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Chapter 967 - Chapter 967 150 Billion Refugees! Advancing To Low-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade!

Chapter 967 150 Billion Refugees! Advancing To Low-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade!

After a long time, suddenly, a silver rune flashed across the surface of this divine artifact.

A silver rune flashed across the surface of this divine artifact.

The silver rune that had just flashed slowly appeared before “His” eyes appeared under his gaze.

More silver characters could be vaguely seen around and deeper into the rune.

From Zhou Zhou’s perspective, some were complicated, some were simple, some were profound, and some were obscure…

Each silver character represented a different meaning of the rules, and when they were combined, a new meaning of the rules would be produced.

They were like living beings. They had endless creations and were incomparably profound. They had infinite possibilities of change and could even see the beginning and end of the evolution of the universe.

If one were to observe from the perspective of a scientific practitioner, they would be shocked to discover that each of these silver characters was a scientific crystal condensed from countless scientific and technological knowledge. They represented the highest level of scientific civilization.

And there were at least 10,000 such silver characters on this insignificant Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade divine artifact!

“This is the supreme source code?”

Zhou Zhou held his breath.

This was definitely the result of a civilization that had developed to the extreme!

If someone could bring it to greater heights, they could definitely use it to create a civilization that was not inferior to high-level bloodline races. It could even be a great civilization that stood at the peak of all races like the Original Spirit Race, the Shepherds God Race, and the Chaos Gods Race!

Perhaps the end of the Machina race’s civilization was the supreme source code!

According to the information in the Lord Talent,

If he mastered all the supreme source code, he could even reach the heights of the supreme will.

Even though so far, no supreme source code scholar could reach that level it should be trustworthy since it was information provided by the Lord Talent.

“He” observed for a while and discovered something else.

This Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade divine artifact wasn’t made from the source code of a Low-Tier Deity.

Most of the source code materials in “Him” were Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade, but other than that, there were also a small number of Legendary-Tier and lower source code materials, as well as some Mid-Tier Deity-level source code materials.

Zhou Zhou understood very easily.

Creating a Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade divine artifact required a lot of materials.

There would definitely be high-grade or low-grade materials among them.

In that case, it was normal for the source code to be of different grades.

Zhou Zhou activated his next profession ability after reading the supreme source code of this divine artifact.

Divine Kingdom rare profession talent—Myriad Decomposition!

The next second, the prayer of the fallen God Spirit in “His” hand suddenly turned into an item made of silver source code.

It no longer had the aura of a divine artifact, nor could it unleash the effects of any divine artifact. It was simply a silver code material composed of many supreme source codes, and it looked very sci-fi.

Zhou Zhou looked at the ball of silver code substance and then gently wiped the divine artifact with his right hand.

Tens of thousands of supreme source codes followed “His” right hand and flew out like a Galaxy. Then, they formed a ball of source code that flowed endlessly in “His” right palm.

Zhou Zhou cleared it with his fingers and saw that the source code had been extracted one by one and placed separately at the side.

A moment later…

more than 2,000 different types of source code were extracted separately.

“He” waved “His” right hand, and the source code quickly condensed into various divine artifact manufacturing materials.

Zhou Zhou sighed inwardly.

This Myriad Decomposition was a little heaven-defying.

Just the innate ability of this profession was not inferior to a high-quality Lord Talent.

Then, “He” restored these materials back to the source code and reassembled the Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade divine artifact, Prayer of the fallen God Spirit.

“He” tried it and realized that there was no problem with the divine artifact’s effects. It was not affected at all because it had restored the source code.

When Zhou Zhou saw this, he tried to take out other divine artifacts to restore them. After discovering that there were no problems, he tried to create a series of professional skills from basic materials, Black Iron-Tier materials, Green Bronze-Tier materials, and other supreme source code scholars.

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction after using it.

“He” once again felt the astonishing potential of this Life Profession when “He” used the skills of this profession.

Just as the Lord Talent said, this career development was extremely important and indeed had extremely high development prospects.

Zhou Zhou could not guarantee that he could become an existence like the Supreme Will, but it was very likely that he could become a Master God-Tier or even a Supreme God Realm existence.

“Not bad, Lord Talent.”

Zhou Zhou thought to himself.

With this Lord Talent, the speed at which “His” territory entered the mixed virtual reality era would definitely increase again.

In the following period of time, Zhou Zhou continued to study this supreme source code.

Half an hour later,

Aliya walked into the Divine Kingdom’s main hall and knelt on one knee before Zhou Zhou.

“Your Majesty, Prime Minister Zheng requests an audience.”

Zhou Zhou gave it a thought and the next second, Zheng Yuanqi’s body appeared out of thin air in the hall.

“What can I do for you at this hour, Prime Minister?”

Zhou Zhou asked casually.

“Your Majesty, great news!”

Zheng Yuanqi was a little surprised by his sudden appearance in the hall, but he quickly calmed down and immediately congratulated Zhou Zhou.

“What good news?”

Zhou Zhou asked curiously.

“Your Majesty, I just received the news.”

“From this morning until just now, our Blazing Sun Kingdom’s states have received more than 150 billion human refugees!”

“These refugees are all from human territory. They all want to join our Blazing Sun Kingdom and become Your Majesty’s Subjects.”

“Now, I’ve already ordered the officials of the various states to fully accept these refugees and make them Subjects of our country. I’ve also ordered them to properly settle their future work and lives.”

Zheng Yuanqi smiled.

“What?! 150 billion refugees?!”

Zhou Zhou was shocked by this number.

However, “He” soon reacted.

Even though the humans had collectively retreated to the Primordial World, the time given to them was too short. No matter how diligent the higher-ups of the human race were, they would definitely make some mistakes and leave a small number of humans behind.

This was something that the Yellow Emperor and the others were prepared for.

The sudden increase in the number of refugees was probably those humans who did not have the time to retreat to the Primordial World or did not want to retreat to the Primordial World. Seeing that they had no country to return to, they could only come to the Blazing Sun Kingdom as refugees.

This was a good thing!

Zhou Zhou’s eyes lit up.

“He” was worried that the difference in the number of Subjects and soldiers in his territory was too great, causing the development of his territory to be a little uneven. He did not expect so many ordinary Subjects to be sent over.

“We have to make good arrangements for “Them”. We can give “Them” special policy subsidies and try our best to integrate these refugees into the Blazing Sun Kingdom in the shortest time possible. We can also treat the Blazing Sun Kingdom as “Their” new home.”


“We can arrange for the soldiers of the Homeland Defense Army to receive the refugees who want to join the Blazing Sun Kingdom around the territory of the kingdom. We must ensure their safety on the way here!” Zhou Zhou ordered.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Zheng Yuanqi was also smiling.

During this period of time, “He” saw that the ratio of soldiers to ordinary Subjects was getting more and more ridiculous. “He” was secretly worried.

Great, there was no need for him to think of a solution. The solution came on its own.

There should be at least 3 to 5% of the human refugees in the human territory after all the humans retreated to the Primordial World the next day. They had no choice or did not want to leave with them.

Even though this ratio was small, on the scale of the entire human race, there were still 30 to 50 trillion human refugees.

If their Blazing Sun Kingdom could devour all these refugees, the overall strength of their Blazing Sun Kingdom would increase by at least 10 times or even 100 times!

Just imagining that scene made Zheng Yuanqi tremble with excitement.

After that, Zhou Zhou and Zheng Yuanqi discussed more about the future arrangements of these human refugees. They chatted until midnight before Zheng Yuanqi left the Divine Kingdom’s main hall to busy himself with this matter.

As for Zhou Zhou, he continued to return to the Time World and began to comprehend the Lord’s laws again.

The next morning, in the Reincarnation Sacred Palace.

Zhou Zhou, who was sitting on a praying mat and meditating, trembled. The aura on his body increased a little. Then, “He” slowly opened his eyes.

A smile appeared on “His” face as “He” sensed that the Chaos holy power in “His” body had nearly doubled.

“I finally comprehended the Low-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade nomological skill ‘King’ and used it to advance to the Low-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade.”

“With my current strength and realm, coupled with the increase in strength of the ‘King’ and the power of the Myriad Methods Star Palm, my true combat strength should have officially reached the True God-Tier Intermediate Grade, right?” Zhou Zhou muttered.

Then, a smile gradually appeared on his face.

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