Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 135 - Dragonification Effect, Omniscient Perception  

Chapter 135: Dragonification Effect, Omniscient Perception


Ye Feng stepped on the surface of the water, creating waves. His eyes emitted a dense chill.

Killing a sub-Dragon had consumed a lot of Ye Feng’s energy, but it had also helped him gain battle experience.

When other freshmen entered the training hall for the assessment, they would fight against creatures of similar strength. Those who were more confident would also fight against creatures that were slightly stronger than them.

However, Ye Feng was different. Ever since he entered the training hall, his path seemed to have gone astray.

If he did not encounter some strange creatures, then it would be the powerful sub-Dragons. There was nothing that he could easily do along the way.

But no matter what, the more dangerous the thing, the more profits it would earn.

Ye Feng picked up a few pieces of Dragon scales on this guy’s head, then took away the Dragon skin, Dragon bones, and Dragon teeth. These things were treasures!

“Although it’s only the eighth-generation, at least there are Dragon-type items growing on its body. If these things are sold, they will definitely sell for a good price!” Ye Feng’s heart was already blooming with joy.

After all, these things could not be seen in the past. If he did not come to the lake area, Ye Feng basically would not have the chance to see the sub-Dragons’ bodies.

‘Before they react, quickly devour it!’ Ye Feng thought to himself. He directly summoned a group of little Slimes and activated the [Devour] sequence at the same time.

At the moment, no one knew that Ye Feng had the ability to devour. Even in the face of the live broadcast, Ye Feng deliberately avoided it so that he could complete the devouring.

Moreover, the distance between Su Fei and Ye Feng, who had killed eighth-generation sub-Dragon, was not close enough for Ye Feng to need to immediately find an excuse.

The only thing he needed to do now was to wait for the little Slimes to devour it!

After several rounds of evolution, the little Slimes’ [Devour] sequence had also undergone many evolutionary changes. The devouring speed now was no longer comparable to what it was in the past.

Previously, it would take an hour to devour it. Now, it had been shortened to a few minutes. The span between the two was quite large.

This could also reflect Ye Feng’s evolving strength.

Soon, the first voice sounded in Ye Feng’s mind.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, for devouring the Eighth-Generation Sub-Dragons. Obtaining 5% Dragon Seed!]

When Ye Feng heard this, he was overjoyed. This was exactly what he needed!

5% Dragon Seed. It was not much, but not little either!

For this eighth-generation seed to possess a 5% Dragon genes purity, it was enough. That also meant that the Blue Drake he killed before should have been a higher number generation than the one before him.

It was probably between the seventh and sixth generation, but it did not matter. After all, it was already over.

In the next moment, a Dragon Seed entered Ye Feng’s body. Immediately, an incomparably hot feeling spread from his chest to his four limbs and five bones!

‘This feeling is actually as carefree as cleansing the marrow and clearing the bones!’ Ye Feng was pleasantly surprised. As the purity of the Dragon Seed increased, a very obvious power appeared in Ye Feng’s body. Moreover, along with the incomparably nourishing feeling, it made him feel very comfortable.

Ye Feng carefully felt the changes in his body and couldn’t help but reveal a smile. ‘Could this be the legendary second awakening of the body and blood vessels?!’

It was because this feeling was really too unforgettable for Ye Feng. It was an extremely comfortable feeling, but at the same time, it also gave him an extremely powerful feeling.

Following that, Ye Feng felt a violent change in his body!

Ye Feng discovered that another golden scale had appeared on his body, but these scales were only formed from golden light.

At this time, it was continuously covering his entire body. Not long after, Ye Feng opened his eyes once again. An extremely powerful pressure suddenly appeared, and his eyes revealed a trace of golden light.

It was as if there was a pair of golden-colored beautiful eyes, but this effect was fleeting.

“Is this… Dragonification?” Ye Feng looked at his own body and muttered.

He knew the concept of Dragonification. Because the purity of the Dragon Seed increased, Dragonification would appear.

And those sub-Dragons also transformed themselves into true Dragons by increasing their own purity. This was Dragonification!

In other words, the higher the purity of the Dragon Seed, the higher the probability of Dragonification.

The degree of Dragonification also represented the extent of a Dragon’s combat strength. If the degree of Dragonification was very obvious, then it would obviously receive the various attribute bonuses of a Dragon, which would be even more.

It could be said that the ultimate goal of all the sub-Dragons was to increase the purity of their Dragon Seeds, so that they could completely Dragonize and become a true Dragon!

There was a very obvious contrast. Ye Feng had learned quite a bit in class before. After all, the history of the Dragon race was a very exciting history.

This comparison meant that the highest level of the sub-Dragons, which was the second-generation sub-Dragons, had a purity of about 50%.

The combined strength of a second-generation sub-Dragon was already the strongest existence among all the sub-Dragons, similar to a Human Ceiling of combat power.

But even if it was the second generation, it was far from being the lowest level of the Dragon race’s true Dragon!

A true Dragon, even if it was at the lowest level, would still be many times stronger than a second-generation sub-Dragon!

This was the difference. This was the difference in bloodline. The scariest thing was that this difference could not be made up for.

Therefore, this was also one of the reasons why all the sub-Dragons wanted to fully Dragonize themselves!

‘It’s as if a Dragon is resonating with me. This feeling is too strange. It’s still very different from resonating with a Slime…’ Ye Feng muttered in his heart. Soon, the golden light covering his entire body faded.

Following that, Ye Feng’s eyes widened, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. He knew that a great evolution had already arrived!

[Ding! Congratulations, Host. The ability of the Water Element Slime Subsidiary Body, [Lord of the Lake], has increased. You have obtained a broader view of the bottom of the lake!]

[Ding! Your ability, [Tidal Surge] has evolved into [Violent Surge]!]

[Ding! The [Perception] sequence has obtained an increase in experience!]

[Your [Perception] sequence has awakened an ability, [Omniscient Perception]!]


‘I actually gained an additional increase in my [Perception] sequence this time?!’ Ye Feng was inwardly delighted. After all, it had been a long time since he had made an increase in his other sequences.

After all, he did not need it now, or it was already sufficient. Moreover, the number of times he used other sequences in the Water Training Hall had also decreased by a lot.

However, it didn’t mean that other sequences weren’t practical.

Being able to obtain an additional increase in perception, Ye Feng was instantly overjoyed.

At the same time that his perception was released, Ye Feng’s vision became much clearer. In addition, he had the [Lord of the Lake]’s ability.

Everything around him was under Ye Feng’s inspection!

Even the expressions of Su Fei and Li Yao, who were a few kilometers away, were clearly seen by Ye Feng!

“This is amazing!” Ye Feng was pleasantly surprised.

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