Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 35 - Continued Their Cooperation and Embarked On a New Journey

Chapter 35: Continued Their Cooperation and Embarked On a New Journey

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Hearing this, Ye Changfei naturally couldn’t say anything.

“Since that’s the case, then take the secret manual and leave this place!”

Hearing this, Ye Feng extended his right hand and the secret manual appeared in his hand.

Looking at the secret manual that was suffused with a faint white light, Ye Feng was extremely happy.

This was a B- grade secret manual!

If he could grasp all of it, then his mage path would also have a very good foundation.

Thinking of this, Ye Feng put away the secret manual and looked at Ye Changfei. He said, “Thank you Senior Ye, for your guidance. This junior will take his leave.”


Just as Ye Feng was about to leave, he was stopped by Ye Changfei.

“Take these few pills. You’ll need them!”

Before he could finish his sentence, the three pills landed in Ye Feng’s hands.

“These are Soul Gathering Pills?”

Ye Feng looked at the three lychee-sized pills that appeared in his hands and spoke in surprise.

But when Ye Feng turned around to look for Ye Changfei again…

He discovered that ye Changfei had already disappeared.

“Thank you, Senior Ye!”

With a thought, Ye Feng left this space.

In a room, Ye Changfei saw Ye Feng leave and the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile. “It’s been a long time since I’ve met such an outstanding junior. Brat, I hope I’ll be able to see you again in the future!”

What Ye Feng did not know was that no one who entered this space had ever been able to face Ye Changfei’s pressure head-on.

But he had done it.

Most importantly, he was only a newcomer who had just awakened the symbiosis body.

This was also what made Ye Changfei feel incredulous.


After Ye Feng returned to reality and learned that his parents were waiting for him at the school’s playground.

He went over to find them.

“Why are you guys here?” Ye Feng saw his parents and spoke with a smile.

“It’s nothing. They said you won an award. Why didn’t you tell us?”

“We thought you were in trouble!”

Ye Feng touched his hair and smiled happily.

After all, he had just finished training and had already focused on observing. He did not have time to go back and tell them.

If their family had a cell phone, they could call them and tell them, but his family was too poor.

Ye Feng used his scholarship to buy the worst second-hand cell phone.

Only then was he barely able to communicate with them.

Ye Qiang saw that his son was so outstanding, and there was a hint of love in his eyes.

But Ye Feng could still clearly see that his father’s face was still somewhat happy and somewhat sad.

The happy thing was that his son had a bright future. Being able to participate in the Cloud Mist Academy’s entrance examination, this matter could let them brag about it for the rest of their lives.

Ye Feng naturally knew what was worrying him.

Cloud Mist Academy was a tall mountain with a long road ahead.

Moreover, that was the most prosperous city in China, Shanghai.

Big cities needed to spend money everywhere.

But where could they take out so much money now?

Previously, in order to buy Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture for Ye Feng, they had almost taken out their coffins.

They also did not expect that their son would actually be so outstanding that he was qualified to participate in the entrance examination of the Five Great Universities.

However, the family indeed did not have too much money to give him.

“Feng’er, we are happy for you, but we cannot give you much…”

Ye Qiang opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he could not continue.

Ye Feng naturally knew what the situation at home was like.

Ye Feng smiled and said, “You don’t have to worry about the fees!”

“I have money!”

Of course, Ye Feng’s parents did not know.

Just yesterday, Ye Feng sold the medicinal pills and herbs that he brought out from the training hall and earned a total of over a million!

If this number was said out loud, it would directly shock them for a long, long time.

“Feng’er, how can you have money?”

“That’s right, there’s no prize money set for this training competition. Where did you get the money?”

“We’ll find a way to raise more money for you. At least, you won’t starve when you get there!”

Ye Feng smiled bitterly. When he was about to take out his phone to prove it to his parents, he saw a few messages that had just been sent not long ago.

He saw the profile picture. It was the white rabbit lady.

[Are you there? Are you there?]

[I need to talk to you!]

[Your goods are really good!]

[There’s a new business. Are you interested?]

[??? What are you doing? Reply me as soon as you see the message!]


Ye Feng was speechless. He slowly typed out a sentence, [Here…]

[My ancestor!]

[You finally replied!]

[Your Flame Fruit has amazing effects! I wonder if you still have it?]

[I’ll buy as many as you have!]

The white rabbit lady said.

[I’ve already given it all to you. I don’t have any more now.]

[But, I’ll have it in the future.]

Ye Feng thought for a moment and replied.

After all, this was a big deal.

Ye Feng also did not want to miss out. The distribution of the Flame Fruit in the training arena was very wide. If it was really made into an industry, that would be the source of the goods.

Moreover, Ye Feng still had the power of the Army Ants over there.

It was still very easy to achieve this.

But the main reason was Ye Feng currently did not have the ability to teleport over to the training hall.

But if they could really work together, this ability could still be achieved.

[You want to wait for the future? Alright then!]

[Our family grows Spirit Fruits. We also cultivate the Flame Fruits, but whether it’s the texture or the rich spiritual energy content, they are far inferior to yours.]

[If you’re interested, we can continue working together for a long time!]

[We can buy from you in large quantities. We’ll take as many as we can get!]

Seeing the white rabbit lady’s reply, Ye Feng couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

One had to know that even with the recovery of spiritual energy, in the entire China, there were only two companies that could open Spirit Fruit cultivation companies!

Asus Corporation and China Spirit Fruit Corporation!

The former was a family-owned company with an extremely large scale!

The latter was an official China corporation that specialized in cultivating cultivation technology and belonged to a technology patent company.

Seeing this, Ye Feng also guessed that this white rabbit lady’s family was from Asus Corporation!

Could it be that she was the daughter of Asus Corporation?!

If that was the case, Ye Feng wouldn’t have to worry about the ability to teleport anymore.

Asus Corporation’s entire ecological industry chain covered all of China, and its business was number one in China and number three on Earth!

With such a scale, to achieve teleportation technology, it was as easy as pie!

[You can give me a time, give me a delivery amount, and we’ll call you immediately!]

[But as the wholesale price, the price needs to be evaluated by our side.]

The white rabbit lady spoke confidently.

[Yes, this is fine.]

[The price is negotiable, but I have a request.]

[You have to prepare a teleportation device for me!]

[Since your family is such a big group, you can easily solve such a thing.]

Ye Feng also knew that the Asus Corporation could cover such a large ecological industry chain.

The main thing they relied on was a teleportation device that their company developed themselves.

It was divided into two parts, one was the activation decoration, and the other was the teleportation device.

As long as the teleportation device was put to the place where it needed to be teleported, it could be unconditionally teleported!

[Impossible! We don’t sell this device to the public.]

The white rabbit lady shook her head, and her tone was very decisive.

[You know the quality of the Flame Fruits I provide. If you can’t provide me with a teleportation device, then I can’t cooperate with you.]

[But you have to know that you’re not the only one who wants my Flame Fruits.]

Ye Feng also spoke confidently.

[…Okay! I can provide you with a teleportation device, but you have to guarantee the quality of the Flame Fruits!]

[And the price has to be reduced by 10%…]

The white rabbit lady was silent for a few minutes before replying.


Ye Feng directly replied.

[Okay, the first deal is to order 100 Flame Fruits for you!]

[The deposit is 1 million, delivery within 10 days, and the teleportation device will be sent to you later!]

[Happy working together!]

[Okay, happy working together!]

Ye Feng closed the chat window. Not long after, 1 million came into his account.

Including the money he earned from selling things previously.

Now, there was a total of 3.25 million in Ye Feng’s account!

This was not a small amount of money!

To Ye Feng’s family, this amount of money was even more unimaginable!

Then, a light appeared and an incomparably small button appeared in Ye Feng’s hand.

This was the Asus Corporation’s major scientific research achievement.

Fixed-point long-distance teleportation device!

After putting it away, Ye Feng turned his head to look at his parents and took out a card.

“I’ve left enough money for myself. There’s 3 million in this card. You guys take it first.”

“Ah? So much?!”

“Feng’er, who gave you this money?”

“You didn’t rob someone, right?!”

Ye Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard his parents’ wild guesses.

After explaining, they finally understood.

After a while, Ye Feng let them go home first.

After that, Ye Feng opened the mall.

After buying the latest bracelet, he threw his phone away.

The bracelet had storage and communication functions.

It was also very convenient to store and shop in the future.

After that, Ye Feng bid farewell to the principal and Li Ruyan.

He then left the school.

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