Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1342 - Chapter 1342 Opening the Immortal Gate!

Chapter 1342 Opening the Immortal Gate!

As long as he dodged these two lightning bolts, there was hope of breaking through the lightning clouds!

Chu Feng was also full of energy.

The light of the Blazing Wings of the Sky behind him erupted to the extreme.

Chu Feng seemed to have turned into a ray of light.

He knew very well that he would definitely not be able to withstand it forcefully.

Back then, with the help of the Five-Astral-Beast and the Eight-Winged Angel phantom, he could only fight Li Yuan to a standstill.

Now, it was two bolts of lightning comparable to Li Yuan’s full-strength attack!

Chu Feng had no intention of fighting head-on.

Of course, the good news was that the power of lightning was not a true living creature after all. It only knew how to be straightforward and did not know how to adapt. This meant that Chu Feng had a chance of dodging!

“As long as… I’m fast enough!”

Chu Feng narrowed his eyes and muttered to himself.

The next moment, he did not hesitate at all.

His entire body seemed to have turned into a bolt of lightning, as if he had fused into the omnipresent lightning!

The jade pearl on the Blazing Wings of the Sky shone brightly.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s speed far exceeded his limit!

300,000 times the speed of sound?

Or 400,000 times?

Chu Feng himself could not tell.

He only knew that he had to be faster, faster!

He could definitely make it!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A crisp sound of air being torn could be heard.

A shocking scene happened.

Like an agile ape, Chu Feng suddenly turned around at the last moment of collision with the power of lightning.

Circling the pillars, he spiraled and rose!

He actually broke through the sky through the narrow gap between the two lightning bolts!



Chu Feng flew into the air.

He averted danger!

Behind him, the sonic boom arrived late.

Chu Feng looked back in fear.

Behind him, the ink-like power of lightning was still rumbling.

“That was close!”

Chu Feng could not help but take a deep breath.

“I hope the Green Emperor’s power is still there… Otherwise, even going back will be a problem!”

Of course, if he did not find the power left behind by the Green Emperor, it did not seem to make any difference whether he returned or not.

At that time, he would die wherever he was.

Even if he escaped from the God Emperor’s Palace, it would be useless.

This terrifying existence that had at least the power of a Master God was almost invincible in this era!

He shook his head and suppressed all the distracting thoughts in his mind.

Right now, business was more important.

Chu Feng raised his head.

Not far away, a towering palace in the sky stood quietly.

In front of the palace, there was a tall statue. It was unknown what material it was carved from, but after so many years, it was still as lifelike as ever.

The person on the statue was handsome and heroic. He was wearing a golden python robe and holding a sword. He gave off a dignified aura without being angry.

“Is this the legendary Green Emperor?”

Chu Feng muttered in his heart.

However, at this moment, he did not have time to admire it carefully.

In a flash, he continued to speed towards the Immortal Palace.

Not long after, he had already arrived in front of the entrance of the Immortal Palace.

Looking up, the door of the Immortal Palace was still unattainable. Chu Feng was like an ant as he kept circling in front of the door.

“I’m here, but the problem is…”

Chu Feng suddenly thought of a crucial question.

“I can’t get in!”

The last time they looked at the Immortal Palace from afar, it was because its door was closed that they did not approach rashly.

It was still the same!

Helpless, Chu Feng tried to approach the door and push the door open.

However, no matter how hard Chu Feng tried, the immortal door remained motionless. Clearly, it could not be opened with brute force.

Chu Feng was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan.

This time, not to mention whether he could activate the Green Emperor’s power, he could not even pass the door!

There was no need to think about anything else.

In the next few seconds, Chu Feng tried all the methods he could think of.

But without exception, they all failed!

It was as if there was no option to open this immortal palace!

After all, when the Green Emperor left back then, he wouldn’t have thought of letting outsiders enter and exit his bedroom at will, right?

Leaving behind an Emperor’s Chess was already a great opportunity.

“We’re really done for…”

Chu Feng’s expression immediately turned extremely ugly.

He leaned weakly in front of the Immortal Door.

But the next moment, a glint suddenly erupted from his eyes.

“Perhaps… there’s another way?!”

Chu Feng was extremely excited.

He immediately began to search his storage ring.

Not long after, three scarlet blood pearls appeared in his palm.

They were none other than the Evil God Blood Pearls he had forcefully snatched from Huangpu You!

However, at that time, Chu Feng did not know what those things could be used for, so he casually put them away.

Now he understood.

This thing was probably the source of the terrifying monster’s power!

Pure Evil God Power!

He did not know where Huangpu You got it from.

He had snatched three of them, causing Huangpu You’s final ritual to be imperfect. The Evil Venerable’s recovery was limited.

Otherwise, Chu Feng guessed that the remnant soul of the Gloomy Emperor would not have been able to hold on long ago.

Now, Chu Feng thought of other uses for the three blood pearls…

“Can I use this thing to stimulate the Green Emperor’s Palace?!”

Chu Feng’s eyes lit up.

After all, from the looks of it, the reason for the existence of this Green Emperor’s Palace was probably to suppress the monster under the Emperor’s Chess.

However, now, that monster had used some unknown method to conceal its existence.

Otherwise, if the Green Emperor really had the power left behind, he should have sensed the rampaging monster long ago!

Chu Feng even guessed that perhaps it was the backlash of the lightning!

In turn, the lightning was used by the monster!

It used the power of the Green Emperor’s Palace’s lightning tribulation to conceal its existence!

Otherwise, with that monster’s terrifying strength, it could easily disperse this thundercloud. Why would it let the lightning strike it?

Even if it would not be injured, who would like to be struck by lightning all the time?

Chu Feng felt that his guess was not far off.

“Therefore, in that case, there’s complete hope for my plan!”

Chu Feng looked at the three crystal clear blood pearls in his hand.

“Success or failure depends on this!”

He slowly leaned the blood pearls towards the Immortal Door. The dark red blood-like power instantly covered the entire Immortal Door.

The originally divine golden Immortal Door seemed even more evil with the blood.

More and more evil blood appeared on the Immortal Door. The three blood pearls in Chu Feng’s hand were also shrinking.

Until the blood pearls completely dissipated and fused into the Immortal Door.

Chu Feng looked ahead expectantly.

However, the truth disappointed Chu Feng.

There was no movement!

“Did I guess wrongly?”

“Or perhaps the Green Emperor didn’t leave any power behind at all?”

Chu Feng’s heart was gloomy.

Either possibility was definitely not good news for him.

He took a deep breath.

Chu Feng turned around and was about to leave.

He wanted to go back!

Even if he had to die, he would fight alongside his companions first.

Chu Feng did not like dying while running and hiding.

However, the moment Chu Feng turned around, divine light suddenly erupted from the towering immortal gate.

Under the dazzling light, the two locked Immortal Doors actually began to slowly open…

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