Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1326 - 1326 Advancement, King-Ranked Soldier!

1326 Advancement, King-Ranked Soldier!

Chu Feng frowned.

Countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

But he rejected them all.

There was no hope at all!

The level of an Eighth-Turn Divine Lord was too high.

He was not far from the legendary Master God Realm.

An expert of this level was not someone who could be defeated with a little cleverness.

The only way was to have enough strength to fight head-on!


“Where can I find it at this critical moment?!”

Chu Feng sighed.

He had no clue!

At this moment, Yu’s surprised shout could be heard.

“Everyone, look! How many military merits do you have!”

“I have 20,000 points! Hahaha!”

“I didn’t expect that in the last round, there would be military merits!”

“The Green Emperor’s Palace is not bad. What a place!”

Shu Wanjuan also called out.

“Haha! I also have 5,000 points! A record!”

“I have 50,000 points.”

Before her disciple could ask, Bing Yao decided to speak first.

It was to prevent that silly disciple from always saying inappropriate things.

This time, Bing Yao had no intention of competing with Chu Feng.

Because she knew very well that Chu Feng, who had summoned the phantom of the Eight-Winged Angel, would definitely have more military merits than her!

In that case, there was no need to embarrass herself.

Then, everyone turned to look at Chu Feng.

He really wanted to know how much this guy could obtain.

60,000? Or 80,000 points?

Seeing everyone’s gazes, Chu Feng was about to check when a thought flashed across his mind.

“Perhaps… I can do this!”

“There’s hope!”

Yu and the others looked at each other.

“What do you mean there’s hope?!”

“I’m asking how many military merits you have!”

However, Chu Feng ignored them.

He checked his military merits.

There were actually 100,000 points!

This was beyond Chu Feng’s expectations!

If he went to the lucky draw, it would mean at least two Master God Weapons!

However, to Chu Feng, the greatest use of this military merit was not here!

Because even with the two Master God Weapons, he was still no match for Li Yuan and the others.

But if he exchanged all these military merits for commander phantoms…

A phantom commander was worth 5,000 military merits and only had the strength of a peak Sixth-Turn.

But what if there were ten or twenty?

Quantity produced qualitative changes!

Could he compare to a Seventh-Turn Divine Lord?

What would happen if the Unification Heaven Formation fused them into one?!

Chu Feng had no idea.

But this was already the most reliable method he could think of.

But the next moment, Chu Feng thought of the difficulties.

That was that the phantom commander was out of control!

They were not like the general phantoms who were born to gather together.

All actions were always collective.

Therefore, Yu could use the Ten Thousand Source Formation to fuse the power of the general phantoms together and strengthen himself.

But the commander phantoms were different!

No matter which camp they were in, they were definitely leaders!

They were naturally more mobile.

Most of them fought for themselves!

After all, generally speaking, there were not many phantom commanders on both sides.

There was no problem with the Green Emperor’s Palace’s settings.

However, Chu Feng was in a dilemma.

If the phantom commanders were not controlled, even if he exchanged for a large number of phantom commanders, he would not be able to manage these guys together.

Once the battle started, these guys would definitely be in chaos under the drive of their instincts.

At that time, even if he had the Unification Heaven Formation, it would be useless!

What to do?!

In an instant, Chu Feng was in trouble again.

He kept rubbing the mysterious ring in his hand and muttered, “If only I could exchange for the phantom commander of the Gloomy Emperor’s camp…”

After all, although he could not do anything to the phantom commander of his own camp, he could use the mysterious ring to perfectly control the other party’s camp!

Unfortunately, Chu Feng knew that his idea was too whimsical. It was impossible.

“So… what other way is there?”

Chu Feng could not help but sigh.

This was the most likely way he could think of to succeed, but it was still filled with difficulties.

Only then did he remember the expectant gazes of everyone around him.

Chu Feng lost interest.

Bored, he said directly, “100,000 military merits.”

Yu and the others’ mouths widened.

But before anyone could exclaim, Chu Feng interrupted the crowd.

“Alright, let’s think about what to do in the final round!”

“So what if it’s 100,000 military merits? If we can’t win the final round, we’ll probably lose hundreds of thousands or even more military merits!”

“There are also all kinds of special rewards mentioned by the Green Emperor’s Palace!”

When everyone heard Chu Feng’s words, the joy of obtaining a large number of military merits was immediately washed away.

Yu muttered.

“That’s right. This is just a small profit. The final grand prize is a feast!”

Right on the heels of that.

Chu Feng told everyone what he had just thought.

Everyone cheered.

However, Chu Feng then pointed out the difficulties.

The group fell silent again.

All of them were dejected.

“Does that mean we don’t have a chance?”

Shu Wanjuan muttered softly.

Chu Feng took a deep breath and was about to speak.

The voice of the Green Emperor’s Palace suddenly sounded again.

“Hmm? They’ve already distributed all my military merits. What other questions are there?”

Everyone was puzzled.

They looked at each other.

They could not find an answer.

They could only calm down and wait slowly.

Notification: Commander-in-Chief Chu Feng has accumulated 260,000 military merits. He has exceeded the standard of a King-Ranked soldier by 250,000 points. He has been allowed to advance to the King-Ranked.

Hearing those words, not only was Chu Feng stunned, but the others were also stunned.

“King rank?!”


“So there’s really such a level!”

“I thought it was a joke?!”

From the first day everyone arrived at the Green Emperor’s Palace, they had seen the introduction of the Emperor’s Chess written on that huge stone tablet.

One of them was that all the soldiers on both sides were divided into four ranks: soldiers, generals, commanders, and kings!

However, the Emperor’s Chess had already been played for a long time back then, and there was not a single King-Ranked soldier on either side.

Everyone subconsciously treated it as if it did not exist!

However, at this moment, Chu Feng had actually been allowed to advance!

In other words, the title of King was not groundless!

Then, Yu seemed to have thought of something and muttered, “However… the fifteen games of Emperor’s Chess have already ended. What’s the use of having a King-Ranked soldier?!”

“That’s true. It seems useless.”

“What a pity.”

Everyone discussed animatedly.

However, they did not notice that at some point in time, Chu Feng had already closed his eyes, as if he was listening carefully to something.

Only Bing Yao keenly sensed this.

He immediately waved his hand to indicate for everyone to be silent.

“Shh… Chu Feng seems to have gained something!”

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