Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 248 - Strange Aura, Spiritual Power Suppression

Chapter 248: Strange Aura, Spiritual Power Suppression

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But as Lei Jia released the aura, Ye Feng suddenly felt that something was wrong.

In the next moment, Ye Feng’s pupils suddenly constricted.

On Lei Jia’s body, he suddenly felt a familiar aura. That feeling was precisely the bloody and violent smell that he had smelled during the Promotion Exam!

At that time, Ye Feng had already felt very strange. Why would a person have this kind of smell on their body?

The source of this smell was finally clear now.

So it was the smell of the opponent’s divine-level Heavenly Punishment Amulet!

Ye Feng’s expression changed drastically.

Shua! Shua!

Ye Feng’s body was like a ghost, drawing two afterimages in the air.

This power was not right. Ye Feng wanted to end the battle quickly. He wanted to quickly calculate the strength of the opponent’s new aura.

Suddenly, two fists came at him. Ye Feng could easily dodge them with just a casual dodge.

Lei Jia’s attack missed. He could not hit Ye Feng at all.

The flustered and exasperated him, that savage power, along with the power of the Heavenly Punishment Amulet, continued to bombard Ye Feng!

Everyone in the audience was stunned. They did not expect that Ye Feng’s speed could increase to such a terrifying extent. It had already exceeded the scope of their understanding.

“How can this be? Ye Feng’s speed is increasing too fast! I can’t see how he’s defending at all!”

“I’m not sure either. I see that this young man’s movement seems to have become more agile and his speed has increased by more than a little!”

“His body must have been tempered. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to reach such an abnormal level!”


“Ye Feng, you b*stard!!! This time, I’ll make you regret it!”Lei Jia roared crazily. His eyes were already bloodshot, and the aura emitted from his body was even more powerful, like a huge mountain suppressing the surroundings.

Lei Jia was a symbiote of the warrior stream, and he was also a warrior who cultivated a thunder-type secret technique. Therefore, his strength was even more terrifying than ordinary warriors!

He was already prepared to use his trump card!

He was going to risk his life!

Lei Jia attacked while roaring crazily, as if he had fallen into a certain state of madness.

This Lei Jia was really not a good person. He was a madman. Once he fell into a state of madness, he would lose his reason, lose his judgment, and do some shocking actions!

He was now completely a devil!

“Hahahaha! Lei Jia, didn’t you want to kill me? Come now! Come and kill me! Come and catch up to me!”

Ye Feng laughed disdainfully.

“Ye Feng, shut up!”

Lei Jia’s eyes were red as he roared.

This time, he was really about to go crazy from anger!

Ye Feng actually dared to provoke him like this! This was simply a humiliation!

Not only did Ye Feng not stop provoking him, but he also continued to agitate Lei Jia. “Lei Jia, if you have the ability, then come and kill me. Kill, kill! I want to see just how much ability you have!”

Lei Jia’s eyes were crimson red, and blue veins popped out from all the muscles in his body. He was already in a state of rampage.


His strength continued to grow, like a torrential river, unending!

This time, he activated the violent power in his body. Under the protection of the divine-level Heavenly Punishment Amulet, his strength had greatly increased.

Ye Feng could clearly sense that the spiritual energy in his body could actually produce a power that could tear through the void!

Even if this power was only lightly brushed by, the consequences were unimaginable.

It was hard to imagine that a high-level warrior would be hit by this power and die instantly!

He would even be turned into ashes!

‘The divine-level Heavenly Punishment Amulet is indeed powerful enough. This amulet is much more powerful than any support item I’ve ever seen. Moreover, it’s the Lei family’s inheritance. They can actually take out such a large amount of money to deal with me. They’ve really opened my eyes.’

Ye Feng frowned. Although he was able to break the restriction of this kind of power, once this kind of power invaded his body, it would probably cause him to suffer heavy injuries.

Therefore, in the current situation, he had to end the battle quickly and defeat Lei Jia!

Ye Feng took a deep breath, and a cold glint flashed in his eyes. Snow-white spiderwebs appeared on his right arm, and there was a lot of poison added to the spiderwebs.

If the spiderwebs could hit Lei Jia, it could at least poison him and slow down his movements.

This way, Lei Jia’s target would not be so clear.

“Bring it on!”Ye Feng shouted loudly, and his body swayed, disappearing from where he was and reappearing beside Lei Jia.


Ye Feng’s right hand fiercely slapped down at Lei Jia’s chest.


Lei Jia’s body trembled, and his face instantly turned pale. His body flew back several meters.

The clothes on his chest had already been shattered by Ye Feng’s palm, revealing the skin underneath!

That skin was covered with a layer of faint black spots. It looked like snake scales, densely packed, and looked extremely strange and terrifying.

“What a formidable defense!”

Ye Feng was shocked.

Lei Jia was able to use the power of the divine-level Heavenly Punishment Amulet to block Ye Feng’s attack. This was something Ye Feng had never expected.

“Get lost!”Lei Jia shouted loudly. His power gathered on his fist and attacked Ye Feng.

Boom! Boom!

The moment the two touched, Ye Feng released [Eternal Nightmare]!

For a moment, Lei Jia appeared in a brand new space. Even that powerful force was brought into this space!

At the same time, this extremely barbaric force gathered in Ye Feng’s hand.

One punch!


Lei Jia’s spiritual power completely collapsed!

Another punch!

Lei Jia’s divine-level Heavenly Punishment Amulet’s protective power completely dissipated!

The final punch!

Lei Jia’s entire body flew backward, his tendons and bones completely broken!


Lei Jia spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, and his eyes widened as he looked at Ye Feng in disbelief.

Just now, he had used his ultimate technique, but he had not been able to hurt Ye Feng in the slightest. He had even been hit by Ye Feng’s counterattack, causing him to be heavily injured.

“Ye Feng, you can actually hurt me?”

“Hmph, why can’t I hurt you? Don’t forget, I still have the [Eternal Nightmare]. As long as I can control the power of the nightmare and let them attack you in the dream, then even your supernatural power won’t be able to do it!”

Ye Feng said indifferently. He had already completely mastered this skill, and now he still had the [Eternal Nightmare].


Lei Jia spat out blood. His legs knelt on the ground and his entire body trembled. His mind was in a daze.

He never thought that Ye Feng could actually use his speed to force him to use the power of lightning. He even defeated his divine-level amulet and defeated it!

Lei Jia completely lost his fighting strength. His body was limp as he lay on the stage.

He no longer had any thoughts of resisting. He only wanted to quietly rest for a while and adjust his spirit.

The audience was stunned.

Ye Feng’s speed was actually so fast!

Just now, they thought that Ye Feng was going to lose, but they did not expect that the final outcome would be like this!

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