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Chapter 1315 - Chapter 1315 The Last Round of Emperor's Chess!

Chapter 1315 The Last Round of Emperor’s Chess!

The Purple Golden Heavenly King could not be bothered to be shocked.

He hurriedly stood in front of the Green Wood Heavenly King and fought Ji Changfeng!

The remaining scarlet glove was put on his right fist.

This sudden change forced the Purple Golden Heavenly King to be on guard, afraid that another accident would happen!


Fist and sword collided.

The Purple Golden Heavenly King threw Ji Changfeng out with a punch.

Only then did he have time to roar.

“Ji Changfeng! Are you crazy?!”

However, Ji Changfeng ignored it.

He charged forward again with his sword.

Ignoring everything, he bypassed the Purple Golden Heavenly King and attacked the Green Wood Heavenly King again!

Attack the enemy to save himself!

This was the only way to implicate two people at once!


The Purple Golden Heavenly King was about to go crazy.

But he could only keep stopping Ji Changfeng!

All of this was completely beyond his expectations!

For a moment, there was no way to deal with it!

He could only be led by the nose by Ji Changfeng!


“We’re from the same camp. Why can he attack us?!”

“Doesn’t he belong to the Gloomy Emperor’s camp anymore?”

“And now, we seem to be able to attack him!”

Although the Purple Golden Heavenly King did not understand why Ji Changfeng could do this, he could guess.

There must have been some change in Ji Changfeng.

“Ji Changfeng! Are you really planning to go all the way down on this path?!”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King shouted.

However, Ji Changfeng ignored him.

“Damn it! Damn it! Ji Changfeng! Just you wait! When the trip to the God Emperor’s Palace is over, I will definitely gather the strength of the entire Sacred Land and kill all of you from the Human Spirit Race!”

“If you stop now, we still have room for negotiation!”

As the Purple Golden Heavenly King blocked Ji Changfeng, he threatened and tempted him.

Unfortunately, an expert like Ji Changfeng was not so easy to convince.

Since he had already chosen a direction, he could only continue walking.

He wouldn’t get anything if he wavered!


The Purple Golden Heavenly King had no choice but to shout angrily.

He calmed himself down.

The only way now was probably to suppress that bastard Ji Changfeng first before interfering with Chu Feng!


He had to be quick!

Because at some point in time, the fifteenth round of chess would officially begin!

At the thought of this, the Purple Golden Heavenly King no longer made any unnecessary threats.

He used all his strength, hoping to suppress Ji Changfeng in the shortest time possible!

As a Seventh-Turn Divine Lord, it was not difficult to do this.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

For a moment, the Gloomy Emperor’s camp was no longer calm.

Ji Changfeng’s sword beam swept across the surroundings, even causing several general-level phantom soldiers to die tragically.

Seeing this, Huangpu You leaned forward with a smile. Like a blood-sucking leech, he frantically devoured the evil power emitted by these soldiers after their deaths.

He muttered as he devoured.

“Soon, soon… I’m so close…”

Beside him, the battle continued.

However, Chu Feng, who possessed the phantom commander, was extremely calm.

He quickly exercised his right to make suggestions.

Then, he prayed in his heart that the voice of the Green Emperor’s Palace would soon ring out.

Not long after, it was unknown if Chu Feng’s prayers had worked,

Everyone heard a bang.

The vast voice of the Green Emperor’s Palace sounded in his ears at the same time.

The fifteenth game of Emperor’s Chess, the first round, will be between the “soldiers” of the Green Emperor’s camp and the “soldiers” of the Gloomy Emperor’s camp.

Hearing this voice, Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief.

There was a hint of excitement in his eyes.

“So close, I still succeeded in the end!”

On the other side.

The Purple Golden Heavenly King, who had already severely injured Ji Changfeng, suddenly shouted angrily, “Damn it!”

“That bastard Chu Feng took advantage of the situation!”

Beside him, the Green Wood Heavenly King, whose aura had gradually stabilized, had an extremely ugly expression.

“In that case, it will still be a battle between people of the same rank… Our chances of winning are worrying!”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King’s face darkened and he remained silent.

He glanced at everyone on his side, thinking about something.

The next moment, he suddenly shouted, “I don’t care about that. Kill Ji Changfeng first!”

All of this was because of Ji Changfeng’s sudden sneak attack!

Otherwise, Chu Feng would not have succeeded so easily!

In the distance, when Ji Changfeng heard that the game had begun, it was beyond everyone’s expectations.

He jumped straight into the chess game.

“Gasp… Is he courting death?! This is a game of chess between soldiers. Before it’s his turn, wouldn’t the lightning kill him?!”

The Green Wood Heavenly King exclaimed.

At this moment, the voice of the Green Emperor’s Palace happened to ring out.

Hint: Undercover Commander Ji Changfeng (identity has been exposed) has barged into the chess game. It is one of the identity privileges.

This is a warning. Ji Changfeng is forbidden to do anything that might affect the outcome of the chess game. Those who disobey will be killed without mercy.

Hearing this voice, Ji Changfeng could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

“That was close!”

“I was almost killed by the Purple Golden Heavenly King just now!”

“The difference between a Sixth-Turn and a Seventh-Turn… is really too great!”

Shaking his head, Ji Changfeng still felt lingering fear.

Fortunately, he managed to hold on.

Furthermore, he knew his identity privilege in advance.

Entering the chess game to take refuge was already a part of his plan.

Otherwise, how could he dare to attack the Purple Golden Heavenly King?

Next, he just needed to rest in peace and recover from his injuries in the corner of the chess game.

He could not interfere with the situation, nor could the people in the situation attack him.

This was already the best outcome.

“These bastards!!”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King’s face was ashen.

Now, he could not even find someone to vent his anger on.

His face was gloomy.

He could only watch helplessly as the useless soldiers on his side walked into the chess game.

On the other side, hundreds of phantom soldiers lined up.

Actually, there was no need to compete at all.

The difference in strength was obvious.

However, the Purple Golden Heavenly King still gave the remaining slaves of the Sacred Lands a death order with a cold expression.

Even if they died, they were not allowed to retreat!

They had to die on the way to battle!

Since it was already the last round, there was no difference whether these servants lived or died.

This order was like sending someone to their death!

However, the servants of the Sacred Lands could only accept their fate.

They were not even Divine Lords, so how could they dare to disobey the orders of the Master of the Sacred Land!

They could only charge towards the phantom army of the Green Emperor’s camp with the determination to die!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After a collective charge by the phantom soldiers of the Green Emperor’s camp, a few clusters of blood mist rose in the field.

Then, everyone heard the notification from the Green Emperor’s Palace.

The Green Emperor’s camp won the first round.

The fifteenth game of Emperor’s Chess. The second round will be between the Green Emperor’s Camp’s “General” and the Gloomy Emperor’s Camp’s “General”.

Please get into position.

As it finished speaking, on the Green Emperor’s side, Yu was eager to try. With a dragon sword in hand, he rushed onto the chessboard excitedly.

He could not wait to test the power of this Master God Weapon!

The people behind him could only quickly follow in case anything happened to Yu.

On the other side, Li Yuan only sighed lightly and planned to bring people into the chess game.

But at this moment, the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s faint voice suddenly sounded in Li Yuan’s mind.

“Ninth Brother, I think it’s time to tell you something…”

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