Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1322 - Chapter 1322 Angel's Judgment, One of the Three Great Angel Skills!

Chapter 1322 Angel’s Judgment, One of the Three Great Angel Skills!

Seeing this scene, Bing Yao immediately exclaimed.

“An Eighth-Turn Divine Lord?!”

“How is that possible?!”

“In the last round, the Purple Golden Heavenly King was not even at the peak of the Seventh-Turn!”

Bing Yao was in disbelief.

How could the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s strength have soared so much in such a short period of time?!

But no matter how unwilling she was to believe it, reality was already in front of him.

In an instant, everyone’s mood plummeted.

Although they had so many people on their side, they were still far from being a match for an Eighth-Turn Divine Lord!

After all, other than Bing Yao, who was a genuine Seventh-Turn Divine Lord, all of them, such as Ji Changfeng, the Five-Astral-Beast, and the phantom commander, were only Sixth-Turns.

Compared to the current Purple Golden Heavenly King, there was a qualitative difference!

“Chu Feng! What should we do?!”

Bing Yao suddenly turned around and looked at Chu Feng, who was still silent at the back of the team.

However, Chu Feng seemed to be preparing something. He simply replied, “Do as I said before!”

“No matter what, you have to stop him for a while!”

“Buy me some time!”

With that, no matter how Bing Yao shouted, she stopped responding.

“This bastard!”

Bing Yao couldn’t help but curse.

“That’s easy for you to say. How can we stop the Purple Golden Heavenly King!”

But even so, she could only choose to trust Chu Feng now.

Bing Yao immediately began to make preparations.

“Five-Astral-Beast! Go and be a tank. Take as many hits as you can!”

Chu Feng had already given her a portion of control over the Five-Astral-Beast. At this moment, she naturally made use of it.

She knew that this burly fellow was an undying and indestructible existence. Even if he was blown up by the Purple Golden Heavenly King, her heart would not ache.

After that, Chu Feng would just revive him.

“Ji Changfeng and the phantom commander, you guys will harass from the flanks and distract the Purple Golden Heavenly King!”

“As for me… I really want to see how strong an Eighth-Turn Divine Lord can be!”

Bing Yao was also indignant.

After all, she was not far from that level.

She was a tough person to begin with.

Just give it a try!

Bing Yao instantly arranged everything.

At this moment, the Purple Golden Heavenly King had completely adapted to his current strength.

Looking at Bing Yao and the others who were still trying to resist, a mocking smile appeared on his face.

“You’re courting death…”

“At our level, the difference between every two small steps is worlds apart. What right do you have to fight me?”

“You’re overestimating yourself!”

As he spoke, the Purple Golden Heavenly King raised his right fist into the sky. The power around him kept gathering, and an extremely dazzling power erupted from his remaining scarlet glove!

The next moment! Boom!

A heavy punch that was like a mountain suddenly came.

The air was compressed until it let out unbearable hissing sounds.


Bing Yao suddenly burst out laughing.

With the Freezing Ice Scepter in hand, she did not give in at all and faced the enemy head-on!

Although Chu Feng only asked her to think of a way to stall for time, to Bing Yao, there was nothing else in her dictionary other than attack!

Even if she had to die, she had to die on the way to attack!

Seeing this, the others around her hurriedly rushed forward and fought the Purple Golden Heavenly King!

For a moment, the world exploded.

The four experts surrounded the Purple Golden Heavenly King, but the difference was still obvious.

Bing Yao and the others were beaten back repeatedly.

The next moment, they charged forward fearlessly again.

At the end of the team, Chu Feng was burning with anxiety when he saw this scene.

He took a deep breath.

“I hope my luck will be better this time…”

Chu Feng muttered.

On his back, the Blazing Wings of the Sky had already quietly appeared.

This time, Chu Feng’s trump card was the Blazing Wings of the Sky!

However, facing the clearly powerful Purple Golden Heavenly King, just the speed of the Blazing Wings of the Sky alone was no longer enough to turn the tide like before.

Strength and speed restrained each other.

Now that the man was extremely powerful, his speed had lost most of its effect.

Chu Feng knew this very well.

Therefore, he wanted to take a gamble this time!

Chu Feng had never forgotten.

The Blazing Wings of the Sky came with three Angel Skills!

Extreme Speed was just one of them!

Between the other two, the Feather Drop was a group attack. Naturally, it was useless this time.

However, the last Angel’s Judgment had always been one of Chu Feng’s hidden trump cards!

It was only because its effect was to summon the phantom of the main host of the Blazing Wings of the Sky!

It was an extremely powerful phantom!

Because its main body was a Master God expert of the Angel Race!

He poured everything into the Blazing Wings of the Sky to create the current Master God Weapon, the Blazing Wings of the Sky!

However, in the past, Chu Feng had rarely used this move.

Because the success rate was too low!

It was only 10%!

However, the price was to instantly consume all the Angel Bloodline Essence in his hand!

He might not be able to successfully summon it!

The chances of success were too low.

Therefore, Chu Feng could not be bothered to try.

But ever since the Blazing Wings of the Sky had been sublimated by the Heavenly Source Pearl, everything had changed.

There was no need to be restricted by the Angel Bloodline Essence!

It only needed to consume Chu Feng’s own strength!

Furthermore, with the enhancement of the Jade Bone Pearl, every time he activated one, he would obtain a 10% increase!

This increase was comprehensive!

It was effective on all three Angel techniques!

In other words, if Chu Feng used the Angel’s Judgment skill at this moment, as long as he was strong enough to activate the nine Jade Bone Pearls, he could guarantee that he would be able to summon the angel phantom!

Although he did not know how strong the Angel phantom was, with the lifelong strength of a Master God expert integrated into it, even if it was no longer as powerful as before after countless years, it should not be inferior to the Purple Golden Heavenly King, right?

This was Chu Feng’s greatest confidence!

At the thought of this, Chu Feng did not dare to delay any longer.

He immediately began to summon it!

His spiritual will instantly communicated with the Blazing Wings of the Sky!

The next moment, on the Blazing Wings of the Sky behind him, the Jade Bone Pearls were constantly activated.

One, two, three…

It only stopped after five pearls.

“It’s still the same. Looks like this is the limit of my current strength…”

Chu Feng sighed.

This was the only way.

In this way, there was a 60% chance of success in summoning the Angel Phantom.

“It’s not low!”

Chu Feng took a deep breath.

He immediately began summoning.

An extremely dazzling light immediately erupted from the Blazing Wings of the Sky, even illuminating half of the sky.

Correspondingly to the magnificent scene, it was the rapidly consumed power in Chu Feng’s body!

In the blink of an eye, 10% of his strength was consumed!

And this was only the beginning!

The change on Chu Feng’s side instantly attracted the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s attention.

At this moment, the Purple Golden Heavenly King was completely suppressing Bing Yao and the others.

He suddenly felt a sense of danger.

His expression darkened.

He punched the annoying Five-Astral-Beast into dust.

Only then did he raise his head and look in Chu Feng’s direction.

There was only one thought left in his mind.

“Stop him!”

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