glanced at it and then silently went to a corner.

He did not want to make a scene at all.

The carriage was very large. Even if there were more than a hundred people standing inside, it still seemed very empty.

Ye Feng leaned against the wall and casually released his perception. While checking their foundations, he waited for the teacher to appear.

“Did you hear? Someone killed the leader of the mutated Orc with his own hands just now!”

“Ah? So strong? That’s an E- grade mutated Orc!”

“Yes, that person is so awesome. I heard that he was also the top ranker in the previous training competition. This time, he also bore the brunt of killing the Orc…”

“I think his name is Ye Feng? His symbiotic body isn’t strong, but his combat skills are very good.”

“I wonder if I can become so awesome when I’m his girlfriend.”

“Dream on! Will he like you!?”

Ye Feng was soon discovered by a few classmates not far away and started to discuss in a low voice.

But Ye Feng was very indifferent and did not pay attention to these people.

“You’re Ye Feng, right?”

A tender voice came from Ye Feng’s side.

Ye Feng turned his head to look. It was the short-skirted girl who fought with him just now.

The big white rabbit’s sway made Ye Feng swallow a mouthful of saliva. He choked for a moment and could not say anything. He could only nod his head.

“Why are you blushing? Is it very hot here?”

Looking at Ye Feng whose face was as red as a monkey’s butt, the short-skirted girl asked with a smile.

“Ah? No, no…”

Ye Feng scratched his head, smiled awkwardly, and then asked again, “Then, what’s your name?”

“Su Fei.”

The white rabbit beauty answered crisply.

Su Fei?

Ye Feng scratched his head. Where had he heard this name before?

It seemed that the chairman of the Asus Corporation, the corporate magnate of China, was surnamed Su.

But what did the two have to do with each other?

Perhaps it was just a coincidence.

Ye Feng smiled. “It’s good that you’re not injured. When the Orc appeared, why didn’t you leave? Instead, why did you block its path?”

Ye Feng really did not understand this point.

She was only at F+ grade. When she met an Orc who was a level higher than her, she was not thinking of running away. Instead, she was going to face it head-on?

“Because I’m confident!” Su Fei smiled and took out something the size of a fingernail.

Although it was not big, the equipment inside was very sophisticated.

It was like a ball of energy was wrapped in a ball of something.

As long as she pressed this button, something could happen.

Ye Feng looked at this thing with his eyes wide open.

“A teleportation button?” Ye Feng answered. His mind suddenly paused as he looked at the beauty in front of him and realized something.

“Yes. How do you know?” Su Fei asked curiously.

This teleportation device was not something that ordinary people knew about.

In all of China, only Asus Corporation could develop and mass-produce teleportation devices. They were usually only used for teleportation between plantations and large areas.

Because these places were usually very far away, with teleportation technology, they could quickly appear at the places they wanted to go.

Apart from the large orchards, there were also some for civilian use.

However, due to the high price and the fact that they were disposable, they were rarely seen in the civilian population. They could only be seen for special purposes.

Moreover, the average person could not afford it.

A simple teleportation device with a price tag of 100,000 yuan was not an acceptable price for everyone.

However, he was too familiar with this thing because he had just obtained two similar teleportation devices from the Big White Rabbit Lady online not long ago.

However, the one in Su Fei’s hand was more precise and smaller.

“I just learned about it before,” Ye Feng replied. Su Fei nodded, took one from her bracelet, and handed it to him.

“Here, I’ll give you one!”

“Consider it a reward for saving me just now.”

Looking at the light blue teleportation device that Su Fei handed over, Ye Feng felt a little embarrassed.

Ye Feng said, “This thing is so expensive, I can’t take it. If you want to repay me, you can just treat me to a meal then.”

Seeing Ye Feng decline, Su Fei directly stuffed it into Ye Feng’s hand.

“Take it. To others, this thing is rare and valuable, but I still have a lot at home. Take it!”

“I’ll treat you to a meal. Let’s meet again after we go to school!”

After saying that, Su Fei smiled and left. Her friends were waiting for her there.

“There’s such a good thing?”

Ye Feng smiled. There were now three teleportation devices in his pocket. Except for two that were specially used for fixed-point teleportation, the one in his hand could be used to save his life when necessary!

This was a good thing!

Ye Feng immediately opened the bracelet and compared the online price.

“10, 10,000, 100,000, 1 million…”

When the string of numbers came out, Ye Feng was almost dumbfounded.

A total of seven digits!

Ye Feng sucked in a breath, “A price of 1 million!”

Looking at the transmission device that was emitting a faint blue light, Ye Feng was somewhat happy and immediately kept it in his wristband.

Suddenly, a powerful pressure appeared.

“For this temporary test, the main invigilator and the person who set the question is Teacher Andy. Whether or not you pass the test will be determined by Teacher Andy!”

“The monsters are all formed by the teacher’s air. All students’ injuries will recover within a day.”

As expected, the vast spiritual energy at the beginning of the test had an extremely strong recovery attribute.

Ye Feng’s eyes continuously flickered as he felt that spiritual energy.

But it could recover more than 100 people at the same time.

How vast this spiritual energy must be!

Ye Feng could no longer imagine that his feeling alone was that he was in a vast and boundless sea of spiritual energy.

The spiritual power of a Transcendent was as vast as the sea.

What a terrifying existence that was!

“Students, please pay attention. Those who have red circles under their feet are considered unqualified. The rest are all qualified!”

“Those who were at a disadvantage in battle and those who avoid battle are all judged as unqualified and will be sent back.”

Among the 100 people, two-thirds of them were chased and beaten, or they did not dare to participate in the battle.

These people were all judged to be unqualified.

In an instant, red light flashed, and more than half of the 100 people were instantly eliminated.

For those who didn’t have red light under their feet, only 32 people were left.

The train suddenly stopped, and a few young teachers appeared, taking away all the students who had red circles.

“Very good. Those who remain are all students who have the final entrance examination. Welcome!”

Not long after, the train stopped. A person stepped through the void and walked out.

That person had a dignified appearance. He looked like a delicate scholar and wore a pair of gold-rimmed eyes.

The strange thing was that that person’s eyes were actually blue.

That kind of blue was incomparably clear and gave people a very strange feeling. If one stared at it for a little longer, it was as if one’s entire soul could be absorbed.

When Ye Feng released his perception and touched this person…

He was suddenly bounced back by an unshakable force.

Ye Feng was shocked. This person actually had an accompanying array. He must be an awesome person!

‘That vast spiritual energy just now should have been released by him, right?’ Ye Feng looked at that person and sank into his thoughts.

He remembered that the invigilator for this assessment was Teacher Andy.

Ye Feng could not help but become excited.

“He must be one of the Five Great Human Ceilings, Teacher Andy!”

He did not think that he would actually be able to see it with his own eyes today.

This feeling was so wonderful!

That top-notch Transcendent of the symbiotic air!

Recalling that extremely turbulent spiritual energy just now, Ye Feng also felt that it was not strange. After all, that was the power released by Teacher Andy!

“Up to now, the students who are still standing in front of me, congratulations!”

“You have successfully passed the temporary test and obtained the final opportunity to enter the Academy!”

“Here, let me introduce myself.”

“My name is Andy, and I am the current principal of Cloud Mist Academy. If there is a chance in the future, I might even become your instructor.”

Teacher Andy smiled, revealing an extremely amiable smile.

Hearing these words, everyone did not dare to believe it, and the people below began to discuss in low voices.

“What? That is the legendary Teacher Andy, who is unfathomable!”

“One of the Five Great Human Ceilings, an existence that can instantly destroy the world and the air!”

“Have you seen Teacher Andy’s eyes? They are actually blue!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Rumor has it that Teacher Andy’s eyes are extraordinary. They have a kind of soul-stirring magic that can even see through life and death with a single glance!”

“What? See life and death with a single glance? That’s too strong!”

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