Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1318 - 1318 Smoke Rises! Unexpected!

1318 Smoke Rises! Unexpected!

Chu Feng muttered to himself.

But he did not dare to let his guard down at all.

Perhaps… what Huangpu You had displayed was what he wanted others to see?

Chu Feng did not dare to underestimate such a former enemy.

As a cautious person, he decided to eliminate this threat as soon as possible!

They were mortal enemies to begin with. Taking advantage of this opportunity, even if he had to pay a small price, it would be worth it to kill Huangpu You!

That was why he instructed Yu.

Although Yu did not believe it, he could only nod helplessly.

Who asked him to be the captain?

A higher-ranking official could crush someone to death.

Furthermore, he had just taken a Master God Weapon. It was a little unreasonable for him to be disobedient now, right?

Yu felt that he was still very grateful.

He immediately agreed.

At this moment, Li Yuan also walked out of the concealment array.

His expression was gloomy.

He slowly stepped into the chess game.

On the other hand, the Purple Golden Heavenly King remained in the array formation.

Chu Feng sized it up with interest through the eyes of the phantom commander. However, he could not see through the array formation at all. In the end, he could only give up helplessly.

He knew that these guys would not give up just like that. They must be secretly preparing various means.

Chu Feng could not do anything about this.

He could only deal with whatever came his way. He would take it one step at a time.

In any case, the Green Emperor’s camp had a higher chance of winning than the Gloomy Emperor’s camp.

As both sides gathered in the chess game, the vast voice of the Green Emperor’s Palace descended.

The fifteenth game of Emperor’s Chess, the second round, has officially begun!

He gave the order.

Yu immediately set up an array formation.

The Master God Weapon-grade Ten Thousand Source Formation enveloped everyone.

The next moment, Yu’s aura began to soar crazily.

Fifth-Turn, Sixth-Turn… Until he broke through that shackle!

A Seventh-Turn Divine Lord!

With the help of the power of hundreds of general-level phantom soldiers and the Ten Thousand Source Formation, Yu could also try the power of a small Master God in advance!

In addition, the technique he cultivated was left behind by his main body in his previous life. There was no bottleneck in his realm at all. At this moment, he could actually control all his strength like his arm!

The current Yu could completely be regarded as a true Seventh-Turn Divine Lord! Of course, he could only show off in the Green Emperor’s Palace.

After all, he could not take these phantom soldiers away. If he left the Green Emperor’s Palace, Yu would be beaten back to his original state.

But even so, this was Yu’s true peak!

A powerful and terrifying aura suppressed everyone!

Even Li Yuan, who was at the peak of the Sixth-Turn, could not help but retreat.

Furthermore, Huangpu You only had the power of the Third-Turn.

Because of what had happened previously, even if Li Yuan used the Unification Heaven Formation, he would never bring him along again.

Therefore, Huangpu You was an isolated member with no one to rely on.

Perhaps he knew this himself and was afraid that something would happen.

Therefore, from the beginning to the end, Huangpu You only stuck to the edge of the chess game.

Once there was an emergency, he would jump out of the game!

Of course, if there were any benefits, he would not show any mercy.

Huangpu You’s eyes swept across the entire place.

Even when he looked at Yu, who was comparable to the Seventh-Turn and had a monstrous might, there was no fear in his eyes.

He muttered softly, “A bunch of idiots, go and fight. No matter how you fight, the final winner will definitely be me…”

“Wait, wait a little longer…”

In the middle of the battlefield, boom!

The battle erupted instantly!

This time, Li Yuan did not even bring the Unification Heaven Formation.

Since he already knew that Chu Feng could control his phantom soldiers, it would be too stupid to borrow the power of the phantom soldiers!

At this moment, facing the menacing Yu, he could only keep twisting and turning and dodging nimbly to prevent himself from being defeated immediately.

Yu was not polite at all.

At the same time, he killed all the generals beside Li Yuan who could not escape in time!

Of course, the other party’s phantom soldiers were all kept alive.

After all, as long as Chu Feng was around, strictly speaking, these phantom soldiers were their combat power!

However, Yu was puzzled.

What was Li Yuan still resisting for?

Could there be a way to resist him?

But if you keep running, even if there’s a way, you won’t be able to hurt me, right?!

What was this guy up to again?!

Yu looked helpless.

He planned to eliminate all the generals from the Gloomy Emperor’s camp first and completely have no worries before finding an opportunity to kill Huangpu You!

There was not another way.

Now, Huangpu You was extremely careful and did not dare to approach the center of the chessboard.

Once there was any movement, the man would rush out.

He had yet to escape because he wanted to see if he could still profit!

Under such circumstances, Yu had no choice.

He could only look at Li Yuan, who was fleeing.

“Hey, are you going to fight or not? How long do you think you can run for? When I clean up these henchmen of yours, it will be your death date!”

Yu was not lying.

If he got serious, he felt that he could kill Li Yuan in an instant.

However, he had always remembered Chu Feng’s instructions, so he did not attack immediately.

On the other hand, Li Yuan had no time to take care of Yu.

This was because he was investigating the Chaos Totem inch by inch. There might be some tricks left behind by the Purple Golden Heavenly King in the Chaos Totem!

He was worried!

After seeing his Big Brother’s methods again, how could Li Yuan dare to let his guard down?! Taking advantage of this time, he eliminated all his hidden worries.

Only then would Li Yuan dare to absorb it boldly!

The next moment!

As expected!

A cold smile appeared on Li Yuan’s face.

“My good Big Brother, you’re really cunning…”

There was really only an imperceptible trace of Divine Will left.

If one did not investigate carefully, it would be difficult to notice.

Li Yuan could not be bothered to ask further.

Everyone had a tacit understanding of this.

It was good that he had found it!

Li Yuan took a deep breath.

There was no time to destroy Big Brother’s Divine Will bit by bit.

He could only bear the pain and expel the power that contained the Divine Will.

Fortunately, there was not much of it.

Li Yuan could still accept it.

He immediately eliminated all these strange powers!

At that moment, Yu had already killed all the Divine Lords of the Sacred Lands other than the phantom soldiers in the Gloomy Emperor’s camp!

None of them escaped!

The next moment, just when everyone thought that Yu would come and kill Li Yuan, even Li Yuan was ready to use the power of the Chaos Totem at any time.

Yu suddenly surprised everyone.

He actually turned around.

He charged towards the edge of the chess game!

His target was Huangpu You!

There was not another way.

This guy was too careful.

He was not close to the front at all!

Even if he had deliberately killed two phantom soldiers from the Gloomy Emperor’s camp to tempt the man, Huangpu You was determined not to fall for it.

Unless Yu and Li Yuan really fought, he might not come to pick up the spoils, right?

Yu could no longer wait.

His expression was extremely cold.

“Do you really think that I can’t do anything to you because you’re far away?!”

As he spoke, Yu used all his strength to suddenly throw out the Master God Weapon, the Earth Dragon Python Sword!

At some point in time, Bing Yao’s Great Teleportation Jade Hairpin actually appeared in Yu’s hand.

However, this time, he was not teleporting everyone.

Of course, it was impossible to teleport so many people at once.

The power of teleportation actually directly affected the Earth Dragon Python Sword that contained Yu’s full-strength attack…


The next moment, space suddenly twisted.

A fatal sword instantly appeared in front of Huangpu You.


Huangpu You’s expression changed drastically.

“Why are you scheming to kill me?”

“Didn’t I hide myself well enough?!”

“How did this happen?!”

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