Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 30 - Points, Here I Come Again!

Chapter 30: Points, Here I Come Again!

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With a thought, Chu Feng put on Michael’s Wings.

It was as if two wings had grown out of Chu Feng’s back.


They were white as snow and had specks of golden light.

At the same time, Chu Feng also received information on the use of Michael’s Wings.

{Only effect: Extremely fast flight (100 times the speed of sound)}

Seeing this, Chu Feng suddenly exclaimed out in shock,

“This is too perverted!”

As a fragment of a special legendary-grade item, Michael’s Wings could indeed be considered a supernatural weapon.

After all, a martial artist was only able to fly using his own ability after he had reached Grade A+, and the speed was only about ten times the speed of sound.

Those martial artists who were of Grade A+, and were good at controlling the energies of wind, lightning and so on, might be faster.

However, they would still be far from reaching a hundred times the speed of sound!

And just like human martial artists, in the Abyss, unless it was a creature born with wings,

otherwise, it would not be able to fly.

Only those of Grade A+ could fly, and this was an iron rule.

As for Chu Feng, he was able to fly at only Grade C.

This would mean that from now on, a Grade A creature that could not fly would no longer be a threat.

Even if he were to face some Grade A+ creatures which had shed their mortal forms and had Spirit Transformation, he would still have a chance to escape.

Of course, it was only a chance.

Those of Grade A+ were a completely different tier of existence.

They could evolve all kinds of strange and bizarre abilities.

Even the most ordinary life form, if it could break through the shackles and become a Grade A+, it would be like a fish that had leapt over the dragon’s gate, transforming from a fish into a dragon.

The difference would be between heaven and earth.

To say that those below Grade A+ were all ants was definitely not empty talk.

To Chu Feng, flying at 100 times the speed of sound was the most powerful supernatural weapon which could save his life.

And, if he were to attack a Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beast from a distance like before,

he would not need to find a terrain to corner it.

He just had to chase it directly and shoot.

Even a Grade A beast would not be able to escape!

This was a killing machine for accumulating points!

In an instant, Chu Feng’s heart was on fire.

Too many thoughts had popped up in his mind.

With Michael’s Wings, there were many things he could do.

He could even continue to go deeper into the Abyss, to the second level, third level…,

to some of the mysterious places which Chu Feng had known about in his previous life,

to obtain a large number of heavenly treasures, magic pills, and spiritual elixirs, and to capture king-grade Pet Beasts.

He had to accumulate a large number of points to prepare for the opening of the trading area during the first Abyssal Demonic Tide.

There were simply too many things that Chu Feng needed to do.

Chu Feng wished he could split a minute into two for concurrent use.

He could barely suppress the stirring in his heart.

Before entering the Abyss, Chu Feng needed to make some preparations.

He opened the [Miscellaneous Items Golden Ranking List] and found the Super Ball.

He glanced at the 57,000 points left, steeled his heart and bought a high-grade Super Ball.

{It has a high probability of subduing a Grade A pet beast.}

{It has a very low probability of subduing a Grade A+ pet beast.}

Chu Feng treated the last sentence as a fart.

Without the Master Ball, it was impossible to subdue a Grade A+ pet beast!

The original price of the high-grade Super Ball had been 100,000 points. After the 50% discount, it would cost 50,000 points.

Chu Feng’s points were almost emptied in one go.

He had no choice.

Chu Feng was still thinking about the tribe of Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beasts in the Abyss.

If he was lucky enough to encounter an Ingesting Nightmare Beast of the black-mist grade and could not subdue it because he did not have a Super Ball, then Chu Feng would regret it to death.

Low-grade and mid-grade Super balls would not be safe as their subduing probabilities were not high.

He could still earn back the points.

Anyway, it was no longer difficult to kill monsters now.

Chu Feng exchanged all the remaining 7000 points for high-grade Pet Beast Balls.

The original price was 1,000 points, half price was 500 points.

He managed to get a total of 14 of them.

Chu Feng planned to use them when he encountered some suitable Grade B beasts.

Although the success rate of this thing was average, it was cheap!

Everything was ready now.

He only had to go into the Abyss tomorrow.

As his father wanted to send him to Captain Wei, it had saved Chu Feng from having to make an excuse.

Early the next morning, inside the room, Chu Feng was cultivating as he inhaled and exhaled.

Suddenly, he heard Chu Tianlai knocking on the door,

“Xiao Feng, wake up. I’ve already booked the air ticket for you. Don’t be late. Your Uncle Wei is very busy. Don’t cause trouble for him when you get there, get it?”

Chu Feng opened his eyes and let out a helpless smile.

“Got it, Dad.”

The family had breakfast.

Chu Feng verbally turned down the offer by the two old folks to accompany him and scurried away.

He had arrived at the school gymnasium with ease.

Because of what had happened a week ago when the Abyssal Passage appeared, the entire school was temporarily closed.

The army had already surrounded the area.

There were soldiers with real guns and bullets all over the place.

Of course, this was not a problem for Chu Feng.

With a casual leap, the waves of spiritual energy enveloped his entire body and he easily avoided all detection.

In an instant, he vanished into the Abyssal Passage like a breeze.

In the dark sky, across the scorched earth, a gust of light breeze blew past.

Chu Feng had arrived in the first level of the Abyss again.

Only this time, Chu Feng’s strength could be described as upheaving heaven and earth.

As for his actual strength, Chu Feng was unable to tell without testing it.

However, ordinary Grade B creatures would not be able to survive a single blow from him,

this was for sure.

With the burst of his full strength, Chu Feng would even dare to fight against a Grade A creature.

If he were to use Michael’s Wings, he could torture a Grade A creature to death!

With such powerful strength as protection, there were very few things in the first level of the Abyss which could pose a threat to Chu Feng.

He unleashed his full speed.

Chu Feng was very clear about his destination, the Sky Connecting Demon Mountain!

He would take care of the remaining Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beasts first.

Chu Feng was very vindictive.

The last time, he had been pursued by the Beast King and nearly lost his life.

He had to take revenge.

So what if it was a Grade A Beast King? In Chu Feng’s eyes, it was nothing more than white shiny points!

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