Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 32 - Can You Run Away?

Chapter 32: Can You Run Away?

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Inside his body, the Destruction Bloodline completely broke down the bloodline of the Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beast which it had absorbed.

It was transported to all parts of his body, and greedily absorbed by the hungry cells.


Chu Feng was able to sense this.

His meridians, tendons and bones were getting stronger.

His constitution seemed to have improved a little.

“Strengthening the body is really difficult.”

Chu Feng sighed.

Even though he had the divine-grade Destruction Bloodline, he still had a long way to go before he could possess a constitution comparable to that of the royalty in the Abyss.

It required a massive amount of bloodline power.

The rest would be much simpler.

With his full strength, Chu Feng was like a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus.

Every punch could bring tons of damage to the Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beasts.

His form weaved in and out among the herd of beasts, but not a single Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beast could come within three feet of Chu Feng.

He was carefree and unrestrained.

The powerful Grade B beasts of the Abyss, in front of the current Chu Feng, were like they were made of paper.

Actually, it was no wonder that the Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beasts were not resisting the beatings, their overall strength had been greatly suppressed by the Water-Element Domain Field.

What Chu Feng had used was a domain of major accomplishment level which only those of Grade A+ could comprehend.

If it could not even suppress a few Grade B beasts, then it would not be worthy of its name.

Everything went smoothly like flowing water.

Not a single Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beast could withstand one punch from Chu Feng.

Finally, after the deaths of more than ten of their kind, the remaining Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beasts were terrified.

Regardless of how much urging from the Beast King, they dared not go forward.

They merely surrounded Chu Feng from a distance, whimpering in their growls.

Chu Feng saw this scene, and he grinned at the Beast King saying, “Your underlings are really useless.”

These words infuriated the Beast King instantly.

A Grade A beast could not tolerate a provocation on its dignity.

In the blink of an eye, the Beast King charged to the front of Chu Feng like a beam of light.

Chu Feng only sensed a blurring of his vision.

The Beast King’s gigantic claws were coming toward him.

Fortunately, the Beast King had already entered within the range of the Water-Element Domain Field.

Under the immense resistance, the speed of the Beast King plummeted.

Chu Feng was then able to barely see its movements.

Chu Feng could only sigh in his heart.

If it had been an ordinary Grade C human martial artist, before he could even have time to think, he would have been instantly smashed into a meat paste by the Beast King.

Chu Feng was also someone of great skill and courage.

The Water-Element Domain Field of major accomplishment level had suppressed most of the Beast King’s strength.

And, he possessed two divine bloodlines.

His physical constitution and his life force were all much stronger than ordinary Grade C experts.

In addition, Nirvana had doubled his strength.

This had given Chu Feng the confidence to face the Beast King head-on.

In this battle, Chu Feng did not plan to use the Blazing Wings of the Sky.

After his strength had increased tremendously, Chu Feng desperately wanted to know accurately his current strength.

This was important for his future plans.

And the Beast King in front of him was the best opponent to test out his strength!

Instantly, spiritual energy poured into his legs, and there was wind beneath Chu Feng’s feet.

He ducked with just the right amount of clearance, and managed to avoid the Beast King’s claws just in time.

Then, he took advantage when the Beast King was in midair, and had its soft abdomen exposed to Chu Feng.

Without any hesitation, Chu Feng delivered a punch.

This was followed by a sonic boom.


A punch, without any fancy moves, had slammed hard into the abdomen of the Beast King,

blasting the Beast King more than a hundred meters away, and smashing it into the ground, forming a pit of more than a hundred meters long and half a meter deep.


In the deep pit, the Beast King roared furiously.

The sound carried a hint of abnormal breathing.

In its carelessness, it had actually been injured by this weak human.


The Beast King was only slightly injured.

Even though Chu Feng had unleashed his full power, the punch which could easily kill an ordinary Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beast, had merely injured the Beast King.

The difference between Grade A and Grade B was too great.

After standing up, the Beast King roared and charged toward Chu Feng.

The man and beast were locked in a battle.

Yellow sand and rocks scattered everywhere.

The violent shockwaves even sent one Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beast flying.

This was the difference between Grade A and Grade B.

A Grade A beast could easily kill dozens of Grade B beasts.

However, Chu Feng had used his Grade C physique to fight against a Grade A Beast King.

Whether in his previous life or current life, he was a freak!

Of course, Chu Feng discovered that this was the most he could do.

At his current state, to want to kill a Grade A beast barehanded was simply not realistic at all.

In fact, even defeating it would be difficult.

After fighting for a long time, Chu Feng curled his lip.

With the experience from his previous life, he had roughly understood his current strength.

With his full might, he was roughly equivalent to a top-notch Grade B beast.

With the help of the Water-Element Domain Field, and within the 120 minutes of his Nirvana bloodline, he could fight against the most ordinary Grade A creatures.

However, there was a high chance that he could not do anything to the other party.

If the Nirvana time was up, he could only wait for death.

However, Chu Feng was already very satisfied.

It had only been a little more than a week since his rebirth, yet he was able to fight against a Grade A.

This was already legendary.

He shot a glance at the arrogant Beast King which was still eager to devour him.

Chu Feng grinned.

Do you really think I can’t do anything to you?

He had completed the testing of his strength.

It was time to collect points.

Chu Feng was filled with anticipation.

Killing someone one grade higher would double his points.

What would be the reward for killing someone two grades higher?

In his previous life, no one had ever done this.

The difference between two grades was at least a hundred times.

To a human martial artist, this was an impossible task.

Then, under the Beast King’s angry watch, Chu Feng slowly rose into the sky.

The speed of the Blazing Wings of the Sky instantly exploded at five times the speed of sound.

Chu Feng’s figure instantly disappeared into the horizon.

The Beast King could only roar furiously, but there was nothing he could do.

Looking at the single-digit number of lackeys left, it felt even more depressed.

After leaving, Chu Feng did not go far away.

Instead, he went back to the Blood Lake.

He had no choice.

Since he could not kill the Beast King head-on, he had to kill him remotely.

Thus, Chu Feng planned to use the same trick again.

Only this time, he did not have to go through the trouble of using bow and arrows.

He directly gathered some pieces of the Violet Spirit Blood Tree, and cut them into the shape of javelins.

Then, he submerged them into the Blood Lake.

After they were completely soaked, he held them directly with his hands and flew into the air.

He was not afraid of the blood water, but the Beast King was!

A while later, Chu Feng’s figure once again appeared above the territory of the Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beasts.

Seeing that its old enemy had come again, the Beast King was so incensed that his massive body trembled.


Without the slightest delay, it leapt up to kill Chu Feng.

Even if it could not reach Chu Feng, it could at least vent its anger.

This is simply too much bullying beasts.

How many times in a day are you coming?

Seeing this, Chu Feng gave a faint smile.

“Don’t worry. I promise this will be the last time.”

As he spoke, the piece of Violet Spirit Blood Tree he was holding, which had been tainted with the blood water, shot out like a shell.

It stabbed straight at the Beast King.

When it felt the familiar corrosive power of the blood water, the Beast King immediately turned pale with fright.

It hurriedly dodged.

But in midair, it had nowhere to pivot onto for strength,

it could only take the shot.

The javelin only managed to pierce through a tiny bit of Beast King’s hide before it lost energy.

However, the blood water on it started to take effect.

White smoke constantly billowed from the Beast King’s body.

Large pieces of beast skin fell off.

The pain was so excruciating that the Beast King roared repeatedly.

As soon as it landed, it turned around and ran.

It even disregarded his underlings.

In the air, Chu Feng smiled faintly.


Can you run away?”

As he watched the Beast King moved and leaped through the ruins of rubble, an illusory pair of wings gently flapped behind Chu Feng.

His form instantly disappeared…

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