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Chapter 842 - 842 The Foundation Of The Human Race!

842 The Foundation Of The Human Race!

“However, even if you only have a one in ten thousand chance of becoming a force to be reckoned with, they will still dare to invest in you.”

“After all…”

“They are all middle and low-level bloodline life forms like us humans who have been oppressed by high-level bloodline races for a long time.”

“They only want to seize every opportunity to climb up!” The Yellow Emperor said.


“However, even though ‘They’ want to form an alliance with us humans, it’s not like we humans will form an alliance with them without investigating anything.”

“Originally, we had been investigating the situation of these races and civilizations that came to the Alliance.”

“However, since you’re in danger this time, why don’t we take this opportunity to ask these people of foreign races for help and let them send God Spirit-level combatants to help?”

“If they are truly willing to invest in you and are willing to come and help, then we humans will definitely repay them as friends in the future.”

“However, if the other party has ulterior motives or only wants to take advantage of us without paying, we can take this opportunity to eliminate them!” Patriarch Lu said from the side.

The Yellow Emperor and Bai He nodded slightly.

The other higher-ups of the human race nodded in agreement.

This was indeed a good way to screen for allies.

“I also have some methods to determine if the other party is here with good intentions. When the time comes, I can also screen those experts of the people of foreign races.”

“If the other party sincerely wants to join our human race, I don’t mind giving them some inferior divine artifacts according to their battle results after the battle.” Zhou Zhou said.

He was naturally talking about his Talent Intuition.

To a certain extent, this thing could be used as a top-notch lie detector.

“Sure.” The Yellow Emperor and the other two discussed for a while before nodding.

Giving them divine artifacts also had the intention of revealing the strength of the human race. This could also increase the confidence and confidence of those people of foreign races who sincerely wanted to join the human race.

In the chaotic world of all races, the benefits of showing off one’s abilities and skills were definitely greater than the disadvantages.

After that, the Gods discussed the specific details for a while before the Supreme Conference ended.

The illusory bodies of the gods disappeared from their seats.

Finally, only Zhou Zhou, the Yellow Emperor, Patriarch Lu, and Bai He were left in the highest meeting room.

“Senior Yellow Emperor, how many God Spirit-level combatants do you think I can invite this time?”

Zhou Zhou asked curiously.

“There’s too little time left for us. When the war begins, there will probably only be 40 to 50 human God Spirits. As for the people of foreign races, I’m not sure, but I don’t think there will be too many.”

“Most of the people of foreign races who came to join us humans are weaker than us humans. Some races or even the entire race only have one God Spirit. Once this God Spirit dies, this race will quickly be enslaved by other races with God Spirits. This is very normal in the High Continent.”

The Yellow Emperor thought for a moment and said.

“There are actually 50 to 60 human God Spirits who can come?”

Zhou Zhou was surprised by this matter. “Why are there so many? I heard that there are only about 50 God Spirits in a powerful empire like the Elven Empire. Furthermore, there are also many God Spirits from the people of foreign races. There are only more than 10 Elven God Spirits.”

“The Elven Empire is the Elven Empire. In the entire Elven Race civilization, the Elven Empire only formed a part of the elves.”

The Yellow Emperor said patiently, “As far as we know, in the entire elven civilization, there are a total of seven Empire-level Lord factions established by the elves on the high continent alone!”

“The Elven Empire you know only represents the original elven lineage of the elves.”

“Not to mention the factions of the elves scattered throughout the myriad worlds.”

“Think about it. The elves have nearly 500 God Spirits on the High Continent alone.”

“How many elves would there be in the entire universe?”

“Then how many God Spirit-level powerhouses do we humans have in total?”

Zhou Zhou asked subconsciously.

Then, he suddenly realized that his question was a little presumptuous.

The number of gods of a race could be said to be the most important foundation of this race.

How could he casually reveal such a confidential matter?

“Currently, there are a total of 132 human God Spirits on the High Continent.”

To Zhou Zhou’s surprise, the Yellow Emperor only pondered for a moment before telling him about this. “As for the human God Spirits in the myriad worlds, we don’t know.”

“But there should be nearly a thousand of them.”

“However, a portion of these God Spirits are stationed in the lower realm. On one hand, they are protecting the Ascension Platform, and on the other hand, they are protecting the humans of that realm. The other portion belongs to the lone God Spirits and are not under our jurisdiction. Coupled with the difficulty of crossing realms, it’s very difficult for us to transfer them to the High Continent.”

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly.

It seemed that the only people he could rely on now were the humans of the High Continent.

As for the humans in the myriad worlds…

He’ll worry about that later.

“Senior Yellow Emperor, other than the Saha Empire, how are the Great Xia Empire and the Heavenly Barbarian Empire?”

Zhou Zhou asked the question he had always wanted to ask.

He was still thinking about the Faction Quests that these two Empires might have.

“The situation of the Great Xia Empire and the Heavenly Barbarian Empire is similar to that of the Knight Empire.”

“However, as the Divine Sword Empire and the Knight Empire’s God Spirits and troops are freed, our situation will gradually improve in the future.”

“If you have time in the future, you can go to the Great Xia Empire and the Heavenly Barbarian Empire and explain the situation to the current king. They will give you the corresponding faction mission.”

The Yellow Emperor saw through Zhou Zhou’s intentions and said directly.

Zhou Zhou acknowledged.

Then, he did not stay any longer. After chatting for a while, he bade farewell to the three of them and left.

After Zhou Zhou left, the three of them looked at each other. Then, Bai He smiled and sighed.

“Every time I see this kid, I find surprises in him.”

“Perhaps it won’t be long before he can truly stand shoulder to shoulder with us.”

“It’s not far now.”

Patriarch Lu smiled.

The Yellow Emperor nodded slightly as he thought about the future.

“The appearance of little friend Blazing Sun is a great opportunity for us humans, but it is also accompanied by a great challenge.”

“I have to prepare more.”

“He” thought silently.

After Zhou Zhou walked out of the highest meeting room, he saw Rob Allen guarding the door.

Zhou Zhou did not think too much about it and went over to say hello.

“Greetings, Sixth Councilor.”

The God of Silver Star Knights, Rob Allen, hurriedly said.

“Why are we so distant?”

Zhou Zhou was speechless.

His personal relationship with Rob Allen was quite good. He often came here to chat and spar with Rob Allen.

However, this guy was very busy most of the time and did not spend much time together.

Even though it was not much, Zhou Zhou could tell that he was a frank, sincere, and kind person.

These three points alone were enough to make him want to make friends.

Rob Allen was stunned. Then, he saw Zhou Zhou’s sincere expression and couldn’t help but smile.

“How does it feel to participate in the Supreme Council of the Human Race?”

“He” was curious and envious.

“They’re all pretty good. I’ve also learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before,” Zhou Zhou said.

Then, he talked about some details of the meeting that did not need to be kept secret.

Rob Allen was even more envious after hearing this.

After chatting for a while, Zhou Zhou prepared to leave.

He planned to go back and see what kind of Legendary-Tier Lord Talent was engraved in the Legendary-Tier Lord Talent Origin Divine Crystals.

However, not long after he left, he heard Rob Allen call out to him.

“I’ll be there tonight.”

“He” grinned and said, “Let me show you my recent improvements!”

“Then I’ll have to take a good look with a magnifying glass!”

Zhou Zhou replied.

The two of them laughed and Zhou Zhou walked out of the Knight Temple.

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